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  1. CPSTAR Throwaway segment
  2. Earning *A miles on Air India
  3. TG or NH?
  4. No Arrival Service for *G at SIN?
  5. *A RTW - AirOne Codeshares
  6. AC or OZ for transpacific flight in business class?
  7. PHL to Delhi using *A and miles
  8. Maximising a CCP..
  9. Does RCC REALLY work for *a lounges and can it allow me priority checkin?
  10. Arrival access to lounges on RTW trip
  11. All FC to JNB from TPA on *A miles?
  12. Frequent flyer program with least amount of required miles to be elite?
  13. Spanair Baggage Allowance Malaga to Barcelona
  14. Definite date for Turkish Airlines to join?
  15. Flying Air Canada - apply points to Aeroplan or United?
  16. RTW through Cape Town
  17. BCN Lounge Opening Hours?
  18. Why aren't there routes AKL - Europe via South America?
  19. Proposal: Sticky Info Thread on Air China and FFP
  20. Multiple-fare ticket
  21. Where Does UA Fly That Has Cheap RTW Fares?
  22. RTW, which airline / aircraft / fare?
  23. *A upgrade rules?
  24. *A Award To Papeete
  25. *A LHR T3 lounge confusion reigns
  26. Do any * Alliance carriers status match?
  27. How many stopovers allowed on award?
  28. Help award flight from tenerife [moved]
  29. Air China, what changes for Star Alliance members living in CHina
  30. CRWSTAR1 ex. Cyprus (LCA)
  31. *A to Bora Bora
  32. U.S versus Cdn RTW Prices and Purchases
  33. HKG -> Europe -> SFO -> HKG RTW flight?
  34. ST member needs *A home
  35. upgrades on LH ideas please?
  36. Star circle and airpass calculator
  37. Turkish Airlines
  38. TG vs SQ - Help me with this choice
  39. NRT-LAX UA F or NH C?
  40. UA or SAS LAX-CPH?
  41. UA vs AC to Beijing.... what would you do?
  42. CA seat with UA miles - award booking problem
  43. first experience with Shanghai Airlines
  44. Web App for CP/CA/Airpass fares
  45. Best *A Lounge at LHR?
  46. Missing BMI flights in RTW mileage calculator
  47. New Miami Terminal ... current status, lounges, schedule?
  48. Star Alliance Connections Service
  49. Baggage allowance on multi-segment award tix in different classes
  50. T A in Hong Kong
  51. When can I book on Turkish Airlines to gain SA benefits?
  52. What does Silver *A Get on SIA & THAI
  53. Best FFP for just one CRTW?
  54. Cape Town on Star Alliance
  55. Istanbul considered Middle East?
  56. EgyptAir and Star Alliance [MERGED]
  57. Best Europe to Japan Biz seat for someone who doesn't like ANA's?
  58. CA/FM Booking Class on RTW
  59. Released seat for partner airlines
  60. I service with no meal?
  61. First time *A Award, SFO-AMS...HELP!
  62. SIA and LH: Checking through possible when holding separate e-tickets?
  63. Lounges in Colombo and Jakarta
  64. LH coded, AC metal in C. 200% miles on LH M&M?
  65. Air China Review
  66. Direct flights can be your RTW's best friendů
  67. RTW Routing- Valid?
  68. Help with US and China Travel Plan
  69. Disapointing Discovering - My plan wont renew Gold
  70. Which programme to join?
  71. Can you book PE on a rtw TG BKK-ARN?
  72. LH vs. LX to smaller cities in Europe
  73. upgrades on SAA
  74. Which *A program is best for status
  75. Fares from Japan to UA/DE/PL/UK on *A for August 2008
  76. OT: *A is turning into a mish-mash
  77. *G Lounge access at MXP
  78. silver elite status question
  79. Which region are the Maldives in?
  80. UAL or Air China FC?
  81. circle pacific fare; itinerary and questions
  82. Lounge Access query Intl F to Dom F @ LAX
  83. Goldenware Star Alliance Travel Desk
  84. Anyone with access to official *A Guidebook?
  85. Help with tickets to Vietnam
  86. *A new member bonuses
  87. How to Use the ANA Site for Availability?
  88. star lounge in vienna ... what is there?
  89. How to fly from TLV - TPE via Pacific
  90. Second *A FFP?
  91. Mileage Plus alternative(s)
  92. First lounge at LHR? and side question on LAX lounge access
  93. Changing planes at Munich (LH to UA)
  94. Time for a New Award Structure to Encompass Premium Economy?
  95. Experience with TAP Portugal
  96. Boatloads of Transpac C/F Award inventory on CA
  97. Is JNB-TNR bookable as a *A award?
  98. *Alliance Mileage Question
  99. *A Awards from NA to Africa in C or F?
  100. Back-Trak RTW Question on *
  101. RTW in C or F
  102. Do any star alliance members fly to bulgaria?
  103. The Eureka! Moment
  104. Does Star Alliance Gold extend extra baggage allowance to your traveling companion
  105. RTW ex DAC
  106. South America and *A
  107. BKK-SIN-HKT First vs Business
  108. LON to South America in Business?
  109. Air China or Thai long-haul Business?
  110. You can earn Star alliance miles on TPE-JAPAN
  111. Circle Pacific ex BKK - where to buy
  112. Booking Class/Surcharge changes eff 01JAN08
  114. Thoughts on lounges in LAX - which one's better?
  115. Award Travel HKG/Japan
  116. Elite check-in at ORD?
  117. Air China in First SFO-PEK
  118. RTW SPECIAL 26k
  119. LHR-Hong Kong on Expedia????
  120. trip report on recent CA flights
  121. Best Way to Split
  122. EU Compensation Help
  123. *A RTW mileage limit
  124. Is the ANA website that accurate for * Awards?
  125. Tokyo to Bombay Help
  126. Help with a *A Itinerary DEN-DRW
  127. *a rtw stopover counting with surface sectors
  128. Three Circle Asia questions
  129. ANA announced new Star Alliance Award Chart
  130. Chances of Switching to A380 from 747??
  131. las-pvg on star alliance - suggestions?
  132. confused about RTW availability, is it special class, or just M/H on each carrier?
  133. RTW First: LX Biz or LH Biz for Intra-Europe
  134. SAA Domestic Business Class Seats woth the $
  135. Star Alliance Round the World Award?
  136. SQ adds Houston to it's network
  137. Star Gold Status and NZ "Saver" Fares Baggage Allowance?
  138. advice on working with uncooperative rtw desks
  139. Flew CA yesterday
  140. Booking Award Travel on Air China
  141. AirChina and Shanghai Airline shows in the Star Alliance’s website
  142. South African *G lounges
  143. RTW Booking Availability -Getting Around a SQ Yield Issue?
  144. SAS EuroBonus joins Star upgrade program
  145. RTW *A Lounge Access
  146. Re-issue RTW: any difference before or after 1st flight?
  147. Lufthansa to United Connection in Frankfurt
  148. FM/CA Joining Star Alliance Schedule
  149. Star Alliance Circle Pacific /Asia
  150. Which FF Program?
  151. BMI to fly LHR-TLV: Impact on US-Israel *A!
  152. Sq/ua Rtw
  153. RTW Ticket
  154. Another quick RTW question
  155. Getting seat assigns on RTW biz
  156. Baggage switch from United to Lufthansa during overnight connection
  157. Issuance of RTW ticket - if different from starting point
  158. miles&more or krisflyer?
  159. AI flight; TG metal; UA miles?
  160. DJ and LH link up
  161. Middle East *A Partner??
  162. LH SEN till 02/2011, starting with another FFP?
  163. Conundrum: Which *A partner back to Europe from Tokyo
  164. Air China and Shanghai Airlines in Star Alliances
  165. Best *A from LAX-Russia?
  166. RTW Mileage Calculator Gives Flashplayer Error
  167. Buying a RTW - Travel agent or airline?
  168. Recommendation: Switch from US to UA?
  169. EU to EWR LH vs. LX
  170. Can you upfare RTW mid-trip?
  171. What's the Star Alliance Gold Lounge in Dubai like?
  172. Availability tools
  173. cheap fares to China 2008
  174. *RTW* ORD visited too many times?
  175. *G keychain/fob card?
  176. star alliance lounge at lax and showers
  177. Any way around 6 month limit on Circle Pacific?
  178. which Frankfurt lounge? flying LH business but also Star Alliance Gold
  179. Best non-UA option on USA-LHR for C award?
  180. RTW Newbie Question
  181. Circle Pacific - surf. seg. is 1 or 2 stops?
  182. TransPac Economy, UA or NH?
  183. Which lounges at these airports?
  184. Moscow - europe or asia?
  185. LHR-???-YYJ Reward Travel- March 08
  186. Star signs MoU for First Russian member - AiRUnion
  187. London to San Jose *A Biz Redemtion.
  188. Collecting miles for a relative's award
  189. Best chance * Alliance awards SQ vs TG
  190. SYD-MEL on *RTW?
  191. Seatcounter.com now shows *A award availability
  192. STPC FRA/JNB Star Alliance
  193. Star Alliance Corporate Discounts?
  194. Mexico and South America
  195. Time for better *A facilities in FRA
  196. In flight Air show program missing
  197. Switching from one *A member to another
  198. *A lounge access questions
  199. *A lounge IAD terminal A?
  200. Which *A program is best for me (ex India)?
  201. Star Alliance MILEAGE awards
  202. Any Star Alliance lounges at IAD with showers?
  203. *a F lounge access in BKK
  204. PHX-DXB on *Alliance - any suggestions?
  205. 1st RTW: some questions
  206. *a rtw ex-fiji; booking w/ NZ; looking for CA TA; valid route?
  207. Code share question - mileage bonus fare class
  208. Easiest *G qualification?
  209. Which Program is best?
  210. TG to NH in HKG... enough time?
  211. What if I miss my return on *A award ticket?
  212. AC or LH in long-haul BC?
  213. UA Round The World CRWstar??
  214. Trans-Atlantic in economy
  215. 5th Freedom On LH/LX/LO/OS
  216. RTW LAX-SYD-BKK-MAD suggestions
  217. Finding what airplane you're flying
  218. From TLL to HKG
  219. *G Lounges in FRA Confusion
  220. UA / LH CDG Terminal 1 meeting point?
  221. LHR Shower for *G passenger leaving from T1
  222. Star Alliance REWARD
  223. Air China joins Star Alliance
  224. *gold lounge access question
  225. Fuel Surcharge on RTW
  226. which lounge can I use in bcn?
  227. Latest *A flights from Europe to N. America
  228. Possible *A routings USA to TNR (Antananarivo, MG)?
  229. maldives in RTW
  230. Biz Class on SA via Other Star Alliance FF Program?
  231. UA F or LH/Swiss C for TATL?
  232. Future * Carriers on tickets issued now
  233. Star_Alliance back-tracking question
  234. *A lounge access?
  235. Long *A RTW / Status??
  236. Earning Aeroplan Miles in the UK
  237. Bangkok - Paris on RTW business -- help me choose a route
  238. Lounge Access on FRWSTAR* when on a Domestic segment or 2-Class Segment.
  239. *G Access US Airways Domestic from LAX
  240. RTW Comparison Spreadsheet?
  241. RTW Routing Questions
  242. Best *A alternative to Aeroplan
  243. converting points
  244. SQ 351 CPH-SIN B777-200: Business new or old seat?
  245. Dont tell anyone but.........
  246. SQ J or TG F?
  247. Circle Pacific Prices??
  248. Moving to NZ: Is Airpoints the Best Choice?
  249. Lufthansa compared to Swiss Air in Business
  250. Which *A airline to park miles in