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  1. New *A Lounge at EZE
  2. Help with *A award West Coast to Europe
  3. Best way in Star Alliance F from Halifax to Shanghai
  4. Star Alliance Lounge - Franfurt
  5. Help: What Program to book under for frequent Houston-Moscow
  6. Upgrade international flight operated by ANA? How?
  7. Krisflyer/StarAlliance Gold Moving to Shanghai
  8. Baggage allowance
  9. Lounge access in New Delhi
  10. Comparing UA's International Premium Product to the Rest of Star Alliance
  11. *G on int'l C ticket...access to SFO KrisFlyer lounge denied?
  12. URGENT REQUEST: Miles-run from LHR to TLV
  13. Any SFO-ATH biz award experts out there?
  14. *A RTW booking tool issues
  15. First awards booking - ORD to FRA / CDG to ORD
  16. ANA *A Award Availability for JFK-DUB - Tool only displaying EWR departure?
  17. Lounge access
  18. LH or TP for GIG -Europe in December
  19. Help getting to Juba
  20. Routing Help
  21. MIA<-->(SIN+SYD) = 65K-United miles | help
  22. Best Award from SFO-SYD
  23. Cheap start country for RTW and/or CircPac fares?
  24. Does GIG (Rio de Janeiro) have *A lounge?
  25. Lookin for the "best" *A program?
  26. Best program for TLV - Far East?
  27. TAM Pulling out?
  28. Rerouted on non-*A segment - no lounge access?
  29. Help with the Canary Islands
  30. LAX Star Alliance First Lounge Pictures
  31. Old OZ biz vs Old LH biz
  32. Help requested: Max budget of 5400$CAD Itinerary planning?
  33. Singapore to New York in Feb
  34. Help finding the perfect *A island destination
  35. How do *G Benefits Work?
  36. Recent *G - no card until late Feb.
  37. LAX > HKG first class which Airline?
  38. Lax - tpe non-stop with *A?
  39. *A award visibility by airline
  40. Becoming Gold during a layover
  41. Question on receiving mileage
  42. International Upgrades with Star Alliance Gold
  43. Help needed with flight booking
  44. Star Alliance Plane - What is it's Purpose?
  45. Best * Alliance Carrier (Seats/Service/Etc) for J/F UA Award Travel from Bali to LAX?
  46. Baggage interline questions -- for both directions
  47. TG first BRU - BKK - SIN vs. SQ business FCO - SIN
  48. Internal Transfers Allowed for Reward Bookings?
  49. Help with award booking LHR-BKK
  50. Best economy option, LH 330 or UA(CO)757?
  51. No award travel to Australia?
  52. SIN-FRA: LH F or SQ F?
  53. Matching my US PLT status with United
  54. NH cannot find a booking made through Lifemiles.com
  55. TLV to BKK: cheapest routing for 100% mileage accural in economy
  56. Biz award Europe to HKG: LX or NZ?
  57. How long does it take for United to update *A Gold status to other *A airlines?
  58. How far will my luggage go?
  59. Anyone flying on X-mas day? Or past expierence
  60. West Coast to Germany in Z
  61. Advice on RTW ticket - A few questions
  62. How to book ET with ADD stopover?
  63. Lima Peru, anyone know what Lounge there UA pax use?
  64. Help with redeeming miles to Hawaii on * Alliance?
  65. What FF Program I should join
  66. Build elite on MileagePlus or stick with current
  67. Flying to Sydney
  68. Best tool to look up multicity trip?
  69. Cheapest way to redeem for one-way NRT-SEA flight using ANA?
  70. LAX - FLR in Y, UA, LH or LX?
  71. Best *A membership for the UK
  72. how easy is it to book continental/united flights using partner miles?
  73. We have United miles; friend has Air Canada miles. How to book Star Alliance awards?
  74. 55 minutes enough time for LH connection in Frankfurt?
  75. Star Alliance(Flying LACSA) Lounge in Cancun?
  76. Best ride SEA > LHR in C?
  77. How to avoid high fuel surchages booking award tickets using Aeroplan miles?
  78. OZ F * Alliance Award Question
  79. Best seat in LO J 787
  80. UA/LH/AC/OS Business Class
  81. Help booking North America to Namibia
  82. Anybody besides SAS from Oslo to KEF?
  83. Lounge access for "immediate family" in * lounges
  84. Who allows this
  85. Sched Change/Cancellation Experiences with SQ/UA/AC/TK/LX May 2013
  86. Gaining access to a *A lounge with an elite card but only a normal BP?
  87. LH A380F or NH 773F
  88. Star Alliance PHL to LAS
  89. ZRH-NRT on LX J or VIE-NRT on New OS J
  90. What are the best StarAlliance mileage runs for 7K?
  91. EU to NYC biz class - best airline with MP miles
  92. Seating options as Star Gold
  93. List of *A TLV routes
  94. Star Alliance survey
  95. Award flights still with SQ F?
  96. Best Lounge in HKG?
  97. Early ticketing demand by *A airlines (LH, AC)
  98. *A to Spain from US
  99. TG MUC-BKK, or LH MUC-DEL-BKK in J
  100. Direct to Warsaw on Dreamliner?
  101. PPT not allowed on award tkts?
  102. Routing question on LOT's Dreamliner to Warsaw
  103. Interview Request: Star Alliance RTW travelers
  104. Routing Challenge: Help me get from HKG to NRT
  105. Most Remote Airport?
  106. RTW Honeymoon (SQ/NZ/FJ/VS) help needed!
  107. Service Failure at LAX Bradley terminal *A lounge
  108. USAir Flight using USAir and United Miles
  109. Star Alliance partners in India
  110. 2012-2013
  111. Best option: FRA - PVG in paid C
  112. NH New Square F vs LH New F
  113. *G Priority Security Question
  114. Paying for first checked bag with Star Alliance Gold
  115. Help me maximize my miles between UA and A3
  116. Finally hit LH-SEN, much harder than it should've been..
  117. LH or UA C
  118. Using multiple Frequent Flyer programs
  119. Suggestions Needed - *Alliance to Eastern Europe
  120. SFO -> JNB in Y - Least miserable options?
  121. TG 77W in F or LH A380 in F
  122. Is AC good for award redemption?
  123. Lounge at HKG
  124. Fare Class & mileage credit
  125. S*G on Turkish Airlines
  126. PEK domestic & CA lounge access
  127. Valid Route Help
  128. QR J or NH F; TG F or LX/LH J
  129. Best Alliance to Fly on from IAH-CDG?
  130. Thai and United F lounges in HKG - Access from F-C-F flights?
  131. Help me build Aussie vacation from Canada, with Asian stop?
  132. *A RTW in C - Booking Class for Domestic Flight on UA?
  133. Best *A F experience from Norway to Asia?
  134. *A award ticket, *G account, no status passenger - baggage allowance?
  135. Whats your top pick in C Asia-LAX?
  136. Advice on United & USAir Award Usage
  137. Some advice on TAM
  138. Singapore-BRU: LH or Swiss in Business?
  139. New timetable - not impressed
  140. Luggage allowance on award ticket
  141. do any *A carriers have as good a booking engine as UA?
  142. Air China vs. United SYD to NYC
  143. YUL-LHR [AC] or YUL-ZRH-LHR [LX] - opinions?
  144. LH and TK joining ?!?
  145. Award ticket routing option for a US-Brazil (GIG or SAO) question
  146. Whats your choice to Asia in C or F? (*Alliance)
  147. LH F Redemption
  148. Star Alliance Inventory
  149. Retroactively claiming miles from February
  150. Best options to BRU?
  151. Ethiopian/South African one way
  152. Business Award Space on Adria
  153. No access to LX and OS lounges at DME for 1K
  154. Comfortable Options to Iguaçu Once JJ Leaves *A
  155. Best earn to burn ratio
  156. Best airline for Middle East redemption
  157. HND to GMP -- better ANA versus Asiana and is business worthwhile?
  158. Rtw f tg & * a
  159. Why no *P (Star Platinum) Status?
  160. Suggestions for SYD-USA F or C award please
  161. Lounge at LHR T 3
  162. Difference between *A via KrisFlyer and *A via Lufthansa?
  163. LAX-LHR on *A
  164. HKG airport help? Any lounges open 24 hr? *G here have 9am flight
  165. SIN-LAX - Best *A Biz Class route?
  166. Why is there a big price difference between departures from Korea and Japan?
  167. options from LAX-SYD or SFO-SYD - Star Alliance
  168. Flight from Switzerland to Fort de France (Martinique) with Star Alliance
  169. *A Award 4 persons TATL business in summer. Which carrier?
  170. Immigrations IST-BKK-HKT TK TG
  171. United needs to Re-think alliance with LH
  172. Does ANA release F award seats close to departure?
  173. United business first PEK-EWR, or ANA PEK-NRT-JFK?
  174. SA Lounge in BRU
  175. No *A Nrt-Kul
  176. Which Star Alliance member to choose ?
  177. Booking this trip has REALLY got me stumped - anybody? PHL-BOM-TLV-PHL
  178. Xmas New Years period - getting to HK or Bangkok or Singapore
  179. F Class LH A340-300 vs. OZ 747-400
  180. OS vs. AC C Class Europe-YYZ?
  181. Best options into Nepal?
  182. Ethiopian Airlines awards pulled from Star Alliance?
  183. Best *A Program for U.S.-Asia Flyer?
  184. Same Day Change on RTW - is it a reroute
  185. Honeymoon Planning Advice on *A
  186. Current situation at LHR - BP with *Gold or card needed
  187. *A RTW Tickets - Apply for Individual Programmes?
  188. United Club membership, THY BP, 3rd Airline Lounge access
  189. Best value for redeeming SQ C class SIN-PVG-SIN
  190. Which of these carrier+city combinations would you recommend?
  191. LX J or TK NEW J(77W) ?
  192. moving to *A from ST --- Shanghai based
  193. most status miles per euro spent
  194. New Gold member. Benefits?
  195. Which is better FlightMemory or Openflights?
  196. Database or website of Airline Liveries and logos?
  197. ExpertFlyer now has Star Alliance Award Search Capability
  198. Heathrow T4 lounge access question - can I get in?
  199. Lounge sponsor Lax-Zhr 09Oct
  200. Keep current OZ/NH itinerary or try to get on LH?
  201. Who next for the alliance!?
  202. *A LOUNGE ACCESS: question to the experts
  203. Star Alliance office Sydney Australia
  204. The reissue, issue
  205. Help with a weird F Saver Caribbean itinerary
  206. Gold Member and Launge use
  207. Earning miles with partner airlines
  208. New TAM Lounge in GRU
  209. HKT-ICN J Asiana or Thai?
  210. Affordable *A destinations from LHR?
  211. SFO-BLR Routing Options?
  212. Caveats of Pursuing *G on A3
  214. Does *A airline needs to release minimun # of award seat on EVERY SINGE route/flight?
  215. Business class on short sectors
  216. UA F on 747 or LH F on A330?
  217. Using elite status from a different alliance partner
  218. Award trip from West Coast to DEL: better through Asia or Europe?
  219. LAX/NRT or LAX/HND in UA or NH Business Class?
  220. UA 747-400 or AC 777-200LR to SYD
  221. SEA-ICN Biz Help
  222. Online check in for UA ticketed flight operated by TP
  223. Routing Help
  224. Egyptair Platinum worth it?
  225. Turkish Airlines Class V Booking - Business/First Class Possible?
  226. from OW Emerald (AA) to *A?
  227. Intra region award via different region.
  228. Business class product star alliance
  229. Business/FirstClass Award Ticket to China
  230. How to book Turkish/air Canada combined flight
  231. Help! Any biz award ticket SFO-HKG OCT 12
  232. Credit to LH or UA?
  233. *G companions flying on UA US domestic
  234. Best Way to Get to Bahrain From Chicago
  235. SFO to KUL UAL-SQ or Air China-Thai
  236. United removal of *G benefits - and then speaking untruthfully about it
  237. Connection and Baggage Check
  238. Contemplating switch from LH M&M to UA MP
  239. Lounge access no physical card
  240. What is the BEST *A lounge with the WORST catering?
  241. Star Alliance Rookie Question
  242. Lounge access for 2 guests
  243. ANA Lounge LHR
  244. No *A carrier Dublin to London?
  245. Upgrading SAS flight using UA miles.
  246. benefits silver aegean
  247. Best ICN/Seoul Business Class Lounge?
  248. London *A lounge options
  249. Star Alliance Lounges in BKK
  250. Star Alliance Lounge Access