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  1. Why can't I look at award availability to NBO?
  2. Best *G Lounge in Europe for flights within Europe
  3. RTW - What counts as a stopover?
  4. RTW change ?
  5. SAA CDG-JNB, *A Lounge with Shower?
  6. 1st Flight from Asia to Europe
  7. What happens if last sector of RTW is not completed before the one year deadline?
  8. SA Upgrades Y->J
  9. Star Alliance Gold - Access to Lounges?
  10. RTW: changing the date of 1st segment
  11. Star Alliance airlines will operate under one roof at DME from summer 2008.
  12. What compensation can be expected?
  13. *A gold member, but united not allowing me to add ff# to reservation!
  14. End of hoping that VS joins *?
  15. Best Way To Reunion Island (Mauritius) on *A Carriers?
  16. *A lounge at ORD
  17. BKK-NRT Advice Needed
  18. The mysteriousness of taxes
  19. Cairo and Singapore Award Ticket Questions
  20. *A Computer Interconnections Big Mess with E-Tix
  21. Accessing a United Lounge without having your card?
  22. Whose fault is it anyway?
  23. *A Lounge in TPE
  24. Star Alliance Around The World
  25. A question about BMI elite tier and lounge access
  26. best *A Business class Europe->Asia?
  27. Upgrading UA flights using LH miles on Day of Departure
  28. Earning miles in KF with LX V-class tix?
  29. Strategy for UA Economy plus as *G
  30. Award flight availability
  31. Circle Pacific ex-USA guidance
  32. Best *A first class FRA - BKK
  33. Why are *A flights from Europe to Asia so much more expensive?
  34. RTW starting in MRU -- tariff mistake???
  35. Air China's * Alliance livery
  36. sq new business class surcharge on round the world fares?
  37. Can I give different FFP number to each flying sector?
  38. Being Upgraded on Partner Airline.
  39. Best *-A airline for status match?
  40. JayHawkCo's RTW spreadsheet
  41. heads up - NZ soon to join *A upgrade program
  42. Best options for award travel to Africa
  43. *A Lounge Membership
  44. Departure Lounge with Shower @ CDG?
  45. RTW Beginner looking for Sanity Check
  46. webwork vs. staralliance.com
  47. Might now make 1st leg of RTW: help!!!!!!
  48. Silly little BOS-YUL question, 15K or 25K?
  49. Connecting SQ to TG in BNE
  50. Which airline to buy RTW ticket from in US?
  51. How to ticket in Japan from abroad?
  52. LHR Terminal/Lounge
  53. *A Reward in F - How far in advance?
  54. Why no miles on Air Baltic?
  55. "Best" *A Business Class from NYC-Europe?
  56. Help with award plan B to CPT next June
  57. LHR Terminal 1 * Gold Lounge
  58. Best *A first class lhr - lax
  59. Which *A cabins have you flown???
  60. Why Isn't VS in *A?
  61. Best Star Alliance Airline?
  62. Possible? Accrue miles on LH m&m, upgrade with SQ krisflyer miles
  63. future star alliance members
  64. The "Norwegian exception"
  65. Is there a thread where *A strikes are listed?
  66. How Do I Choose A Lover, A Mistress, A *A Program In Light of My Desires?
  67. Buying RTW tickets abroad
  68. Biosphere Connections
  69. RTW booking class question
  70. when will air china becames a full member?
  71. International MUC Arrival and Lounges
  72. longyearbyen
  73. SAS making noises about selling off Spanair / BMI
  74. Question about Newark as a *G and C passenger on PrivatAir
  75. TAM newest member
  76. *A Upgrades & difference between carriers
  77. Where is the *GOLD club in Paris CDG?
  78. North America to SIN - need help with potential routings
  79. award mixed classes possible
  80. RTW ticket validator - is it 100% accurate
  81. First Class Flights! where to put the points ?
  82. Any way to get to Tahiti
  83. *A wide Scheme?
  84. how many miles gives *a rtw 29k in business class?
  85. Award Ticket to go RTW?
  86. Which *A Airline from HKG to LHR?
  87. Discussion of Air India, JetAirways to join Star Alliance? [MERGED]
  88. Best program and use of *A points
  89. Fiji YRWSTAR2 for really cheap?
  90. No RTW Special Economy from US?
  91. Best *G Lounge in LHR T3 IMHO
  92. *A anniversary promo Tie Breaker
  93. Turkish Air - JFK to IST ???
  94. Join ANA ff club???
  95. RTW to secure LH Senator membership
  96. Airlines that use FQTV & FQTS
  97. LON - AAR? Anyway to do it with full mileage or creative routings.
  98. Air China lounge question
  99. US one way and UA one way-book on-line?
  100. Best *A "C" ORD-HKG or ORD-SGN/HNI
  101. Yet another lounge access Question! (Non *G)
  102. Singapore or ANA?
  103. Cheap * routes in business to JNB?
  104. *S Privileges
  105. *A Lounges in the USA that aren't UA or US
  106. Mileage for Q* class on SQ
  107. Star Alliance Europa Airpass
  108. Real benefit of *S
  109. Info about AIrline ALliances
  110. Pay Airport Tax THB700 while transit at BKK (less than 24 hours)?
  111. baggage transfer on RTW
  112. Which FFP should I use?
  113. LAX BIT Star Alliance Lounge
  114. Best * lounge at LHR T3?
  115. Beware SAS New Practice-.25 x Actual EQM Flown!
  116. Transfer in BKK
  117. Air China Joining Star Alliance?
  118. Best *Alliance programme to join?
  119. Using *G benefits when first leg is not *A?
  120. HALP! Eastbount TATL award in C on 6/28 or 6/29?
  121. Combining miles from multiple carriers?
  122. *A Upgrade on UA Miles Qs
  123. Best Options for IAD-SYD
  124. Award flight availability Australia-Europe in June/July?
  125. Which Star Alliance Program Should I Use?
  126. Are Stopovers Allowed on *A Award ORD-HKG?
  127. Star Alliance RTW Baggage Allowance
  128. OW awards on *A?
  129. Lounge in SKG (Thessaloniki)
  130. TAM And Lufthansa Take Steps Toward Close Cooperation
  131. Finding the right RTW/Other ticket
  132. Best *A C class options for SFO-HKG and Phuket-SFO
  133. Are there any Star lounges in Barcelona (BCN)
  134. Great Escapade Fare Query
  135. Earning on EK thru *A
  136. Star Alliance leaves door open for Virgin Blue
  137. Preferred *G Lounge in LHR for UA First Class Passenger?
  138. If I put points from different carrier to my OZ FF Acct, does that help?
  139. Your preferred *A flight option: LAS-LON?
  140. Eurobonus v. Royal orchid on RTW-ticket
  141. Help Planning a Personal Lounge Hopping Tour at CDG
  142. Finding a cheap biz ticket Europe to S Africa.
  143. Rcc Clubs?
  144. Thumbs up to ANA for Star Alliance award info
  145. Air China & Shanghai Airlines to Join Star Alliance in December 2007
  146. Best *A lounge EWR
  147. CA Codeshares with *A to Europe
  148. Best *G Lounge EWR
  149. *A Arrivals Lounge in NRT ?
  150. Another "Which FFP to Join?" Thread
  151. Help choosing a * A FF program
  152. Valid *A round-the-world fare
  153. Star Europass Fare Rule Changes from 01 May
  154. Star Circle Asia & African Airpass Rule Changes 01 May
  155. Star Asian Airpass Rule Changes eff 01 May
  156. Star Circle Pac Rule Changes eff 01 May
  157. AKL-BKK , no flights on Sunday ?
  159. *A RTW Gurus: From Which Country Should I Book My RTW?
  160. *A 10 year anniversary 2007 - promos
  161. 10 years Star Allicane: Any carrier celebrating?
  162. How to find *A Airpasses in the GDS
  163. Which *A FF would you join??
  164. RTW in First / collect miles with??
  165. Proposed *A RTW
  166. Star Nth Am Airpass Rule Changes - 01 May 07
  167. Best Star Alliance FF Program for Infants
  168. "Stopover" on Europe Award, which hub?
  169. Star 1/2/3 Rule Changes eff 01 May 2007
  170. *A Award to Bali - Couple of Questions
  171. Expensive *A flights to SIN
  172. Thai vs. ANA?
  173. Star RTW Stopover Definitions
  174. *Gold lounge with showers at SFO?
  175. RTW Booking Codes on Star Alliance?
  176. Star Alliance Gold - Pre-Board on UAL
  177. Circle Pacific Question
  178. LOT Lounge Options at JFK
  179. RTW Using Vacation Time at Work
  180. *A Lounge access
  181. Recent South African Airways Award Seat Success?
  182. RTW Special Economy
  183. S* RTW - can you earn miles?
  184. IAD Lounges
  185. What combination of *A flights LHR-PRG?
  186. RTW pending- need quick check on inventory
  187. RTW: Date Changes & Route Discontinuation/Seasonality
  188. *A electronic timetable updates missing
  189. RTW ticket 're-issue' issue
  190. RTW date changes
  191. Need Routing Ideas (Departing HKG, Layover in NRT)
  192. *A Airline Amenity Kits
  193. RTW suggestions to amend
  194. Star 1, Star 2
  195. 'RTW' Fare Increase - eff 01MAY07
  196. Clarification on RTW x/Sweden bought in Canada
  197. question abou *A-GOLD Lounges at EZE
  198. RTW options
  199. which business class NRT-BKK
  200. NZ join in *A Upgrades?
  201. LH RTW Ticketing in /ex NRT
  202. New Webwork?
  203. mileage award ticket SFO-DPS
  204. Most Comfortable Biz or 1st Routing - US to Delhi
  205. Which carrier should I deal with when one carrier causes me to miss another's flight?
  206. Star Alliance Economy Class Comparisons
  207. Circle Pacific Question
  208. Best SA membership for UK Resident
  209. Air Baltic on RTWs?
  210. Where do you keep track of StarAlliance miles
  211. The best Premium Economy options for an RTW or Circle Pacific trip
  212. Open Jaw
  213. Please HELP - Death in family, cant find a fare
  214. Lounge Showers in JFK?
  215. Newbie here...How does one get StarAllianceGold
  216. CLE-FCO How to go?
  217. RTW ticket xBKK issued in Canada
  218. redeemed miles for business, one leg booked economy: any ways to change?
  219. GUM / SPN from SYD ..... options? ...... possible as part of a Circle Asia fare?
  220. Chicago O'Hare to Santiago Chile - C class outrageous ?
  221. How to upgrade a codeshare flight
  222. Preliminary RTW thoughts...do it on miles? Upgrade off *A RTW Economy ticket?
  223. Honeymoon! FRA - DPS biz class using miles; Singapore or Thai Air?
  224. LAX and BUR still consider as one city for RTW purposes?
  225. Maximum Carrier Rule?
  226. Help with some tough Circle Pacific decisions
  227. Austrian Airlines long haul to Asia
  228. SIN *G lounges?
  229. Star Alliance Awards to Asia
  230. MOU signed with ET and Egypt Air
  231. Booking in South Africa
  232. MS & ET for Star ? mixed messages from LH
  233. Star Alliance shared information
  234. Wash/Dulles Tight Connection!
  235. Your Preference on Carrier - Asia to LAX and a Question
  236. New *A Member Airlines?
  237. How Would You Do This RTW?
  238. UA->LH Checkthrough on Separate Tix?
  239. UA miles any airline SYD- North America
  240. Circle Pacific Question
  241. OT: *A in Yangon
  242. Which islands in Greece does *A fly ?
  243. Choosing a *A FFP
  244. C Lounge in TPE
  245. Star Alliance GOLD
  246. Asiana in Heathrow
  247. Switching from UA MP to Thai worth it?
  248. Star Alliance FF programs with no expiry
  249. Star Alliance upgrade on NH011 on 4/19?
  250. need advice what airmiles program to pick