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  1. Best *A lounge MEX
  2. Business or First in *A RTW?
  3. Vast difference in codeshare ticketing prices
  4. Check through baggage on mix of AC/NH paid and awards
  5. Not a single non-stop *A flight, MAD-LON??
  6. NH vs LH Premium Economy Comparison
  7. New Star Alliance Top Tier Level is coming / Dynamic Reward Pricing
  8. Business Class products with Star Alliance
  9. Advice requested: award travel IAD to SSH on *A
  10. Avianca lounge access
  11. Itineraries that transit Dakar, Senegal
  12. US -> Europe TATL, best biz class?
  13. Ethiopian Airlines award seat selection
  14. Can I thru-check baggage on ET paid then ET-CA award flights?
  15. Champagne in LHR lounges
  16. *G Singapore Air Lounge
  17. UA Mileage upgrade on EVA Air, with status on another Star Alliance carrier
  18. Star Alliance ExPat in Australia
  19. CAN contract lounge for *A airlines. Any experiences?
  20. *G Lounge Access on EW/AC codeshare
  21. Which Lounge
  22. Help? Delay at LAX for ANA 105, left an item at TBIT *Alliance lounge, phone # needed
  23. which itinerary would you pick?
  24. BOS-KTM: TK or Thai Biz dilemma
  25. Newbie needs expert help in organizing work flights to get status!
  26. TXL check in. No need to arrive early.
  27. Best economy product for trip from Washington DC to Amsterdam?
  28. Best Star Alliance Program for Family
  29. Ideas for a Star Alliance Credit Card in Europe?
  30. Switching from one (Gold Status) Star Alliance carrier to another - which is best??
  31. Updated *A RTW Spreadsheet (Updated 4.22.18)
  32. Timing of points availability different star alliance carriers
  33. SAS Lounge Access with United Club Pass when flying non-Star Alliance Flight
  34. A couple question regarding TAP Portugal
  35. RTW - OpenJaw
  36. Star alliance top 1000
  37. Star Alliance Lounge GRU Wifi Issues
  38. Devaluation of *G Status
  39. FRA-xxx-SFO in J -- LH or AC?
  40. Turkish Miles& Smiles VS UA
  41. UA Award - BKK-TPE-IAH - Available for 1, not 2
  42. Flying from NRT - LAX on Asiana. Which lounge can I use at NRT?
  43. Best *A TATL J service?
  44. Interline baggage on Separate Tickets (UA -> LH) - will this work?
  45. LHR T2 Lounges
  46. Which *A airline has a Business class that's worth it?
  47. EWR to AMD. Should I use DEL or BOM?
  48. Which SA Program the best for HK/North Asia/US based?
  49. T-24 check in for multi leg, all *A flights
  50. Star alliance metal questions
  51. Crediting times
  52. Would *A be suitable for me, and which carrier?
  53. Connection time in BUD
  54. cost effective trips to CMN (Casablanca)?
  55. Claiming miles after flight without pre-registration
  56. Making the most of business flights USA-Germany
  57. What Airline Business Class to Asia?
  58. LHR funny day with checkin agent who try deny checking bag
  59. Star Alliance Booking Engine Issue
  60. Which Star Alliance Lounge Access - IAD?
  61. Asked for SA card again. I've never even seen one!
  62. IAD - TYO - no reward flights?
  63. Star Alliance Award Program that allows you to customize your itinerary
  64. Best program to book awards on Austrian
  65. Star Alliance Gold - Family / EgyptAir?
  66. TAP and Star Gold - how does it work?
  67. Earning status with Ethiopian?
  68. How does star alliance work?
  69. Want to maximize status on several long trips
  70. Disappointed in Star Alliance Award Travel Availability
  71. SA Gold - guest access for contract lounges?
  72. Advise, please - moving to USA
  73. Gulf Airlines to Join Star Alliance ?
  74. FFP to join flying out of FRA
  75. UA & OZ Separate Tickets
  76. Air China or Turkish?
  77. Connection Time BRU
  78. Comparing amenities across star alliance carriers
  79. Star Alliance lounge finder broken in iOS Safari?
  80. SEA->SIN award on which carrier
  81. Interlining baggage across airlines?
  82. Does a *A award on LOT book into a booking class that includes baggage?
  83. Free Baggage Allowance on Itin with 2 Star Airlines
  84. *A Aircraft - What do they do?
  85. *A RTW tix--one way award is half price in points? Plz explain
  86. Can we bring a 2 year old into Business from Economy?
  87. Two separate PNRs on Star Alliance - Can baggage be checked in all the way through?
  88. Urgent: Leaving BKK in the middle of the night, on Air China, what lounge??
  89. *A Gold lounge access using two different FF accounts
  90. ORD->ZUR->ATH on LX 777 or TK 777 in J
  91. Comparative Review of Five Different Star Alliance Lounges at Heathrow T2
  92. Baggage Interline between *A and OW flights
  93. Exiting CPH to KEF and Passport Control
  94. Krisflyer or Royal Orchid
  95. Chase to Turkish?
  96. Which programme is most benificial for Air India Flights?
  97. Business Class NYC to Bali
  98. The way home from OZ - Which carrier to select
  99. Crediting AC Coded P Fare on LH Metal
  100. ANA vs UA for Status
  101. Searching for J Bucket (Upgrade) availibility in Expertflyer
  102. Lounge access without *a ticket (while gold)
  103. Advise on *A FFP to credit flighs
  104. Where to book a RTW product with Star Alliance?
  105. Problems crediting miles
  106. United Open Jaw question
  107. UA SFO Lounge closure
  108. Star Alliance Lounge Access During Status Match Challange
  109. Checking bags through on AC and UA SEPARATE tickets
  110. Swiss Y or Singapore Y (JFK to Europe)
  111. UA vs OZ frequent flyer program for SFO based transpac flyer
  112. LH Lounge access
  113. First Mileage Run - Transiting in NRT for 5hrs...best lounge?
  114. TK -> Eva
  115. US-AKL-CHC - Carrier Choice, Ticketing and Baggage Allowance Questions
  116. Checking baggage through United to LH, separate reservations
  117. NRT-BKK TG or NH?
  118. Finding awards to MDE or BOG over the holidays
  119. ticketed with United, Upgrading with lifemiles
  120. Maximising a Split (UA, LH)
  121. Star Alliance base in EZE
  122. Choosing Krisflyer or Mileage Plus
  123. What *A program for mainly P fare class?
  124. Redeeming SQ J(or F) using other *A FFP
  125. Star Alliance FFPs: Asiana Club vs EgyptAir Plus vs Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles
  126. switching flights between airlines in Star Alliance
  127. *A Award Ticket Loading (IAD-ZRH, SZG-???-IAD)
  128. All StarAlliance Flights From an Airport
  129. Christmas Day At Star Alliance Lounges
  130. Best *Partner Airline for Acquiring MSPlus Points
  131. Family man now, can't travel like I used to..
  132. Planning a *A RTW redemption in J. Recommendations for experiences?
  133. Adria, Aegean, and Croatian: Are They Euro-Biz seats?
  134. Getting *A benefits on partner carrier
  135. Another Question with United Award Booking
  136. Basic Questions about Status / Point Transference
  137. *A lounge Windhoek
  138. Need advise for United Award booking
  139. EVA v ANA Business
  140. Getting extra luggage allowance on AC when crediting to OZ
  141. Advice on Business (I) lounge in PEK
  142. *A ICN layover lounge?
  143. Is it just me ? - *A Booking Engine Problems
  144. Star Alliance leaving BRS
  145. Award booking with different airlines
  146. UA IAD-BRU-BOM or IAD-ZRH-BOM Need help in selecting my option
  147. *A partner with no fee for UA close-in awards?
  148. Best way from PHX to CMB?
  149. Rechecking bags on multiple airline *A trip
  150. ROME-LAX: Swiss, Luthansa or Air Canada
  151. EU 261 applicability for connecting transatlantic flights
  152. Which airline is responsible for delayed/lost luggage on a multi-leg journey?
  153. Booked SQ using LH miles - I'm Star Gold on UA question
  154. Cheapest country to start rtw
  155. Mixed Star Carriers in Y And J same booking
  156. Connection problem at FRA
  157. Tips wanted - LH F partner award
  158. One way awards with stop over
  159. BKK-FRA: TG A380 direct or TG 747 & OZ A380 First Class
  160. To which program should I credit a flurry of SAA trips in J?
  161. Star Alliance launches "Connection Service" at Chicago O'Hare
  162. No miles on Avianca Brasil (O6) on Business ?!?!
  163. Infant Ticket Price SIN - SYD
  164. Baggage allowance
  165. 787 on the way from LAX-IST?
  166. Flights to South Africa
  167. Crediting Miles to a Different FF Program After the Flights
  168. Codeshare flight miles
  169. SQ A350 or TK A330 Business Class
  170. It's crazy Star Golds don't get free seat assignments
  171. Where to credit?
  172. Star Alliance 20th Anniversary - five-part mini-series
  173. Super stupid question: access Lounge when flying a different alliance?
  174. NZ*G refused entry to lounge
  175. Switching within two Star Alliance Programmes
  176. SQ Star Alliance RTW award - routing question
  177. Lounge Access / Day room in Mumbai
  178. E+ at check-in benefit on TAP for Silver status
  179. Earning RDM: Something new?
  180. how much $ is a visit to a nice Star Alliance Gold lounge worth?
  181. Reduction in SQ award space on BNE-SIN
  182. Which *A members give the most miles for discounted business/first tickets?
  183. Star Alliances Gold status on Ebay for 1 month!
  184. How can I add UA or TK FF number to Air China booking?
  185. *A Lounge access - Will I have it at my layovers on this award ticket?
  186. any way to avoid fees on time change?
  187. *A Million Miles Contest Ends Early - No Response from *A
  188. which info is visible of your FF number?
  189. United or EVA?
  190. NZ to SEOUL
  191. ANA/Thai v. SAS/Thai to Bangkok
  192. Flying on Star Alliance Partners as United Silver
  193. Singapore or Asiana????
  194. Does the Star Alliance lounge in DBX have a shower?
  195. Check in and lounge access *G on LX
  196. Getting Round SIA PPS Club by using another program
  197. *A Booking
  198. Choice of *A Carrier to Europe (Hungary)
  199. Looking for a good 8-10 segment run from YYZ, YOW or YUL
  200. Can one use *Gold card for perks but collect miles on another programm ?
  201. KF for ANA
  202. Turkish or Lufthansa - Europe to SFO
  203. Star Alliance dilemna
  204. New to FF programs: ANA vs Thai vs something else?
  205. SK lounge at CPH
  206. Most valuable Star Alliance miles which program?
  207. Who Pays for Lounge Access in Star Alliance?
  208. Star Alliance Gold Perks on Olympic Air
  209. Star Alliance Upgrade IRROPS
  210. *A Best Airline Alliance according to Skytrax
  211. Interesting *A Flight Segments
  212. Possible to get *A business award space SFO-Tanzania?
  213. which airline should i ask a status match?
  214. KAL Lounge vs Star Alliance Business Lounge
  215. Can you book a RTW ticket with an airline as opposed to an agent or online?
  216. What fare code does *A J RTW book into?
  217. Lax- India advice with miles
  218. LX A330 or AC 787 in J for sleeping?
  219. Lisbon airport fast track and lounge
  220. Multiple lounges before a flight
  221. Star Alliance Is Working On A Shared Award Flight System
  222. USA to Sydney
  223. Best *A option in Y
  224. *A Silver match to any One World FFP?
  225. To position or not to position???
  226. Back to Back Ticketing Concerns
  227. Star Gold lounge in Ashgabat
  228. Star Alliance lounge access
  229. Best lounge in Munich?
  230. SFO-CPH: Lufthansa or Swiss?
  231. Lounge Access for *G
  232. Trying to use UA miles or Aeroplan on this itinerary
  233. Starting out fresh - which airline best?
  234. star alliance expansion
  235. Best *A lounge in EWR
  236. *A TPAC options in business
  237. How bad is AirChina 1st class, really? (LAX <-> BKK)
  238. Which airline to choose?
  239. ORD to FRA and CPH to YYZ in Business - No Food?
  240. Awards availability from YYZ to East Africa
  241. HNL-SIN UA First or NH Biz w/Infant?
  242. Checking baggage through Air Canada to Aegaean, separate reservations
  243. Star Alliance Survey
  244. India-LAX options in F (or C)
  245. Combining Family miles ... Which SA carrier??
  246. Invite to enter Ana business lounge
  247. DXB connection time?
  248. WAW-LAX in C. Help me decide
  249. Do *A offer triangular and square fares?
  250. Milan (MXP) United Club member options?