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  1. IS RTW really worth it?
  2. AONEx- General and FFP questions
  3. Oneworld Jakarta
  4. Revisions to OW T&Cs
  5. QF ticketing rejected DONE 4 - 2 transcons in NA
  6. Optimised xONEx Routings with 16 segments
  7. Booking a DONE5 a month in advance for 3? Tough to do?
  8. Circle Pacific ?
  9. Questions regarding LONE3 ex-ZRH
  10. RTW - Minimum stopovers?
  11. Iberia lounge Heathrow
  12. Including BNA and LGA on oneworld RTW
  13. [ASK] RTW Deals on Oneworld
  14. Questions on a circuitous miles based ticket
  15. NRT/GRU - Confused about the new rules
  16. Honeymoon Help Needed!!
  17. Award Availability on One World/JAL and CX using AA miles
  18. OW Sapphire Card
  19. 3 ways home from PVG->NYC in F, which to choose?
  20. AONE5 ex-JFK via MIA to EZE - best dining
  21. Overview of Oneworld Ruby Status
  22. Is a DONE valid 12 months from first flight or 12 months from issue?
  23. Use of BA lounges if not flying One World??
  24. oneworld and Lonely Planet offer travel tips for iPhone generation
  25. Phoning AA RTW Desk from outside Nth America
  26. AA Still the best FF programme?
  27. Owerview of Oneworld Sapphire Status
  28. Estimate of AONE5 taxes?
  29. Is Originating Country = Country of Sale for RTW?
  30. RTW Itinerary - Questions, Ideas & More
  31. Upgraded J class ticket - lounge access?
  32. Which program is best to get Cathay seats
  33. XONE ex Seoul?
  34. Is this routing valid?
  35. rtw question - Australia
  36. Oneworld travel agent charges
  37. several questions re my first RTW
  38. Help, how can I claim these miles???
  39. RJ excess baggage charge?
  40. global explorer questions
  41. Strategy for new role: AA, QF, or BA?
  42. LONE 4 baggage allowance
  43. Advice on frequent flyer program for LONE5
  44. LAN Premium Economy and DONEx/AONEx
  45. Is it safe to book Malev ?
  46. OW Heathrow Terminal Moves: next up on Sep. 17, on schedule?
  47. Transit SCL or EZE
  48. Best Food in OneWorld
  49. Easter Island (IPC) award possible with QF?
  50. Sleep apnea pax on OW airlines and differing treatment
  51. OneWorld Emerald - AA domestic lounge access question
  52. OW Counterpart to ANA Award Tool?
  53. Fuel Levies and Code-share Flights
  54. Oneworld question
  55. Overview of Oneworld Emerald Status
  56. South Africa DONE question
  57. AONE5 - flexibility
  58. AONE5 - lounge policy
  59. Best J MOW-SIN-HKG and back?
  60. Why isn't OpenSkies part of OneWorld?
  61. How would you do it? (Explorer / routing question)
  62. How much to change date on e-ticket?
  63. Using 2 xONEx tickets together
  64. OW First Class Lounge tips wanted
  65. Seeking interactive map for ALL airports, flights
  66. which program to join?
  67. Best AONEx and DONEx starting points since price rise?
  68. problem issuing a OWE on lan
  69. What cabins are available on each OW aircraft type?
  70. ARN (Stockholm) OW Lounge
  71. Business vs. First Class
  72. Mexicana to join Global Explorer
  73. RTW - Leaving JNB -- trying to get to Dakar
  74. Why I hate e-tickets (OWE change problem)
  75. 2 FFP numbers for the same reservation
  76. Surcharges and taxes +/- "free tickets"
  77. Slight mess up, advice required
  78. BA Executive Club or Qantas Frequent Flyer?
  79. Help in finding AA award seats (U)
  80. noob Qs, where do i buy ticket?
  81. OW Lounge/Shower access: AA PLT arriving LHR T3, departing T2
  82. ANNOUNCEMENT: swanhunter will be a mod in training in OneWorld
  83. Ideas for rerouting 4 US segments ex-MIA
  84. LAX TBIT OW Lounge question
  85. xONEx Fare Hike?
  86. RJ DONE booking class
  87. Circle Trip Explorer
  88. AONE5 with matching AA OW award
  89. RTW in F
  90. KA Business Class Award Seats - Anyone?
  91. OW lounge in PVG
  92. AONE5 Maximisation Tips & Tricks
  93. One ticket, several PNRs
  94. HKG-NRT(JL) price and JL or CX
  95. RTW ticketing Question
  96. best oneworld program?
  97. Narita Transit - Recheck in
  98. Questions on oneworld Rules
  99. Seat recommendations on RJ in Y?
  100. AA, RTW, e-Ticket and Open Segments: lets settle this!
  101. Oneworld - AA NRT Reservations
  102. Which oneworld program is the best?
  103. Visit America Pass - Conjun w/DONE4
  104. DONE4 invalid due to "Business reasons"
  105. Visit NA question
  106. Availability of noise cancelling headphones in J on JL/CX/BA
  107. Need Help Immediately
  108. One World needs better partners
  109. Help with ff ticket to Indonesia next year
  110. Access to One World Lounges
  111. DONE5 for the whole family - suggestions?
  112. Exactly at what point can I make a change to RTW w/o 10% penalty
  113. RTW via S.America - some questions
  114. LHR Transit Rules Question (transit On 2 Tickets)
  115. Please confim this DONE3 routing is fine.
  116. Multiple visits to Europe
  117. International/Surface sector question
  118. Valid Global Explorer 26k routing?
  119. Any bright ideas?
  120. Cathay or Qantas from Lon to HKG
  121. DONE4 ex GIB or DONE5 ex CPT?
  122. Advice needed: which ow FF program?
  123. IB selling ClickAir to Vueling
  124. Iberia Business Class Seat Question
  125. Upgrade BA segment with Asia Miles or $?
  126. Chicago to Dubai
  127. Malev booking and AA miles
  128. Can xONEx increases be far behind?
  129. Ticketing *ONE's in Seoul with AA
  130. OneWorld xONEx guaranteed by OW?
  131. RTW booking
  132. Effect of QF FF Changes?
  133. 70-80% J-class ... which program?
  134. Itinerary question
  135. Contact details BA SA (CPT) RTW desk
  136. RTW vs Circle Pacific
  137. future of BA/AA mileage sharing
  138. Upgrading ONE4 (econ) to business class (D) - charges?
  139. Does AA recognize BA bag allowances in DOWE3 RTW?
  140. Which currency should my ex-MEL LLONE4 ticketed by AA in US be sold in?
  141. Ticketing DONE x JNB first leg on BA
  142. OW JFK Terminal 7 lounges
  143. Based in Oz, is it worth moving from UA to OW?
  144. Problems with Global Explorer and Air Pacific
  145. Finnair flights to which FFP?
  146. What's the most direct routing JFK-IST/ADB on OW?
  147. Are oneworld circle pacific fares set to go up tomorrow (1 July)?
  148. Ow Lounges In Nrt
  149. Getting into CX First on a (BA) AONEx ex MRU
  150. Status match from *A
  151. Cheapest business class Global Explorer tickets (by country)
  152. Booking classes for Circle Pacific Fares
  153. One World Airpass appropriate for YYZ-CPT-DAR-VEN then VIE-YYZ?
  154. Seat Reservations when booking on Iberia through AA site
  155. Another Circle Pacific Query... Can You Do It Ex-SEA?
  156. New reward flight search engine on ba.com
  157. Can you buy from AA rtw and ex fiji?
  158. Best oneworld FFP for me
  159. Circle Pacific Ticket Questions
  160. Which OW airline will match my LH Senator?
  161. CX will not book on AA code share
  162. How do you choose seats on OW airlines for an award?...
  163. re-issuing xONEx when only one segment left
  164. trying to get to MRU from Asia
  165. OW information help - website blocked in China
  166. DONE5-interesting alternative ex-South America
  167. RTW itinerary questions
  168. LAX-MEL - Sold Out the week of 7 Jul in all classes?
  169. optimizing 4 contient RTW ex LHR
  170. Paying for NRT originating fare with Aussie credit card
  171. Help with validation ex MRU itinerary (MRU-JNB//DAR-MIA??)
  172. Why, oh why, do I have to go to KRK?
  173. DONE5 ex JNB
  174. LONE4 Surface Sector Question
  175. How to Waitlist D on BA LHR-ACC
  176. Transit vs Stopover @ LHR
  177. Where can I fly with LAN
  178. RTW Award questions
  179. booking Iberia on aa.com
  180. AA bonus miles on codeshares
  181. Checked Baggage through CDG
  182. oneworld set to be first to sell round-the-world fares on-line
  183. NY to SYD via Narita - Checked baggage
  184. Surface segments cost me dearly
  185. MIA-GIG, SCL-MIA -- Any Suggestions for Combining with RTW/Circle Fare
  186. A couple of RTW questions
  187. Beware how future flight changes affect today's flight
  188. Can RTWs still originate in GIB?
  189. Lan Premium Business
  190. Which Buckets for Reward Bookings
  191. 17 segments due to schedule change questions
  192. Route Check Please
  193. Transfer without stopover query
  194. 55min connection in BUD-- need to go from 2A to 2B- Is it possible!?!?!
  195. ex-USA CPAC F mileage question..any grace amounts?
  196. Advantage of e-RTW Issued Overseas ?????
  197. Would I have access to the Mel/Syd Qantas F Lounge?
  198. 3 Continent Oneworld explorer from australia/new zealand
  199. AA NRT Information and DONE4
  200. RTW ticket, longest routings ?? [On 16 segment rules]
  201. AONE5 ex JNB. Questions...
  202. advice on upcoming itinerary
  203. oneworld xONEx online booking tool [merged threads]
  204. Best place to put miles for OW business class flights
  205. South America to NZ/Australia on xONEx or CircPac?
  206. Issues with an AONE5 paper ticket
  207. DONE4 in a hurry
  208. Possibly the easiest DCIR26 Q
  209. Something odd in the Lounge Access Policy
  210. Done3 checkout
  211. AA says no date changes to first flight - is this correct?
  212. RTW en-route update, and a few queries bout re-issuing
  213. *ONE* Open First Segment?
  214. Does Open Jaw in Asia Count Against Segment Maximum?
  215. 16 or 20 Segments Allowed Before 6/1???
  216. (Newbie) Opinions - good use of a xONE4 ?
  217. Where and how should I ticket two DONE4s before June 1st?
  218. US-domestic First lounge access question: AA PLT vs. IB nada
  219. BAEC vs QF FFP
  220. MEL-HKG in J: CX or QF?
  221. No 'A' inventory on AA to Hawaii - should I waitlist?
  222. Paper ticket question re: carrier change
  223. British Airways
  224. Record Locators OW Explorer Tickets
  225. Fuel charges
  226. OW F Cabins? Who will get them and when?
  227. LAN F on AONE: QF Says it Can't be Done?
  228. Codeshare rules on OW, EQS
  229. Travel agent insists on reissue to change carrier on 1st flight of OWE-is she correct
  230. UA and Jet codeshares: going, going...
  231. Maximising SC's on a Circle Pacific fare
  232. partners printing boarding pass for paper ticket
  233. Is this a valid DONE4/5 routing and some advice.
  234. New DONE4 - few questions
  235. Additional N. America segment costs - mixed messages from AA
  236. Is it permitted to fly the same North American (non-transcon) sector twice?
  237. Please review AONE5 itinerary
  238. Circle Pacific in J QF v JL v AA
  239. Flight changes, taxes and routing help
  240. Crossing over from *A for OW CP and RTW tix
  241. Routes with F class from SWP to Asia?
  242. Best OW option to MOW with excess bags
  243. A bit irksome (some frustrations with issuing my DONE5)
  244. Breaking a DONE4 transit in LHR
  245. DONE4 crediting to AA, am i correct in my thinking?
  246. Extra North American segment on AONEx
  247. One World schedual co operation
  248. Speculation: Jet Airways to join OW?
  249. DONE4 Routing Suggestions
  250. Done4 questions