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  1. Help w/ award reservation CGK-SFO biz class
  2. Suggestions on *A carrier PIT-LIS
  3. Luggage Transfer and Transiting between ANA and US Air at LAX
  4. Want to maximize my time in F, need advice
  5. TAM going *A
  6. Lock In Outbound Award Now, Change Return Later?
  8. QR, NZ, or SQ? HKG-LON
  9. Best Star Alliance IAD-Spain?
  10. AMC avail question
  11. TAM initiates codeshare w/ LH - precursor to *A?
  12. Optimizing FRWSTAR ex-DPS
  13. Q: FM to SQ in HKG (2 Itns)
  14. FRA and Checked luggage
  15. BKK-LAX in C - NH or TG/OZ?
  16. If UA goes under, would my *A award tix still hold?
  17. Gold Status worked in my favor on LH flight
  18. Need advice FAST: BKK TO DPS Baggage Allowance
  19. *A saver Award for Central Asia
  20. *a gold lounge access in Singapore
  21. Best StarAlliance FFP for Aus-based traveller
  22. RTW ticket purchase in Indonesia
  23. $500 Surcharge to fly SQ from LAX-SIN
  24. Minor Rule Changes : MOST * Products - 01AUG/10AUG
  25. Cheapest Starting Point C/FStar Alliance RTW
  26. *A F Award - SQ C vs. LH/LX F?
  27. Booking UA flight with Thai air miles?
  28. Star Alliance Forum - Please read before posting - Links to members
  29. RTW Calculator: is the earth getting bigger?
  30. AWARD TRAVEL from YYZ recomendations
  31. Award advice: Denver to Barbados on *A w/ stopover
  32. Best program to credit miles to in *A?
  33. Tell me where to go!
  34. Fun with the GCM
  35. SIN-KUL not valid for *A Asia Airpass?
  36. Can you identify this photo?
  37. * Awards of THY
  38. *A route maps (direct out of all NYC)
  39. C or F travel on *A with Infant
  40. Revalidate/reissue RTW ticket
  41. *A Award - I'm happy but I don't get it
  42. Air China/Shanghai Air on CRTW
  43. *A F award on NH/LH/LX - questions
  44. London Heathrow Terminal 1 Star Alliance Gold lounge
  45. Current SQ Elite Gold member -- Should I switch before Round the World travel?
  46. Overview of Star Silver Status
  47. This game is no fun anymore. $2100.00+ in taxes.
  48. North American Airpass
  49. LHR-JNB with LH or LX
  50. Best route from FRA to BUD?
  51. Premium economy on Bangkok-Europe route?
  52. Advice needed on BKK from East coast in Y - which route(s) are best?
  53. Is there * Alliance coverage below Buenos Aires and SCL
  54. CO leaving Sky Team - Joining Star Alliance ?
  55. Put OZ mileage into UA Mileage Plus account?
  56. Rebooking *A Award during Irregular Ops?
  57. ASIANA Rewards
  58. Summary of a *A RTW in C
  59. Booked on MS; questions
  60. reissue fee to change carrier on rtw?
  61. BD expects AI to be *A By Oct?
  62. *G lounge access - family members?
  63. My thoughts on some *A business class (AC, NH, UA old C) & *A Clubs (AC, OZ, NH, UA)
  64. HELP : Matching two *A awards
  65. Comparing *A FFPs not straightforward
  66. Boring question about BKK lounge access
  67. How could I lose one sector from this RTW?
  68. Europe Airpass fees
  69. Help: Cheapest way to earn 346 Air NZ Airpoints
  70. Unusual/unorthodox/fifth freedom right flights for MS
  71. award availability tool for * alliance
  72. forced re-booking; which rights?
  73. *A lounge in Doah airport?
  74. Best *A program to convert AMEX points???
  75. release of seats for frequent traveler use by air new zealand
  76. SQ only RTW
  77. *A Award Routing Question
  78. How do various First Class products compare?
  79. RIC or IAD -> SYD 1st class
  80. help with new airline
  81. The Lepper Lounge @ Singapore Changi
  82. Best *A Airline routing SFO-Vietnam?
  83. Which *A FFP is right for me?
  84. star alliance mileage calculator... can someone explain
  85. RTW Ticket Charge
  86. *A Circle Pacific Question on routing
  87. Booking RTW from ICN
  88. Checked Baggage Allowance on RTW ticket
  89. *RTW pricing. I guess it depends on who's pricing it
  90. Any *A FF program that will match QF status?
  91. * Gold access to SQ silver kris lounge SFO
  92. Has *A become too big?
  93. Swiss v Austrian
  94. Best *A Airline to US, and to Far East
  95. *A business cl rtw on USAir - ? first cl cabin in 2 class a/c
  96. When will AI be joining *A?
  97. Lounges and changing terminals at LHR
  98. RTW Hypothetical Problem: 39k miles, 16 coupons... and a bankrupt airline
  99. 19 flights, 8 countries, 6 *A airlines...
  100. Recommendation for Star Alliance Routing
  101. *A Pass Appropriate for YYZ-CPT-DAR-VEN THEN VIE-YYZ?
  102. Arrival Lounge T1 LHR
  103. Redeem JFK-FRA in F on SQ or LH? [Was: "Dilemma"]
  104. * Alliance and AI
  105. Can I transfer points from BMI Diamond Club to Royal Orchid Plus
  106. ALERT - Start in different country than payment country rule is back.
  107. UA/SQ award travel through PVG
  108. * Airlines without Fuel Surcharges
  109. RTWs and Air China domestic flights
  110. AC 763 or SQ Spacebed?
  111. How Exactly Do *A Awards Work?
  112. best *A FFP
  113. Best *A Business Class lounge ay NRT
  114. New Asiana Lounge - ICN
  115. Limited presence at Nairobi
  116. How to Use TG ROP miles on *A flights
  117. Lounge in MUC?
  118. *A upgrade BKK to CPH
  119. Best *A lounge option at LAX?
  120. Best *A upgrade option on LH
  121. CO/BF vs. *A J
  122. Connecting UA to SQ in PEK
  123. Is Vayama.com Opaque?
  124. *A on multiple airlines - how does it work?
  125. BOS-TATL-ICN in C?
  126. Mum 80yr needs help
  127. LAX- Santiago, Chile on *A
  128. Best connection ZRH - TPE
  129. Concourse A at ICN
  130. Award flight Glasgow - Orlando
  131. Master Thread Of Discussion Of CO Joining *a-27 Oct 2009
  132. Should I fly in economy on a UA B777, LH A330 or OS B767?
  133. *A RTW Itinerary Suggestions
  134. Advice needed: SAA flight cancelled
  135. Star Alliance RTW Reward options
  136. Why do I have to fight for *A lounge access?
  137. Can anyone help with BD trans-Atlantic award availability in September?
  138. Upgrades on an RTW Reward Ticket
  139. Air One from Chicago
  140. Lounge access in IAD for connecting LH FC pax to UA Ted flight?
  141. Japan-India *A award routing
  142. ANA Sky Web no longer showing partner availability?
  143. FRA A Terminal Lounge - never been treated that badly
  144. MAD lounge situation
  145. Swiss vs SAA to Tanzania in Y?
  146. RTW - *A from Scratch - Where to Bank Miles?
  147. *A North American Airpass
  148. switch *A programs?
  149. How to switch from *A LOT to other *A?
  150. Any suggestions for EWR/JFK-SNN/DUB?
  151. My first RTW in a few years and some help
  152. Crossing over to the Dark Side....
  153. Any *A Carrier Still Requires Reconfirmation Before Departure?
  154. RTW: issuing tickets & changing carriers
  155. Changing EWR to LGA on a RTW: is this a reroute?
  156. SQ 380 C or LH C/possible upgrade to F
  157. The best FFP for me...?
  158. S*CP - June SACP pinpoint promotion
  159. Another Air China Beijing Lounge question
  160. Program Questions
  161. Best C BOS to LHR?
  162. US F vs. UA Y vs. AC Y (for w/in North America)
  163. Which *A program to join?
  164. FRA to HKG in C - Asiana or Air NZ?
  165. Best * carrier for -> MIA -> New York from FRA/MUC/LHR/VIE and back?
  166. NRT: Arrive F, depart Y. Which lounge?
  167. "Hedge Program" for UA: AC or BD?
  168. TAM and Star Alliance?
  169. circle asia or pacific few questions
  170. New PEK - Shower facilities for UA *G jsut landing on UA 889?
  171. Help..RTW advice!!
  172. Good experience CA to UA at NRT
  173. CDG arrival, access to any lounge?
  174. Price of a YRTW3/4 continent - departing JNB?
  175. Open Segments
  176. RTW rebooking
  177. Will Emirates EVER join Star Alliance
  178. Adria Airways - Advance Seat Assignment?
  179. Major changes at ICN for *A passengers
  180. Where to find info on Star Alliance Circle Asia Fares
  181. RTW - book the whole trip in advance?
  182. a change for good
  183. New OZ F (NRT-ICN-LAX) Over UA F (NRT-LAX)?
  184. Collecting Fuel Surcharge *after* booking
  185. LAX lounges -
  186. any US city to Japan
  187. * Alliance F Lounge Access in SGN
  188. * Alliance Lounge in YUL for * Gold
  189. *G lounge in Zürich for non-*A flights?
  190. How do I get to Star Alliance Gold fast?
  191. CirPac: change routing to add flights within NZ??
  192. Must Fly RTW Carrier Challenge
  193. NYC to Ho Chi Minh to Siem Reap
  194. CRWSTAR Pricing
  195. using one airline ticket for 2 frequent flyer program
  196. *A from PHX - GUM ?
  197. How do I get this great deal ticketed?
  198. RTW; Trans-pacific with NZ
  199. LX, LH or BA?
  200. Award BKK-LHR in Business? Which airline?
  201. Which *A partner is best for me?
  202. ANA *A Tool disappearance
  203. Upgrade / Upfare one leg of C RTW (D booked as M --> C on SK)?
  204. SAA Lounge Access with paid Memberships?
  205. DXB - CMB/CGK one-way fares
  206. *A not interested in the French market
  207. TAP to South America
  208. What would you do? SQ vs TG, NH vs TG
  209. Booking multiple pax in different booking classes in one go
  210. Baggage check-through with 11 hours layover?
  211. Pay up from RTW fare (M) to Y/B on NZ
  212. *RTW retail price lower than GDS - Why/How?
  213. Nearest *A airport to Port Macquarrie PQQ?
  214. No more *A lounge in CDG 1
  215. Baggage all the way or not?
  216. Help!
  217. Best CC for SA FF: UA + ANA
  218. SIN-BKK in C
  219. RTW Issuing rules
  220. Fun weekend while on RTW - Where in the world should I go?
  221. Working out in FRA
  222. Global Alliance
  223. What lounges can I use?
  224. Help with *A FFP
  225. *A special economy RTW fare not in USA?
  226. Warning If Flying Air China From / To Lhr
  227. NRT to FRA with LH codeshare on NH metal - earns reduced mileage?
  228. Same flight every week - Mon/Thurs - is there a 1-yearsubscription ticket?
  229. Is this an OpenJaw
  230. TAP part of *A?
  231. *A Company Plus Points
  232. Can I add a paid flight to an award flight PNR?
  233. Why are we required to show card at Star Gold lounges?
  234. Statistics on RTW ticket sales?
  235. problem with *rtw calculator
  236. Which to fly: TG F or LX F??
  237. Which to fly: TG F or LX F??
  238. C RTW starting in NRT via ARN - best carrier?
  239. Connecting Croatia Air to Air Canada in LHR
  240. Who should I fly OZ or UA and which plane do you prefer?
  241. Request *A Lounge recommendations for *G & Priority Pass: YVR, ICN, SFO & CLT
  242. *G lounges in IAD and LHR
  243. Dishing up crap
  244. TG or SQ FFP?
  245. Lounge access on *RTW business ticket
  246. Pdx-han, Sgn-pdx
  247. Earning Status Miles / Segments on *A
  248. LH/*A Lounge JFK
  249. Connecting LH to AC in SEA in July...
  250. Kick out United?