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  1. E-tix and Changing Carrier
  2. South African Airways - what are the ways to upgrade?
  3. Japan to check availability for awards
  4. Finally managed YYZ SYD Biz class on points
  5. BD vs AC FFC
  6. RTW Plan, need cross-checked
  7. UA lounge at ORD
  8. Ticket nesting - a basic question
  9. email address UA CTO in Japan?
  10. Has Anyone Flown Austrian Airlines New Business Class?
  11. red "priority" tag on checked baggage
  12. Star gold access to United E+ ended?
  13. Heavy Duty US flight IAH-CPH
  14. downgrade to Economy even though flight has Premium Econ
  15. Cheap RTW in C or F ex-???
  16. Cheap Star RTW in C or F
  17. Any advice on best way to book upgradeable flight to Cape Town South Africa From USA
  18. Overnight in FRA
  19. How do you book a *A multiple city award trip with UA miles?
  20. Rtw
  21. Trying to upgrade on LH using UA miles
  22. Star Alliance Mileage Calculator for RTW fares
  23. Any Asian Airpass that would include India?
  24. Theoretical Minimum Spends for Status
  25. Star Alliance to ULN?
  26. How to get Star Alliance miles on DUBAI->PARIS Trip
  27. *A NOrth American Airpass prices
  28. Fuel surcharge on codeshare flight
  29. *A F award with bad routing or Skyteam C award direct?
  30. Best Lounge available to Star Alliance Members at HNL?
  31. Help booking honeymoon trip with miles on 2 Star Alliance partners
  32. Circle Asia pass question
  33. IAD-SYD Need to Combine Miles
  34. Award booking on line
  35. Need Upgrade Strategy urgently
  36. Varig removed from Star fares.
  37. How should I get home from Singapore?
  38. Help picking *A program for SQ EWR-SIN?
  39. Which Star Alliance airlines have the worst (not best) international business class?
  40. Why doesn't Star Alliance have a OW Emerald equivelent status level?
  41. star alliance what can it do for me?
  42. Transfer with 2 separate tickets in JNB (TP/SA) / SA lounges
  43. Which Star Alliance airline will match BA EC Gold status?
  44. So who's ticketing RG and who isn't?
  45. Online Star Alliance Upgrade- IT WORKED!
  46. Best Route IAD-DXB??
  47. *A Programs - Question to Experts
  48. How To Bring Toothpaste on Circle Pacific Trip Next Week?
  49. Is Varig still operating and partners with USAir?
  50. Correct Airline Program Miles for RTW?
  51. UA segments on C RTW
  52. *a Nrt-syd
  53. Chosing a *A Program
  54. lot jfk-waw star alliance awards
  55. Can you use M+ to upgrade on ANZ?
  56. Fast track at LHR - travel class or status?
  57. *A to Greenland ?
  58. SQ to LH in MXP, how long is the connection time?
  59. BD / SK LHR Checkthrough?
  60. RTW questions NYC-SYD-NYC?
  61. bonus miles on all *alliance flights?
  62. Which *Lounge LHR3, SFO, EWR, IAD
  63. *RTW - Combining Trips to SU and D2 with a SQ/Star MR - Advice Needed
  64. LH or LX in C to BKK?
  65. Defunct Varig sectors on Star ticket, getting reprotection?
  66. What exactly is a *A Regional Airline?
  67. RTW question
  68. circle pacific passes
  69. Help getting USAir miles credits on United code share
  70. *A Lounge Access for * Gold
  71. The India Luxury tax
  72. Tax Reality Check needed
  73. Lhr-hkg
  74. Star Alliance carriers flying to Mahe Seychelles?
  75. Favorite Award routes? Especially southern hemisphere
  76. Best *A Carrier
  77. RG logo on staralliance.com
  78. *A Awards US-SYD
  79. United Mileage Increase for Award Travel Question
  80. Missing a connection
  81. Hypothetical Question on Code Share Flights
  82. SYD: SQ Lounge will not allow *A Gold in
  83. Lufthansa vs. Singapore (business class) for transatlantic flights
  84. Questions about a * Alliance tool & Tip I learned on BMI Forum.
  85. Significant differences in *A Circle Pacific fares USD v CAD
  86. AMS Lounge
  87. exceeding the 29k miles limit
  88. SQ : SIN-CPT to nonstop & flight renumbering network wide.
  89. RTW Question - combo of Business and Economy Classes?
  90. Which *A Lounge in SFO and YVR
  91. * Business Award cancelled by US, reinstated, then downgraded by SQ - Recourse?
  92. Do we have to make Economy Class Line?
  93. UK carryon restrictions?
  94. Booking of *A Round the World ticket....
  95. Reservations? I am obviously missing something
  96. Lounges at LHR
  97. What do you think about this RTW 34k miles intinary
  98. Circle Asia Costs (and this time I really mean Circle Asia!)
  99. BWIA ever to join *A?
  100. Lounges in SCQ and SVQ
  101. Comparing F class on *A
  102. *Alliance RTW Fare Using Mileage
  103. Terminal 2 At Warsaw Completion Date?
  104. Best Star Alliance Business Class Lounge in HKG, NRT, LAX
  105. star alliance european air pass rules
  106. IGNORE ANA Online Award Checker Changed
  107. Christmas Flights
  108. Possible *A Asia Pacific Itinerary - comments appreciated
  109. US/HP as part of Star Alliance - will is last a long time?
  110. Trans-Pac on *Alliance Airlines
  111. Advise : Round the World Business
  112. Upgrading on Star Alliance
  113. Arrival Times on AZ into LAX from AKL, do they vary with season?
  114. Turkish Airlines to join Star Alliance ???
  115. F class lounge access when continuing in C
  116. Star Alliance Videos
  117. Getting from US to SYD in F award?
  118. Newbie needs help with Circle Asia program
  119. Best Credit Card Bonus Miles Offer
  120. 777-200lr
  121. Do any *A carriers allow circle award tickets within North America?
  122. LGW Lounge?
  123. Valid Init before I book?
  124. Multi city, multi carrier *A bookings
  125. Asian Airpass Basics
  126. * A options for Europe - GIG
  127. *G Lounge Usage at ICN
  128. Star Alliance members: InsideFlyer needs your opinions!
  129. DVD Players?
  130. TG C class
  131. Getting *Gold with SAA through Sector tiering
  132. Air China & UA
  133. Who to contact to book Star Alliance Award?
  134. *A Award Availability online lookup - using other carrier's websites
  135. AC Business Class - how does it compare?
  136. LHR-JNB on SAA - business or first
  137. What happens if do not have 3 stopovers on *A RTW
  138. Austrian Air
  139. Is a DOH stop possible on a *A RTW fare?
  140. suggestions for IAD-CDG / BCN-IAD
  141. Calculating Surface Mileage
  142. Checking inn
  143. My Rtw Lounge Questions
  144. Is this any way to treat a partner? UA/ANA
  145. *A Timetable now shows HP/US Flights
  146. A Rather Newbie Alliance Question
  147. What is the best FF Program for Me? (Long Question)
  148. Any downside to booking a * A award itinerary with flights on 5 different carriers?
  149. Why to avoid SQ
  150. Route and Airline suggestions
  151. OS stops flying to SYD/MEL
  152. RTW eastward route from Canada - how can one go through Dubai and then to India
  153. *A Bonuses to London
  154. Best planes on SA - Eur>CPT
  155. Upgrading a ticket between * A partners
  156. Ottawa (YOW) to Guadalajara (GDL) seems expensive
  157. Best Place to Buy *A RTW Fare ex Beijing
  158. Cheapest Star alliance from West Coast to Europe?
  159. Upgrade on SIA using *A miles
  160. Best *A Airline From NYC to Europe in Coach
  161. Which airline lounges have PC computers? which don't?
  162. circle pacific route question
  163. *A from PVG
  164. TG Lounges in new BKK (Suvarnabhumi)
  165. Lounge in Cancun?
  166. RTW calculator map
  167. Leaving LH M&M
  168. Does any *Alliance airline match BA Gold status?
  169. Great experience on OS (Lauda) FCO-VIE
  170. *A Award Change
  171. Star Alliance RTW or this option?
  172. How to tranfer miles from SK to AC? Urgent!!!
  173. Award flights-how to check?
  174. Best deal for BKK - SYD in F?
  175. $1,000 in taxes on an RTW?!!!!
  176. RTW Re-issue (2 questions)
  177. Aeroplan *A bookings
  178. Circle Pacific Fare and Routing
  179. LAX-CTG (Cartagena)
  180. Is my RTW itinerary a good one for a CSTAR1?
  181. Lounges in LAX - TBIT
  182. Lounge Access in SIN
  183. Great Star Alliance Video!!
  184. Do Star Alliance Carriers have agreements with any carriers in rival alliances?
  185. Best *A F options from LON-CPT
  186. Side trips on *RTW
  187. Upcoming *A members: Qatar Airways a possible pick?
  188. LX 15 (JFK-ZRH) plane ordered back to JFK
  189. Best *A BUSINESS class from LON to Asia
  190. Trip advice
  191. RTW First ex CAI discontinued ??
  192. *G perks without entering *G number
  193. LAX connection question
  194. Access to Star-lounge with family?
  195. Switch from LH M&M to other *allliance?
  196. Star Alliance Milage Runs out of NYC...
  197. Which *A carriers for MSP-ATH?
  198. *A RTW ticket re-issue
  199. South African Airlink on *A Awards?
  200. *G Lounge in LHR T1 and WAW
  201. Need *A FFP advice - which to choose ?
  202. *A and Amex-need help
  203. Best *Alliance Biz Class From SFO To Asia?
  204. * RTW: Code share flights operated by non-star airlines
  205. C-Class Southeast Asia
  206. Question on *A Awards
  207. Where should I go with my award ticket?
  208. no A class on America West?
  209. Minimum Connection at FRA
  210. Virgin Blue Code Share within Australia
  211. How Do I Get to Sardinia?
  212. hi everyone i need help!!
  213. South America to Africa
  214. RTW stopover rule
  215. Power outlet on Code-share Air China flight
  216. Award Tickets from LON to SYD or ALK
  217. Upgrade SAA to bus. with AE or UA or?
  218. Getting Close to Havana on *A?
  219. Preferred airline for F award Europe-Far East
  220. W: Fare Rules for Australian LH/Star Alliance Fare
  221. Is this legal?
  222. Adding SA flights to a RTW
  223. HAM-Newcastle routing ideas
  224. A Real-time Odyssey: The Quest to Buy a Ticket
  225. Is it possible to transfer from UA to SK?
  226. Another award route question, need advise
  227. Question on SA and missing a flight
  228. HKG>HER Award
  229. LAX to Australia: SQ Exec. Econ. vs. NZ Prem. Econ.
  230. Min. transfer time needed in DEL
  231. Lounge Access for *G at SFO T1
  232. Eastern Europe Destinations on *A
  233. Star Alliance To Compete With Gds
  234. Can I book on Swiss using UA miles now?
  235. So, looking to fly SA United, Luft, anything from ORD to JRO, Tanzania?
  236. Critique my RTW ex-NYC for Aug/Sep Pls :)
  237. *a Crtw
  238. BKK and NRT lounge questions
  239. Moving Continents & Want to Transfer Points
  240. navigating at CDG in transit
  241. any good travel agent in Jakarta & unrelated tax & fees questions
  242. NYC-PEK via Europe - which airline?
  243. Wrong pricing quoted on Smarter Travel's AskEd column
  244. Domestic One Way Reward
  245. Travelocity Fare Description on Star Alliance Airlines - not available- what next?
  246. Does any *Alliance airline match BA Gold status?
  247. Help with Staralliance site
  248. SQ/SK won't issue RG flights on their ticket stock
  249. Lounge Experiences and Preferences for Circle Pacific Trip
  250. Best way to SEZ from US