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  1. 1st RTW: some questions
  2. *a rtw ex-fiji; booking w/ NZ; looking for CA TA; valid route?
  3. Code share question - mileage bonus fare class
  4. Easiest *G qualification?
  5. Which Program is best?
  6. TG to NH in HKG... enough time?
  7. What if I miss my return on *A award ticket?
  8. AC or LH in long-haul BC?
  9. UA Round The World CRWstar??
  10. Trans-Atlantic in economy
  11. 5th Freedom On LH/LX/LO/OS
  12. RTW LAX-SYD-BKK-MAD suggestions
  13. Finding what airplane you're flying
  14. From TLL to HKG
  15. *G Lounges in FRA Confusion
  16. UA / LH CDG Terminal 1 meeting point?
  17. LHR Shower for *G passenger leaving from T1
  18. Star Alliance REWARD
  19. Air China joins Star Alliance
  20. *gold lounge access question
  21. Fuel Surcharge on RTW
  22. which lounge can I use in bcn?
  23. Latest *A flights from Europe to N. America
  24. Possible *A routings USA to TNR (Antananarivo, MG)?
  25. maldives in RTW
  26. Biz Class on SA via Other Star Alliance FF Program?
  27. UA F or LH/Swiss C for TATL?
  28. Future * Carriers on tickets issued now
  29. Star_Alliance back-tracking question
  30. *A lounge access?
  31. Long *A RTW / Status??
  32. Earning Aeroplan Miles in the UK
  33. Bangkok - Paris on RTW business -- help me choose a route
  34. Lounge Access on FRWSTAR* when on a Domestic segment or 2-Class Segment.
  35. *G Access US Airways Domestic from LAX
  36. RTW Comparison Spreadsheet?
  37. RTW Routing Questions
  38. Best *A alternative to Aeroplan
  39. converting points
  40. SQ 351 CPH-SIN B777-200: Business new or old seat?
  41. Dont tell anyone but.........
  42. SQ J or TG F?
  43. Circle Pacific Prices??
  44. Moving to NZ: Is Airpoints the Best Choice?
  45. Lufthansa compared to Swiss Air in Business
  46. Which *A airline to park miles in
  47. No Star Alliance Premier Pre-Boarding for Luftansa!
  48. how do i check availability on interent for award travel
  49. *A RTW surcharges, particularly with new A380 on SIN-SYD
  50. Looking for *A Fifth Freedom flights for RTW
  51. EgyptAir to join Star Alliance
  52. US Airways Baggage Allowance
  53. SQ Executive Economy vs TG Premium Economy
  54. Service Recovery from SWISS?
  55. Air India to join Star Alliance [MERGED]
  56. Tap
  57. Connection in ICN from LH to CA
  58. DM vs. MP
  59. Star Alliance Lounges
  60. TG's Star Silver qualification criteria too low?
  61. Resort Holiday ex LON with *A mileage
  62. UA miles earned on TAP codeshare?
  63. E-ticket vs. paper ticket
  64. Help JNB-MRU 14 Oct
  65. Turkish Air and Star Alliance
  66. How to go from DC to Catania Italy
  67. Which member of the Star Alliance?
  68. Tight connection between AC & SQ at HKG
  69. GST on AC domestic awards
  70. Comparing UA and BD.....
  71. Who Honors the Star Alliance Spirit Best?
  72. RTW stopover question
  73. Using US Airways Miles to Book UAL Award
  74. Which *A FFP allows changing award ticket AFTER you've started the journey?
  75. NZ vs. SQ in C for North Asia to Australia?
  76. *A priority baggage handling at Canadian airports
  77. Award Ticket Re-route if Class unavailable?
  78. Suitability of Star Alliance for ORD -> DEL, NRT, LHR
  79. Which *G lounge has nicer agents?
  80. RTW Itinerary I Want to Book... will it work?
  81. UA award fare classes for LH redemption
  82. LH C Miles @ 200%, TG at 125%??
  83. Can you join a program and credit miles flown recently
  84. is this a legal RTW?
  85. Turkish? Looking for *A for Asia to Europe
  86. Star Alliance introduce next gen of StarNet
  87. UA 1K, flying SQ, which plan should I target
  88. RTW *A upgrade advise
  89. *A RTW C Class- US Domestic- First or Economy Plus?
  90. Circle Pacific fare ex YVR question
  91. Rerouting free of charge before departure?
  92. Skyteam looking at adding / switching to *A...
  93. TG or NH on C Award for BKK-NRT
  94. RTW - Rebooking
  95. RTW/Circle Fares Update - new SQ surch (incl A380).
  96. Which US *A Carrier
  97. Travel to Madagascar on *Alliance
  98. *G lounge in BLR and HYD
  99. ZRH - BRQ ... any connection with *A involved?
  100. Olympia: if you are looking for award flights to/from China
  101. Pushing the MPM limits.......
  102. Air China Star Alliance Livery
  103. *A C Award misconnect...what is supposed to happen?
  104. Lounge access without Gold Card
  105. *A Gold allowed to use Avant/Business checkin line for Spanair domestic?
  106. LAX T2 business class lounges
  107. Montreal to Valencia
  108. RTW - Transfer and Stopover
  109. Wikipedia and Facts
  110. *A Circle Pacific in Biz Class: What class on domestic NH flights?
  111. NH or UA (SIN-NRT vv) in Y
  112. Star Alliance Lounge LAX
  113. Circle Asia: stopover or just transit required in each zone?
  114. First Time RTW
  115. Is it possible to book a *A route LHR-CDG or any LON-PAR route?
  116. Differences between *A Gold and LH HON
  117. Help with ex-USA SQ fare (mileage)
  118. Europe - Hawaii Miles needed for Award
  119. Some ideas to improve this RTW
  120. TAP from EWR-LIS-BRU and Return, 9/6-9/10
  121. RTW on Star Alliance - need lounge
  122. Best comfort NRT to BUD in Economy
  123. Does SK lounge in ARN have showers?
  124. ORD Intl Term, *G lounge hours?
  125. Valid Circle Pacific route?
  126. Access to SAS lounge in BRU when on UA?
  127. When will TAM join *alliance?
  128. Obtaining mileage bonus for Y->C upgrade
  129. Business To Asia From NA - Air Canada 77W Or...?
  130. RTW routing question
  131. Do you think *A "group lounges" will be the new *A trend a la LAX?
  132. Overnight cxn in ZRH - luggage options?
  133. coach award travel to China -- which airline?
  134. *A chart comparing all programs. Does it exist?
  135. Do*Gold pax get access to Preferred Security line at ORD ??
  136. Are these * flights?
  137. Which Lounges can I use?
  138. Star Alliance award changes
  139. Problems with * website?
  140. Will SQ offer A class on the A380?
  141. RTW Ticket purchase Canada
  142. Most comfortable/timely one stop *A airline, EWR-LON?
  143. Where can I book a CRTW ex-NRT
  144. * Orly Lounge?
  145. Best *A club class LHR to NYC
  146. LAX United First lounge query
  147. *A Award Ticket: Miles and 2 class vs. 3 class planes
  148. How can I use US miles on *A to SYD/SIN
  149. Quick way of finding flight routes?
  150. When will Air China flights be eligible for *RTW?
  151. Switching FFPs within *A -- how to best do it?
  152. Star Alliance Terminals
  153. UA Argentina booked an award. UA USA says no. And now?
  154. rtw ticket coupon question
  155. award travel to rio
  156. New *A LAX lounge in TBIT
  157. New SGN *A Lounge
  158. San Diego to Munich in Y (which airline?)
  159. Best *A business class LHR to India?
  160. Flying to Istanbul from PHX on *A?
  161. * Award - Can't get seats assigned on Intra-Europe LH in advance?
  162. Does this fly : circle pacific fare via NZ...
  163. Flying ANA on a D fare. Should I find a new FF program?
  164. Star Alliance Member FF Cards
  165. Miles conversion into another *A FF programme
  166. UA Mileage Plus vs. AirNZ airpoints if travelling on Singapore Air
  167. How does OZ's first class compared with other * carriers' first class?
  168. Best *A carrier for Y class travel from NYC to LON
  169. Circle-Pacific Question
  170. Star Alliance @ LHR Post-T5
  171. Redeeming ANA miles on other *A carriers
  172. NH C or SQ C from NRT-LAX?
  173. Star alliance - A Rookie Question?
  174. Heathrow First Class Lounge
  175. Best FF program?
  176. Flying West Coast-VCE in biz, LX or LH?
  177. Showers at LHR T3?
  178. "Spanair is not a RTW partner of star alliance"
  179. baggage interlining question
  180. Which * airline can redeem this award ticket for me with less miles and conditions?
  181. Best RTW advance booking 330 days before final leg? On 10% RTW Lite Sept fare
  182. Star Alliance Arrivals Lounge at LHR Access
  183. *A best lounge in LHR T3
  184. *A milage calculator
  185. Premium Economy : SQ - TG - NH Comparisons/Opinions?
  186. Where to fly * cheaply It'l from CDG early Oct?
  187. UA vs NZ
  188. got the 10th anniversary "18 airplane magnets set"
  189. Seeking TAP Air Portugal trip reviews
  190. RTW with all Star airlines?
  191. Expansion of *G
  192. Can I bring guest into SEN lounge?
  193. Lounge access at OSLO (OSL)
  194. Star Alliance Membership
  195. LHR-MEL Trip Report (with UA & NZ)
  196. LAX best *A lounge
  197. Air Nippon Asia (ANK) Not Available for *A Award?
  198. RTW starting with Adria Airways in LJU
  199. AC-fee for CRTW in 777?
  200. Enrollment & retro registration
  201. RTW integration with new airline members
  202. *A rtw
  203. RTW F Award
  204. Star Alliance lifetime membership lounge
  205. OS didn't change my ticket
  206. LAX-LHR, why fly UA?
  207. LH and SK *G well secure, try for BD*G?
  208. How do you get star gold for life??
  209. *A New Zealand to Australia / Pacific Island awards
  210. Best *A Points Card
  211. Options for MUC-AKL
  212. ??? UA or US Airways
  213. SFO-PVG-SGN-SFO illegal routing?
  214. RTW in F this fall.
  215. Possible to transfer miles to another FF scheme?
  216. TAP Portugal C vs. *Alliance Partners
  217. *A lounge in ATH?
  218. USAirways recognizing UA 1K status as Star Alliance Gold
  219. Lounge at ZRH airport
  220. Hurray for Paper RTW tickets
  221. Moving from OneWorld to *A - Which FF programme should I go for
  222. *A Business Award with Economy Leg Possible?
  223. JK and Marsans Group *A South America
  224. Circle Pacific in F....can I avoid UA?
  225. Easiest/ cheapest *A trip CDG > SFO/ LAX over the pacific
  226. *A Lounge at Bergen Airport (BGO)
  227. The Award chart is just a big lie isn't it?
  228. Could EOS/Silverjet join *A?
  229. Which airline to call for RTW
  230. No More UA/SA RTW
  231. Star alliance economy RTW discounted about 10% from Japan
  232. * Alliance Travel to Iceland
  233. wireless @ SYD Int
  234. *A lounge access in YVR... was this a favor?
  235. Need advice for award to Asia via Europe
  236. Cost Effective Options for Travel in Africa
  237. Star Shower in Rome?
  238. Transit at SGN Airport
  239. Award ticket booking question
  240. TG business class or NZ' PE
  241. United Kingdom to New York
  242. STARRTW Rerouting
  243. Any chance of a *A F lounge comeback in AKL?
  244. Anyone priced the *A ex Aus/NZ for promo 10% off Y RTW?
  245. ExpertFlyer shows wrong availability
  246. Advice on getting to Australia with SA
  247. Which *A Bsns is best--LH, AC, UA?
  248. *A Gold denied check-in at BKK TG Business Class counter
  249. UA *G Member Denied Lounge Access at LAX (TBIT)?
  250. *A Challenge :)