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  1. RTW 2002 (opinion please...)
  2. Air NZ to join oneworld alliance
  4. Which One World airlines have formal comp programs based on status on competitorcom
  5. next-flight-out = not stopover?
  6. RTW fare changes - They really read everything here
  7. Easter Island anyone?
  8. connecting in CDG *crosspost*
  9. Reissuing RTW ticket NIGHTMARE
  10. Can't purchase ex-AKL OWE from AA RTW desk?
  11. Any way I can get to Beijing and Shanghai as OWE intracontinental segments?
  12. Credit to QF or AA
  13. BIG NEWS - re comp status on *A
  14. CX HKG office (telephone sales) strictly enforcing SITI rule...
  15. My very recent OW RTW F ticketing experience.
  16. New fare rules PDF file
  17. NA stopovers 4 hrs or 24hrs?
  18. What determines bonus miles on First RTW fare or class flown?
  19. Voluntary Class Change on RTW Fare
  20. Downloaded from QF > Garuda
  21. Excess Baggage on owe
  22. Eastbound OWE ex Europe suggestions?
  23. Stopover twice in same city on oneworld Explorer
  24. Experiences with priority waitlists?
  25. OW & Palm
  26. A word From oneworld: May 2002
  27. OWE - domestic segment first affect SITI rules?
  28. Involuntary Re-routing on OWE due to schedule change by airline.
  29. Lounge access (statusless, but travelling in "a class")
  30. Lan Pass RTW
  31. CX F vs. QF J
  32. Sabre Travel Agency in Gibraltar
  33. Lounge List and Access ?
  34. OWE 4 continent routing - reviews please
  35. OWE surface segment = 2 stopovers?
  36. RTW upgrade and earning miles question
  37. Wishing TAM to join OW
  38. First oneworld Explorer itinerary - is it legal?
  39. Global Explorer
  40. AA Oneworld award rules
  41. Swiss joining OneWorld?
  42. Permitted OWE travel in origin continent?
  43. Getting to Tasmania from BOS
  44. Free tag-ons at end of OWE?
  45. Connection 24 hrs, or 24 hrs + MCT?
  46. Unofficial oneworld Info Desk - big update
  47. CX HKG Lounge Access on Arrival -- Emerald
  48. OW RTW rules dates April 02
  49. Open round-trip over 12 months?
  50. Oneworld Program for Infrequent Flyer
  51. one world service to munich and verona?
  52. Problem with award ticket
  53. ex-Other Countries' tickets now need to be issued in origin or CANADA
  54. Canadian travel agent for RTW
  55. change in policy
  56. Rule of thumb when to use OW?
  57. Will ONEWORLD match STAR's 55,000 mile promotion?
  58. Concorde offer on BA ex-JNB
  59. OWE intercontinental segments count?
  60. First Segment surface on an AOWE4 RTW?
  61. Question about AA Miles earned on QF
  62. Changes to RTW itin
  63. oneworld visit america pass
  64. oneworld visit america pass
  65. Odds of switching to LHR-CPT from LHR-JNB-CPT
  66. Verify last portion of existing RTW options.
  67. Guam
  68. Max Miles for Aussie portion
  69. Can you upgrade a DOWE4 ticket with BA miles?
  70. Do I Get Elite Bonus for Flying OneWorld Partners?
  71. Best RTW for Q Points
  72. What do airlines pay for FF miles?
  73. oneworld?
  74. Oneworld mileage award
  75. Oneworld Lounge Access in HEL
  76. Any good promotions for RTW F?
  77. Convert Star miles
  78. AA-BA Connection
  79. CX Partner Award
  80. use an award to connect to BKK for OWE, worth?
  81. RTW advice requested for trip next week
  82. OW services south of the equator?
  83. Use miles or pay for rtw ?
  84. Domestic segment tax (ZP), PFC (XF),Security Fee (AY), for OWE tkts
  85. SWISS will not join oneworld (yet)
  86. Which is the cheapest origination point for BUSINESS class RTW?
  87. Thanks in advance. Experts take a look at my itin. to max out.
  88. ex-JNB RTW: Changes, Options
  89. Is this just dates change?
  90. Lifetime status
  91. RTW Routing
  92. CX or QF from HKG to Australia
  93. RTW help
  95. Best options for NYC - Seoul
  97. Watch Your RTW Segs on BA if Booked by AA
  98. Swiss/Qantas RTW
  99. Some "Q" surcharges in fare calculation area of RTW ticket missing?
  100. South African RTW web site
  101. CX flights in coach on RTW - where to put miles?
  102. New Zealand & fewmiles unofficial oneworld info desk
  103. Help with maximizing and determining mileage for One World Award
  104. Full fares ex-BKK increase by 60% !
  105. No OWE ex-Chile?
  106. Cheapest RTWs ex-Iceland?
  107. LHR-SYD in J: BA, CX, or QF?
  108. Final OWE Question Before Departure
  109. Orbitz allows searches by alliance!
  110. Royal Bank (Canada) Avion Visa promo
  111. If I could only tell the oneworld Board of Directors...
  112. Need to cut down miles!
  113. what's happening with all of those OWE ex-JNB?
  114. Multi-carrier Oneworld award for Asia, Europe and the Carribean.
  115. Can I do a simple JFK-HKG-LHR-JFK RTW?
  116. What would you do BA overnight or SR daytime??
  117. AA (already) welcomes SWISS to oneworld
  118. An I violating the following OWE RTW rule with the following itinerary?
  119. Handy document with ALL the RTW rules...
  120. oneworld PDA Timetable?
  122. OW elite lounge access when traveling Y -- ugh
  123. RTW misadventures and missteps
  124. Maximising on a 3 continent trip
  125. Help! Need input on booking Mediterranean cruise airfare!
  126. SR reportedly will join oneworld next month
  127. Circle the Pacific--Itin. Suggestions?
  128. Please help me build an Itinerary.
  129. Round the World (first time)
  130. Swiss airline narrows alliance choice to two
  131. Comp from UA to 1World?
  132. Oneworld reaffirms alliance, seeks to deepen ties
  133. RTW Trip Check
  134. LanChile Launches LanChile Incentives
  135. The post-JNB era. NOW what...
  136. Cross-Partner Upgrades
  137. BA Miles on other Oneworld carriers ?
  138. Lan Chile Website
  140. First OWE trip, some questions...
  141. Extra segment and backtracking
  142. Is Iberia to depart the Oneworld alliance?
  143. Which of the QualiFlyer orphans will join OW?
  144. Northern Africa on OW?
  145. Anyone flown Turkish Airlines / AA codeshare JFK-IST?
  146. OWE on Advantage Mile Award
  147. Overnight stay requirement
  148. Follow-up to Using the last Segment of a OWE
  149. Change 1st flight in OWE, recalculate the fare?
  150. LanChile's Visit Chile Pass Makes Exploring Chile an Exciting, Value-Added Adventure
  151. What to do in Dubai for 20 hours?
  152. Using the last segment of a OWE
  153. Family OWE - Africa and Europe ideas?
  154. Visit Europe Pass
  155. Intra-Africa fares on OWE
  156. Ticket time limit for RTW itins booked in "A" class
  157. OWE fares from Iceland, Slovakia and Slovenia
  158. RTW: HNL to TPE/HKG without U.S.-touching
  159. ONE WORLD FALLING APART! Source:Industry newsletter
  160. RTW ?s (incl. OWE vs. *A)
  161. OWE from Iceland?
  162. Recomendation for Expert OWE travel agent needed!
  163. Genius assistance required
  164. Buying additional seqments
  165. Asiana to join
  166. 17 segment ticket, where to issue?
  167. Germany: Which airline program to join?
  168. Breaking the "one-transcontinental flight" rule on oneworld explorer
  169. AA BA alliance update
  170. RTW Rule Interpretation
  171. Global Explorer vs. OneWorld Explorer
  172. RTW OW experts please help me with some NA routing. Thanks
  173. Is the following routing valid for a AONEW3 fare?
  174. Mileage run advice
  175. Poor A availability on LanChile - book D and standby?
  176. Rush to beat the South African OWE price increase
  177. Location of purchase rules
  178. Please check my routing for max "Q" points. Thanks
  179. Qantas Airlink
  180. JL president Kaneko in an interview
  181. OW Explorer Ex Australia questions
  182. OWE fares to INCREASE form SA on Tuesday?
  184. Connecting from AA to LAN in SCL; Connecting from LAN to AA in GRU
  185. Adding new segments while enroute
  186. AA Miles for BA South America Flights
  187. Jan. 7 - where was the big news re: AA+BA?
  188. Can I do this with additional segments?
  189. Rand is Rising!
  190. BA vs. AA First Class
  191. Award flights table
  192. route change without tax calculations
  193. Waitlist on RTW LA
  194. Visit South America passes
  195. Changing Carriers = Routing Change?
  196. Round The Desks
  197. Which OW airline issues a OWE ticket ??
  198. Iberia
  199. Are cross-carrier benefits changing?
  200. Question about stopovers/segments in continent of origin for a OWE
  201. Question on Ability for Quick Transit
  202. Call for Nominations: 2001 (or 2000) Mileage Champ
  204. It's almost official
  205. Mileage accrual questions for 1st class OWE
  206. Oneworld - little detail questions
  207. Beijing/Shanghai on OWE
  208. Segments a definition?
  209. Is this possible on OneWorld?
  210. RTW Rules (too often through London?)
  211. How do I buy South African RTW tickets?
  212. Dubai Turn-around with checked baggage.
  213. Will the Rand bargain for RTW fares end in Jan?
  214. Upgrades on OWE
  215. Qualify for EXP on AA in one RTW?
  216. OW Lounges at LAX
  217. LanPeru Introduces Non-Stop New York-Lima Service
  218. transit facilities at AUH (Abu Dhabi) compared to DXB (Dubai)
  219. DONE booking class for 3-class U.S. domestic service
  220. way to get 100% q-miles on QF via coach OWE
  221. OW Lounge access at SFO (Intl Terminal)
  222. CAI and JNB on OWE?
  223. Latest OWE rules (19Nov2001) available
  224. Is it cheaper to go RTW or take a return flight
  225. Difference between Explorer and RTW?
  226. can a ow130c award be used on a RTW itin?
  227. ow lounge access
  228. First Class from Toronto
  229. concorde surcharge on OWE?
  230. AA RTW DESK fax number
  231. BA EC -> which country for points on M fares?
  232. AA Around the world desk
  233. RTW via Southern Ocean Crossings
  234. Any Canadians (the ones who earn CAD) here ever wish that CAD 1.00 = USD 1.00?
  235. Australian Airlines Takes Off
  236. Which FF program for BA/QF RTW travel?
  237. "Executive Airlines" for American Eagle - Valid for OWE?
  238. OWE Europe-Australia-Asia- N America - Europe?
  239. AA and BA tie up likely to be announced on Jan 7
  240. New OW Itin to look @
  241. Finnair flights to Dubai
  242. OWE rerouting fee
  243. AOWE5 ex-JNB
  244. Question for the experts
  245. Ticket Reissue and Issue. AA please listen
  246. TW joins OW as AmericanConnection
  247. ow CHALLENGE
  248. mindset on buying owe in another country!
  249. West-bound RTW or backtracking
  250. Do you have to fly where you buy?