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  1. Ansett Plane flying in Eastern Europe
  2. Happy Birthday !
  3. Challenged to Post
  4. Award tickets after collapse
  5. Ansett lives on .... at least on this website!
  6. Cross-post - Question about Losing Miles when Airline Goes out of Business
  7. Qantas and Patricks to buy the Ansett MEL facility
  8. "Panorama" - May 1999 issue
  9. Two Year Anniversary
  10. Ever Been to Perth?
  11. Ahh,..the infamous Ansett thread..
  12. The totally un-official FT "HTML Testing Page" thread!
  13. Blast from the past!
  14. Australia's Dep PM: To End Ansett A$10 Levy
  15. Ansett Worldwide WHQ Now in the U.S. !
  16. Ansett - stil flying in spirit in Cambodia
  17. Altruism rules-- or is it friends helping friends--
  18. 1 Year On
  19. Happy Birthday Old Girl
  20. 10:54
  21. Ansett miles
  22. Whose bag has all the Ansett tags?
  23. 200$ change fee for webspecials ?
  24. This Is Absolutely *THE* Most Flame Free And Friendly Forum On Flyertalk!
  25. What a sad sight.....
  26. APR03 New Airline?
  27. September 14 2001
  28. Singapore Airlines considering proposal to revive Ansett
  29. Virgin to match some Ansett points?
  30. Ansett workers to tell of collapse impact
  31. I miss Ansett
  32. Video clip
  33. Farewell Forum
  34. Third airline raises stakes in delicate game of poker (AFR)
  35. Westpac Altitude & Ansett: Strange but True!
  36. QBE forced to pay out Ansett claims
  37. Isn't it about time......
  38. Who is going to be Australia's next airline?
  39. Star Alliance Gold and Silver Benefits to end for Global Rewards
  40. Is this the end??
  41. Air NZ denies asset strip claims
  42. RIP
  43. VH-HYB is the first...
  44. AN MEL-SYD & MEL-ADL Replacements
  45. Some words of 'wisdom' from our mates across the Tasman
  46. Ansett was a lemon: Clark
  47. Ansett Is No More. Last Flight(s) posts here.
  48. When did you think Ansett were in trouble?
  49. What is Star Alliance Going to Do Now?
  50. Discontinued Forums
  51. News: Ansett's death spiral started decades ago
  52. Tesna wanted $1.1 billion from the govt??
  53. New Buyers For Ansett?
  54. Where to now? Re:FFP
  55. Anyone interested in 04 Mar FT/AN farewell?
  56. Post your AN memories HERE
  57. Ansett stops flying 12 midnight Monday Night
  58. R.I.P Ansett
  59. News: Ansett deal falls in a heap
  60. News: Its over
  61. News: Airline deal goes down to the wire
  62. News: Ansett say ticket sales reflect public confidence
  63. Ansett Corporate: Has anyone noticed...
  64. News: Deadline looms as Ansett sale negotiations continue
  65. News: Legal paperwork delaying Ansett deal
  66. News: No extension needed for Ansett sale deadline: administrators
  67. News: Tesna to fly, court approval or not!
  68. Fantastic article (link only, not posted)
  69. News: Ansett sale on hold
  70. News: Crucial Ansett hearing adjourned
  71. News: Tesna to press on with Ansett bid
  72. News: Ansett sale due in court tomorrow
  73. Ansett email still going to AirNZ
  74. News: Lew & Fox play their game right down to the wire
  75. News: Virgin rejects Ansett
  76. News: Ansett sale down to wire
  77. News: Administrators deny Tesna consortium looking for discount
  78. Received life Golden Wings membership just before fall....
  79. crediting already credited miles
  80. A sad day
  81. Clever AN Booking Engine
  82. FF status query
  83. News: Ansett frequent flyers threaten legal action (inc. mini rant by me)
  84. News: Ansett buyers want a discount
  85. News: Global Rewards fly the coup
  86. Frequent Flyer News Straight From the Horse's Mouth! (Finally)
  87. New FF details announced
  88. Anyone interested in 01 Mar FT/AN celebration?
  89. News Soon?
  90. News: Cloud continues to hang over Ansett sale as court adjourned
  91. News: Ansett sale will go ahead despite court adjournment, Combet
  92. News: Ansett talks drag on over fine detail
  93. News: AFL rebuts Fox claim
  94. What's up with the FF program?
  95. News: Qantas rejects Ansett appeal
  96. Thanks Richard, Skystar and all other Ansett Posters
  97. Good News: GW Club to re-open and memberships to be retained (inc. life!)
  98. Happy Birthday Ansett!
  99. News: Ansett up and away in a week
  100. News: A name Australia won't want to forget
  101. News: Dealers make a meal of joining forces
  102. News: Terminal leases a milestone in Ansett takeover
  103. News: Deal on Sydney airport lease
  104. News: Tesna leaps final hurdle in Ansett bid
  105. News: Ansett sale closer after lease deal
  106. News: Victoria offers aid to Fox-Lew
  107. News: Hazelton cuts more services
  108. News: Ansett administrators refuse to comment on leaked report
  109. News: Ansett administrators confident of Sydney Airport deal soon
  110. News: Delays force Ansett losses u
  111. News: Qantas becomes AFL airline
  112. News: Ansett deal could be done in days, says Fox
  113. Public confidence in the airline
  114. News: Business as usual: Ansett
  115. News: Ansett hit with more Fed Court action
  116. News: Fox and Lew have Ansett purchase in sight
  117. News: Fox, Lew coy on Branson talks
  118. News: Corrigan puts spoke in Ansett wheel
  120. News: Virgin confirms Ansett talks
  121. AN-III's A320 Config
  122. News: Reports of Virgin selling to Ansett 'absolute bollocks': Branson
  123. Ansett loss is Virgin Blue's gain
  124. News: Fox-Lew seek to take over Virgin
  125. Tesna orders 30 planes
  126. Ansett Orders 30 A320s & A321s! ? !
  127. 30 A320s & A321s for Ansett!?!
  128. Battle to resurrect Ansett hots up
  129. Ansett - the real story
  130. Cargo blow to Ansett's prospects
  131. Ansett's future still up in the air
  132. AN flights back in Star Alliance Electronic Timetable
  133. Last-ditch mission to save Ansett
  134. Skywest Airlines rescue deal stalls
  135. Deal close on Sydney airport lease
  136. Unions pushing for quick resolve to Ansett settlement
  137. I want to support Ansett II but ...
  138. Update from Tesna CEO James Hogan
  139. Ansett administrators play down creditors' concerns
  140. Ansett 'worse off now': unions
  141. ASIC blocking bid to keep Ansett flying
  142. Ansett deal starts to unravel
  143. 1,000 Ansett workers may be made redundant under Tesna consortium
  144. Ansett branded 'hopeless' over Virgin baggage ban
  145. What is happeing with Club Members?
  146. Deal closer between Ansett and Sydney Airport Corp (Feb 20 handover date???)
  147. A taste of things to come at Ansett
  148. The would have been better off using another name
  149. Another AN/DJ Spat
  150. Your Top 10 Wishlist for AN Frequent Flyer
  151. Ansett family values
  152. Ansett in plan to buy used aircraft
  153. Can't people see it's ridiculous??
  154. Tesna will NOT honour any GR points
  155. Ansett Relaunch Is Delayed
  156. Legal threats fly as Ansett's airport row escalates
  157. Golden wing closure notice removed from website....
  159. Oh, the best part of the meeting was...
  160. $6 Million a week!
  161. Tesna Sale APPROVED *and* AN is a Star Alliance Member
  162. Domestic air levy to stay for a year
  163. Fox-Lew bid set for take-off
  164. Ansett union deal 'seals sale'
  165. Ansett fights for corporate accounts
  166. Dumbest suggestion yet re: AN GR points
  167. Deadline extended for Ansett creditors to lodge proxy votes
  168. IF the sale to Tesna is NOT approved....
  169. Absolutely price before image for Ansett II
  170. Frequent flyers could win out
  171. 70 billion points only worth A$140 million
  172. Ansett winging its way back with new senior executive team
  173. Ansett flyers to be rewarded for loyalty
  174. A Virgin "Dig" against Ansett FFs
  175. Is Ansett returning to a full Star Alliance member starting Feb.1st?
  176. Possible GR/FF news "in the next week"
  177. Report to creditors - interesting reading!
  178. "new" AN booking engine & FF numbers
  179. Proof of debt form for Creditors Meeting
  180. SQ Krisflyer 10K bonus posting?
  181. Anyone interested in 01Feb FT/AN celebration?
  182. GR & GW News
  183. Golden Wing Closed for Normalisation
  184. AN Trip Report: MEL-SYD-MEL
  185. Sacked Ansett pilots take action
  187. Speculation only!
  188. Ansett ruling slashes millions off postage
  189. Ansett Frequent Fliers May Have Points Honored Under New Deal
  190. Ansett ready to fly new colours
  191. Bonus for new members of UA Mileage Plus
  192. Loads not bad
  193. Golden Wing @ SYD did not allow me in on UA*G
  194. The New Ansett - My Comments (long)
  195. Fox/Lew Information shortage?
  196. Gold Wing card access to UA RCC
  197. GR or other FFP?
  198. Ansett frequent fliers deemed creditors by court
  199. Desperate Ansett
  200. AN Investment Partner Announced
  201. Great AN customer service!
  202. Got my money back from AN (most of it)
  203. New Ansett
  204. Aircraft deal on 30 A320's
  205. Status Comp Experiences?
  206. Ansett's expanding presence in ADL
  207. Diners Club wants Ansett seats
  208. And now... introducting the Ansett party planes!
  209. Westpac signs up NZ also
  210. Virgin blue makes a bid for Ansett
  211. United providing SA Gold comp
  212. ANstaff out of the picture
  213. So has anyone here actually FLOWN AN-II?
  214. 55% Market Share? "Tell them they're dreaming!"
  215. It's done - Fox, Lew to take over Ansett
  216. Fox-Lew are preferred bidders
  217. Global Rewards: 70 billion points, and counting...
  218. Lang Corp in line for Ansett Bid
  219. Westpac dumps AN for QF
  220. Now UA matches AN status...
  221. NZ Matching AN Status
  222. Ansett re-opens GW lounges (sort of)
  223. Ansett Trying to Woo Corporate Australia
  224. Ansett deal jobs lure
  225. Ansett Internet Support rocks!
  226. Did anyone else catch this?
  227. Bailout Backs Redundancies
  228. ANstaff Info
  229. Fox, Lew announce Ansett plan (Star, lounges, J class, airbusses)
  230. Ansett-II sells 100,000th ticket
  231. SQ or UA
  232. Amazed-Sydney Airport-Ansett & Star Alliance
  233. Anti-Asian racism why Ansett folded: unionist
  234. I hope these aren't the guys behind ANStaff :-)
  235. Are 10,000 Kris Flyer points worth anything useful?
  236. Court ratifies $200m Ansett payout
  237. Mk II Shares for miles
  238. Global Rewards Class Action
  239. Ansett staff to lodge bid for airline
  240. How would you operate AN-III?
  241. Do you get mileage for AN Mk II?
  242. SIA may join businessmen in bid to acquire Ansett
  243. Two Ansett pilots kill themselves
  244. AN to Honour Some AN I Tickets
  245. eval÷uating my inner-australian flight options for january 2002
  246. GW & GR - Standby...
  247. AN International wound up
  248. Bookings fly to Ansett
  249. AN $310 Million Better Off
  250. The Most Ontime Airline?