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  1. Where to credit flown flight to build Star alliance staus
  2. EVA vs Austrian vs Turkish in business
  3. Quick A* Lounge Access Question CDG
  4. Fare Rules - P (Deep Discount Business) and Z
  5. Status ended, card still valid ?
  6. Accruing star alliance miles on CX/CA codeshare
  7. Questions on checked bags using split tickets with UA and OZ
  8. UA Codeshare (YYZ-SFO-NRT-SGN)/Luggage
  9. Air China Business - Z Fare class: where to credit?
  10. FF program recommendation
  11. Royal Air Maroc
  12. ROP vs KrisFlyer
  13. FRA & LHR terminals
  14. Status match
  15. Possible new *A Partner?
  16. Is ANA worth it to fly to Japan from SEA?
  17. Earning on a codeshare flight
  18. LHR Air India Lounge access denied
  19. Trans American Airlines (Part of TACA)- *A benefits?
  20. WAW-LAX in C advice.
  21. LAX and PEK lounges
  22. Best Star Alliance status in addition to Skyteam and Oneworld Plat.
  23. Newark Terminal B
  24. renewal TK *G
  25. Kid's travel on UA-B747 or LH-A380 with UA*G
  26. Star Gold and Air India, few questions
  27. Air India cheated me of my miles
  28. Best *A program
  29. Baggage Allowance HELP!
  30. LAX *A Lounge Has B Food Safety Rating
  31. *A Lounge Access at BOG and CTG
  32. RTW ticket resources (blog posts etc.)
  33. SQ lounges missing from *A website Lounge Finder?
  34. SAN to HKG in Star Alliance premium economy?
  35. SVO Star Alliance lounge
  36. Who should I status match to? AA Exec Plat Currently
  37. *Alliance Gold and the new United Rules
  38. Which to choose BKK-SFO EVA or TG/NH
  39. Value Alliance
  40. Star Alliance airlines connections: non-Indian cities to Goa, India?
  41. Star Alliance Gold lounge entry vs flying business class (no status)
  42. Seychelles International Airport
  43. Business rtw booking question. [MERGED]
  44. How do alliances work?
  45. Extra luggage on *A light (no luggage allowance) fares
  46. Does Star Alliance offer a triangular or square ticket?
  47. RTW - Carribean
  48. Heathrow Swiss Connecting Flights
  49. Best Frequent Flyer Program in Star Alliance
  50. Star Alliance Lounge Options at SFO International Terminal
  51. Star Alliance needs your opinion: Brand Perception Study: Part 2
  52. TK C vs BR C, which is better
  53. No Copa lounge access in Lima???!!!
  54. NYC to Europe Business Class - Austrian + Lufthansa or Singapore Air + Lufthansa?
  55. United global first 747-400 or Air Canada business 787 Dreamliner?
  56. Need help choosing *A premium cabins
  57. GYM/Lounge at TPE
  58. LH vs TK vs OS Business class
  59. Claiming Miles Retroactively
  60. *G on TK will expire me soon.. How to be *G again?
  61. Star Alliance needs your opinion: Brand Perception Study : Part 1 [CLOSED]
  62. Star alliance/One World mileage credits
  63. Best Star Alliance lounge in ICN?
  64. Codeshare flights - Miles and lounge access?
  65. Which option would you choose?
  66. *A award with a layover in KBL?
  67. *A award - LH cancelled segment - who can reticket?
  68. Chart of *A fuelsurcharge on OZ award tickets
  69. Hyatt points transfer to Star Alliance partners
  70. Where to complain about LH handling of TP flight?
  71. *A ORD-BKK J Help
  72. Novice with complex itinerary: 05-06 2017 SIN-BKK-HAN-HKG-PVG-PEK-ICN (~1 week each)
  73. Where to credit A3 flight
  74. Access to LH Lounge in Boston
  75. Lounge access complication
  76. Asterisk + airport on etix? (*ISTANBUL)
  77. Thai Smile falsely advertising they're *A?
  78. How do Upgrade Vouchers work?
  79. Qantas Lounge MEL Access as *AG/business class?
  80. Is any SA carrier status matching (not challenge) at the moment
  81. Best *A program for not so frequent flyer.
  82. is there a Wiki or thread for *A gold baggage allowance
  83. Best *A program with several EUROWINGS flights
  84. Lounge Access in Jakarta
  85. A3 flights not showing on UA reward booking engine
  86. RTW with certain SA members, not booked through SA but their own RTW tickets!
  87. Want to upgrade one segment on *A SQ redemption - UA operated
  88. JFK-VCE: LH F or TK J?
  89. UA Swiss Codeshare seat assignments with minors
  90. Best lounge for NRT for SAS flight
  91. Lounge access at LHR, BKK, PNH AND REP without TK card
  92. Star gold upgrades on Avianca
  93. Avoid Tangiers Lounge (TGN)
  94. Air India Business v BA Premium Economy?
  95. UA*G / Star Alliance Gold: Lounge Access as Family
  96. Interlining on AI Domestic to TK Int.
  97. Star Alliance benefits extended to guests?
  98. Better Star Alliance miles programs?
  99. booking with ANA and Singapore miles
  100. UA MIA IAH - *G Access to Avianca Longe
  101. Best Star Alliance Program for Malaysian
  102. Using miles to cross the Pacific
  103. Somewhat complicated routing.. interlining bags..and more... NEED HELP
  104. Aegean Air or Star Alliance baggage allowance for charity ?
  105. Help Needed YYZ - FNC Star Alliance
  106. *A Lounge CDG-single entry fee?
  107. Quito (UIO) VIP Longe
  108. Access Star Alliance lounge at EZE on arrival?
  109. Use A3 miles to upgrade SK ticket?
  110. Flying AC J YYZ-HKG rt soon. Where to Credit them?
  111. RTW *A trip - looking for suggestions for TYO-LAX route
  112. united mileage on air canada
  113. *A lounges in Cairo
  114. China's Juneyao Airlines to join Star Alliance group in 2017
  115. best long haul biz class partners
  116. LAX access to LH lounge
  117. Advice on trip
  118. Best J to Europe from US
  119. AirNZ flight -Which SA Loyalty Program to Accrue?
  120. Star Alliance benefits on TAP
  121. *A RTW Routing change - big price
  122. Master *A Meet Up Thread
  123. Need advice on booking 4x NYC-JRO
  124. Best in Y *A EU-Calfornia for a "Husky" Guy
  125. Star Alliance lounge access flying Eva
  126. CPH Airport - No Fast Track for Security
  127. Star Alliance Upgrade Awards Not Working?
  128. Coming soon: Star Alliance Lounge at GIG
  129. Air China Trip for United mileage
  130. MIA-IST-BKK on Turkish or MIA-ZRH-BKK on Swiss? Business Class
  131. *A lounges at HKG - storing luggage
  132. Flying YYZ to SIN with kids (3 yr old and 6 month old)
  133. Iceland?
  134. Does a Star Alliance award ticket include any luggage.?
  135. *G benefits with different FFP to redeeming/crediting programme
  136. Any way to transfer SATA "miles" to A3??
  137. Any *Alliance flight from DME to Poland?
  138. Weak Star Alliance Network to Latin America
  139. Star Alliance: How to book?
  140. EVA Waitlist on *A Redemption
  141. Can other people add miles on my Star Alliance card?
  142. Which DEL lounge??
  143. CX / NZ Co-operation agreement *G benefits?
  144. *A points upgrade B to J?
  145. Where to credit TK U class
  146. *A mileage based FFP for award redemption?
  147. Which Star Alliance flights SFO-HKG in J?
  148. New Gold Track - with guest
  149. Where to credit LH K fare
  150. SAUA with one program, credit to another
  151. Star Alliance Lounge Policy
  152. advice - YWG-CPT-YWG - on Star Alliance
  153. Star Alliance arrivals lounge in Hong Kong?
  154. Lost luggage and additional insurance
  155. RTW Baggage Rules
  156. UA Global First vs AC Business?
  157. booking engine for ipad
  158. Upgrading UA legs screws up RTW tickets that are booked with another carrier
  159. *A Lounge at Shenzhen BAO'AN International Airport
  160. Your Favorite *A Route to Bangalore
  161. Have SQ/KF Miles - SIN-ORD redemption in J - what are my options?
  162. Lounge at JFK Terminal 4 during night
  163. Adding LH flight to existing UA MP itinerary
  164. *A Schemes with Retroactive Claiming
  165. Star Alliance Timetable program gone?
  166. StarAlliance Codeshare Mapping
  167. Better Award Redemption - Austrian or Turkish
  168. Finding Mileage Plus Award Flights on Singapore Airlines
  169. BOM - BKK/KUL - MEL: TG or MH?
  170. One more question on baggage allowance when connecting
  171. COPA Airlines - Amex Redemption to Cuba
  172. HKG - AKL CX/NZ Codeshare - *G - Can I use the Lounge?
  173. *A lounge: UA to GRU, Azul to SDU
  174. * Gold Benefits on Regional Airlines
  175. Star Alliance (UA, LH, LX) Economy transatlantic + connection
  176. *A Biz recommendations DEN-RUH
  177. *silver benefits on lh/ua
  178. 3 biz class seats LAX>BKK. Strategy?
  179. SK or NZ J Product EU-USA
  180. pick-up luggege/miss last leg
  181. *A Options - SE Asia to NYC - 2 Persons
  182. *G Lounge Access on Staralliance.com map
  183. Upgrading with Eurobonus in United
  184. Getting status on *A
  185. Best star alliance lounge in CDG?
  186. Best Asian Star Carrier Long-Haul Business Class?
  187. Best Asian Star Carrier Long-Haul Business Class?
  188. J class QR DEL-Mia
  189. TK flights within Europe - same day return - looking for routing schedules
  190. Turkish vs Swiss business class
  191. Best use of 60,000 miles within South America?
  192. Four things that make United Airlines different - not better
  193. Check through / interline to final destination on *A ? (re changes at One World)
  194. AC to LH transfer in CDG
  195. *G expiration between outbound - inbound
  196. Ideas for BOS<>DEL in F or J?
  197. Which *A program for infrequent flights?
  198. Best economy to IST?
  199. Best First from SEA/SFO to HKG?
  200. United Club Reciprocating Privileges
  201. AMIGO program and *G not recognized by AirIndia
  202. Do I need to order a VLML in NH/SQ/LX J?
  203. Lounge/Shower in MXP or FCO
  204. Which carrier has the best mileage rates for US to Southern Africa?
  205. UA one way (US to Australia) vs *A Round Trip
  206. United vs Ana miles
  207. Which Premium Economy is better - BR or SQ?
  208. ET inline with TK
  209. Where to credit OS P fare
  210. RDU-PEK-HKG-RDU in Coach: 747 or 777
  211. Star Alliance cannot quote fares for Circle Pacific ticket?
  212. one-way award intra-europe: bags, fees, interlining
  213. Checking Through Luggage on SQ and SAS
  214. Transfer Times in BKK, and connecting different reservations.
  215. Consolidation of points - looking for best airline options
  216. [EZE] *A Lounge now accepts Priority Pass and is a zoo
  217. Earning United Miles on South African Airways?
  218. List of star alliance affiliates
  219. Baggages for connected flight
  220. Any suggestions for getting star alliance mileage credit from group air?
  221. I'd appreciate any sort of help. - Trip from Cairo to MSP
  222. Can UA check-in/sight p'port for NZ?
  223. Asiana 380 F or ANA 777 F, Asia-US
  224. Any magic website like this?
  225. Best airline to post miles for a RTW ticket
  226. Switching FF number after check-in (TAP Couldn't do it!)
  227. Stick with NH? or transfer to UA/SQ/others
  228. 50K Miles from SPG to transfer
  229. LAX-ICN on J
  230. Best intra-Asia F?
  231. Upgrade to Cathay Pacific First Class with *A (advert error)
  232. Star Alliance to Hanoi?
  233. what is best business class *A PEK-Europe (using UA miles)?
  234. USA to JNB best options for award?
  235. Star Alliance Lounge tool error message
  236. Apply Star Alliance Gold Status from Another Airline to United Flights
  237. Earning Miles: Is it metal or marketing carrier?
  238. Planning RTW trip, need tips...
  239. The best FFP fit with 80k/40k miles 1 year
  240. How to find flights leaving an airport?
  241. Protection segment - ticket with 2 pnr
  242. Interline in LHR - SQ -> SN or BA
  243. Can airlines get kicked out of alliances?
  244. SA Upgrades on BR
  245. Looking at RTW in J
  246. Who will match from BA Gold or Silver?
  247. Booking a round-trip on two different *A airlines?
  248. Asiana ICN-BKK with F or without?
  249. Searching for Star Alliance award redemption for SAA
  250. Star Alliance lounge Amsterdam AMS