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  1. Why Canada and UK annual fee of Platinum card is so expensive versus USA?
  2. Will I lose my MR points if I cancel Gold Business card?
  3. Hotel available with PTS [UK] but not the hotels website?
  4. How do i see mr per transaction
  5. Amex business and FR
  6. Centurion Member - Can I quit AAA?
  7. Amex travel booking "deal"
  8. MR points: Fly on SAS:
  9. Amex UK Platinum lounges American Airlines, Delta
  10. UK platinum supplementary card members
  11. Financial Review with CVS 1K purchases
  12. FHR reservation shows highest rate as "average" rate for entire stay.
  13. [Targeted] 100,000 Business Platinum Card Offer
  14. Using MR points to PURCHASE flights
  15. AMEX Platinum & Flying Blue AMEX Platinum
  16. New to churning: AE platinum + Business gold
  17. AF/KLM Amrican Express Platinum
  18. Best first class via MR, both direct and indirect (partner) redemptions?
  19. AMEX Business Gold - 75K points - $2K spend Jan-June (Targeted)
  20. Amex-> IB takes 4 days? Any way to hold a ticket?
  21. HSBC premier -> USD Amex
  22. Scary Amex technical glitch
  23. Membership Rewards transfer partners
  24. New Terms for Amex [excluding reloadable cards from earning rewards]??
  25. UK Cent and Priority Pass
  26. BLUE from AMEX..anyone have this card?
  27. Amex MR points transfer bonuses (Canada)
  28. AMEX Platinum...what is packaging like??
  29. Referrals (UK)
  30. Any benefit of buying ticket with amex plat if not from amex travel?
  31. Canceling (an AMEX) card before a churn?
  32. Publix Supermarket 9% off with BCP
  33. AMEX FR and Corporate Card
  34. AMEX MR help needed: JAX-HKG/DPS-JAX
  35. Question about Delta Reserve Card
  36. AMEX Business Gold Rewards 75k (Expired) 10k/4 months
  37. New Platinum Card
  38. Help with MR reward points: PHL/EWR - ATH
  39. Anyone ever done the Create Your Reward option?
  40. Need advice
  41. Amex UK Travel cover
  42. Amex: Getting the sign up bonus waiting period question.
  43. Exposure Limites: Platinum Charge and Delta Reserve
  44. Special deals on https://www.americanexpressfhr.com/ only for US based card member ?
  45. New Amex Platinum (USA): Which lounges can I access?
  46. 25k biz gold->plat upgrade prior to product change?
  47. Issues with Amex Plat with new chip at gas stations [USA]?
  48. Newbie's FHR Questions
  49. Delta Reserve Business Card Sign-up MQMs
  50. Amex MR to XXX? to US Dividend Miles
  51. $100 Mrecedes Benz Silver Star Certificate?
  52. Additional Platinum Cards - Which benefits available, separate limits?
  53. AMEX CSR CONFUSED? AMEX PLAT is Business Only?
  54. LHR T4 lounge access with Platinum Card or Priority Pass?
  55. Amex Gold w/ 2X points (selected) vs. Platinum w/ 1.25X points (Canada)
  56. New 2013 additions to FHR
  57. Help With Trip JFK to Paris and Rome
  58. Can Amex see what you purchase?
  59. Centurion annual fee increased in NL
  60. To transfer or not to transfer--aunt with cancer
  61. AMEX Business Gold, 75K with $5K Spend
  62. Is job offer letter enough to pass Amex Financial Review
  63. Gold/Platinum: Which cards get year end summaries?
  64. Use refundable airfare purchase to meet spend requirements [Canada]
  65. Alternating personal, Mercedes, and Business Platinum cards [USA].
  66. Multiple Platinum Cards in Family
  67. Question about having a bunch of AMEX's
  68. 455,000 MRs to 650,000 Delta Miles - Worth it?
  69. Amex announces workforce cut of 5,400
  70. Do I receive points when I transfer my balance FROM AMEX
  71. New security feature for American Express Cards [Germany]
  72. Amex Shop Small [UK] problems if using supplementary card?
  73. Best use of MR for airline upgrades?
  74. Platinum UK Card - 5,000 point Membership Rewards Platinum Travel Bonus 'offer'
  75. Any Luck Going From Prepaid to Regular?
  76. How good are the airline ticket prices that amex plat can get you?
  77. Redeeming MR Points without an Amex Card
  78. MR no longer offering Ritz Carlton Royal Prestige Awards?
  79. When does the clock start to meet spend requirements?
  80. MR (US) to MR xfer
  81. Amex Platinum 100k after $3,000 spend or Gold 50k after $1,000 spend [Expired]
  82. Transfer MR [UK] points [to another MR account]?
  83. Has anyone actually received an "Invite" to the Centurion program in 2013?
  84. Account Closure After Point Acceleration
  85. Amex [UK] MR glitch thread (Tesco, Dyson, Le Creuset etc)
  86. When is card anniversary? Thinking about cancelling plat
  87. Does minimum spend include account credits?
  88. AAs Business ExtrAA American Express Card (Via Viewfromthewing)
  89. Amex Aeroplatinum does it provide free access to MLL or LH lounges in Frankfurt?
  90. Applying for a New AmEx After Financial Review (FR) Account Closure
  91. FHR "My Trip" is not showing my trip...
  92. Amex PRG 15k points bonus for 30k spend? When does it post?
  93. Financial Review after one day [UK]?
  94. Amex Offers / Statement Credits
  95. Amex Gold Premium Rewards > Delta Amex, even for Delta Flights?
  96. UK: Triple MR Points in Jan for travel booked through Amex
  97. Lounge access in JED...8 HR layover...cardholder not travelling.
  98. Points are good, but you can't beat service like this
  99. Centurion USA HHonors fast track gold to diamond in 2 stays gone?
  100. Very disapointing with AMEX dispute (Canada)
  101. using rewards for hotel in caribbean?
  102. Where to enter in Hotel Loyalty Numbers in AMEX Profile?
  103. $100 Annual Platinum Vacation Credit - Still Offered?
  104. They know where you are watch out
  105. Amex Platinum or Gold [UK]
  106. Amex transfer bonus decision: Virgin Flying Club 35% vs Hilton Hhonors 33%
  107. Best avenue for complaint?
  108. FHR Upgrades and Amenities [except Las Vegas] 2013 - 2016
  109. Platinum Business Additional Cardholder
  110. Southeast Asia Trip Which Partner Airline is the Best?
  111. Getting both the Platinum and Gold welcome bonuses
  112. American express co-brand lists. Platinum co-brand list
  113. AMEX not honoring the Surpass upgrade bonus
  114. Timing for Airline Credit
  115. American Express SUCKS - Platinum Delta Skymiles Card - FINANCIAL REVIEW
  116. Mini Amex Financial Review?
  117. Amex travel agency opinions
  118. Amex going to launch new BA credit card in UK?
  119. Moving from Amex Green (Charge) Card to Amex Blue (Credit) Card
  120. What cards should I keep and what cards should I cancel/downgrade?
  121. How To Do This Transfer [Use Amex to make payment]
  122. Cousin Died points nightmare...Amex [Spain] shocking runaround
  123. London Restaurant Festival - Amex promo
  124. UK Platinum value versus other Amex cards?
  125. Amex Insurance Gold vs Plat
  126. Starwood Amex Sign up Bonus Question
  127. Transfer MR Points between countries??
  128. Green, PRG, and MB Plat
  129. 100k MR Points
  130. Villas in Provence
  131. PriorityPass: Clarity for Canadians with PLT cards
  132. Is anyone currently getting Platinum sign up offers for 100k MR points?
  133. Delta Amex 45,000 for 3k spend offer targeted but not that great?
  134. Returning $500 in items that were bought to meet min spend with SPG card?
  135. Amex Plt Priority Pass -> UA Lounges?
  136. AMEX Gold vs SPG (UK)
  137. I have too many Amex Canada MR points
  138. Will I earn SPG status if I book through Platinum Travel Service?
  139. Amex gift card promotion
  140. New Platinum Member In Need of Help w/ MR
  141. ShopAmex 40% discount
  142. Fee waiver on Delta Reserve
  143. Help me choose right hotel program [to transfer MR points]
  144. No more Float for electronic payments ACH
  145. Suggestions for this little old lady
  146. Transfering MR to Eurostar Frequent Traveller program - anyone managed it?
  147. American Express Platinum + Priority Pass (Select) Loophole?
  148. Amex FHR ammenity not honored at SIN Ritz Carlton
  149. Virgin + Delta = devalued benefits
  150. FYI: Amex put multiple security holds on my account for redeeming MR pts
  151. Check from Amex for MR - legit?
  152. Turned down
  153. Amex Platinum vs Mercedes Mbrace Concierge
  154. Return expired, damaged, cancelled titanium Centurion card to Amex?
  155. have never used MR points
  156. Tracking Promotions UK [2013 - 2014]
  157. Best way to use 250k MR for SFO-ATH
  158. Baggage claim protection
  159. Thinking Of Switching From Amex Delta To Amex Platinum
  160. Will we see a bigger bonus for transferring MR points to BA avios in 2013?
  161. Unable to use SPG to buy Vanilla Reloads @ CVS
  162. Is GOLD delta skymiles BIZ card easy to approve?
  163. Supplementary Centurion Cards
  164. 25k Amex Pt, Any Promotions?
  165. cc for shipping
  166. Hong Kong Platinum fee increase to HK$7,800 (Feb 1, 2013)
  167. Amex CS says Blue Card MR not transferrable to BA Avios?
  168. AMEX MR (SPAIN) -> Iberia: +20% transfer bonus until 12/31/2012
  169. A few orphan points
  170. Credit card charges on international travel
  171. US Amex Platinum 25k-50k pts
  172. AMEX Holders in Finland - Fuel stations
  173. Existing Plat. card member, any bonus point for applying the PRG
  174. AMEX MR (USA) to HH 1000:2000 through 1.31.2013
  175. AMEX MR (USA) -> British Airways: +30% transfer bonus until 01/14/2013
  176. Problem [payment not posted] with Amex
  177. More Foursquare shopping discounts (UK)
  178. How to handle authorized user payments?
  179. AMEX Discontinuing Platinum/Cent. Travel APP?!?!
  180. AMEX Plat UK 2000pts for WA/Conrad stay (targeted)
  181. Amex (UK) 5000MR points for Foreign Exchange Transfer
  182. AMEX Reserve Business Card - book refundable flight, get MQMs, then cxl??
  183. Recommend a friend UK to Germany
  184. Does BRG give 3x on airline gift cards/fees?
  185. American Express acting crappy (sudden credit limits etc).
  186. MR to KE Transfer
  187. AMEX MR [USA] to Virgin Atlantic Flying Club 35% Bonus to 12.29.2012
  188. Well this is interesting.... (Bonus points mall return?)
  189. Register online for Platinum UK benefits?
  190. >>> AmEx Gold Card annual $175 is due! Alternative to paying it?
  191. AMEX UK Plat Charge - best way to replace phone?
  192. Advice moving Australia to France
  193. Amex Canada Platinum Questions. Referral? Travel Credit?
  194. November Spend Bonus [UK]
  195. AMEX UK 20 credit with Opodo [minimum spend 200]
  196. Is a KYC (Know Your Customer) the same as a FR (Financial Review)
  197. Business Gold Rewards Card for 50,000 points still available [through 11.26.2012]
  198. AMEX UK Contents Insurance (Plat?)
  199. SPG Amex - problem with points crediting
  200. Amex Plat Car Rental Bennies
  201. splitting a purchase over several cards and amex extended warranty
  202. Amex cardholders in Canada get $50 credit at Uber
  203. AMEX (Canada) Losing Shoppers Drug Mart
  204. Anybody get hit twice or more with an FR?
  205. AMEX Aeroplan Platinum lounge access in PEK
  206. AmEx Platinum still giving any airline & hotel statuses?
  207. American Express authorized users
  208. Amex application error - Help!
  209. American Express Gift Cards UK
  210. Fraud Ring Alert
  211. Closing account forfeits ALL points??
  212. Transferring a charge from one Amex to another
  213. How can I get the Aeroplan miles? [Merchant does not accept cards by phone]
  214. Instead of Flowers: UK Plat
  215. AMEX Credit Line Increase Policies
  216. My Offers - shop.dine.save
  217. Amex UK Tripflex points
  218. Gold + Platinum cards for NH B-class RT.. will this work?
  219. AMEX USA - forex fee questions
  220. Scotia Bank Amex Platinum
  221. Amex 25 off 50 spend - West End (London) promo
  222. Amex Green to Plat Offers
  223. OPEN Savings: Hyatt is going from 3% to 5% as January 15, 2013
  224. Second Global Entry Reimbursement?
  225. [Expired] Gold Delta Amex 45,000 SM & $100 Statement credit
  226. Cancelling and reapplying [UK]
  227. American Express USA Referral Offers gone?
  228. AMEX acceptance in Turkey
  229. WTH happened to me? Called AMEX PTS Cruise Services, got OVC?
  230. Very Disapointing Experience with AMEX dispute Resolution
  231. Amex MR (US) -> Virgin America: +50% Targeted until Nov 21st
  232. AMEX Platinum 50k Point Screenshot
  233. Booking a FHR hotel via amex but getting zero benefits [ineligible room category]
  234. Which Type of Amex Plat is best?
  235. How would you deploy 325K MR points?
  236. American Express (UK) + Xbox
  237. Amex Free Credit Report
  238. Gift card code
  239. First Class Redemption 120k MR [Germany]
  240. Best use of AMEX reward points? Air Miles? Please help
  241. Fedex Amex $25 GC Small business saturday
  242. AMEX Premium Baggage Protection Claim Denied
  243. MR travel site currency conversion issue
  244. AmEx Platinum 50,000 Link (3K in 3 months spend)
  245. Premier Rewards Gold Closed, Expecting a Refund, Will AMEX Charge Negative Point Bal?
  246. Amex UK Shop Small - Spend 5 get 5 credit in November
  247. AMEX UK Gold card: 30K points - only until 4th November 2012
  248. Retainers, UK?
  249. American Express Executive Office
  250. Value of MR Points