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  1. AMEX / SPG 40% off second night qualify Platinum 5X points?
  2. Amex Plat 100k & Spg Points - points.com to make minimum spending
  3. Ditch AA for Amex MR?
  4. Will the new Hilton Surpass -> Ascend be a new product?
  5. Amex Plat - Will SPG Gold be a benefit in 2018?
  6. Should I keep my Surpass card?
  7. Need to refund charge that triggered bonus
  8. Targeted: $30 off $60 if you use MRs for Amazon purchase
  9. Deciding between UK and US Amex
  10. cancelled plat, how long before reapplying?
  11. AMEX HHonor card auto-enrolled in Cash Advance "benefit"?
  12. Targeted: MR (USA) to Aeroplan 20% transfer bonus to 12.10.2017
  13. Newbie Platinum (UK) question about upgrading existing car rental status.
  14. Paying with points on Southwest Airlines
  15. AIRBNB & Amex Canada USD charge?
  16. Purchase(s) not posting
  17. London Centurion Lounge Pop-Up in Nov/Dec
  18. Centurion Lounge in Europe?
  19. Small Business Saturday 2017
  20. Simple Q: What's the *easiest* AMEX card to qualify for?
  21. Anyone able to help me remember an Amex Hilton offer?
  22. MR (USA) to Virgin America (VX) ended 10.31.2017
  23. MR (USA) to Hilton Honors 33% transfer bonus to 12.15.2017
  24. Downgraded DL Plat Amex to Blue. Annual Fee on Statement?
  25. Amex Canada: Platinum vs AeroplanPlus Platinum
  26. Reduce Cash Advance limit on Business card?
  27. Fred Meyer Fuel - 2x bonus not happening?
  28. MR (USA) to JetBlue (B6) 25% transfer bonus to 11.30.2017
  29. Hilton American Express Aspire Card
  30. Amex Call Center "System Down" [SPG only?]
  31. Weird situation: will I end up with 2 Delta Amex Platinum cards?
  32. Where did this $100 Statement credit come from?
  33. Q. Amex Travel (UK) hotel bookings include all taxes / fees?
  34. renewal comped hotel status when renewing Amex Plat
  35. Amex UK Gold charge card renew/upgrade/replace options?
  36. How are you using MR?
  37. Amex Platinum - Changing Preferred Airline
  38. Canadian MR to BA Avios with 25% bonus until Nov 12, 2017
  39. Need advice; 1.5 UA miles vs 1 MR point (USA)
  40. What happened to the "What to do after getting a plat card" thread?
  41. Amex Platinum sign up bonus: 700,000 MR (HK)
  42. Business Gold Rewards, bonus offer with no language re: previous cardholders?
  43. another 'Centurion is awful' [UK] thread...
  44. Best use of Intl Euro Card MR Points
  45. Experience using Amex Travel best price guarantee?
  46. Amex MR points from San Diego to Tokyo
  47. Amex Randomly Adjusting Payments
  48. 5x Airline Points -- Does It Work for Delta Vacations?
  49. StandbyMD Review (Amex Plat [Canada] benefit)
  50. Experian wont let me cancel membership, how can I use my AMEX to stop them?
  51. Wait or open new card/s?
  52. Amex CEO Chenault stepping down
  53. Amex Platinum Spouse account
  54. Did a Centurion metal card save this Canadian CEO's life? Bullet directly through it.
  55. US Supreme Court to hear Ohio v. Amex case
  56. Mortgage payment using Plastiq valid for meeting AMEX bonus spending requirements?
  57. Pro-rated refund for AU?
  58. Amex Hilton - Authorized User bonus offers?
  59. Low annual fee card for Amex Offers?
  60. AMEX's Partnership with London Restaurant Festival
  61. To dispute or not dispute?
  62. MR (USA) to Virgin Atlantic (VS) 30% bonus to 11/30/17
  63. Purchase protection vs return protection
  64. AMEX Plat (USA): 10K Hilton Bonus
  65. How to make a payment on Amex IDC from the U.S?
  66. Amex referal bonus
  67. Blue Cash Everyday: Strategies for Daily Charges?
  68. Using MR Points to Dubai / SE Asia
  69. AMEX Platinum Charge Card Australia FORGET! NOT WORTH A CENT!
  70. Amex premium car rental coverage vs Chase Reserve CDW
  71. Being asked for SSN for AUs Amex should already have
  72. USA: MR Monthly Statement and Program News being discontinued Nov 2017
  73. Insurance "enhancements" for Canadian Amex Plat card
  74. Advice on Amex CC's
  75. 2 of the same Amex Biz cards for 2 different Biz for the same guy?
  76. Platinum bonus points taken back
  77. Call from Amex, bonus MR rewarded
  78. New Centurion "Benefit": The Private Suite at LAX.
  79. Japanese Amex Foreign Transaction Fees (gold card)
  80. SPG VS PRG AmEx
  81. strategy to open amex platinum for business traveler's spouse
  82. Canceling Amex Platinum; MR points?
  83. How to get Thai or United Points? UK AMEX
  84. Platinum/Centurion access to LH FRA/MUC lounges if flying LH/LX/AG to 31 May 2019.
  85. Canceling Amex Personal Platinum but have an Amex Corporate Platinum...lose my MR?
  86. Why does the AmEx Green Card have a $95 annual fee? Card for Suckers?
  87. Any benefit/perk to using Amex plat to buy Disneyland tix?
  88. 2017 American Express Cobalt (Canada)
  89. Easiest Way to Cash Out on $100 "Airline Reimbursement" on Amex Premier Rewards Gold
  90. Amex Product Change After Freezing Credit Reports Stemming from Equifax Fiasco
  91. What to do with some old AMEX Blue MR points?
  92. Amex/Plaza Premium lounge coming to Melbourne, Australia?
  93. Many AMEX benefit terms have been updated 9/1/2017
  94. PRG 2x bonus not posting
  95. Why the buzz at Menendez trial turned to AMEX points and lofty rewards
  96. Never used Amex concierge, some guidence please?
  97. Best way to meet minimum spend?
  98. Are Your Amex Offers Bonus MR Points Posting Slower?
  99. How to Convey Business Plat Card to New Signatory
  100. How long does Amex take to ship their cards in Canada? What is the carrier?
  101. Platinum Business for 7 ticket purchase on Frontier, then downgrade back to Gold?
  102. European AMEX for USA resident?
  103. New (USA) Blue Delta SkyMiles Credit Card: 10k/$500/3mon
  104. Is there a point in me keeping my UK Amex Platinum?
  105. Problem with Amex travel UK + KLM/Air France
  106. Sign-up Bonus awarded after 6 years!!!
  107. Bonus for previously owned Amex Card
  108. AMEX FHR: Error Rate Experiences
  109. Lost Card in the US
  110. New AMEX PLAT user Question
  111. Canadian Platinum Card access OAK Escape lounge
  112. 500k Amex points lost during employer change (Corporate cards)
  113. Excellent result from new IAP Amex (Canada) program on AA (BA) ex Toronto
  114. List tools to find businesses that accept AMEX.
  115. AMEX FHR Rules
  116. AMEX Introduces Plan It & Pay It for Credit Cards [USA]
  117. Delta Gold Skymiles credit card, any reason to keep it
  118. Centurion IDC Benefits - Where is this going?
  119. Didn't receive 3rd night free?
  120. AMEX Sells Prepaid Business [2017]
  121. Etihad Point Transfer Question
  122. MR (Spain) cant add Iberia as Partner
  123. airline portal+AMEX Offers bonus-is it possible?
  124. Amex(US) through Points.com for minimum req?
  125. Amex (USA) CDW covers rentals in Ireland, Israel and Jamaica effective 1-Sep-2017
  126. MR points to Southwest airline ticket redeem rate?
  127. Any Quick Way To Get Some Free Points?
  128. 5000 MR for adding authorized user - Plat (USA) question
  129. A different 'existing relationship' question
  130. Amex Platinum with Delta Platinum Amex???
  131. Amex mail solicitation reveals SkyMiles account number.
  132. Using airline credit before refunding annual fee
  133. Centurion vs. Octave?
  134. Churn Strategy whilst holding corp Amex
  135. Amex Travel Insurance Bennies (or lack thereof)
  136. Amex Delta Platinum Business Bonus ( strange)
  137. Amex Global Business Travel - Hyatt status
  138. Amex BUSINESS Platinum metal card?
  139. FHR rate check without Platinum card?
  140. 2 Plats, 1 Guy
  141. Booking Hyatt or Westin with Amex Reward Points - Resort Fees & Taxes?
  142. Anyone have both Amex SPG cards linked to the same SPG rewards account ?
  143. Amex application online
  144. Dutch Amex
  145. Amex FOREX problem ARGH
  146. Large legitimate PayPal purchase will this result in a FR or closing?
  147. Amex USA terms now penalize:abuse,misuse,gaming;1st yr downgrade/close;leaked offers.
  148. 2 Plat cards 1 personal 1 biz, airline fee credit question
  149. Link to AMEX card transaction exchange rates ?
  150. Transferring Membership Rewards to Delta Skymiles
  151. Why isn't AmEx promoting restaurant spend ?
  152. AMEX Platinum vs Chase Sapphire Reserve
  153. TARGETED: Amex USA up to 50k points for $3-$10k spend on various existing accounts.
  154. AMEX Personal Loans
  155. Amex Canada Travel Booking different fare class
  156. MR (USA) to BA/IB 40% (250:350) through 9.17.2017
  157. Amex Hilton, Delta, Starwood new account bonuses not posted in over a month.
  158. Any German AMEX cardholders?
  159. Skymiles Platinum Bonus MQMs under review
  160. Amex UK now finally supports Android Pay
  161. BA/IB Avios now 250:250 transfer ratio.
  162. Reactivate AMEX Platinum cancelled by AMEX for erroneous reason
  163. National Car Rental - Emerald Club
  164. complementary Amex card to SPG Amex
  165. Amex Hard Pull/Account not showing on credit report.
  166. NYC Airports to TUL using MR Points - 23 July
  167. Bonus miles awarded BEFORE reaching spend threshold
  168. Amex plat business transfer to ANA question
  169. No AmEx Hilton Points on my card due to GCs???
  170. Amex Cards Different Closing Dates
  171. Best AmEx card for travel to Thailand
  172. Can anyone share some experience with Plat Additional cards?
  173. Amex Gold/Platinum - Multiple business cards OK?
  174. Would you want Amex Offers to be account-wide instead of card-specific?
  175. Need help: Amex reported a late payment to credit bureaus..
  176. Does Amex Platinum make Uber trips more expensive?
  177. Downgrading Biz Gold/ Cancel Change MR Options?
  178. Using Amex MR Points
  179. 'Pay with points' on Condor
  180. Buyer Protection
  181. AMEX Platinum 60k offer--no once per lifetime language
  182. Tier one?
  183. No price protection? (USA)
  184. Amex biz plat delayed shipping
  185. Downgrading AmEx Blue Cash Preferred.. 6% or 3%?
  186. Unknown $500+ credit on my card from Amex
  187. International Airline Program (Business Companion Ticket) terminated
  188. AMEX (Canada) and WDW tickets - tickets not counted as travel purchases?!
  189. Past closed account question
  190. New AMEX Website
  191. Biz plat mailer
  192. Can't transfer MR to partner after cancelling card (but still have MR card)?
  193. USA International Airline Program (IAP) relaunched as discount benefit (2017).
  194. Paying Bill with Foreign Bank Account
  195. Dispute Time Limit?
  196. Amex (UK) small business platinum & problems signing to benefits
  197. Carnival Corporation gift card from MR
  198. Amex [USA] to Hawaiian Airlines (HA) 25% Transfer Bonus to 6.21.2017
  199. Amex Purchase Protection/Extended Warranty does not cover drones
  200. AMEX Co-Branded Platinum Bonus MR vs AMEX Platinum Bonus MR.
  201. DAY/CMH-TLV on AmEx points
  202. DEselect AA "Insider Fare" to earn full EGD/RDM?
  203. AMEX Hilton Surpass card - free night on anniversary only on new card?
  204. How Long for Reimbursement of Airline Fees Charged to Platinum Card?
  205. Any experiences with Delta Private Jets (via Amex Platinum)
  206. Pay with Points Southwest Airlines
  207. Using MS on Surpass
  208. Amex Canada Gold Card (personal) travel insurance wording help
  209. AMEX Plat Travel for Amex Web Bookings
  210. Got new Blue BIZ PLUS, any reason to carry Platinum in Wallet?
  211. AMEX Not Honoring Promise of Extra Points
  212. Cancelling Amex card before 1-year anniversary to get Blue Plus
  213. AMEX exclusive USA issuer of Hilton Cards [2018]
  214. AMEX GOLD - PRG $2000 spnd/50k MR pts offer [bonus posted before meeting spend quota]
  215. How to make 33k points into One Way from LHR to SFO
  216. Using $1K in Plenti points
  217. Definitely a nobody with Amex
  218. IAD - DUS on 250k AMEX Points Business?
  219. USA: Blue Business Plus, 2X ALL spend, $50k/yr cap. 20K TARGETED, 10K by referral.
  220. Airline Mileage Program with best Infant redemption
  221. Help with using MRs for lodging?
  222. AMEX Automatic Flight Insurance
  223. Amex Account Manager: Any Consequences?
  224. Separate Membership Rewards Account for Additional Cardholder?
  225. Is AMEX fighting to get anyone back?
  226. Spending Review and Transfer Freeze Following Retention Bonus
  227. Suggested minimum time before applying for a second/different Amex card?
  228. "Amex Offers" - am I missing out based on marketing preferences?
  229. Amex once in a lifetime signup when card is in Amex offers?
  230. Platinum access to Escape Lounges (BDL, GSP, MSP, OAK, ONT, PVD, RNO, SMF)
  231. Pending points on cancellation?
  232. Charge card as only line of credit (UK)
  233. Best use of AMEX points suggestions
  234. Just Applied for Aeroplan Platinum...
  235. Transfer from MR (Canada) to Aeroplan rejected
  236. Downgrading US AMEX Platinum personal card to keep MR points?
  237. UK: Platinum annual fee increasing to 500 in 2017?
  238. Amex DL MileageBoost changes
  239. Terrible Experience with AMEX Europe (UK) Platinum
  240. Should I ditch the card and/or notify of job change
  241. AMEX SPG [UK] - Opinions wanted plus signup bonus question
  242. AMEX invitation after you buy a car
  243. Amex needs a major overhaul of MR redemption values to compete w/ Chase UR and others
  244. MR and Alitalia's Possible Backruptcy
  245. Transfer Platinum Membership Rewards
  246. Do reimbursed expenses count toward bonus qualification? (Airline, Global Entry)
  247. MR (USA) to JetBlue TrueBlue 25% bonus 5.1.2017 - 5.31.2017
  248. AMEX wrongly says I didn't meet threshold
  249. Best way to use AMEX points for flight to Spain (from NYC)?
  250. Barclays International Bank waiving Amex Platinum UK/IDC/ICC fee