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  1. Cost for some award tix increases by up to 70% due to fuel surcharge
  2. Star Alliance's FFP's Partner Airlines
  3. *A flight to NBO?
  4. Star Europe Airpass country list
  5. Discounted *A North America Airpass
  6. Which (if any) *A members give more status miles in C/F on ALL *A carriers?
  7. Special UA/SQ Only RTW Fare
  8. Luggage/Baggage customs? question - Canada-LHR-rest of UK
  9. Buy RTW tix elsewhere to save?
  10. US trans-at - looks pretty darn fine!
  11. US dom for a J RTW & J Rewards clarified
  12. Star Alliance Europe Airpass coupons- individual flights, or one-day segments?
  13. *A Screen Saver
  14. Malaga to Ottawa, via either YUL or YYZ, same day
  15. JFK T4 (SQ) to T7 (UA) Connection Questions
  16. Heads Up - SQ/UA uber-bargains SIN-HKG
  17. 24 hour stopover rule, ever bent for extra 2hours?
  18. Business RTW, Booked in First
  19. What amenities will I get on these *A segments?
  20. What are the best Star Alliance routings, between Glasgow and Malaga?
  21. Adria Airways to be First * Associate
  22. Star Alliance welcomes US Airways
  23. RTWSTAR1 - two miles over!!!
  24. Do OS/BD codeshares on Royal Jordanian count for miles?
  25. RTW Tickets
  26. Where to find old posts RTW on TG ex CAI?
  27. Mileage runs ex-SIN?
  28. Just a few more questions on a RTW
  29. SEA-JNB going west or East?
  30. Mongolia
  31. How will STAR treat new SAS Braathens
  32. Discounted F or C *flights b/w SIN-HKG, one way
  33. UK Status match
  34. RTW - maximum transits in one city
  35. mileage for RTW tickets - online resource
  36. New Special VUSA Airpass Rates - good value.
  37. *A Circle Asia Fare??? Does it exist?
  38. rtw ex SPN?
  39. Upgrades on Austrian with United Miles and Flying JAT
  40. Should I change reward itinerary with US?
  41. Oceania awards expensive -- do stopover on NZ award instead?
  42. RTW routing change - question
  43. US now in * Nth Am A/Pass & US reward classes out.
  44. Which FF program to join
  45. Report: TAP-Air Portugal to join Star Alliance
  46. Pre-Christmas Blackout on SK?
  47. Saa?
  48. RTW Tickets from Flight Centre
  49. It's official "US Airways to Become Full Member of Star Alliance on May 4"
  50. RTW questions (Re. connecting flights, amongst others)
  51. Singapore - Europe, which star to prefer.
  52. IAD DEL business comfort
  53. TAP Air Portugal heading to *, apparently
  54. Star Alliance Award
  55. RTW mileage for direct 1-stop flight
  56. RTW ex BKK pricing!
  57. Worst *G lounge?
  58. Possible RTW
  59. Status Match Upgrade Success
  60. Booking Class Alignment
  61. Mile earning for discount Y
  62. Choices in First (AC, LH, SAS)
  63. NH old F or OZ F?
  64. Lax *g Lounges
  65. *A to ZIH
  66. Which is the best *A scheme when based in BKK?
  67. UK status match UG certs - useable on 3-class aircraft only?
  68. Combining miles or status with spouse on which plan?
  69. Changes to Star Alliance RTW Ex-UK&Ireland
  70. Best lounge at PVG?
  71. Multiple Memberships
  72. Miles Expiry
  73. Uk Status match Upgrades
  74. Weird email regarding Star Alliance Timetable
  75. Upgrades / Lounges
  76. RTW Rule on NYC
  77. New price CRWSTAR1 Ex CAI
  78. Got a few $$$ to spend
  79. Ugly new rule in RTW 08 April rules update. (Plus updates).
  80. Best FF programme for 14 year old
  81. Pardon my ignorance, but what's the point?
  82. British Midlands refused lounge access
  83. * Awards Rules/FAQ'S
  84. UK Status Comp Query
  85. German TA for booking RTW
  86. Airport with the most different *A carriers
  87. Europe- N. America vv Trip in *A Y in July
  88. Double miles on LH on RTW
  89. Luggage/Baggage requirements, on Star Alliance carriers - Star Alliance Gold members
  90. IntraAsia flights - 2 or 3 classes of cabins?
  91. Contract Lounge in Hong Kong, for ANA HKG-NRT flight; vs Star Alliance Gold lounges?
  92. Quick CRWSTAR routing question
  93. New Star RTW rule changes and fare increases
  94. Best way to book CAI RTW
  95. Finally. US start date is upon us.
  96. Can you use miles to get RTW tix?
  97. 3 more Sth Am options for Star
  98. Seat availability on * network
  99. Star Alliance nonstop flight on ZRH-NRT in the offing?
  100. Earning * status miles on codeshares
  101. What non-orthodox *A routes are left?
  102. *A Domestic Aussie Carriers
  103. Star Alliance RTW Calculator - Beta Testing
  104. Is this a possible routing-trying to maximize LH double mileage promotion
  105. Star Award & No date change... Let's get realistic STAR!
  106. Saw a 747 with Huge 'Star Alliance' painted on it at SYD
  107. US Airways into Star: Sunday march-28 2004 or later?
  108. Transfer miles
  109. Transatlantic *A - Preferences?
  110. Best *A across the Pacific?
  111. does anyone have a comprehensive list of * lounges?
  112. How to decide whether an airline's affilate(s) is/are part of Star?
  113. General Impressions of OS C Class * Award Availability?
  114. Backtracking/Retransiting on UA/SQ RTW fare
  115. UA issued RTW: What if Chapter 7?
  116. Best * Business class from Western Europe to YYZ
  117. RTW out of CAI...need contact
  118. Already a LH SEN, which other * program to get status in
  119. anyone "invite" another guest to the *G lounge?
  120. RTW help on Singapore?
  121. Using the *Gold UK Upgrade Vouchers
  122. Where to start RTW when in Iraq
  123. Best *A Lounge in HKG?
  124. Benefits for comped * golds
  125. Does it matter which airline to sign up for in the Star Alliance program?
  126. Star to expand in China, India, Russia
  127. LH Office's email address in CAI
  128. Best of RTW
  129. Cheapest place in the World for Round The World?
  130. *A gold not allowed to access *A first class lounges?
  131. suggestions on routing
  132. Has anyone read this passage about LA on the *A website?
  133. SAS Eurobonus worse than other StarA?
  134. UK Status Match - Small print
  135. Best * carriers fares b/w BKK-SIN in business/first class
  136. Welcome aboard South African Airways Flight 123, A Star Alliance Member
  137. Where to put the miles?
  138. YYZ to SIN
  139. RTW: Skipping last segment produces a stopover: ramifications?
  140. *A launches Asian Airpass
  141. Trans-South Atlantic Back on * Route Map
  142. CNN journalist does Star RTW in economy class
  143. Best FFP to maximise perks...
  144. Recommendations For LON -> SYD -> LON
  145. News-Report: SAA to join *-Alliance within one year
  146. Best * Lounge ICN?
  147. AMEX to ANA for * awards. Any advice?
  148. *-G in three programs. Any extra benefits?
  149. Any Fare Expert?
  150. NYC-RIO in F, which airline
  151. RTW with Max UA Segments
  152. SIN-NRT: which *A for J/Y?
  153. Star Alliance Europe coupons
  154. Star Alliance Europe coupons
  155. Star lounge at SJU ?
  156. Luggage Allowance on a RTW
  157. RTW from CAI
  158. *A Status Match, Heard anything yet?
  159. unsure of which Circle Pacific to purchase
  160. Is this a legitmate rtw itinerary
  161. Star Alliane and Mexicana
  162. Asiana Flight from LHR
  163. SN comp / other comps
  164. Differences in redemption miles?
  165. Which Star member to go for (comp offer)
  166. UK Status Match - Upgrade certificates
  167. LOT Polish - Good seats for UA 1k in coach?
  168. max 15 stopovers confusion in rtw: incl point of origin or not
  169. RTW Itinery (FRWSTAR3) Please help...
  170. DFW-Guangzhou-Moscow/St Pete-DFW
  171. Any enhancements coming to US based *Gs?
  172. uk comp upgrades, how long?
  173. Should I consider RTW vs. D class business fare?
  174. Singapore air non-stop LAX - SIN
  175. Updated *RTW rules - effec immed. Rule release 2/04.
  176. Observations of FFP in the Star Alliance and Questions:
  177. UK Comp
  178. How do you plan to use yours?
  179. UK comp Offer
  180. NH vs SQ (SIN-SFO)
  181. nth asia/nth asia award
  182. Where to find best RTW business fare?
  183. Which Star Alliance Partner to join?
  184. UK Comping status question
  185. best way to earn air miles on RTW trip?
  186. Which Star Alliance Program?
  187. Sorry to ask this...search did not provide any answers...
  188. *A Platinum Tier
  189. How's Thai's service to Japan?
  190. US$747 SFO-AKL roundtrip
  191. Enhanced benefits for UK based *G/*S members
  192. Stopover/ Connection issue on RTW
  193. Using * Gold and Crediting to another FF program
  194. ? re: Central Asia to/from Australia/NZ
  195. Inter-island in Hawaii with Star?
  196. Any Chance of a Mid East Carrier in *A?
  197. RTW ticket price from Malaysia
  198. RTW *A article in Airways Magazine!
  199. Star Alliance for Travel within Australia ????
  200. Upgrading using miles
  201. Circle Pacific from HK?
  202. *A Gold Lounge list?
  203. ORD to CDG
  204. *A to LUX?
  205. STAR1/STAR2 fare increase ex-NZ from 1 Feb
  206. Star Alliance reward ticket advice
  207. RTW ticket - and hotels at stops?
  208. CAIRO price increase from JAN 19. !!!
  209. Question Regarding Mexicana this weekend.
  210. Open-jaw stopover on RTW?
  211. RTW: Would this be a stopover or connection...
  212. Can i get to ... Mauritius/JoBo or Maldives? Plus best F experience?
  213. Asiana Observations
  214. RTW ex Cairo
  215. Problem with Mileage Credit (Air NZ)
  216. Lufthansa, SIA Stop Transatlantic Cooperation
  217. RTW or good fare ex-Auckland
  218. RTW open ticket (newbie-type question)
  219. Trying hard to understand RTWs... Great Escapade?
  220. Anyone got the 10 day min stay waived on a StarLite?
  221. Canada to India on discounted business class - which airlines offer it?
  222. Rome
  223. AC or SK in C across pond?
  224. Stopover or connections on RTW
  225. New lowest price for RTW ex Europe
  226. Routing Question ex CAI
  227. HOW can I get boarding pass when transferring in CAI from BA to LH?
  228. TA in Toronto
  229. Two questions re: "most direct route" on Star award ticket
  230. Linking the Star Dots - a new one
  231. Star RTW rules update eff 06JAN04
  232. RTW stopover issues
  233. Star Alliance Award Tix - US to India
  234. Thai or SK from DUS to SIN
  235. Why No Mid East Carrier in SA
  236. Getting good miles for a decent price UK -> North Africa
  237. My future RTW....
  238. Double Miles for Star Alliance Survey
  239. And then there were 14
  240. AC surcharge gone on *RTW's
  241. MX Exit from STAR
  242. Any Spanair phonecards?
  243. Asia Pass
  244. Problem with *A Timetable Palm d/l
  245. What is an "I" fare class?
  246. Best way to India with UA miles
  247. Best *A FF Programme for UK based person
  248. Which Airline in F NRT-SIN?
  249. RTW flight selecetion
  250. * Alliance Survey bonus