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  1. Rate Air China's First Class vs. LH, UA or Thai?
  2. Q about Adria Airlines (JP) and Star Alliance at Schiphol
  3. *A arrivals lounge at CDG
  4. Star Alliance Lounge LHR Pass
  5. Air India hasnt made it into *A :(
  6. widebodies intra Europe
  7. Which one airline do you wish was in the SA and why?
  8. Which airlines allow upgrades from regular economy booking classes? (Y RTW)
  9. OLCI merry go round
  10. RTW Rates (Korea and Japan)
  11. *A Krisflyer vs Airpoints trying to build my status, please help
  12. What lounge do *A C Class/ *G use in Glascow?
  13. *A SAA award availability ?
  14. Strategy needed to find a bare-bones RTW fare
  15. RCC access at GRU
  16. UA/TK *A Upgrades
  17. LX and LH do not allow Other *G F in Lounges
  18. Challenge: Best RTW option for a simple trip w. 2 kids
  19. Continental One Pass/United Mileage Plus
  20. creating routing to bali
  21. BD or LH miles
  22. US/UA/CO Redemption LH F- Fees?
  23. *A F Award ticket question
  24. Wonder if someone wouldn't mind checking my math?
  25. VS to join Star?
  26. Stopover Question
  27. *A Re-routing (OZ)
  28. which airline to warsaw
  29. Biz Class SFO or LAX to SIN
  30. *Award F Booking PER-NYC
  31. Questions re: Star Alliance routing to/from Nassau, Bahamas
  32. C awards on SQ SIN-LHR and SIN-EWR routes.
  33. A380 C on LH vs SQ - which is best?
  34. Circle the Pacific routing problems
  35. AKL - PPT as *A award
  36. any help with itinerary!!?? HKG-EWR
  37. Can one member airline veto the application of a new perspective airline?
  38. Which progr. needs the less miles / points for a MIA-FRA-BOM in F award ?
  39. NH vs. TG in F?
  40. Combined booking for StarAlliance
  41. LAX - SYD in C: Best way to make it to Sydney in Comfort
  42. EWR/PHL - SIN - BOM - EWR/PHL - CO points
  43. Best *A lounge at LHR London?
  44. CA Domestic Flight Booking
  45. Star Alliance check-in problems
  46. *A Gold Lounge Access With Guest Policy Questions
  47. Star Lounge in LAX, etc.
  48. New at using miles...not liking how it's turning out so far
  49. *A Reward flight search engine inquiry.
  50. ADD as RTW jumping off point?
  51. *A RTW: Crossing the South Pacific (AKL-PPT doesn't count)
  52. First Shenzen, then Air India, is Air Kroyo next?
  53. New rules for *A RTW tickets from July14
  54. Shenzen to join *A
  55. PHL to Sydney -- Which Carrier? Which Direction
  56. Aegean Heathrow to Larnaca - Lounge Access?
  57. Mileage Reporting: Which Airlines Better and Worse?
  58. Stopover and Airline Choice
  59. Shenzhen Airlines joins *A
  60. ANA or Asiana Business Class
  61. TONS of questions about *A's First Class products.
  62. *A Website - Are all options legal connections?
  63. Possible new member set to join the Star Alliance?? (Speculation on new members)
  64. US Air [Gold] vs United [No Status]
  65. Checking baggage through on different Star Alliance tickets?
  66. Lifetime *G for 500K Miles
  67. Lufthansa 747-400 business class seat questions
  68. LAX-CPT-LAX Buisness Class THY or SAA
  69. eVouchers
  70. *A Silver in the business class/first class line
  71. Suggestions on a F Asia award routing?
  72. Can anyone explain this booking rule on jj?
  73. How to overcome my company's scattered approach to booking flights?
  74. How to book multi-city
  75. Lounge Access - BKK-HKG on ET
  76. Star Alliance Upgrade with Lufthansa
  77. Miles&More superior to other Star Alliance members/airlines?
  78. Best *A Gold Lounge in BKK?
  79. Star Alliance award flights options to South Africa
  80. Redeeming Miles for Star Alliance Fares
  81. SHould I wait or take what I can get now trip to AKL
  82. Great Star Alliance Lounge in T3 at LHR
  83. Status Matching
  84. Rome (FCO) lounge terrible!
  85. Mixed FF Programs for Same Booking
  86. Star Alliance Newbie queries
  87. Star Alliance Reference Guide - Lounge Access
  88. Using US Airways points for upgrades
  89. Flyertalk Gurus needed...
  90. Best Business Class To China
  91. UA Premier Member flying from IAD to MAD: worth extra $100 for UA vice Spanair?
  92. Please Help! (Tap Portugal)
  93. Lounge hopping - problem?
  94. *FC 39,000
  95. *FC 39,000
  96. Need help building a reward strategy, PPT-RAR-LAX
  97. Star Alliance lounge finder complaint and reply
  98. Best option from DEL to YYZ in Business
  99. What lounges can I use at JFK as Star Gold
  100. An answer to "Which program should I credit a flight to?"
  101. Star Alliance LHR TERMINAL 5?
  102. Star G traveling on Spanair luggage and booking question
  103. Air INDIA to credit miles to my CONTINENTAL a/c ?
  104. Cheaper flight or *A miles?
  105. Cheapest starting point for *A "canadian exception" RTW ticket?
  106. SFO-SYD NH vs US/AC/CO
  107. Why not transfer SPG to AC Aeroplan instead of UA/CO?
  108. RTW award in J
  109. codeshare check-in question
  110. Star Alliance 744 @ EWR... whose is it?
  111. What is the point of being Star Alliance Gold?
  112. Star Alliance Guide | Australia
  113. Early morning in the LHR lounge: Pax stealing beer
  114. Turkish vs Lufthansa from JFK to BOM on J class
  115. Honeymoon Ideas using Star Alliance carriers
  116. Reckon I can swing this with *A?
  117. SQ FFCC experiences
  118. SQ finally opens up 77W/388 Business Class seat to *A member?
  119. *A RTW on AC: Will they waive change fees?
  120. Lounge Access for meeting at EWR without ticket or *G? Need advice.
  121. Biz award availability on Singapore?
  122. System-wide upgrades?
  123. Seat Assignments on *A Partners
  124. Lost luggage: 50EUR only for 24h - Spanair
  125. Which Airline to Middle East? And in J or F?
  126. TAM Airlines - Any good in business class?
  127. In FRA for 8 hour lay over... Need advice
  128. Newb question - club membership vs cc
  129. Advice booking (mostly) *A award: NYC-SGN
  130. star gold baggage charges
  131. Group Reservations
  132. Help an MR newbie plan his vacation with *A
  133. Co Presidents club pass
  134. Best Lounge Option Heathrow T3
  135. Best *A flights/airline to Brazil - Sao Paulo/Rio/Panama city`
  136. Which *A carriers leave the cabin lights on for daytime flights
  137. Advice on earning miles on US or CO/UA
  138. Need help please for ANA search
  139. Paris Star Alliance F class lounge
  140. Luggage rules for *G?
  141. *A interline baggage transfer
  142. Prez membership
  143. Are ANY carriers issues reward/upgrade inventory on the A380
  144. Using Continental Miles for Trip to Kuala Lumpur with Asian Stopovers
  145. OZ F or NH F, ICN/NRT to JFK
  146. How do I know which booking class I'm REALLY in?
  147. Using UA SWU's on Austrian?
  148. Best GRU lounge for 8 hr layover?
  149. Scandinavia - Japan. SK, NH or TG (or SQ if I can manage it).
  150. Newbie question for star gold
  151. No NH F from NRT to any US destination on *RTW?
  152. Are any of these valid star alliance routings?
  153. Retroactive *A point redemptions
  154. Minimizing the cost of Aeroplan Reward
  155. *A Flight award on ANA- Question on wait list
  156. Europe Airpass Taxes
  157. *Gold Lounge Access with Guest
  158. Combine ETickets? (One Alliance)
  159. single codeshare flight numbers
  160. RCC Access arriving from Dusseldorf
  161. Round the world fare on C. Newbie!
  162. TAP's computer system - does the appropriate descriptor rhyme with the airline name?
  163. Need advice on RTW routing
  164. Beirut
  165. How to search OZ *A award availability
  166. LHR Connection: A3 to US
  167. Star Alliance Gold on LH w/in Europe
  168. Star Alliance Europe Airpass -and TATL flights from North America?
  169. Miles & Bonus Question
  170. Transit 5hrs in YYC or 4hrs in FRA?
  171. Award availability in F from Asia to North America over the Pacific
  172. Booking *A out of Japan
  173. Which carrier IAD-SIN?
  174. *A Miles on Virgin Atlantic (operated by Singapore Airlines?)
  175. Noob Star Alliance question
  176. Booking award travel help with stopovers
  177. Which airlines have "couple-unfriendly" seating in Business? (eg AC pods)
  178. UA Premier: Getting segment credit for US Airways segments?
  179. 'Home' Frequent Flyer Program
  180. SYD lounge access
  181. Accrual rates on codeshare flights
  182. Lounge access for *G in other terminals
  183. SK*G in EWR flying CO - Lounge options
  184. TAM - What is the best use of expiring miles?
  185. NYC-MUC: LH or CO in Business
  186. One-way award with stopovers on CA. Possible?
  187. 4-Hour Domestic Transit Rule
  188. PEK Lounge
  189. Problems with baggage interlining at YUL
  190. Star Alliance Lounges In IAH and IAD
  191. Help on maximizing reward ticket in South America
  192. Star Alliance Airpasses How They Work/Example
  193. United codeshare flights with Aer Lingus *A flights?
  194. Star Gold Seats on LH?
  195. Viable *A routes LON-HKG
  196. Best TATL for non-operators *G?
  197. Continental to UAL can you move with Star Alliance
  198. Getting my *A miles out of a Business Trip
  199. 1 hour Connecting in BRU
  200. RTW ticket for someone else?
  201. Star Alliance Gold worth something overseas!
  202. Continental Connection part of *A?
  203. Iris Scan in Frankfurt working?
  204. Star Alliance BUSINESS Award Ticket to Africa
  205. Flying UA F from ORD....lounge choices?
  206. Booking Right At The 330 Day Mark
  207. Star Alliance lounge in NAP, (Napels, Italy) ?
  208. Opinions: Business Class on AC, CO, LH or UA?
  209. Economy with Star Alliance Heathrow to JHB
  210. Aus to Aus *A
  211. ana tool vs. aeroplan search
  212. Special Meal help...
  213. Max connection sector for check-in bags?
  214. Which *A airline recognises Star Golds best?
  215. Best program for exchange award ticket?
  216. Who pays what in frequent flyer program
  217. Check-in for LH connecting from UA?
  218. Would bags be checked through?
  219. US Airways or United in Y
  220. Booking on *A Using 2 Different Partner Miles
  221. Star Alliance NA Airpass
  222. Bangkok to the US on Star Alliance in J
  223. Access to lounge on united/us/co domestic ticket
  224. Europe - East Coast in August
  225. How do I select seats for *A RTW ticket (Business)?
  226. Aeroplan on SQ (lax > sin) and other *A
  227. status match
  228. Ana *a tool appears to be down
  229. USAir not applying Star Gold benefits-preferred seating
  230. Need help: BKK<->KTM flights not available from Sep to Nov 2011?
  231. *A Carriers with Fuel Surcharges on award tickets?
  232. NRT-SFO OZ F vs NH C
  233. Spanair carryon rules
  234. Creative *A transatlantic routings
  235. SQ 388 award flights
  236. TG or LX to BKK
  237. LAS to LHR via YUL :- Baggage charges?
  238. AC vs. LH Transatlantic
  239. points/miles transfer between *A and MR
  240. Valid Routing SYD-LBA
  241. BKK-ICN, TG or OZ in C?
  242. Istanbul lounge closed except for C on TK
  243. Which * Alliance Member(s) will Status Match
  244. Seatguru wrong?
  245. ual vs usair elite - best strategy
  246. Where to find the ex-RTW rates?
  247. NYC - PER J Class
  248. BOS-AKL Advice
  249. ANA to syd
  250. US>ICN in F - Which carriers do you recommend?