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  1. Access Centurion Club EZE with Aeroplan Platinum AmEx card?
  2. Can you pay via Money Order
  3. calling to inquire about your targeted promos
  4. CDN Cent Website?
  5. Does my Premier Rewards Gold Card Cover Me when Using Award Tickets?
  6. Bonus on spend for authorized users?
  7. Book with points - refundable ticket - how?
  8. Upgrade Gold to PR Gold?
  9. MR opening hours
  10. Odd Message on Account
  11. MR Transfer options
  12. American Express Business Gold Card Minimum Spend Question
  13. Additional Platinum Card of Person Under 18
  14. How to turn 40k AMEX rewards points into 120k delta miles
  15. Transfer MR points for travel JFK to GDN?
  16. MR New Online Points Summary (USA)
  17. Up to 50,000 point bonus for adding five users to charge card account (USA)
  18. CDN Cent Delta Gold...
  19. Any IDC [transfer] promo ?
  20. Does AMEX MR keep record of when and why you call?
  21. UK Plat Amex Charge Card & Car Rental Insurance Question
  22. Website difficulties with upgrading for pre-approved Business Platinum w/25k MR pts.
  23. Cdn AMEX Plat offers?
  24. MR points now redeemable for high end hotel gift cards: FS,MO, RC, etc.
  25. Question on purchasing US Airways miles on Amex PR Gold Card
  26. What Airline Best for Point Conversion [JPN]
  27. Help w/ American Express Card Offers
  28. webpage showing transferring MR to airlines
  29. Amex FH&R May Lose Ritz Carlton - Negotiations Ongoing
  30. $50 Home Depot E-Certificate for 3500 MR points [Targeted]
  31. Can you use an employee/family nightly rate using FHR?
  32. Buyer Protection Question for Premier Rewards Gold
  33. Learn from me☺get 2 MR accounts if you do BIZ & PERSONAL cards☺!
  34. Whole Foods Market and supermarket category bonuses.
  35. BA AMEX fee increases
  36. Re-apply for Gold Card?
  37. How to get AmEx [USA] to raise my Credit Limit?
  38. BENELUX MR offers (Mobile bills)
  39. 30,000 MR points for AMEX International FX service
  40. Any way to 'undo' the AMEX to SPG Point Transfer
  41. Macy's Gift Card == MR Pts Earned?
  42. Accelerate posting of bonus miles?
  43. Bonus Points Mall Brands/Merchants Gone?
  44. New UK Centurion Website
  45. UK Amex - BA 100% bonus [Targeted]
  46. Amex business card
  47. 1000 MR Points now 1500 HHonors Points!
  48. Does anyone think American Express's "Link, Like, Love" promo is creepy?
  49. AMEX policy on multiple cards (improved offers/ bumps)
  50. i got approximately 200,000 MR points [NYC - SYD]
  51. Strange posting on transfer from MR to CO
  52. 12K miles trapped in Amex Blue
  53. MR portal bonus for gift cards?
  54. BA Amex and Member Rewards Question (UK based)
  55. Creating my own business to accept AMEX mortgage payments?
  56. Questions regarding hotel bookings via BonusPointsMall
  57. Amex ATM machines still around?
  58. One of the best FHR deal?
  59. AMEX Premier Rewards Gold Card
  60. AmEx high balance: how to avoid hassles?
  61. 5,000 MR points at The Leading Hotels
  62. Chipped Amex in US
  63. AMEX MR point conversion - vs. Blue Cash Preferred?
  64. Advice from your wisdom - just joined amex & need to chose partner airline
  65. What to do with my MR Amex points [Domestic USA travel]
  66. 250,000 MR points into BA and DL
  67. Question: Canadian Amex Plats Users - are you happy with the card?
  68. MR points on travel betw MIA and MAD or BCN
  69. How long to link BA and Onepass?
  70. Amex Centurion France
  71. AMEX Plat & Gold Qualification
  72. Best amex deal out there
  73. Ideas on best way to liquidate MR points for gift cards
  74. Spend $100+ with Delta Airlines & get 5,000 MR Points from 7/15 - 10/31/11
  75. 50% off OpenTable Reward Card w\ MembershipRewards
  76. Rumor: MR to US Airways Dividend Miles xfer returning in near future?
  77. Delta July Bonus: transfer 50K MR to DL, receive 20K MR back [net MR 1 = DL 1.67]
  78. SPG Amex 30K Points with $4.5K Purchase
  79. MR transfer excise tax is not being collected
  80. Discrimination between Americans and Canadians
  81. Amex BA card for UK residents
  82. AMEX doubled up my sign up bonus?
  83. Uk spg amex
  84. UK Plat double MR points on non-GBP spend in July & August
  85. What can i do with my Amex/BA points?
  86. CDN Cent U2 in Moncton...
  87. Most efficient use of amex plat points towards hawaii/la/palm springs trip?
  88. Where to transfer reward points (BA or CO) ?
  89. AMEX/Priority Pass Lounge Access in IAH after 9/30?
  90. Downgrade Plat to Gold PR and get bonus?
  91. MR Virgin - Start now or hold out?
  92. Combining SELECTS w/ MR Earn points?
  93. Combining MR Points Across Accounts?
  94. Membership Rewards Survey on Point Usage with International Carriers
  95. Avis Free Weekend Certificate with AX Platinum?
  96. UK Amex card user - wanting to 'pay at pump' in US gas stations
  97. Amex cards and credit limits
  98. Fine Hotels & Resorts Website Error - anything I can do?
  99. UK AMEX Platinum - Additional Cardholder Family Relation?
  100. Travelling between USA/India on MR [Consolidated]
  101. Hilton gold 'scam'
  102. Platinum Cathay Pacific Marco Polo Gold [Ends 2015, then 50% Fast Track]
  103. Using AmEx Gift Cards to Pay AmEx Bill?
  104. Exchange for HA Miles?
  105. What About Upgrade Offers???
  106. US Centurion Card & International Auto Rental insurance
  107. Use corporate spending towards Reserve?
  108. Any chance with dispute resolution on non-can hotel booking
  109. New to AmEx Platinum - Various Questions?
  110. Amex MR transfers bonus points? sticky?
  111. Amex Membership Rewards and Amex SPG-- what are the major differences ?
  112. AMEX Platinum & Additional Cardmembers
  113. Use Amex points to buy plane tix for UK friends?
  114. Transfer Amex MR to ANA vs CO
  115. any 75000 sign up bonus offers available?
  116. Delta/AmEx charging "foreign transaction fees" for tickets originating abroad
  117. AMEX Membership Award Eligibility
  118. MR posting?
  119. AXP Platinum vs AXP Costco Cash Rebate Card
  120. Membership Rewards Private Sale
  121. Amex Centurion sponsored Polo Match with Prince William inCalifornia
  122. Flight + FHR deal?
  123. Does double points on travel (Gold Rewards UK) including holidays?
  124. Canadian Plat, vegas nightclubs?
  125. what to do with renewal annual fee premier reward card? please help
  126. Will the plat concierge and travel place charges incurred on an alternate AMEX card?
  127. AMEX Hilton not that useful
  128. [uk] AMEX Platinum Changing Residency - Implications?
  129. [uk] Appropriate contact for escalating MR complaint
  130. Plat AMEX + SPG Gold - Best way to book to maximize?
  131. How often are the 50% transfer bonuses?
  132. Amex Open Marriott Offer
  133. Amex Car Rental Insurance & Secondary Driver "specifically listed" on rental contract
  134. I'm jumping on the "Centurion not worth it" bandwagon
  135. AmEX Plus Score vs. Fico Score
  136. Amex plat business cash rebate card
  137. Amex Gold vs. Platinum
  138. Usage / Transfer of American Express points
  139. Centurion card via politics?
  140. eBay removed from BonusPointsMall
  141. Extra rewards with costco?
  142. MR transfer: Continental vs Delta
  143. Upgrading from Gold to Platinum?
  144. Using Amex Rewards to Fly to ISRAEL
  145. Applying for Premier Rewards Gold and Open
  146. Amex MR & HHonors special redemption
  147. 2.5 weeks for delivery of a Canadian plat card?
  148. Acceptance in Iceland?
  149. AMEX Plat Cash Rebate card with no annual fee...
  150. Bonus Points Mall - Rental Car MR bonus points
  151. Help Choosing Best AMEX Card to Cover Honeymoon Flight
  152. Unexpected UK bonus points.
  153. Amex FB Plat: question on miles earning
  154. AMEX MR Rewards CC
  155. Can anyone critique this plan for UK MR points to BA miles?
  156. Price protection - UK cards
  157. AMEX [USA] & Foursquare - get discounts when you check in
  158. Earn 2X Membership Rewards points with JetBlue this summer
  159. Home Improvement on AMEX
  160. Cancelled Gold PR, great service by AMEX
  161. Best use for MR points?
  162. Downgrading from Platinum-- Need Advice
  163. The Plum Card Partner Bonus [for new accounts through 8.31.2011]
  164. Will Amex cancel my cards for too many rental car damage claims?
  165. FHR benefits on multiple rooms booked w/ one card
  166. Amex travel hotel+flight, different lengths.
  167. AmEx Plat and Avis Benefit
  168. UK Platinum Card and PIN in same post. Acceptable for 300?
  169. The Palm - $50 Gift card
  170. Different Phone Numbers for Amex
  171. Daily Wish ends 6/30/2011
  172. FHR Payment Method
  173. MR account in supplementary card holders name?
  174. First Amex: Gold Rewards 50k or Plat 100k?
  175. Referring AMEX Platinum - MR points???
  176. transfer 50% bonus .. Delta or BA?
  177. Best use of 75K Membership Rewards points
  178. All EU Amex cards now must have chips
  179. UK MR: Any way to transfer to ANA?
  180. FHR plus hotel program benefits and rewards?
  181. Amex rep told me my bonus MR would be posted in 24 hours, now they say no
  182. Redeeming Amex MR (CA) For FF Miles
  183. How to make the most out of my situation?
  184. Any contact e-mail or phone number to reach a [decision maker] at Amex Canada
  185. Best Time to Use Points??
  186. AMEX prepaid cards
  187. 3.4 Million Points with AMEX Dilemma
  188. Best companion card alongside Amex Business Plat?
  189. Can I do this? Will AMEX take the miles away?
  190. Amex to Delta 40% bonus
  191. Amex UK Platinum Business card FHR?
  192. Card Replacement Amex versus Visa Signature issued by Bank of America
  193. Correct business name on open card
  194. Canadian Centurion - Best value for benefit vs. fees
  195. Cdn Platinum Flight upgrades
  196. What is the best Amex Combo Spending Package?
  197. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Flyer Talk!
  198. No membership points advance choice anymore?
  199. Delta 50% Transfer Bonus, 25k MQM for>100k
  200. Priority Pass Directory vs. Amex directory [No CO Presidents Club at ORD]
  201. Get to Missoula, MT on MR Points?
  202. Anyone Else Using The New Centurion Magazine Website?
  203. Fidelity Amex Plat Card - asking $175 for EACH add'l user???
  204. International Euro Card FOREX fees vs VISA
  205. Not eligible for 50K bonus offer?
  206. Do I have to activate?
  207. SPG: AmEx Bonus Denied, Churnable? & Program Worth
  208. Centurion Business Card
  209. AmEx Blue Sky Offer
  210. AMX Plt card Access to AA lounge at HNL on HA ticket
  211. AMEX Business Gold Card offers [2011/12]
  212. Priority pass expiration date
  213. FHR Ritz Reynolds Plantation
  214. AMEX Business Platinum Offer: 100,000 MR for $5k spend
  215. Amex gold pre-screen offer / 50K pts - advise needed
  216. AE rewards - is it worth transfering to Continental???
  217. What UK card is best for a very high net worth?
  218. Got 837,920 AMEX [UK] membership points - best place to transfer?
  219. MR (USA) to BA: 50% bonus to 7.31.2011
  220. need help with authorized user green card
  221. MR transferred points to wrong FF Program
  222. Dear Amex please show last time logged on your cardmember web site
  223. Am I a 'Big Spender' to Amex?
  224. Amex Skymiles Bonus
  225. Bonus point offers?
  226. Question about AMEX MR certificates for Qantas
  227. Adding up the value of new/existing Platinum benefits (TY msg to forum in para. 5)
  228. MR bonuses for existing members?
  229. Possible downside (credit report wise) of a short-term Amex account
  230. American Express business practices & T.A.R.P.
  231. secure messaging -- same rep or do they all use the same name?
  232. Extended Award Hold for MR
  233. AMEX Screwed Up Big Time
  234. New to the Board---Looking for Suggestions!
  235. AMEX COSTCO: Dining Offers at Flemings, PF Changs, and McCormick & Schmicks
  236. Global Assist Collect number does not work from India
  237. Enroll to earn 20% MR Points back on redemptions made @ amazon.com from 6/1-7/31/11
  238. Amex presence here / social media enquiry
  239. New Card Advice
  240. Transfer MR - VS with 25% bonus in June
  241. How to maximize MRs and minimize Annual Fee?
  242. Active Duty US Military Fees Waived
  243. MiMA Tower Associates: 50,000 Membership Rewards for automatic lease payments
  244. How to settle AMEX IDC bill by automation for free?
  245. pay with points vs travel benefit value??
  246. Any new transfer bonuses in the near term?
  247. How are AmEx Blue miles different than AmEx Membership Rewards
  248. US publisher of Centurion Magazine cost cutting? or eco friendly?
  249. Transfering Points to FF Account of non-additional cardholder (USA)
  250. JP Morgan Palladium card vs. Amex Platinum or Centurion