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  24. $99 -- Chicago to New York or Dallas, Each Way
  25. Vanguard completes private placement
  26. Vanguard to discontinue MSP service?
  27. $159 -- L.A. to New York, R/T, If Two Fly Together
  28. $50 -- Companion Fare on 21 Vanguard Itineraries
  29. vangaurd ends fuel surcharges on ALL tickets
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  41. Vanguard cutting service between MSP International Airport and Midway
  42. Vanguard to fly PIT-LGA, MCI-LGA
  43. Vanguard Loss Attributed to fuel costs and yield slip
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  48. Pilots for Vanguard Airlines ratify 4-year contract
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  52. Vangaurd to introduce 3 daily nonstops Chi-Midway to Denver 6/1/00
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  54. Double FF miles credit in Vantage Points