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  1. Which FFP to bank oneworld miles for infrequent J class flights
  2. Lanpass KM to AA?
  3. Advice Requested. CX J vs TG F vs AY/QF J vs ???
  4. ST member needs oneworld home
  5. Cheapest AONE3 ex-EUR?
  6. Going to Africa difficult if starting in UK?
  7. New oneworld member in 2008 - whom?
  8. Iberia In-Flight Mag contact?
  9. AA-issued oneworld awards wholly within South America
  10. Experiences on waitlist/standby on LONEx
  11. Please check these itineraries:
  12. The official OneWorld Online RTW trip planner
  13. JFK/LGA to YOW on OW
  14. Best Way for Summer Trip ORD-CDG; NCEorMXP-ORD
  15. Read the FAQ: Now to test my novice AONE4 skills
  16. Narita Lounges
  17. Another 'Which FFP?' Thread
  18. How Do You Max 4-segments in SWP ???
  19. DONEX Stopover violation q? if no next flight available within 24 hrs?
  20. Can you view OWE itineraries on Cathay website?
  21. HKG AA Ticket Office - I Just Visited
  22. Circle Pacific Fare Class / Routing Question
  23. *ONE* Skipping a flight / reissue
  24. Reissue of GLOB with AA RTW desk?
  25. Changing DONE4 routing
  26. New One World Flyer ~ Where to collect?
  27. Country of booking for xONE4
  28. DONE4 Validation and Suggestions Welcome
  29. How do I transfer points into Iberia?
  30. What is the deal with the MIA-ANC flight?
  31. Any OW perks on Vietnam Airlines
  32. AA NZ ticketing office gone; refer to Oz
  33. More generous programme than Finnair Plus?
  34. Ex - EU J Class fares to SYD (via HKG)
  35. Any chance of A seats on CX 841 (JFK-HKG)?
  36. IST-LHR-CAI no longer conveniently timetabled - alternatives?
  37. circle the pacific question: what rule did i violate?
  38. Lounge Access for Sapphire travelling OW in coach
  39. Question on AA points on BA flights and vice versa
  40. Am I crazy or is is it the Weekend AA rez staff?
  41. JAL Mileage and tier points?
  42. Just bragging (and in need of some tips!)
  43. Origin-Destination Surface Segments
  44. How to best meet DONE4 and AA award ticket rules?
  45. Any competent travel agents in Jarkata to issue DCIR29SA
  46. DONE4 Transit in Asia - 2 stops allowed?
  47. DONE5 ex JNB
  48. Route Check Please
  49. Iberia to fly to Delhi
  50. Mileage credit for flights before joining?
  51. AA booking codes for 100% LAN Pass
  52. Entering AA numbers into QF bookings....
  53. LHR lounges
  54. January DONE4 advice
  55. Carrying around paper tickets
  56. Matching paid C and miles award for circle asia travel?
  57. Hong Kong Ticketing -- Travel Agent or AA Agent???
  58. Route Check and Advice on DONE4 from AMM
  59. Which FFP to put miles on?
  60. Booking done. Record locator ready. Pre-issue paranoia :-)
  61. Help and Advice for a Global Explorer 34k milage monster
  62. Paper -> eticket, + max 16 segments after June 1st
  63. How far out can you book BA?
  64. OW Earning Master List?
  65. Circle Pacific Experts ?
  66. Question regarding OW ticket to Australia in Business using AAdvantage Miles from US
  67. Do surface segments now count towards 20 segments?!
  68. SFO Int'l Lounge
  69. NRT-SIN-NRT on AA codeshare with AONE5
  70. AAdvantage RTW redemption?
  71. One World in LatAm
  72. XONE exARN Travel agent?
  73. Quick question re. transit without stopover in Asia rule on oneworld Explorers
  74. Where Are You Originating Your DONE04 ??? Egypt here
  75. Good news: restriction lifted on tickets bought in Canada
  76. LAN affliates no longer allowed on RTW?
  77. aONE4 ex MRU - another call for critique plus some advice and contacts please
  78. BA codeshares from AKL - SYD on DONE4
  79. Help...Las-JFK new nonstop...is this a transcon on AA?????
  80. DONE4 ex-MRU - Any advice much appreciated
  81. ex mru aone6 ticketing experience
  82. Rumoured enhancements to oneworld RTWs
  83. New Cathay JFK-HKG EmPower still?
  84. Any place to store luggage at AMM?
  85. DONE4 or AONE4 for EXP Requalification
  86. Iceland flights cancelled...what to do?
  87. Use of lounge in LAX, LIM
  88. Asia Miles Promotion JFK-HKG for a AAdvantage Platinum? What should I do?
  89. Upgrade from H to business on CX JFK-HKG?
  90. DONE3 exCMB
  91. RTW fares F from Khatmandu
  92. LHR to Dublin, but can I travel from LGW?
  93. Feasibility of Easter Islands (IPC) award
  94. Argentina Flights with oneworld Visit Argentina Pass
  95. Changes to ticketed ACIRC22
  96. New itinerary question - any way to tweak this?
  97. Which OW carrier to use X-USA?
  98. RJ Flight Increases
  99. Aa Arn (tal) 250sek Fee For *one*
  100. *OWE* question: One intl departure/arrival from country of origin??
  101. Consequences of not flying final leg?
  102. AA Plat not transferring to OW on other carriers -- help!
  103. Is there a Gnopps-like site for OW FFPs?
  104. another 3 or 4 continent OWE question
  105. xONEx ex-CMB/DAC / max stopovers on original continent shenanagans
  106. OneWorld Award Availability Support in the KVS Availability Tool
  107. It may be too early to ask but... (CID/HKG)
  108. Which is the best Program for Economy Class travel
  109. xonex help; segments/overlands
  110. Booking CX -YYZ-HKG for Dec 2008 using BA points
  111. BA/QF/CX/FJ World Discovery Plus Pricing
  112. Is it worth a stop in Canada to fly Business class on BA (AA award)?
  113. Please help with a DONE4
  114. RTW ticketing and TAs
  115. schipol MA check-in time?
  116. Round The World or Thereabouts Run for AA Miles
  117. L Class Availability
  118. RTW questions
  119. Booking Codes - ExpertFlyer and OneWorld Award
  120. LONE5 ex HKG - itin check & tax & any advice
  121. OneWorld - Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby?
  122. Can this be done more efficiently? (SEA-CAI)
  123. How the heck did I do this OW80C Award last year?
  124. Which FFP to enrol in?
  125. Visit North America Questions
  126. OW volunteer mission to S. Africa - press release
  127. Is Amman part of Europe/Middle East?
  128. Finalising a DONE4
  129. CX rank in Conde Nast Traveler
  130. surface transportation as a segment?
  131. Iberia vegetarian?
  132. Newbie Circle Pacific ?
  133. Can this be done as a OW80 trip?
  134. BA Lounge Admission @ LHR for AA Plat
  135. Rerouting... Need Help. ONE4
  136. ACIRC22 ex Australia
  137. Is Jetstar allowed in xONEx?
  138. Best Program for D or A
  139. RTW assistance needed
  140. A/DONE5/GLOB34 itinerary check and some questions
  141. Reticketing from DONE6 to DONE5/4 ?
  142. Success in ticketing DONE4s
  143. Advice on OneWorld Award - OW80C
  144. how is the lounge in bcn?
  145. Any other way to maximize my miles with my DONE3?
  146. Business class seats on 346?
  147. 2'D RTW - AA Taxes - 16 flights Eticket?
  148. Could there really be no connections between the Middle East and South Africa?
  149. G'Bye to GB
  150. MAD Terminal 4 and Oneworld Lounge - Photos
  151. Comparison of OW FFP
  152. Please check this itinerary:
  153. oneworld visit asia
  154. help with routing
  155. Circle Pacific: pricing ex-Cda, ex-US
  156. RTW pricing EX NAN
  157. LAX-DPS: QF J v JL J v AA F
  158. Iberia seat assignments in Europe?
  159. Status Question Oneworld Iberia
  160. Effect of Egypt Air joining *A
  161. Opinions on new Cathay J vs. JAL J for trans-pacific
  162. Ideas on Reaching PPT for an eastward *ONE*
  163. ex EUR DONE3 or 4
  164. Buying LONE5 soon. Any last minute advice/sanity check?
  165. Global vs. One World Explorer
  166. Air India to join *A; maybe OW can get Jet Airways (9W)?)
  167. Reissue after JL joins OW
  168. OW schedule pdf using GMT base?
  169. Can Air Tahiti be used on a DONE5?
  170. Planning a DONE4 - any comments on my itn?
  171. Circle Pacific, QF waitlist, paper ticket
  172. Email addresses for RTW desks
  173. Hello, RJ? Is anybody there?
  174. S7 Airlines to join One World?
  175. Suitability of OW for ORD -> DEL, NRT, LON
  176. Circle Pacific ex HKG
  177. ACIR26 -- can i make voluntary changes after an invol puts it over 26k?
  178. Improved Oneworld carrier fare interlining
  179. BMED update; loss of destinations/countries
  180. aone6 ex mru sanity check
  181. Paper Ticket Question
  182. RTW class codes
  183. Itin check for DONE3
  184. OW suggestions for PVG-LHR .. BA or CX??
  185. Why no seat assignment on IB MAD-MIA flight?
  186. Booking WT+ on BA for LONEx
  187. Awaiting QF points for IB flights
  188. Which OW carrier is best for mile/status accumulation for full J/F tickets?
  189. AA to LAN at LAX: AA says 40 min connection time ok - realistic??
  190. Please can you help with routing for DONE4?
  191. Isthere an email address of OW to report problems with LAN crediting miles?
  192. Help with *ONE routing
  193. BA/BMED lounge access in LHR or AMM
  194. South Africa to South America flight
  195. Lounge Access: Casablanca
  196. AONE6 ex MRU class issues
  197. Latest OW news
  198. *ONE* Loss of RTW ticket? missed 3 flights without cancelling
  199. Can you still xONE out of CMB
  200. NYC-DEL <14,000 mile reward, suggestions please.
  201. OW award JFK-LHR-SYD?
  202. Iberia codeshare with Clickair from T2 LHR
  203. Non-aligned airlines, potential OW members?
  204. Is this legal?
  205. Lounge access at JNB - OW150 award
  206. Mileage RTW
  207. Oneworld Timetable-BA27 LHR-HKG Departing T5 today !
  208. Booking DONE6 in Jakarta
  209. TPE agent
  210. Business Class Reviews OW Carriers
  211. Circle Trip Explorer
  212. Circle Pacific Routing
  213. Win a million miles! OneWorld promo for residents of the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy
  214. 10 day rule
  215. Booking classes, availability and OWE Planning??
  216. KA(future member) will operate HKG-KTM
  217. RJ to start AMM-BKK- HKG service
  218. Another sanity check? :)
  219. JL048 NRT GRU What happens in JFK?
  220. AONE5 ex JNB...Need some help
  221. Oneworld airlines to South Africa?
  222. DONE4 advice please
  223. SYD to SCL - No availability
  224. Bahrain lounge for OW Sapphire?
  225. New to FT - which programme to join?
  226. DOWE3 requires AA over Atlantic?
  227. 15,000+ mile trip via JAL
  228. How much extra am i likely to pay in taxes on a DONE5?
  229. Is Oneworld supposed to be consistent?
  230. AONE4 Advice please
  231. paper vs. e-ticket?
  232. How long do i have to use entire LONE4
  233. Sanity check for 1-yr RTW. Advice/wisdom/criticism welcome :-)
  234. KA (DragonAir) to join OW
  235. Bought DOWE4 ticket - not charged yet
  236. LONE4 Open Tickets?
  237. Converting a land segment to an air segment
  238. AONEx to cover AKL/YVR/UIO & LIM
  239. Jet Star
  240. ASIA-NA-EU-SWP-ASIA possible?
  241. Is collecting miles on flights as far back as 15 months possible?
  242. ADVICE: Any experience of xONEx tax errors??
  243. RTW Help
  244. Question: what happens if the sector limit is reduced to 16?
  245. Mixed QF/ AA booking? Can I.......
  246. Moved to Bangkok...which Alliance
  247. Help... Route check on DONE4
  248. OW RTW products price increase Sept 1
  249. Does this award booking sound optimal
  250. Routing Help Needed