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  1. Thank You.
  2. The Suggestion Box
  3. New "News" button with "thumb up" symbol on posts?
  4. Voting Over, Motion Passed: Creation of a Lodging Services Forum (Including AirBnB)
  5. Forum Suggestion: FT Feedback and General Discussions
  6. No TB Elections: TalkBoard Disbands 30 Nov 2016
  7. Lodging Services forum (such as Airbnb, VRBO, Homeaway, etc)
  8. AA systemwide upgrade to MXP taken back
  9. Closing the External Miles and Points Resources Forum
  10. Dear TalkBoard, we need a <shrug> emoticon. Stat!
  11. Closing the Smoking Section Forum [Update: it will stay open]
  12. Is it time for a minor restructuring of our destination forums?
  13. Should FlyerTalk move from an elected advisory board to an appointed advisory board?
  14. Voting Over, Motion Passed: Other Air Travel+ Private and Non-Airline Aviation Forum
  15. Voting Open / Changing the LAN Forum Name to LATAM (motion will pass)
  16. Suggestion: new forum on Cash back sites
  17. Time to change LANPass name and possibly incorporate TAM into forum
  18. Traveling GREEN Forum?
  19. Voting over, motion passed: Changing the Avianca Forum Name
  20. Private Jet Forum discussion ("Other Air Travel..." forum now open)
  21. Avianca forum name
  22. Thread for giving away Admiral Club items?
  23. Further subdivision of Mileage Run Forum?
  24. Happy New Year 2016
  25. Happy Holidays to those who read & contribute to Talkboard
  26. Trainee Cabin Crew
  27. Make TB apologize to the FlyerTalk community
  28. Election of TalkBoard Leaders 2015-2016
  29. Kosher meals
  30. Instant Reply/Quote Notifications
  31. TB Followers - Top issues TB should address in 2016? [flame free]
  32. 2015 Talkboard election results
  33. Subdivide United Simple Question Forum?
  34. I voted today. But I didn't get a badge...
  35. Motion Passed 8-0-1: Amendment to TB Guidelines
  36. Voting Ended / Motion Passed: creation of South African Airways | Voyager
  37. Voting Ended / Motion Passed: creation of Copa | ConnectMiles forum
  38. New Forum Proposal for a Copa | Connect Miles Forum
  39. Suggestion: Limiting Number of New Threads for Newbies
  40. Suggestion: Allowing of images within signatures (within reason, of course)
  41. Talkboard Guidelines on Private Forum?
  42. New forum proposal for South African Airways | Voyager
  43. Voting Ended / Motion Passed: Creation of a Smoking Section
  44. What is the Strategic Plan for FlyerTalk? What is the vision? Do we need one?
  45. Suggestion: Close the Gaming Loyalty Programs Forum
  46. Proposal: Discussion time before voting begins
  47. Voting Ended - Motion Passed: Add a Minor Amendment process
  48. Make Manufactured Spending Forum Require Login to Read
  49. Formalizing a Minor Amendment Process (retry)
  50. Voting Ended - Motion Passed: Return Budget Airline forums to Their Prior airline for
  51. Travel News Forum: close, re-purpose or merge with TravelBuzz?
  52. Proposal to amalgamate the "Budget" and "Other" geographical airline fora
  53. How can we help FT win credit card referral income vs. the blogs?
  54. GLBT Board Name?
  55. Voting Ended - Motion Passed: Renaming Car Rental Programs/Partners & adding forum
  56. Needed: A forum for travelers who smoke
  57. Everything else forum / Lounge?
  58. Enhancing the FT Flight Connect flight meet-up tool
  59. Where do/should we talk about AirBnB, VBRO, etc?
  60. Increased Transparency in TB Votes
  61. Should there be a 'hired car/driver' forum on FlyerTalk
  62. forum merge requests?
  63. Voting Ended - Motion Failed: "Formalizing a Friendly Amendment process"
  64. Motion Passed, Voting Over: Restructuring of the Car Rental Forums
  65. Space Available Forum (for military and their retirees)
  66. Voting Over, Motion Passed: Amend the TalkBoard guidelines for timelag
  67. Forum for Discussing Credit Card Fraud/ID Theft etc
  68. FT needs a General car rental subforum
  69. Happy Holidays to those who read & contribute to Talkboard
  70. Suggestion? - International Rail Travel?- Beyond Europe
  71. "Like" counters now appear in FT profiles [Update: now off]
  72. Can someone please fix the Mileage Run Deals forum?
  73. Election of Talkboard leaders for 2014-15
  74. "Informative" button options for reader feedback
  75. Farewell, Thanks & I'll Still Be Around...
  76. Create a Best Redemption Deals forum?
  77. Close the Information desk forum
  78. Suggestions for TalkBoard voting process - announcements and stand-down period
  79. 2014 Talkboard election results
  80. A brief history of the Flyer Talk TalkBoard
  81. Is there a historical list of Talkboard members? (and discussion of History thread)
  82. Change the name of the "Russia-based airlines" forum
  83. Close the recently created Premium Deals Forum
  84. Has a thread-level "Not Interested" button ever been proposed?
  85. New forum ? [for new member introductions]
  86. Thoughts on a Non-Rev forum on FT?
  87. Motion Passed: Creation of a Premium Fare Deals subforum
  88. Should Premium Fare deals get its own forum?
  89. Should there be a dating forum on FT? (v 2.0)
  90. Should 40 posts per page be the default?
  91. Motion Passed: Creation of a Citibank | ThankYou Rewards forum
  92. You want learning how to acquire God Like Powers ?
  93. Suggestion: Move Frontier EarlyReturns forum into Budget NA/SA
  94. jason8612 replaces goalie on Talkboard
  95. I will be resigning from Talkboard-but for a good reason
  96. Rule Change Suggestion
  97. Hi all, info on BA delayed flights.
  98. How about a new forum with all News, Breaking Stories, & Or Accidents?
  99. Suggestion: Implement Entry Requirement for Manufactured Spending Forum
  100. flight connection/itinerary (stats personalizing FTers - not new forum)
  101. Should TB consider the limited possibility of changing only the Evangelist title?
  102. Mileage Run forum to be renamed/repurposed?
  103. Motion Failed: Recommend new post thresholds and titles
  104. TalkBoard voting outcomes
  105. Motion Passed: Establishment of General USA Forum
  106. New subforum for Pacific Northwest?
  107. Get Rid of "Middle East and Egypt" forum - Replace with Unified Forum
  108. Create an Icelandair Forum
  109. Suggestion: a general USA forum in the Destinations section
  110. Respectfully, is there an update?
  111. New Wiki tags on threads
  112. The Coupon Connection Closed Indefinitely 15 April 2014
  113. Could you please add a TAM Forum
  114. "Only Randy Peterson"
  115. Suggestion: Let MH / Malaysia Airlines have its forum
  116. Avatars
  117. Suggestion : Flyertalk corporate rate for major hotel chains
  118. Suggestion: New Developments Forum
  119. Is there an IB Ombudsman?
  120. Happy Holidays to those who read & contribute to Talkboard
  121. Motion passed: Talkboard recommends closing the Event & Travel Planning forum
  122. Question regarding budget airline forums
  123. Suggestion: Close Group and Event Travel Planning forum
  124. Election of Talkboard leaders for 2013-14
  125. Forum Member Affiliate Links Policy Reconsideration?
  126. Thanks to nsx, jackal, and RichMSN, outgoing Talkboard members
  127. 2013 Talkboard Election results
  128. Motion Passed: Removal of HansGolden from Talkboard
  129. Filling TB Vacancies
  130. My Resignation
  131. Voting in TB Elections? Some things to consider.
  132. Is there a link to voting for TB?
  133. Information Desk does not seem to be working
  134. List of TB candidates?
  135. Suggestion: Mood rating for customers of different airlines
  136. Motion Passed: Renaming Airline & Hotel Chain Forums
  137. Renaming the Buzz forums?
  138. Motion Passed: Create a Trusted Traveler forum
  139. Voting Over, Motion Passed: Create Four Budget Airline Forums
  140. Voting Over, Motion Passed: Create an Information Desk Forum
  141. Rules against campaigning prevent TalkBoard from being relevant to most users
  142. Kimpton In Touch Forum Request
  143. Add a Trusted Traveler forum as an offshoot of Travel Safety/Security?
  144. What happened to the Suggestions forum?
  145. Voting Over, Motion Failed: Close the Travel News Forum
  146. Flyertalk "too big to share"?
  147. How many posters has FT lost yeare over year?
  148. "Like" Button?
  149. Parallel threads in Credit Card forum & program-specific forum
  150. How to Make a Complaint
  151. Move the Support & Services forums to a more visable location on the FT home page
  152. New Forum Proposal: "I want to fly to X with miles"
  153. Defining the mission of MilesBuzz; Adding a Flame Free Q&A Forum?
  154. Is there a list of all the members with Green lettered titles?
  155. Time to re-task forums for discussion of companies rather than their FF programs?
  156. New Forum Suggestion: Thank You Points
  157. Is Milesbuzz as we knew it toast?
  158. Proposal, Name Change: Avianca Lifemiles
  159. What good is MilesBuzz! if .... [Legacy card threads moved to Credit Card Programs]
  160. Proposal: Time for Sri Lankan (UL) To Have Its Own Thread
  161. Flying with a felony probation violation
  162. A new sub forum for Alamo, National and Enterprise!
  163. WTH is this? An "advice" forum? Travel for free forum?
  164. Are FT blog posts subject to the same T&C as member posts?
  165. New forum: Manufactured Controversy (April 1 / April Fool)
  166. MOTION PASSED: Create a 'Points & Miles Blogs' Forum
  167. clarifying the self-promotion clause in the TOS?
  168. Motion Passed: Create a Chase Ultimate Rewards Forum
  169. Proposal: New forum to discuss bloggers
  170. Proposal: This House believes WE NEED MORE MILES! So why is this forum public?
  171. Bluebird forum?
  172. Proposal - Create a Benelux sub forum within Europe Destinations
  173. Proposal - Add Malaysia Airlines board
  174. Announcement: a subforum for "manufactured spending" will be added
  175. Mileage Run (Separate International from US Domestic)
  176. Proposal - Creation of "Greater China Based Airlines" Forum
  177. Motion Passed 23 Jan 2013 - Create an Aer Lingus Gold Circle Club Forum
  178. What's happening with the BD forum?
  179. Motion Failed 23 Jan 2013 - Create an Airlines of Mainland China Forum
  180. Suggestion: Easy Questions Forum
  181. Suggestion: Aer Lingus Forum?
  182. Happy Holidays to those who read & contribute to TB
  183. Proposal: Manufacturers Forum
  184. Proposal - Complete consolidation of games threads into OMNI/Games
  185. Proposal - Turkey sub-forum in Europe section
  186. Talkboard Leaders for 2012-2013
  187. Proposal to Elect Moderators
  188. Credit Card "Reviews" on front page of FT
  189. Discussion: TB, FT and Mobile Apps
  190. Create Airlines of China forum
  191. Are there airline-specific forums for posting general questions about an airline?
  192. 2012 election results for 2013 Talkboard
  193. Requirements for Coupon Codes?
  194. Recommendations for TB Election
  195. "Scams" forum?
  196. Decode Boarding passes for PreCheck??
  197. TB 2012 elections?
  198. Snap [airline food forum]
  199. Motion Passed: Create a Avianca/Taca Lifemiles Forum
  200. Former TB campaigns available?
  201. Suggestion- Separate Credit Card Churn Forum
  202. Suggestion box
  203. Create "Good Deal Economy" and "Good Deal Premium" forums
  204. Airport Forum?
  205. Does FT "attitude" drive newbies to blogs?
  206. Smaller Freq. Points Programs Option
  207. Create a Frequent Parker Program section
  208. Motion Passed: Create a Korea Forum
  209. an OMNI/Sports forum?
  210. Oceania Forum
  211. Proposal: Korea(s) Forum as a major travel destination.
  212. Motion Passed: Create a Spain/Portugal/Gibraltar Forum
  213. Jumeirah Hotels and Sirius forum
  214. Ritz-Carlton Rewards Forum
  215. Avianca/Taca Lifemiles Forum
  216. Missing TopFlyer Prize
  217. Proposal: Time to Rethink Having a Spain Or Spain/Portugal Forum?
  218. How about a souvenir forum
  219. Change "El Al Matmid" to "Airlines of Israel"
  220. Suggestion : Change name of the Emirates Airlines Skywards forum
  221. Suggestion: Rename Marriott forum to include Ritz Carlton (updated title)
  222. re new forum proposals
  223. Private charter forum?
  224. Sloppy job changing thread names at Airlines of India forum
  225. Discussion: Forum for Current Airport & Related Observations
  226. Proposal - Separate Israel out of Middle East Forum
  227. Can the TB revisit the Commercial links in Signatures issue?
  228. Surveys
  229. Organization of Airline Programs
  230. Flyertalk Chat: Any role for TB to play in getting it resolved?
  231. Suggestion to change the Travel Destinations look
  232. Comments Welcome-Voting Underway: Create an Airlines of Russia and the CIS Forum
  233. JDiver joins Moderator2 as co-Mod for the forum
  234. Separate AmEx forum - why no Chase UR forum?
  235. Discussion: 'other' loyalty programs forum?
  236. Motion Passed: Turn On Images in All Forums
  237. Motion Passed: Create a Peru Forum
  238. Motion Passed: Create Frequent Travel Tools & Services Forum
  239. Images: allow them in all forums?
  240. Reconstructing FT to make it more of a social flagship?
  241. New post-count titles for FlyerTalk? Nominate your favorites!
  242. Suggestion: Change Talkboard Voting Proccess
  243. Motion Failed: Require Login to View Mileage Run Forum
  244. New forum for fee-happy airlines?
  245. Suggestion: amend name of VS forum
  246. Suggestion: mandatory consultation period in advance of a tabling motion
  247. Intermediate titles
  248. Comments Welcome: Voting Underway-Create Spirit Airlines Forum
  249. Discussion re: resolution asking Internet Brands to implement wiki-posts on FlyerTalk
  250. Motion Passed: Close Toronto Subforum