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  1. Longest (Time/Distance) *A Flight?
  2. Help needed with Biz on *A to Brazil
  3. CPH to MLE in J, travel in July... What to do?
  4. United Club Pass in Swiss Business Lounges @ ZRH airport
  5. School paper on the SA
  6. *gold guest has to be departin gon *A flight?
  7. Business Class Award: CA or SQ Within Asia
  8. Selecting *A for Asia base?
  9. What is the best way from ord to cdg on award travel
  10. *A with family membership?
  11. Japan to Sydney
  12. Where to credit miles after getting A3 *G
  13. IAH to HKT
  14. Do you think Virgin Australia are getting closer to joining Star?
  15. Is it possible to change from CA*G to UA *G?
  16. TK - C Award: A340 or 777?
  17. Change 1st leg of RTW?
  18. Using US Airways for Asiana upgrade
  19. United and Star Alliance Gold
  20. Help - think I'm being taken for a ride by SAA
  21. Redeem UA miles from TPE-NRT
  22. IAH-PER in paid C - routing/airline suggestions?
  23. Best Business Class Option to DPS using Miles
  24. 36 minute transfer at ORD. Will I make it?
  25. Star Alliance availability: a chart
  26. 24 hours delay due to computer problem
  27. OS94 vs. AC810
  28. Passenger load factor for each flight?
  29. Best/Favorite Star Alliance Lounge
  30. Two different tickets on journey - Baggage rules?
  31. Best lounge in FRA when traveling in F on a *A
  32. Domestic lounge in CAN
  33. 2 F and 2 Y or 4 C
  34. Help planning a following trip
  35. A3 gold vs. LH FTL
  36. North Carolina to French Polynesia using United miles and partners?
  37. TG BKK Connection question
  38. Which airline program for StarAlliance miles?
  39. Premier Access benefits
  40. Crtw1 xNRT now $6223 before taxes
  41. Routing question
  42. Best Business Class *A Award Ticket
  43. Best star alliance lounge in lhr to visit?
  44. Urgent Q: interlining bags
  45. Is Lufthansa or Thai Airways business better?
  46. Can Someone Explain This ? Sheba Miles
  47. Award advice - US to Croatia/Italy
  48. IST-PVG Codeshare with CA
  49. UNITED ? a new major Etihad partner (joining Star Alliance?)
  50. TG C or SQ+TK C, Australia-Europe - most bang for award?
  51. Best program for Russian far East travel
  52. Star F/J ex Asia to USA
  53. Significant changes to *alliance status and flight award redemptions
  54. Blackout dates on *Alliance?
  55. STAR Carriers that lie
  56. Per-sfo o/w award -- which carrier?
  57. Need opinions on business booking
  58. Which *A miles to use for this African trip?
  59. FRA lounge and connection question
  60. Where's a good place in Europe to start a *A RTW in C or F?
  61. Lounge access for Star Alliance Lounge access ?
  62. Star Alliance Pullback Plane Collection toys bundled with Daido can coffee in Japan
  63. Gold benefits in transit (intl)
  64. *G Lounge at Montevideo (MVD)?
  65. Which business class should I choose?
  66. Best FF program
  67. Best *A Economy to BKK?
  68. Flying around the world on United & Star Alliance
  69. Connecting UA to LH At BOS
  70. Star Alliance lounge advice sought
  71. SFO>AKL Help - can't get ANA to work!
  72. NO Star Alliance flights from South Florida to JFK????
  73. *G Benefits at DXB
  74. Q about *G Priority boarding when collecting with new account.
  75. Star Alliance Lounge LHR Access
  76. Who to use for GVA-DUS reward?
  77. Canceling return on united award round trip
  78. Star Alliance Upgrade on Turkish Airlines - What fare class
  79. BKK - FRA No availability on Business for September?
  80. Best way to travel this summer...?
  81. Connection protection on 2 saparate awards
  82. Unexpected upgrade. Please explain
  83. London-Berlin after arriving on TG F... what to do?
  84. First award partner trip... F booking on OZ to KIX and ANA from NRT. Any tips?
  85. NRT-BKK Business Class: ANA 767-300 or TG 380
  86. Star Alliance arrivals lounge at LHR - OS access?
  87. BKK is no longer valid on circle pacific fare?
  88. Question for a friend - earning *G
  89. Best Carrier for regular LAX-ICN
  90. BOM side-trip ideas?
  91. Change TXL-SFO on UA Biz to LH Biz?
  92. Help booking LAX-ORD-IST-TLV
  93. 4 Award Business tickets USA to London
  94. Question about MPM and award travel routing
  95. Not using last leg of award ticket
  96. TG F or SQ C to SYD?
  97. automatic check-in tool
  98. United 787 vs ANA 777-300 - OMA to NRT
  99. Connecting at BKK to Phuket: TG or PG?
  100. UA miles ICN-HKT (TG or OZ?)
  101. Status Match from OW and Which One?
  102. Accessing Points from Other Airlines in same Alliance?
  103. My first RTW trip using *A MileagePlus-Need a bit of help..
  104. Website for best *G accessible lounges?
  105. no miles on class L ???
  106. SIN - YYZ - What is the best option
  107. Newbie Q: Leveraging *A for UA Status
  108. meals on long haul flights
  109. Star-nundrum: LH F, US C, or TP C
  110. earning *A miles with a non *A airline on *A metal?
  111. ANA 777-200 or ANA 787 vs OZ A330 or OZ 777-200LR vs UA 787 or UA 747 in Business Cla
  112. JFK-PEK in J, NH or LH?
  113. HKG - Arrive at night around 11, morning flight at 10am; which lounge?
  114. different *A status
  115. Gateways/Routes between Europe/North America
  116. TAM to leave *A
  117. Alliance preferences?
  118. Lounges at MKE
  119. Which FF programs allow TPAC upgrade?
  120. Qantas flight operated by Asiana - Banking Mileage
  121. Switching FF # If Comp. Upgrade Doesn't Clear
  122. Avianca, TACA, or Copa?
  123. Award Ticket Advice from YVR-CDG
  124. Star Alliance upgrade on LH using TAP miles
  125. Planning a Trip & Trying to Get the Most Bang for my Buck/Miles...
  126. Valid Award Routing? Boston to Dubai and Australia?
  127. SIN-NRT: OZ or TG in J?
  128. lounge access quesion
  129. Where would you move your status to?
  130. Status Match to Any *A possible?
  131. Are there any affordable oneway *A fares from US to Europe
  132. How can I get to Fukuoka (FUK) with Award Booking?
  133. Which Star Alliance programme to choose
  134. AEGEAN agrees with MIG to acquire OLYMPIC AIR
  135. Star Alliance - Haneda HND Options
  136. Lounge Access with Children
  137. Advice for gaining access to *A lounge at LAX Tom Bradley Terminal
  138. Advice for lounges in ORD and FRA
  139. Advice for airline selection to Bangkok
  140. RTW Reissue issue
  141. LAX to Santiago, Chile on *A. Ideas?
  142. Tips for newbie! [KL *A flyer eager to learn ]
  143. Award Advice - SFO to SIN and DPS [Bali]
  144. Boarding Pass - What shows that you are *S or *G?
  145. NH / ANA flight 12 Vs. Asiana
  146. newbie Q about best way to use miles?
  147. LHR - LIS - BRU - MEL... Interline question (baggage)
  148. what European airlines are available through United awards
  149. UA F Lounge Advice
  150. Partner award rules based on points source or airline flown?
  151. PEK<>Europe how to do it?
  152. Baggage on LHR-LGW *A Connection
  153. Newbie question
  154. Star Alliance Lounge Access while flying code share partners
  155. LHR T3 Lounge Choice for First Class?
  156. Star Alliance reward flight to Madagascar (TNR)
  157. Ethiopian vs. Egyptair
  158. Which *A from Europe to CPT
  159. JNB to LAX on *A
  160. Star Alliance Japan AirPass
  161. UA Star G flying on LH - Carryon Limits
  162. Enough Connection Time?
  163. trying to find award availability for RDU-CHC
  164. New Star Alliance destinations/routes
  165. Using SA for business upgrade on TK
  166. WAS-CAI Award ticket routing suggestions needed.
  167. Seeking advice: VIE-PEK in J, which SA carrier?
  168. Star Gold F lounge access
  169. Speculation on Ticket Strategies for USAir/AA Merger Alliances
  170. Fast Status in SA
  171. CRWTSTAR1 xNRT now $6556 USD
  172. Benefit from Gold membership at Star Alliance on United flights?
  173. Future Development Path of *Alliance
  174. TK and A3 which one you will choose ?
  175. Booked Star Alliance Ticket, How Can I Select Seats on South African Airways Flight?
  176. *A lounge options with showers @ BRU
  177. Best use of First class award mileage redemption for CNX-ORD?
  178. Is AC worth $1,300 extra over UA?
  179. Help Moving LAX-AKL for *G
  180. If/when US and AA merge how long before US leaves Star?
  181. Best *A from LON to SHA
  182. experience in award tickets on shenzhen airlines
  183. Best *A carrier for coach from North America to Europe
  184. Need help with adoption travel to Addis Ababa, please
  185. Changes to Star Alliance Passes
  186. Help Booking Award Ticket to AMM or MCT
  187. award flight
  188. First Class Comparison: OZ VS ANA
  189. Guests for *A lounge for *G
  190. how do any of you find business class tickets?
  191. Best way to get from VIE-HNL on United or Star Alliance?
  192. Help Planning SE Asia Trip
  193. EWR Lounge Access as *G on Domestic Leg of International Flight
  194. Valid Routing on *A? - Using United
  195. *A award in C from BKK to OSL
  196. *A reward: NH or SQ or OZ in J
  197. RTW ticket on Star Alliance?
  198. Baggage Rules with different (allied) airlines
  199. *G Access to First Class Side of Lounge?
  200. Best *A airline which flies from ORD-SIN
  201. AC or NH J class NY - PVG?
  202. Air Canada PEK-YVR business award availability
  203. February TATL/General Price Hike??
  204. Exotic Destinations via United Award Miles
  205. Award Help: ROC to TFS (Canary Islands)
  206. Is this stopover feasible/legal? what are my options?
  207. availability of *A upgrades on SQ (IAH-SIN)
  208. *A Island Trip
  209. LHR-MUC-BKK-SGN - 3 separate tickets
  210. Eva Lounge Access to *G yet? Other options?
  211. Using UA miles on SA/SA Airlink
  212. Lounges or other moderate layover options for KIX, BKK and SIN?
  213. Restrictions about a paid ticket booked in united.com for all Taca flights
  214. What are destination cities out of PPT?
  215. What Star Alliance needs
  216. Best business class ICN-BKK
  217. Mileage Plus Points from AB flight operated by Ethiad?
  218. Air China to MNL - thoughts?
  219. UA New BusinessFirst vs LOT 787 Business
  220. Will there be more direct flights to new Berlin Airport
  221. OS new J (777) or Lot 787 transatlantic?
  222. MP Silver / *S Upgraded from E to C on ANA
  223. SEN until 02/15 - A3, M&S or AMC in 2013?
  224. How to see same day LH *A award availabilty?
  225. Easiest way to get to Manila?
  226. Nelspruit (MQP - South Africa) *A award availability
  227. Thai Availability
  228. Which *A scheme for N.America to Canada, or intra Canada.
  229. Ranking of *A on biz or first to S Am
  230. Planing a RTW: bridging Asia gap.
  231. EVA Air status
  232. NYC-MNL Best Business Class
  233. CRTW1 ex NRT below $7000 again (before taxes)
  234. Need help for award travel to India/Middle-East
  235. *A Gold match for VS SG ?
  236. Use UA or other *A for Business Class LAX FCO?
  237. OS or TK in Business?
  238. Long haul economy from North America to Australia
  239. Best Intl Business/First Service/Seats on Star Alliance using UA miles? Rank?
  240. US-Canada lounge access possible?
  241. US Air Chairman level and Star Alliance
  242. Star Alliance Gold
  243. Star Alliance route map - missing routes?
  244. UA Intl First Lounge vs SQ lounge at SFO
  245. Access to *A lounge at LAX?
  246. Logistics of YQ for *A award ticket
  247. DEN-SIN in C...what airline
  248. Best fares for Economy/Premium Economy for IAD-TPE
  249. Long itinerary with EU transit: passport control required? + other Qs
  250. NRT-ICN in OZ F vs HND-GMP in NH C