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  1. AMIGO program and *G not recognized by AirIndia
  2. Do I need to order a VLML in NH/SQ/LX J?
  3. Lounge/Shower in MXP or FCO
  4. Which carrier has the best mileage rates for US to Southern Africa?
  5. UA one way (US to Australia) vs *A Round Trip
  6. United vs Ana miles
  7. Which Premium Economy is better - BR or SQ?
  8. ET inline with TK
  9. Where to credit OS P fare
  10. RDU-PEK-HKG-RDU in Coach: 747 or 777
  11. Star Alliance cannot quote fares for Circle Pacific ticket?
  12. one-way award intra-europe: bags, fees, interlining
  13. Checking Through Luggage on SQ and SAS
  14. Transfer Times in BKK, and connecting different reservations.
  15. Consolidation of points - looking for best airline options
  16. [EZE] *A Lounge now accepts Priority Pass and is a zoo
  17. Earning United Miles on South African Airways?
  18. List of star alliance affiliates
  19. Baggages for connected flight
  20. Any suggestions for getting star alliance mileage credit from group air?
  21. I'd appreciate any sort of help. - Trip from Cairo to MSP
  22. Can UA check-in/sight p'port for NZ?
  23. Asiana 380 F or ANA 777 F, Asia-US
  24. Any magic website like this?
  25. Best airline to post miles for a RTW ticket
  26. Switching FF number after check-in (TAP Couldn't do it!)
  27. Stick with NH? or transfer to UA/SQ/others
  28. 50K Miles from SPG to transfer
  29. LAX-ICN on J
  30. Best intra-Asia F?
  31. Upgrade to Cathay Pacific First Class with *A (advert error)
  32. Star Alliance to Hanoi?
  33. what is best business class *A PEK-Europe (using UA miles)?
  34. USA to JNB best options for award?
  35. Star Alliance Lounge tool error message
  36. Apply Star Alliance Gold Status from Another Airline to United Flights
  37. Earning Miles: Is it metal or marketing carrier?
  38. Planning RTW trip, need tips...
  39. The best FFP fit with 80k/40k miles 1 year
  40. How to find flights leaving an airport?
  41. Protection segment - ticket with 2 pnr
  42. Interline in LHR - SQ -> SN or BA
  43. Can airlines get kicked out of alliances?
  44. SA Upgrades on BR
  45. Looking at RTW in J
  46. Who will match from BA Gold or Silver?
  47. Booking a round-trip on two different *A airlines?
  48. Asiana ICN-BKK with F or without?
  49. Searching for Star Alliance award redemption for SAA
  50. Star Alliance lounge Amsterdam AMS
  51. WAW -> SFO on points?
  52. Decisions, decisions.... what would you do? LH vs. NH/TG.
  53. ORD Lounge
  54. Transiting through IST and the dreaded SSSS
  55. Which star alliance partner is the best for me?
  56. Isn't EgyptairPlus the best for *G?
  57. TK or OZ Star Alliance Program based in ZRH?
  58. Best options TPE-HNL?
  59. Looking to fly *A from Denver to Abu Dhabi
  60. Gold status does not recognized by member airlines
  61. Distance Based Award Charts
  62. Ranking *A Premium Economy cabins
  63. Any Paid entry to Star alliance lounge in Beijing (PEK)
  64. No CDG *A Lounge Access as *G flying 4U!
  65. Star Alliance airline partners overcharging baggage fees for frequent fliers
  66. Baggage allowance on connecting flight with TG
  67. How a split fare on a direct flight will credit
  68. Premium economy on Air Canada w/United...
  69. Seperate Tickets
  70. Adding Flight to existing reservation
  71. *G - access to Virgin Clubhouse at JFK?
  72. FIH - Kinshasa - Star Alliance VIP Lounge Access
  73. sending luggage through within Star Alliance companies
  74. Need advice on travel IAH-YNB
  75. newbie questions on lounge access
  76. Star Gold Flying VA / NZ trans-Tasman Lounge Access
  77. best lounge to use at ORD Terminal 5
  78. Mileage Transfer between United and ANA
  79. GRU Lounge
  80. Join a FF that I never fly with?
  81. Through check-in on two separate PNRs on *A carriers
  82. Can I use my Turkish airlines number on a Lufthansa flight so miles go to THY account
  83. Complain to Star Alliance
  84. any bonus points or miles for new member registration or invite someone to register?
  85. Lounge access as *G in BOM and DEL
  86. Will there be business class sales - for Canada/USA to Thailand in August
  87. Star Alliance Gold Track - YVR?
  88. Questions about using LH or SQ miles to book United flights?
  89. Advice? Need 2 RTW tickets for Summer/Fall 2017
  90. SN-> NH connection in Brussels
  91. Lounge access for passengers in transit?
  92. Upgrade for free to Business First Class on Heathrow Express trains
  93. Code share flights
  94. Short Checking of bags
  95. How to understand my luggage allowance
  96. Can someone explain this?
  97. Lounge Access for Bus Class Passenger in Syd
  98. Best J Class to West Coast?
  99. Star Alliance planning routes to South Pacific
  100. UA787 vs NH787 or 777 in Y
  101. Star Alliance Gold access to BCN & MUC lounges
  102. UA MM, but flying discounted economy these days. Best *A program for me?
  103. Booking a single reservation with UA and SQ
  104. Delhi to Bangkok - Thai Airways and Lounge Query
  105. Avianca Star Aliance, do not understand. Some help
  106. Ridiculous Connection Times Thru IAD - Why Are They Sold??
  107. *G denied entry at SQ HKG lounge
  108. Getting to Thailand without Fuel Surcharges
  109. Question about piecing together routes on awards
  110. Interline bag check CA-->NH
  111. Possible to split mile accrual across two legs in one flight?
  112. NH/TG or LH/TG to BKK in F from IAH?
  113. Any Lounge at Havana Airport for Copa?
  114. Havana Airport Lounge for Copa?
  115. Is this a good use of miles?
  116. NYC direct to Southern Central America in Business - best hard/soft product?
  117. Finding Ethiopian (UA Award) Reservation Online
  118. Star Alliance to Australia - best carrier?
  119. Star Alliance Connecting Partners
  120. Open jaw on a RTW ticket?
  121. Swiss or Scandinavian Business Class?
  122. UA 122
  123. Transfer at Frankfurt
  124. IF I Have *G and United Club Why Can I not bring Two Guests in to LH Lounge
  125. Can i access 2 different lounges with 2 different guests?
  126. Selecting seats on TAP/Portugalia
  127. Question about UA/LH/9W interline travel
  128. Star Alliance v. Oneworld
  129. How Far in Advance to book trip to Europe?
  130. Favourite Lounge in Heathrow T2
  131. Star Gold Track Questions
  132. SA: Complex Routing Question / Stopovers
  133. United vs. Brussels Airlines in Economy
  134. Is this the best plan for getting from RIX to DFW?
  135. Infant (Lap) Upgrade
  136. Different FF# on PNR
  137. Upgrading On EVA
  138. Enter lounge without card?
  139. Booking United Award DTW-GDN on LH
  140. Madagascar!
  141. SEL-LAX F Award Advise
  142. Flying MUC-MXP in C: Ay fun *A awards with overnight
  143. Airline alliance Frequent flyer programme survey
  144. Living in a small city and trying to book Award Flights with non-US airlines.
  145. Lounge Access for *G
  146. Recommended lounge in LIS??
  147. Gold status expires soon
  148. IATA charge
  149. EVA Business vs ANA F
  150. I don't suppose that the extra luggage allowance of *A Gold...
  151. Where did TIMATIC go?
  152. Star Alliance upgrades--real or bs?
  153. Lounges in Tokyo Narita (Star Alliance Access)
  154. Is award space universal across all *A airlines?
  155. Exchange business ticket for several Economy
  156. Gold Track ZRH
  157. Ua rtw purchased policy change?
  158. Changing partner airline
  159. Best way to find SQ award availability
  160. New to Frequent Flying
  161. Buenos Aires (EZE) Star A Lounge
  162. Star Alliance Survey Invitation
  163. NBO-LAX: Ethiopian or Turkish?
  164. Is it time to leave AA for a Star Alliance partner...
  165. How can I ticket this "circle pacific ticket" through UA, not Lufthansa?
  166. Do IRROPs Rebooking Rules apply in advance?
  167. Using points for SE Asia to Australia/NZ after 1/1/2016
  168. LHR - Inbound United and TAP meetup
  169. Quickest way to *Gold in 2016?
  170. In which online travel agency can I search for alliances instead of preffered airline
  171. Europe - JNB...ugh Ethiopian or Egyptian?
  172. Achieving Star Alliance Gold in 2015
  173. UA status on UA flight with AC codeshare ticket
  174. Which * alliance partner has the lowest taxes for award ticket?
  175. Status Matcher
  176. Check bag on SQ and OZ
  177. Ethiopian Airlines ripped me off. Please help!!
  178. Lounge in Mumbai
  179. Alliance still living in the 80's...?
  180. United 747 or ANA 777
  181. SIN T3 SQ SilverKris Access on Arrival
  182. United - Lufthansa Star Alliance Codeshare online check-in woes
  183. Need advice on Star Alliance travel
  184. Lounge Question
  185. Lounge Question
  186. 3 people in [TP] Lounge with a [TK]*Gold Card
  187. Can one negotiate RTW mileage distance with the *A desk?
  188. How Is everyone searching their award Flights?
  189. Quick noobie question on PQM
  190. No access to Swiss/Austrian lounge
  191. Award availability NRT/HND to DPS during Xmas & NYE
  192. Ana tool - nonstop flight award search
  193. Newbie here! Open-jaw & Stopovers between US and Europe?
  194. Protection against potential ex-JPN fare increase
  195. FRA-JNB + JNB-VFA mct issue?
  196. RTW ticket routing change
  197. TK Benefits on SQ Award Flight
  198. Suggestions from USA -> REP (Siam Reap)
  199. Difference in Fees When Flying United vs Lufthansa
  200. Best *A lounge in BKK for *G
  201. Avianca Brazil Amigo Star Alliance Gold Status Match
  202. Gold Track at Sydney ?
  203. Is there anywhere to find a list of flights across *A with I/O space?
  204. Help piecing together a *A itinerary
  205. (TK/CM) Star Alliance upgrade awards
  206. USA to Europe Business Class: SAS or Turkish?
  207. MIA-VIE-MUC-MIA in C; UA vs. LH vs. OS
  208. Best *A FFP for family travelling in J
  209. Using United Club card in other Star Alliance member lounges
  210. Star Alliance membership without an FFP
  211. Who issues the RTW ticket?
  212. General Program Question
  213. T2 LHR lounges
  214. *A lounge at JFK T4-which would you prefer as J/*G pax?
  215. 2 *A UA A/C Parked RIGHT next to e/o at EWR what were the reg no's?
  216. STAR Alliance J class best FF scheme?
  217. Star Alliance Gold Track (new common *A branding for Premier security)
  218. Interline from BR to BA
  219. Lounge in transit to IST
  220. Best Business Product to CPT?
  221. AIR INDIA to EVA AIR Baggage transfer OR RECHECK-IN
  222. RTW Mileage credits on UA
  223. Best Options For NYC-CPT-BOG in J this January?
  224. BOS-TLV in J
  225. Thinking of jumping ship from SQ/KF
  226. Best M&M option BRU-BKK in C or J class
  227. No MileagePlus membership - which *A to credit UA flight?
  228. Lounge access for Business Class Flyers
  229. why no *A (except AI) to HYD?
  230. Avianca now selling *G status.
  231. Moving between Star Alliance memberships: how, why, possible?
  232. Good TA in Asia
  233. Mumbai-Sydney-SFO itineary help.
  234. Best *A program for RTW retroactive credit?
  235. Best Biz Product CDG - DOH
  236. *A lounge for EWR Terminal B
  237. IST-ICN in C. OZ or TK?
  238. *A lounge recommendation for ORD
  239. Easy way to find upgradeable availability using UA miles on *A?
  240. Deciphering star-alliance ski baggage pricing for *G
  241. *A Club at MXP?
  242. which airline program can redeem NZ(Air New Zealand) in Business Class?
  243. International Connections - Separate Tickets - Checked Bags
  244. UA RTW Booking
  245. Award booking for LAX -TPE - NRT - LAX
  246. Book United codeshare or Lufthansa direct?
  247. Cathay Pacific???
  248. Upgrade to business class before flight with cash?
  249. United MileagePlus or Turkish Miles&Smiles
  250. SEA to ZRH in Business: Swiss or Lufthansa?