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  1. CP birds rusting away in YXE and YYC.
  2. A warm moment
  3. International 800 Directory Assistance
  4. Wingwalkers
  5. Would todays airline be any different if CP took over AC?
  6. Greyhound the next CP?
  7. Remember this?
  8. Does no one Remember?
  9. Canadian North Introduces Bold New Look for Airline
  10. old CP elite tiers
  11. Happy Canada Day everybody...:> :)
  12. anyone keep Canadian memorabilia?
  13. info
  14. Can u help me to find a register of Canadian DC10 I flew in 1997?
  15. miss you
  16. Question
  17. dummy
  18. Lifetime Mileage Accruals
  19. Bye bye, Canadian Plus!
  20. Anyone home?
  21. AAdvantage elite level upgrading
  22. ITN, what's going on?
  23. Loyalty Bonus Points
  24. Final Thoughts On CP??????
  25. Jobs on Offer
  26. Express Check-in Kiosk Bonus
  27. Countdown to AC/CP forum merger
  28. Check in with CP or AC for wet-lease flights?
  29. Earning CP miles on AA
  30. Earning CP status miles - do I understand correctly?
  31. Companion Upgrades
  32. CP966 Aborts take-off this morning in YEG
  33. One-Way Rewards
  34. Platinum to Count Toward Super Elite
  35. Thanks Canadian Plus! (10 Years ago - those were the days!)
  36. Canadian Airlines rpm down 15.7%, loads down to 75.1%
  37. YUL MLL
  38. *A Lounge access in practice for CP
  39. Using Empress Lounge passes at YVR/LAX
  40. CP flights YYZ-YUL on CP operated for Air Canada
  41. Flimsy Aeroplan cards
  42. CP leaves AAdvantage Dec. 31
  43. Empty J-Class Cabin but no seats available
  44. Online Booking Bonuses
  45. The letter has arrived...
  46. Unions "civil" plan to integrate CP pilots
  47. AA elite status
  48. Future of CP Award Certificates
  49. More Wet Leased Flights - All Triangle
  50. Best Travel Credit Card
  51. miles for hotel stay?
  52. Cdn's FAs settle contract with AC
  53. New Royal Bank VISA Avion Gold
  54. Wake for Cdn+ and the Canadian Airlines Forum
  55. LH's miles&more includes Canadain (starting August 2000)
  56. Has the time come...?
  57. Will the code "CP" disappears after the merger?
  58. Royal Bank Canadian Plus Visa
  59. Canadian Plus ending Dec 30 2000
  60. question about CP Plus mileage accural.
  61. Is there US immigration @ terminal 1?
  62. about CP Elite status
  63. Royal Bank Canadian Plus Visa
  64. Fewer flight attendants
  65. Hope springs eternal: AA news for CPers, from YVR
  66. Senior Execs depart Cdn
  67. 3 New 767's Enter Service
  68. Happy Canada Day!
  69. Reorganization Approved, CP out of bankruptcy
  70. New *A members
  71. AA points on CP metal wet-leased to AC?
  72. *STAR RTW Fares
  73. More Update News
  74. YYZ - SYD Great DEAL!!!
  75. Cdn Plus Hang-Up!!!
  76. Award Redemption
  77. BA is a Viable OneWorld Option to CP
  78. Lifetime Mileage Accruals
  79. AA upgrades are like warm toast, with fresh churned butter and sweet, juicy jam
  80. Great new on the Platinum card
  81. For Canada based AAdvantage members only!
  82. What should AA do to get CP domestic and/or transborder business away from AC?
  83. Alaska Airlines Comp'd Status
  84. How many "elites" in Canadian Plus?
  85. are we going to lose our canadian plus miles????
  86. Curbside Service in YYZ @ T1
  87. Pilot Safely lands Cdn Regional Jet
  88. Need Advise....Canadian or Air Canada?
  89. New Look Canadian Website Up
  90. Asiana livery?
  91. RootsAir strategies?
  92. AC sucking life from CP
  93. Attention "Northernflyer"
  94. CP Metal with AC tail....
  95. AMEX suing Canadian for Defamation
  96. Chaos at Canadian Regional
  97. So - where does CP land its metal nowadays?
  98. Great Service; Lousy 737
  99. Claiming AC award seats using CPlus pts
  100. AA Gold challenge?
  101. Customer Survey
  102. New Benefits for ExecPlat and Gold members
  103. AMEX MR transfers
  104. Rock bottom service
  105. Star Lounge access
  106. MR points ball back in Amex's court
  107. HKG-KUL = 16 Miles / CP Points
  108. MLL YVR
  109. British Midland Lounge Access
  110. Travel Agents
  111. The New World Order -- AA upgrades are toast
  112. Posting of AC points on Cdn+
  113. Reminder of Changes This Weekend
  114. Royal Bank Visa
  115. Changes To The Summer Schedule
  116. Calgary Changes
  117. AC / CP branding....
  118. Which alliance carriers have been cut off?
  119. Empress and Maple Leaf Lounges at YWG
  120. Creditors: It's A Done Deal
  121. Problems with getting CPlus miles
  122. AC making last-minute offer to avert CP bankruptcy
  123. New Route/Flight Bonuses
  124. Cudos to Floraworld
  125. Changes to Amex "discount" award tickets
  126. Will Canadian officially join STAR on June 1?
  127. Westjet rules out CRA
  128. AC Holding back Seats from CP Reservations
  129. Anyone got 1 black SWA to trade?
  130. Back to the Board for FA's at Canadian!
  131. Need E-Mail Address!
  132. Something Weird.....
  133. Trying to score some double mileage runs
  134. Declining service
  136. AA cut off date?
  137. NOT FOR SALE: Empress Lounge Memberships
  138. Class of Service Upgrade Points Revisted
  139. Canadian Plus Award Sale
  140. CPlus Cutoff Dates
  142. Win 100K Can Plus Points from Microsoft
  143. Fast, cheap, and outta control - AA Platinum Challenge
  144. Canadian Plus/Starwood/AMEX confusion
  145. AC/CP Different Award Inventories
  146. Priority Baggage Handling
  147. YYZ-HNL-YYZ
  148. Japan Airlines withdraws from Cdn+
  149. New Flight Search Engine
  150. Lounge Arbitrage
  152. Disparity between Cdn+ and Aeroplan credits
  153. Redeem CP Plus points for cruises
  154. My CP/Expedia booking adventure
  155. Earn AA miles for cruising
  156. So, this is what AC will do to our CP miles
  157. Canadian Airlines quarterly loss balloons to $255.9 million
  158. Designing the Perfect Airline
  159. Fly on CP gets miles to *A program???
  160. Value of Platinum
  161. Creditors reject Canadian's plan - should I be worried about my points?
  163. CP points for AA websaavers?
  164. AC Q-Class Fare
  165. Looks like Milton's relations w/ unions are going downhill
  166. Air New Zealand - New CP Partner
  167. AMEX PULLS OUT OF CP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  168. CP 7/8
  169. CP website down??
  170. Stickers to swap
  171. Ticket question
  172. AA JFK - SFO on CP Points
  173. Can I also upgrade companion on AA using CP stickers?
  174. Cut off date for AA award on CP
  175. Kevin's gone...
  176. Access to Upgrades Update
  177. Canada3000
  178. Royal to fly Ottawa-Toronto
  179. No more CP metal
  180. Market research by CP (orAC?)
  181. Help! How to earn points on CX?
  183. bye bye cplus...
  184. Points awarded for upgraded flight?
  185. Interesting Upgrade Question
  186. Stupid.
  187. Any disappointing experience
  188. A comparative analysis of competing service philosophies.
  189. Upgrades - success and horror stories
  190. Upgrade stickers still valid on AA after June 1?
  191. AC/CP Flight Duplication replaced with... CP/CP duplication?
  192. 13 New Routes Start Today on AC and CP
  193. Heads Up CPer's...Here's Whats Changing
  194. Lounges at LHR
  195. AA Seeks to Remove Codeshares from CP
  196. Designing the perfect airline, CP flyers
  197. Stickers - How to use them?
  198. Doing what we do best
  199. Canadian Airlines reachs tentative agreement with pilots
  200. Continuing deterioation in service
  201. Labour Update
  202. Any confirmation on the future combining of CP and Aeroplan miles?
  203. AAdmiral's Club access with CPlus gold card
  204. Talked to the EP desk today,
  205. Web specials are a joke
  206. CP Temporarily Discontinues Electronic Ticketing
  207. What the ..... ?
  208. Canadian 747 HKG
  209. Where's My Y Class Hot Breakfast?
  210. Use of Upgrades on CND flts #3000?
  211. Something makes me really confused.
  212. Blue Stickers to swap
  213. DC 10 brief reappearance
  214. nyone remember seating on Canadian Pacific 737s?
  215. AC Baggage Sizers Today
  216. Canadian Head Office to Close
  217. Status changes on yearly basis only now.
  218. Canadian files for court protection
  219. AC files for CP creditor protection
  220. There is a God!
  221. Red Stickers to Swap
  222. Spring Seat Sale
  223. March/April Newsletter: Points will still available on certain oneworld carriers
  224. Automatic Upgrade on AA flights?
  225. More items in the news
  226. In the news ... labour problems brewing?
  227. Emotional letter from Benson
  228. Your thoughts on using 193k CPlus miles?
  229. Heard anything on upgrade changes yet?
  230. Merging Points from CP+ to Aeroplan
  231. CP award travel on AC
  232. Complaint go unanswered
  233. It's all over for oneworld
  234. Canadi>n classical music channel listing
  235. st. pierre et miquelon
  236. CP codes on AC flights
  237. Signs the end is near
  238. Weird gift from AA (trying to buy our loyalty?)
  239. Upgrade Update :D
  240. AMEX charging to convert to CP points
  241. terminal confusion
  242. You think getting upgrades are difficult? Have you tried an award yet?
  243. You have.....24.....messages
  244. Differences between Gold and EP for 2000
  245. Canadian/Alaska partnership end date
  246. The end of oneworld
  247. 2000 Gold pack upgrades
  248. 10k Q-mile upgrade packs
  249. Cdn vs. AC vs. Cathay J Class
  250. Club Empress vs. Executive First