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  1. Star Lounges HKG
  2. are there spacebeds on the SQ2?
  3. is there spacebeds on the SQ?
  4. MR SFO-BRU...*alliance lounge questions
  5. Why was my RTW booked (in part) in C and not D?
  6. Need advice: Best *A FF program for Circle Pacific?
  7. Best lounges in JNB, SIN, PVG, ICN, NRT, HNL, SFO, ORD, GRU - and: Access on arrival?
  8. Asiana (OZ) *A Award Chart
  9. Asiana Airlines officially becomes Star Member today
  10. Is this a Valid Itinerary? IAD/LHR/BNG - FCO/MUC/FRA/IAD
  11. How is Condor Flugdienst?
  12. Checkmytrip not working?
  13. SIN-SFO as part of RTW, UA and NH, 747/777 which is best?
  14. "Round The World" Star from OZ for $A6539 ($US3925) + taxes
  15. Shake up of both * & OW alliances
  16. Star Silver Lounges?
  17. New RTW codeshare restrictions (25/2)
  18. FAQ: How do I buy a RWSTAR ticket?
  19. Star Survey Email - I personally damaged their website... take me to One World...
  20. My revised RTW
  21. Is Star losing the plot?
  22. Star Gold Member also joining OneWorld Sapphire?
  23. Best *A Gold lounge in BKK, the answer!
  24. How long after redoing a RTW must I reticket?
  25. Creative RTW Routing Question
  26. Brainstorming to Upgrade T class ticket
  27. Asiana's 2nd "Star Alliance Jet"
  28. Which airline BKK-YYZ?
  29. Austrian vs Thai vs Lufthansa in economy
  30. First Ever RTW Trip - Need Advices
  31. Spanair to start service to EZE again
  32. What are the rules for checking bags through?
  33. Star Alliance Airpass - Europe
  34. Promotion for new Star member airlines?
  35. RWSTAR2 ex JNB - my planned trip
  36. MX contact info
  37. I think I have found my perfect RTW award trip!
  38. Are there any *A flights at all to the Seychelles?
  39. Updated RTW Special 26K on request
  40. Updated RTW rules on request
  41. How would you rank the different Star Alliance carriers?
  42. When do the new airlines join Star Alliance?
  43. N.A to China- what is my best Stopover option on the Return?
  44. RTW or point to point
  45. Star Alliance London ticket office to close
  46. Isn't four locked threads of the last 8 threads posted just a little 'over-moderated?
  47. RTW - would this be a possible RTW Star 1 routing?
  48. Star Alliance survey - please don't close this
  49. when exactly does LOT join?
  50. What Stopovers are allowed on Star Alliance Ticket?
  51. RTW award trips - some questions
  52. Quick RTW routing question
  53. Lounge Access w/old (non status) card
  54. Varig - what is its status?
  55. Air New Zealand Suspending SYD-LAX
  56. RTW Ticketing question
  57. The Other Star Alliance
  58. Air New Zealnd for UA ticket
  59. Adding short segments to Star Lite
  60. North America Airpass
  61. If OS/NG (and LO soon?) are part of LH M&M does....
  62. Newbie's stab at * RTW
  63. Easiest way to attain to gold status -- AC
  64. RTW Routing Question:
  65. Joining star alliance
  66. Star Alliance Lounge Guide
  67. Have*A miles& points w/Hilton,SPG,Marriott, where to go for beach vaca & on who?
  68. Star Alliance online survey
  69. Star alliance RTW Routing/Miles
  70. Change fee for *A RTW - no reissue
  71. SYD-LHR in C - Best *A Carriers?
  72. Best * FFP to get credit for past flights ?
  73. Advice for Route in Europe for First RTW Trip
  74. Interline oversize baggage
  75. Star-Awards with Lufthansa will cost up to 30.000 miles more than SAS ??
  76. Santiago * Lounge
  77. Who will replace United now that they have decided to sell?
  78. Asiana new * member?
  79. Help! Any Star Carrier to Nairobi?
  80. OZ Club family plan with Star Alliance???
  81. Did United consult with other *A Partners about SWUs?
  82. Lounges in LHR T3
  83. *G Lounge Access Worldwide for $375 CAD?
  84. Win 2 long haul Biz tickets for voting in passenger survey
  85. What would you do? UA vs LH
  86. Cheap domestic Lot / Spanair flights when they join the *A?
  87. Can these flights be used as part of a RTW?
  88. SQ as a star partner.?
  89. Survey: Which is your primary *A carrier?
  90. Air Canada or Lufthansa to Paris?
  91. Randy assigned me as a TalkModerator for this forum
  92. Options to NZ
  93. Some Varig questions
  94. HEL-SIN/MNL/BKK Using LH Miles - First vs Business?
  95. Press release - new RTW fares ex-Australia
  96. returning to a city other thsan departure city on RTW
  97. Question on * A Award
  98. Condor?
  99. seat availability and map page
  100. reissue of RTW
  101. current RTW pricing ex USA?
  102. Earning miles on child fare
  103. Star Alliance Australia promo followup survey
  104. Air NZ and AC expands code share agreement
  105. Visit North America Airpass to Caribbean
  106. Sweet Willie’s--Win a UA System Wide Upgrade or a UA (continental US) RT ticket
  107. First Stab at RTW routing (fire when ready!)
  108. DUB - BKK C-Class, which * Partner?
  109. Round the World Right? Max. SQ flights?
  110. 120K MP award routing advise4free, please
  111. BEWARE - RTW prices ex-SA to increase soon
  112. * just lost my booking. I'll go One World First.
  113. Which Star Alliance Carrier in First?
  114. Is this a valid routing?
  115. prices for RTW ex/Bangkok
  116. very little miles over RTW limit
  117. calculating surface miles
  118. Agency in SA to ticket/issue RTW ?
  119. Help with my New Year Resolution (Fly RTW!)
  120. SK passengers can use Virgin Lounge @IAD
  121. alternative to TG ROP
  122. Is THIS Feasible On Award Travel to South Africa?
  123. RTW basics
  124. When will Asiana actually become Star Member?
  125. Which *A carriers have you flown in which class?
  126. Question about Award Travel in June
  127. Changes on RTW fare ex SA ???
  128. BKK-JNB on TG-Codeshare as part of *RTW?
  129. * RTW Star1 A/First and issuing country question?
  130. Best and cheapest way to Siem Reap?
  131. Comp, Program Possibilities Switching from UA to AC or LH
  132. DE-Condor....ie. LH's charter service and *A Award Travel?
  133. LAX UA->TG Transfer
  134. Star Alliance Euro Pass
  135. SFO-CPT: Award Routing via SIN Possible?
  136. Help! Star Alliance beach bum looking for exotic sand!
  137. Map of Star Network?
  138. Please help with my routing!
  139. *A or alternatives between Europe-South Africa
  140. Flying Ticketed Award on *a Partner After Airline Liquidation
  141. Any Star lounges in Anchorage?
  142. *A Lounges in HKG
  143. JFK to Bora Bora (BOB)
  144. Air-India is in talks with Lufthansa for joining *A
  145. *A awards - LED in Europe ??
  146. starlite opening leg UA: what insurances will i need
  147. Am I able to transfer miles?
  148. New Star RTW UA codeshare exclusions
  149. Cheapest airfare to LAX in April 03?
  150. Eagerly awaiting Asiana
  151. UA or TG to Bangkok in Coach?
  152. BMI lounge only *A lounge at AMS?
  153. is RTW award seat inventory different from regular award inv.?
  154. WSJ: United Airline's Global Partners
  155. RTW with UA
  156. Question on reticketing RTW after departure...
  157. Most mileage for a 39000 miles RTW
  158. force majeur clause in RTW fare rules?
  159. SK or BD in transatlantic C
  160. Star Alliance faces double whammy
  161. Virgin/SQ/* Alliance Newbie question...
  162. Star Awards from US to Australia
  163. Partial Update to www.star-alliance.com
  164. QF gets 22.5% of NZ
  165. *A Award in C Class TG - any thoughts?
  166. Star Alliance launches new aircraft livery
  167. Star alliance lounge in GUA?
  168. Good JNB / CPT Travel Agent
  169. Alliance economics
  170. Can we find IATA distances online?
  171. Is STAR a separate entity?
  172. Any Star Award To Cuba?
  173. Varig & Crediting Miles
  174. Star Flyer Assistant - a replacement for FFA
  175. Is South African joining Star?
  176. Reissue just for single flight change on RTW?
  177. USA sectors
  178. Any help using miles to Asia?
  179. Can Anyone Tell Me How Many Status Miles I Get For This Itinerary?
  180. What are the *A responsibilities in regard to one stop check in?
  181. * Boarding Passes
  182. Air Canada International Upgrades
  183. Help needed - routing STAR award
  184. Upgrading Star Alliance using UA miles
  185. Star award in F
  186. CRWSTAR3 booked on LH segment, but travel on SQ
  187. Need some advice on Circle Pacific
  188. Airline Ranking for *A Carriers © Skytrax
  189. Lounge access on "day of departure" as *Gold
  190. Return award on different airlines?
  191. airpass like solution for inner Europe flights
  192. IS this RTW itinerary allowed?
  193. Does a same time flight change warrant a reissue?
  194. My revised RTW....
  195. RTW segment cancelled. Need advice....
  196. Best Star Alliance Catering in First
  197. valid STAR RTW routing?
  198. First Class Lounge Access on Award Ticket
  199. Lufthansa may help UAL with payment
  200. Virgin Blue and *Alliance.
  201. Star Award Chart Problem/Question
  202. UA, SFO-FRA-BLR, cheapest fares?
  203. Elite phone lines across carriers?
  204. RG's LHR-CPH in F question
  205. RG's LHR-CPH in F question
  206. EU OKs Two Trans-Atlantic Airline Alliances including *A
  207. Pluna
  208. Air NZ leaving Star? linkin up with Qantas?
  209. Star Alliance Mileage Database
  210. Need clarification re: Star South Pacific reward
  211. NZ or LH in F?
  212. RTW from JNB - help needed
  213. name on ticket vs. name on passport
  214. Any European Asiana Club members?
  215. Need JNB Travel Agent Recomendations
  216. New F seats for NH
  217. Any way to go US to JPN east-ward (through Europe) w/o paying double?
  218. Any Tips on fares - BKK-HKG-TPE in late Jan
  219. Eland Technologies Implements Advanced Application For Star Alliance
  220. UA "Discussions" with Star Alliance Partners
  221. Changes to a RTW in C
  222. Premium class travel within Asia
  223. Using a reward ticket, yet I still have the miles!
  224. My first thoughts on planning a '04 Star RTW trip...
  225. taxes on RTW for the US.
  226. Star Alliance award to South America
  227. UA vs NH business class
  228. RTW - is South Africa still the best?
  229. - need advice from a *A pro
  230. Star Alliance cracks down on stopover rules
  231. London Paddington Check-in still open
  232. RTW fares
  233. Newbie Q's (Which is the best *A elite status for European based with 6 int'l trips/y
  234. Infrequent flyer
  235. Elite Bonus on any Star Alliance carrier?
  236. Technical Star Alliance Questions!
  237. Comp Status ?
  238. More than 39000 miles?
  239. Lounge Access w/Award Ticket, Bus.Cl??
  240. Need advice- LAX/SYD & AKL/LAX
  241. Award Travel Advice?
  242. Does status on two *A partners make sense?
  243. Great RTW fare from India
  244. Has Star Alliance dumped Adelaide, Australia?
  245. Need Help SIN-JNB
  246. HELP... new to RTW process!
  247. 28 sector limit for RTW - effective immediately
  248. New *A RTW First Class and Business Class Tool
  249. VARIG First/Business Class product
  250. Official miles to be used for STAR RTW calculation