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  1. Feature Request: "Original Poster" label under username in threads
  2. Need Moderator action on Marriott forum
  3. Green "Company Representative" handles should display which company
  4. Alerts
  5. Database of Credit Pulls
  6. Flyer Talk Administrators
  7. Merged Threads
  8. Questions for the Community Director
  9. Add S&S forums to the top of screen
  10. gateway to news (NNTP)
  11. How to make FlyerTalk more visible??
  12. Where to ask questions about an airport?
  13. Replacement Variables for Airport codes or VB code
  14. Can we add Wikis in some posts?
  15. New Link for Destinations
  16. My suggestions to make FT better....
  17. Moderator replies to reported posts should go to PM, not email
  18. Links at BOTTOM of page
  19. Can we have a 'forum time' clock
  20. ALERTS - E-mail Notifications ?
  21. FT Needs an instant ignore function
  22. Glossary / Acronym list in the FAQ area
  23. Suggestion: Include confirmation step for "Unsubscribe" in MyFlyertalk
  24. Include warning not to call on hotel/flight deals
  25. split sticky "lightest carry-on bag" thread into "wheeled" and "non-wheeled"?
  26. Can we have rating system for trading partners
  27. Consolidation of threads
  28. Recent posts
  29. TalkMail Newsletter - Can we have a web version please?
  30. Deal Alerts...
  31. Cleaning up the Airlines Programs Forum
  32. New FlyerTalkCares thread
  33. Foursquare integration or other checkin method for FT?
  34. Can members will allow to post on Newsstands & TravelBuzz?
  35. Those 'A5 Flyer' ads to the right of the FT screen
  36. Android app/BlackBerry app
  37. Top Flyer: CLT is not a hub
  38. Font colour picker needs hover text
  39. Value of old threads
  40. Quick Reply - No Click Required
  41. List of Acronyms?
  42. ignore/don't display thread button?
  43. Flyertalk Store question
  44. post per page capped at 40 -- can we get a bigger leash please?
  45. Should we stop using the quote button?
  46. X is doing Y. Will Z respond?
  47. Quote notification
  48. Average post per day
  49. No Comments on Moderator Actions Rule
  50. why only 100 PM limit?
  51. Description for Brazil Forum
  52. Suggestions for Top Flyer
  53. Easier way to add a user to your ignore list
  54. FlyerTalk On GoGo Idea
  55. Copying a little from Facebook
  56. Username change?
  57. List/display more than 40 max posts.
  58. anti-ignorance feature
  59. Mileage Run Deals forum
  60. Add TB terms in poster's title
  61. Signing Your Post
  62. Ads from Mileage Brokers
  63. customer service rating
  64. TripIt FlyerTalk group?
  65. overzealous moderators
  66. Flyertalk Airport Lounge
  67. Flyertalk Airport Line
  68. Referrals
  69. Is there a glossary?
  70. Travel Video Section
  71. Mark Forum Read
  72. Show first and last thread when hovering over page number
  73. Subscribed searches
  74. Can we ban the use of "Roll Eyes"?
  75. Link to Glossary from Quick Links drop down.
  76. Bad Surveys
  77. Did Your First Post Include Some Essential Information?
  78. Browser extension decoder for FT jargon?
  79. A button on posts that are helpful to thank the author - example: AndroidForums.com
  80. "Wirelessly posted..." message
  81. Suggested: [member] tag for vB-code
  82. introducing space for new members
  83. View all posts in a thread (pagination off)
  84. Add time and date when quoting
  85. Is there a way to subscribe to a thread without posting in it?
  86. mail notification when someone quote you
  87. Editor buttons needed: thread= & post=
  88. Marketplace
  89. Multi quote
  90. Include hotels on itineraries
  91. Can you guys optimize the ad for the singapore sale ?
  92. Auto-merge posts by same member
  93. Option to remove the "Link your Facebook..." banner
  94. Allow one thread to appear in multiple forums
  95. Suggestion to create auto alerts
  96. Favorite Forums box
  97. A button for "Go To Last Unread Post In Thread"
  98. Coupon Connection should be renamed "UA & AA stuff to trade"
  99. Suggestion: Create an option to edit entries on "Itineraries"
  100. For eyes of Internet brands people only
  101. Suggestion: Shade the Sticky!
  102. Default Search settings
  103. Signatures for FT Premium members
  104. how about a mileage program for FlyerTalk?
  105. Where does a newbie start?
  106. Newcomer..
  107. is there a mobile version of the forums?
  108. Possible Official Video of FT.COM??
  109. "By invitation" Threads
  110. Where to put videos?
  111. FlyerTalk Gear
  112. Your vs banner ad
  113. BerryBlab Plugin
  114. Any chance we can reply and post with the emails?
  115. PLEASE help!
  116. Can we please PM more than 5 users, especially mods?
  117. iPhone application
  118. Itineraries (FlightConnect): Make it more vibrant
  119. New sessions
  120. "Merged threads" indication?
  121. Allow users to delete own posts
  122. Australian Virgin forum
  123. No Forum Section For Air Miles Rewards Scheme
  124. blocking quoted text from an ignored user?
  125. last post
  126. New Posts within subscribed threads.
  127. "Articles" on FT main page
  128. Flyertalk iphone app?
  129. Looking for suugestions concerning job serach process
  130. Change maximum amount of time allowed to edit your own posts
  131. date displayed by mouse-over page number
  132. Prefixes for other/all forums?
  133. Service seems too slow
  134. compare hotels
  135. Flyertalk Site suggestions
  136. acronyms
  137. New TSS Forum?
  138. Add a [wiki] tag to auto-link to FlyerGuide
  139. change flight date
  140. TalkMail: Gratuitous links to The Gate, and archive broken
  141. Profile view
  142. Airport codes suggestion
  143. Template Committee? Please explain it
  144. Is there a way to subcribe to searches on FT (w/ RSS or e-mail)
  145. Search for PMs
  146. invisible thread titles / user names
  147. Ability to edit our own Itineraries
  148. Technology?
  149. Service apartment Ebisu or Monthly Chintai Harajuku ?
  150. Is there any way to make my creation secured from getting ripped off?
  151. The ability to post a thread to muliple forums,
  152. I'd like to know who's added me to their ignore list
  153. FeedBack
  154. Preview of a thread
  155. Archiving election debate
  156. can there be RSS for forums?
  157. Can we lock certain threads?
  158. Proposal: Please notify the OP if threads get moved or merged !
  159. RBP Ding meter?
  160. Flyertalk Book Exchange???
  161. Wouldn't it be nice if I could...
  162. New text on The World - THANK YOU!
  163. Forum Jump dropdown [2008]
  164. Who cares what kind of mobile gizmo I posted from?
  165. Hotel Reservation and Pricing Details
  166. List of Acronyms, Airline codes, etc
  167. How about subscribing to Group messages?
  168. The practice of merging new topics into old ones
  169. Sort search results by number of replies
  170. FT should Cease & desist endorsing/supporting religious charity's
  171. could we put a feedback child forum in coupon connection?
  172. Way to make a multi-page thread one page for printing?
  173. Ignored people in Who's Online?
  174. Profile Programs
  175. Dell's obnoxiously noisy ads
  176. How about a forum for airline employee flyers?
  177. my thread
  178. Wanted: strikethrough vB code
  179. "The World" descriptions
  180. Acronyms crib sheet?
  181. FT mobile suggestions
  182. A way to see new posts in multiple forums
  183. Itinerary-correct date?
  184. Ignoring a member ignores their threads...
  185. If moderators make alterations, the author should be notified, at the very least
  186. Suggestion: Ability to search PM's
  187. Printable version post #
  188. Quick FYI to all FTers: "View Forum Leaders" link
  189. Be able to unsubscribe from threads within alert email
  190. User and/or transaction rating in CC
  191. Forum shortcuts using airline codes
  192. Corporate phishing on flyertalk and corporate participation
  193. Allowing cross-posting - might need some programming work though....
  194. Has this been asked before? button
  195. suggestion: bring back the 'please read before posting' to mileage run
  196. Suggestion - "Paging xxxx"
  197. Color the date on old posts?
  198. RSS feed with the most interesting threads
  199. Status match thread is utterly useless
  200. Silly late night question. Why is <S>wiss before <N>orthwest?
  201. Mark Forums Read
  202. Signatures
  203. need help finding Smoking hotels
  204. Census poll/sticky for the catch-all Airline forums
  205. Feature request - polling functionality
  206. My thread is missing from AC Forums
  207. Mobile
  208. Suggestion - flag a thread as "ignore"
  209. Please stop merging threads
  210. Simple feature request - Jabber ID
  211. Can we have 'crumbs' when you hover your mouse over a thread title?
  212. Thread reply consolidation/continuation has gotten a little extreme
  213. Another suggestion for signatures
  214. Proposed change to signature standards
  215. Thailand forum - move up the list?
  216. Minimum search term length...
  217. Virgin America Elevate Forum
  218. Personal Service
  219. Increase Text Size?
  220. A Forum for Airports
  221. Merging threads suggestion
  222. linking the sticky on using the search feature to FAQs
  223. when a moderator deletes a post, can the poster be notified as to why?
  224. Let the Leaders KNow How Useless the Search Function Is!
  225. Why no forums dedicated to airports?
  226. feature request
  227. Indiana Jones Flight Tracker
  228. Minimum time between searches when receiving an error
  229. Is there any particular reason why b!tch is on the list of forbidden words?
  230. Vacation/Away from a computer mode...
  231. Fare sale sticky
  232. Virgin America now has a FF program
  233. FARE GONE threads
  234. Classifieds
  235. short search message
  236. Force search refresh?
  237. Able to preview thread without opening it
  238. A way to search for airport codes
  239. cross-posting
  240. Kill the Orange adverts!!!
  241. A place members can ask for help in fare searches
  242. Trade Miles an Option on FT?
  243. Glossary additions
  244. Hot Threads Notice
  245. can't quote from DL forums replies
  246. Power tip exchange sticky in Travel Tech forum
  247. Airport Codes in Posts
  248. Reviews for luggage
  249. Two suggestions for member page
  250. Seattle gets no respect