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  1. One more tricky RTW question
  2. Which airline do you want to join the Star Alliance?
  3. Can I convert this into a Star RTW?
  4. Tracking PNR/itinerary for *A award
  5. Combine *A (AC) miles with US?
  6. *A won Skytrax Alliance Survey
  7. Getting UA/SQ flights on one PNR
  8. *A award: do I have leverage to change date if there is a sched. change?
  9. Upgrades using UA miles
  10. Which FFP to join?
  11. RTW Taxes: SK vs. LH
  12. Hong Kong = China for *RTW?
  13. Lounge Access - F/C (not *G)
  14. Thanks for everyone's help with RTW
  15. RTW: splitting one into two segments without reissue....
  16. *A RTW and urface segments
  17. change to * award booking
  18. Lounge in DXB
  19. What happened to the "Class Action" law suit?
  20. RTW pricing arbritrage - fine tuning your costs
  21. Star Alliance award using UA miles - questions
  22. Surface segments with RTW
  23. RTW ex Jordan
  24. SQ started the low-fare no miles trend...
  25. *G lounge access: same day ticket out of different city....
  26. Lounge advice for LAX/NRT/HKG/SIN/ICN
  27. My Wish: Star Alliance award Redemption, Single Phone Number
  28. DK/SE/NO one country rule & FRA-CAI = intercontinental?
  29. Global Explorer v *A RTW Price Comparison
  30. 29000 miles exactly
  31. Best *A Business Class
  32. LHR-NRT via JFK
  33. Who offers seat pre-allocation?
  34. Credit card
  35. Yes, yet another question about LHR transfers!
  36. Am I being Crazy?
  37. Alliance could buy 7E7 as group deal
  38. web site to list RTW prices
  39. Analysis - Star presentation
  40. Alaska sent me an offer to match status: similar to The Great Offer
  41. BD: Best airline to book RTW....
  42. RTW fast as possible
  43. no more RCC access for non-UA *Gold on inner NorthAmerican tickets
  44. RTW: Standby on earlier flight (that would break the fare rules)
  45. RTW Restrictions
  46. Heads Up - great fares on offer ex SYD to Euro.
  47. Recent Reward Redemption Experience: Premium Classes, Asian Routes/Carriers
  48. Rule question & where to buy in CAI
  49. Best airline choices for Germany-AKL-SYD-Germany
  50. Itn involving South America and 2 intra Europe side trips
  51. LHR-ATL *A Award, whats a valid routeing?
  52. Need help planning honeymoon
  53. Boarding Passes for Connecting *A Flights?
  54. *A Award, CPH or FRA for Transit Lounge Visit?
  55. Lounge Access In LHR, Flying ORD-LHR-SIN
  56. Star lounges @ LHR T-2...
  57. OK - I give up
  58. Newbie Star Alliance RTW Questions
  59. Help on a possible CRWSTAR coming up?
  60. Using US Miles for Star Award-Help needed
  61. Europe add-on?
  62. Clarification needed on changing times on RTW
  63. RTW on LH paper, can I go to SQ for changes
  64. And you thought Star Alliance was Stingy!
  65. RTW in 30 days
  66. Alternatives to LHR for RTW trip...
  67. How does Asiana C-class compare with its pacific *partners?
  68. NRT-LAX: TG in F or NH in C
  69. TG to NH connection at NRT...
  70. Can I use the SAS Lounge in Oslo if flying SAS as a United 1K (*Gold?)
  71. RTW including AC sectors - what happen if they go bankrupt?
  72. How many paid trips do I need to qualify for *G?
  73. MAD - CDG not served by *A?
  74. can I have lounge access with *G
  75. How many paid trips are needed to earn an award ticket?
  76. Newest member US AIRWAYS will significantly expand *A network in the eastern US
  77. *A or other PDX-BKK?
  78. US Airways Expected To Get The Star Nod On Saturday
  79. which *G can I acces in T1 at LHR?
  80. change for BD gold to Lufhtansa Gold
  81. Fastest way to gain lounge access through *A FFP?
  82. I actually got to redeem SQ FC with UA miles
  83. LH vs. SK ?
  84. Honeymoon HELP!
  85. Qualifying for *G on all *A carriers
  86. Valid RTW STAR1 Itinerary?
  87. RTW - High price from Canada
  88. Which FF scheme?
  89. *A lounge at ZRH
  90. LHR, CDG, MIA, LAX
  91. Counting Transfers/Stopovers on RTWSTAR2
  92. LHR T3: The London Lounge
  93. Can we use Air Dolomiti-*A RTW?
  94. This over exuberant moderation has to stop.
  95. What about this RTW is illegal?
  96. Is Thai F as bad as people say it is?
  97. *A F award: Best of Best here!
  98. I need to travel LHR-TLL-AMS...
  99. RTW: Transpacific surface?
  100. Arrival Lounges - which airports have them?
  101. StArrival Lounges - which airports have them?
  102. What do discounted business class fares (eg RTW) earn - in terms of FF miles/points?
  103. Lounges in LAX
  104. BlondeBomber, when will Asiana enter your chart?
  105. Pooling miles?
  106. *A F award: LAX-HKG-ICN-LAX...
  107. ICN-LAX: TG or OZ in F?
  108. RTW: can I book now, but some legs are 15 months from now
  109. RTW routing trick
  110. *A airline from Ireland (west coast) to BCN?
  111. Redemption Availability and Sell (RAS) is extremely popular
  112. RTW Routing Question
  113. LH or SK in C class to BKK
  114. Best SA carrier in your opinion
  115. RTW: co terminal question re: LAX/BUR
  116. Star Alliance 6th anniversary 666666 miles
  117. the South Africa quest
  118. SA over OneWorld
  119. Comparision LH vs ANA in F
  120. Mileage for Bus.Cl .Award MIA/PEK - HNL/MIA
  121. FRA-MAD: LH or JK?
  122. RWSTAR Comparison Price Chart
  123. * RTW price list for 2003....where to find??
  124. RTW fare from Hongkong with MAS
  125. Reticketing RTW on a different carrier....
  126. Mexicana Frequenta ???
  127. Good Airlines have Hot Towels
  128. Am I with the right alliance?
  129. The Challenge - all carriers in 1 trip.
  130. BD DC or LH M&M?
  131. US Airways to join Star Alliance?
  132. Which airline's FFP do start with?
  133. Star screen saver
  134. Booking codes
  135. RTW
  136. Star First Class
  137. Can I travel on Star Alliance to Tarzania?
  138. Star Business Class
  139. In practice, will airlines check if I have flown previous segments of a RTW?
  140. Where should I direct my miles?
  141. why no RTW4 & RTW5 ??
  142. NRT: SQ to UA connection. Is 1 hour enough?
  143. Is this a legal Star Lite RTW itinerary?
  144. RTW through Asia in July. Should I abort?
  145. In more & more FFPs discounted paid coach class tickets earn reduced mileage
  146. RTW USA-BNE
  147. Where is BEST place to buy FIRST class RTW STAR 39 K miles?
  148. Membership cards
  149. Asiana Club -confused about levels
  150. Flight Application on RWSTARs
  151. RTW - ex/Russia
  152. sad news from cairo
  153. RTW from San Francisco
  154. Is the Fare Basis on my RTW wrong?
  155. Eff 09 Apr - new list of excluded flights on *RTW
  156. Lounge Access in SIN when flying First class but not SQ?
  157. What if I "miss" a flight on a RTW...
  158. Is taking a break from RTW possible?
  159. LH or TG in C from BKK-MNL?
  160. Help with Planning an RTW
  161. 4 hours on A320 instead of F and a great SQ F flight
  162. Air China ante portas
  163. *A Improves Global Technology Infrastructure With Novell Solution
  164. US Airways to become a StarAlliance member
  165. --Where to ask questions about redeeming flight awards?
  166. Little Stars in Star Alliance?
  167. MX LAX check in time.... huh?
  168. New rules are out and price changes ex-Au
  169. Lufthansa could take over SAS - IATA
  170. So many choices HKG-PHL!
  171. Earning UA MP Miles on SQ 'W Fare'?
  172. Star award travel BKK/NRT. Redeye on ANA in business, or THAI?
  173. Need advice please...
  174. Belize
  175. Lounge access on arrival
  176. How do airlines store and retrieve their award inventory?
  177. Award travel to Cook Islands RAR
  178. EZE Lounge question
  179. How are business-class *A lounges at MUC?
  180. Checked baggage question
  181. LOT joins Star Alliance on October 28
  182. Questions regarding lounges in VIE and GVA - when flying Austrian Airlines?
  183. Star Airline Comp OW Status (not UA)
  184. Airline Star Ranking for *A Carriers ( Skytrax)
  185. United / Star award question
  186. Star and Gulf Air
  187. What will be impact of two Star carriers in chapter 11?
  188. How much does a travel agent make on a RTW ticket?
  189. *A Confirms "Business as Usual" at AC
  190. Question regarding Mileage Calculation in RTW
  191. RTW fare rule changes - transits & stopovers
  192. IRAQ WAR - Policy for Star Alliance Round the World (RTW) fares
  193. Copy of new fare rules - Star RTW Fare - after 15 April
  194. Copy of new Star Special RTW - from 15 April
  195. Star Alliance welcomes Spanair as member
  196. Star Alliance welcomes SpanAir today (4.1)
  197. Has anybody ever actually booked an RTW ex CAI???
  198. Maldives
  199. Star Alliance Lounge in CAI
  200. Looking for travel agent in CAI that can book a *RTW - and request for advice
  201. New UA members earn up to 15,000 bonus miles!
  202. Which Star Alliance member should I choose to get miles on?
  203. Visit Italy Pass Air One Star Alliance Carriers
  204. Favorite *A routes, carriers & class of service
  205. LH says it cannot book OZ on an RTW until April 15th
  206. Time to stop dreaming and start flying!
  207. Question re: "Circle Pacific" tickets
  208. Top-off option missing from RTW3 fare?
  209. Star Alliance E-Timetable state your wish list
  210. GRU-LIS on a Varig 767 in business class?
  211. "Generic" *A lounge in ZRH
  212. KLM/NW
  213. Mexicana and Lufthansa
  214. Lifetime *G now available on Asiana!
  215. New Star Alliance website
  216. Favorite arrivals lounge in *A network
  217. All things considered... who has the best *A FF program now?
  218. RTW: who reissues if there is a sched. change?
  219. RTW ticket as potential option to fly around cheaply and with flexibility in Europe?
  220. Include Asiana on RTW trip?
  221. Status
  222. UAL
  223. Connecting in Sao Paulo
  224. LH C class or UA C class?
  225. New RTW fares ex South Africa as of March 1 !
  226. Comp of UA elites if they fail
  227. Which *A partner as alternate for UA?
  228. Varig planes repo-d?
  229. How long for Star Alliance Survey to post
  230. cheap F Fares on LH board...
  231. Star alliance hubs in North Africa?
  232. Award travel: NYC/EWR - Italy
  233. Star Alliance wants to expand again...
  234. How seamless is the *A?
  235. Can AC get status miles on Asiana?
  236. RTW Routing Question
  237. Spanair to join *A. Chapter-V: The routes and the fares
  238. Spanair to join *A. Chapter-IV: The lounges
  239. Spanair to join *A. Chapter-III: The miles (or points)
  240. Spanair to join *A. Chapter-II: The staff
  241. Spanair to join *A. Chapter-I: The fleet
  242. ADVICE on FFP
  243. UA unable to see Star Gold (AC) status this year
  244. Star Alliance website needs revamp...
  245. Advice - Membership to * Alliance FFP
  246. Does new segment rule apply to old RTW ticket?
  247. Which airline scheme to join?
  248. Any UA award on SQ JFK-FRA?
  249. UA/SQ RTW ex AUS.
  250. RTW question again...