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  1. Would guest access on Priority Pass be a good benefit to add for USA Platinum Cards?
  2. Biz Gold Rwds Card-targeted mail- question
  3. Transferring MR Points to Another Account?
  4. List of AMEX MR xfer partners [USA]
  5. AMEX [USA] $20 Statement Credit with $200+ Purchase at Best Buy - until 09/16/12
  6. The BBB - Who Would Have Thought?!
  7. 62k MR points staying at W South Beach
  8. What is "Thanks for recommending your Card" bonus when booking air tickets?
  9. American Express Canada card recommendation to earn Flying Blue miles?
  10. Can you keep points when you cancel the primary card? [Canada]
  11. Struggling To Get AMEX Plat - Any Tips?
  12. how would you maximize 800K amex points, CAN
  13. MR Bonus Points - S&T Expo Signup?
  14. Can AMEX Delta Skymiles Gold be converted to another card?
  15. When are FHR Special Offers posted?
  16. amex premier rewards card cancel or downgrade?
  17. 2500 membership rewards points for looking at the Bose Videowave II entertainment sys
  18. Downgrade Platinum to Gold - Best Options?
  19. Continued Discussion: Do Credit card companies dilute FF benefits?
  20. Financial reviews (and similar matters): differences in treatment for Platinum?
  21. CDN AMEX Plat - comp lower-end card?
  22. Better way of traveling by eurostar by points!!
  23. [UK] Express Rewards Credit Card. 3 MR Express per 1 at supermarkets.
  24. Gold Biz 100k / 10k in 5mos [targeted]
  25. Looking for the dream vacation
  26. Bank or Credit Union with low ATM fees-AMEX prepaid
  27. Spouse Use of Targeted Offer
  28. New card forced closure of older card. Credit impact?
  29. Is having an Amex Plat a good sign for card issuers?
  30. Amex point transfer for NYC-Shanghai trip?
  31. AMEX Platinum - additional card spending limit to zero
  32. AMEX Platinum - travel profile
  33. [UK] Platinum - Birthday Card
  34. Amex Australia Original Platinum - free airline ticket
  35. We're sorry, your Card could not be registered.
  36. FHR rates online? [non-USA cards]
  37. FHR promotions reserved to American cardholders ???
  38. Converting MR Points into an Around the World Ticket
  39. How long does American Express call you a current customer?
  40. Amex Centurion, how to improve provider follow up and user experience?
  41. Benefits during London Olympics
  42. new benefit for Centurion...Hilton Diamond?
  43. Ask for Sign Up Bonus?
  44. Please help me find the perfect AMEX Card
  45. Asking for a different welcome bonus
  46. Cancel an Amex before or after the next app?
  47. Got hit with a Financial Review on my Amex Platinum Business card!! Now what?
  48. Please Help - Upgrade/Cancellation/Reinstatment
  49. MR bonus July 1 thru Sep 30 2012 [Targeted with threshold]
  50. First Amex card
  51. Amex Personal Plat, Biz Gold, and cancelling an account
  52. Quickest case of fraud ever?
  53. Targeted Amex Business Gold Rewards Card: 50K for $5,000 spend by Nov 9 2012
  54. AMEX UK - travel deals inc 3 free nights no min stay
  55. Any way to get UA EQM for Amex MR use?
  56. Frustrating (non-)upgrade experiences with FHR (Fine Hotels and Resorts)
  57. Swiss out, but Lufthansa First now available in the International Companion Ticket
  58. First AMEX personal charge or credit card
  59. Converting amex reward miles to a flight from London to Jakarta
  60. Amex Aus Gift
  61. BA lounge access with AMEX?
  62. American Express Premier Rewards Gold Renewal
  63. What does 'existing' cardholders mean [in UK]?
  64. FHR catalog
  65. American Express USA to begin issuing EMV "chipped" cards in late 2012
  66. American Express (USA) online shopping portal gone? (fka Bonus Points Mall)
  67. MR Transfer to Int'l Airlines without Surcharges?
  68. Crediting Membership rewards with AC miles.
  69. Applied UK SPG but unsuccessful, had my gold for a week.
  70. Car Rental Insurance & Zip Car UK
  71. Over twenty flavors of Amex cards allow entry into Delta lounge
  72. 20% off transfers to Choice Privileges till 6/30/12
  73. American Express Disputes & Vayama
  74. Change to Australian Centurion & Platinum Earned Points rates change (October 2012)
  75. Amex Hong Kong - Best FFP to convert points to?
  76. AMEX Travel Website Asking For IBERIA Number but want to enter AA Number
  77. Best Airline to Transfer Points to - UK Amex [UK to Australia]
  78. Amex-Monoprix Express Privileges [France]
  79. Did you request a replacement or upgraded Amex last week?
  80. AmEx USA match better new account offer?
  81. AMEX Warrantly after changing cards
  82. Is the SPG limit a soft limit?
  83. Small Business $10 credit in Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia
  84. Platinum annual fee count toward spend?
  85. Amex just froze, then canceled all my accounts.
  86. Suggestions to Flying from LAX-NYC on Membership Rewards
  87. No more travel companies in MR shopping mall?
  88. Making/Leveraging $10K Amex Biz Spend
  89. American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card
  90. Gold Business 75k w/ $10k spend - Not targeted expires 6/26/12
  91. Plat Business 100k w/ $10k spent
  92. MR First vs Regular MR vs MR Express?
  93. New Ipad from AMEX...
  94. How to Liberate my Cousin's ~35k MR Points
  95. Best MR txfr option for PHX-LIH trip
  96. Amex Centurion Travel Services UK
  97. UK: plat card 'Thank You' 20 duty free shop credit + LHR security fast track
  98. Blue Sky: award redemption and possible account upgrade questions
  99. US Plat Card with chip?
  100. How quick is receipt of CDN card?
  101. Receiving 50K+ MR points but no airlines I like.
  102. AMEX reported my accounts deliquent and I took a 126 point hit
  103. Manual approval for AMEX - how much time?
  104. Jetblue 30% Tranfer Bonus to 6.17.2012 only!
  105. Cardinal Fang has Done The Spanish Inquisition Proud
  106. What to do with 75K MR points?
  107. Applied Amex Gold UK card, still waiting...
  108. Amex Canada Gold Rewards Baggage insurance and Reward Flight
  109. Receiving referral points? UK Gold
  110. **ADVICE** 70K Amex - LAX to OGG to HNL - Best Redemption Advice Needed
  111. Point Transfers - Can Amex Be Far Behind
  112. UK Amex PRG vs bmi Amex Card - Comparison for Earning Points/Miles
  113. TARGETED New Amex PRG 50k or Platinum 100k
  114. LX F Companion Tickets Discontinued after 12/31/12
  115. Amex (corp card) offering fast track Hilton HHonors Silver/Gold
  116. Preserving Points on Expiring Card
  117. First Republic, Fidelity, and Amex
  118. UK SPG Amex Special Offers
  119. [UK] AMEX Plat UK Hotel Collection
  120. Which amex partner goes to LED(st petersburg)
  121. Best option for saving points (June 2012)
  122. How long for Disputed Charges?
  123. Free Usher "Scream" iTunes Download from Amex
  124. london
  125. Advice needed from MR experts - how to drain points?
  126. Need advice - AMEX changes terms and I caught them
  127. Gold PR + 25k or Plat + 50k?
  128. Amex cancelled all my accounts without option for restoration
  129. Using Amex Membership Reward points on AA?
  130. Surprised to see 25k points added but what is it for? [consolidated]
  131. Charge card payment at an international travel service office?
  132. New language on Amex T&Cs [clarifies which cards disqualify from new account bonus]
  133. Best FF program to transfer AMEX Australia points to
  134. Purchasing Travelers Checks
  135. Amex US: Refer a friend & earn rewards? Experiences and problems.
  136. convert Amex Business Gold card to SPG Business?
  137. When Do You Think AMEX Will Up The US Platinum Card's Annual Fee and to What Amount?
  138. AMEX UK and Foursquare team up
  139. BA Premium Plus or Preferred Gold [UK]?
  140. CENT: 2 Free Nights at Wynn
  141. Redeem MR for JetBlue through Hawaiian
  142. UK MR - "Redeem your points now for a travel credit" - thoughts?
  143. Heathrow T3 Priority Pass - which Lounge?
  144. Next round of Amex apps, see any concerns?
  145. Amex Cash Advance over the counter
  146. NYC to Europe: Transfer to Avios or keep as is
  147. 108K Delta vs Avios 162K
  148. 30% Bonus Amex MR - VS [UK] - Targeted
  149. Purchase AMEX Traveler Check
  150. AMEX IDC Platinum tailor made insurance possible?
  151. UK Amex MR query
  152. Recent Plat 20k referral bonus: anyone receive it?
  153. Funjet Vacations: Earn 5,000 MR Points on your next Getaway
  154. AMEX Travel websites comparison: US, UK, EU(?). Site for IDC IEC cardholders?
  155. Cathay Pacific Asia Miles is now a transfer partner for US based MR cards.
  156. Best use of miles for honeymoon
  157. Canada AMEX Platinum fee increase to $699 June 29 2012
  158. Amex Platinum- Lounges in Asia?
  159. Couple of Questions re: AMEX MR (UK) points for travel bookings
  160. UK Amex Gold
  161. Best No-fee Card?
  162. Starwood SPG Amex Question
  163. WARNING Phishing Scams for American Express are very good
  164. US Amex vs Swedish Amex Plat??
  165. can I have my points cake and eat it!
  166. BA AMEX PP 30-40,000 Avios Signup Bonus [UK]
  167. "Pending" transaction count towards spend?
  168. AMEX Business Centurion Card
  169. Unable to Link Priority Club and Membership Rewards Accounts
  170. Cell Phone Use in the Cabin
  171. Flying to HK from NYC in September
  172. Amex Gold Business 3 Month Bonus
  173. Gold Card Hotel Collection experiences?
  174. Transfer AMEX Points
  175. Any 2x Restaurant + Grocery MR earning card?
  176. Why people buy gift cards?
  177. Flyer Noob Needs Help...
  178. AX Biz Gold: want to change cards, but to what?eep
  179. IAD and CDG PLAT lounge access
  180. Can i get points using gift cards?
  181. Place that Amex makes CC?
  182. What is the cut-off time for amex payments? 8 PM MST?
  183. AmEx Plat- Additional card benefits?
  184. AMEX FHR rate for FS Macau
  185. UK Centurion benefits for Supplementary Ti card holder
  186. Green card comparison - IDC / US - Business / personal
  187. Targeted 50k PRG offer
  188. AMEX emergency cash service?
  189. DL jet - plat 2% cent?
  190. Platinum Supplementary benefits (UK)
  191. Charges can still make it to your compromised card, even after replacement
  192. Costco true earnings card
  193. Delta Options VS Blue SKY?
  194. I cancelled my AMEX PLATINUM before receiving it due to poor customer service
  195. Starwood points from SPG Amex for Amex GC purchases?
  196. Possible to downgrade from Platinum to Gold within promotion year?
  197. already have amex premier gold.. will i still quality for amex plat with 50k bonus?
  198. Business Gold, Trip Cancellation
  199. What is Platinum Charge Card annual fee in Hong Kong?
  200. Amex Plat/Cent looking to downgrade from PP Select to Lounge Club!
  201. New Gold Card Member, but wrong version and no bonus.
  202. 100K-MR-Point Targeted Offer [purchased invite on eBay]
  203. Amex AeroPlat ( CAD) 50k Bonus - Worth it?
  204. Advice on best use of MR points for NYC-MAD tickets?
  205. Help me us MR to go to Miami!
  206. 533K MR Points, Going from Ohio to Rome
  207. Amex [USA] refuses to honor signup bonus [Consolidated]
  208. Delta AmEx Gold - Cancel or downgrade?
  209. Amex Coverage on flight bought w/coupon and gift cards?
  210. Got a new Amex plat last month - before I knew about MR
  211. Best way to use MR to fly from CLE to HKG?
  212. Amex and fraudulent charges - Help
  213. Are neice and nephew considered "immediate family" for lounge access?
  214. Can a Plat please check an FHR rate for me?
  215. Priority Pass / Sky Guide Barcelona El Prat VIP
  216. AMEX Plat Travel.....Worthless?
  217. Advice for Newbie with PRG 50k offer
  218. Amex Platinum Card / Hertz #1 Club Gold
  219. Reaching Min Spend Req't with Amex
  220. MR Points from Canceled Authorized User
  221. 6X MR points at several retailers including Apple Store [to 6.30.2012]
  222. Amex to BA- Avios Bonus, any country?
  223. TATL Y, No Fuel Surcharge via AMEX Partners - Is it possible?
  224. Has anyone used a points broker?
  225. Amex Merchant Categorization and Bonus Points (Costco Gas)
  226. Daily Giveaway Promotion: Hilton Points
  227. Help: American Express may not honor bonus
  228. Forex Fees on UK AMEX Cards
  229. PRG->Plat Upgd - Additional Cards
  230. CANADA : Amex Points to British Airways Avios with 50% Bonus
  231. +30% MR Transfer Bonus to BAEC Avios, until June 29, Finland Not targeted
  232. Bonus MR (CANADA) to British Airways Transfers Until May 31, 2012 (1000:1500)
  233. Please help l Best credit card for air-miles?
  234. USA CENTURION card program changes: maximum two authorized users @ $2500 each
  235. Advice on managing/converting points
  236. AMEX Membership Rewards LAX-DXB
  237. Does MR work with other Reward Programs like Best Buy Reward Zone
  238. Upgrade from Gold to Platinum [USA] [Consolidated]
  239. Found a possible glitch in MR/Earn Mall
  240. Amex Shopping Mall Newbie
  241. Free credit score through amex offer?
  242. What do you do for the Amex Gold Card when one year is almost over?
  243. Link to 30% "Pay with Points" Amex Platinum
  244. Do you use UK Amex Travel insurance?
  245. UK Platinum Card: how long for SPG Gold to kick in?
  246. 1 day offer: Business Gold Rewards 50K Amex MR for 5K spending in 4 mon [4.26.2012]
  247. [April 26 only] 50k MR Amex Bus Gold Rewards Card $5k/3 mos
  248. CliqBook = Double MR?
  249. Anyone have contact at MR / Platinum Team? [Inadvertent application]
  250. Time for a new [UK] card