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  1. Forum Proposal - Spirit Airlines
  2. Forum Proposal: Spain.
  3. Proposal: Time for a LAN forum
  4. a TB-labeled extraordinary thread program?
  5. Suggestion: rename MilesBuzz
  6. Are there any forums that are underperforming and need to be - ahem - cleaned up?
  7. Are TB members still alive?
  8. Proposal: CC Subforum for "Karma/Nothing In Return"
  9. Forum proposal: Spas
  10. Forum needed for UK Rail
  11. Set limits on photo sizes
  12. Jet Airways Forum Spin-Off
  13. FlyerTalk Chat
  14. Car-free travel forum?
  15. "Good Deal" premium fares...
  16. How about the creation of a "Bargin Bin" forum?
  17. Proposal: Arts travel (Under Special interest travel)
  18. parents, travel & gifts for kids
  19. Swine (H1N1) flu
  20. Motion Approved: Create Fairmont Presidents Club Forum
  21. Forum title/tagline question
  22. I don't like the country forums.
  23. OMNI UK?
  24. new subfourms in MR fourm?
  25. Motion Passed: Future Merger of DL/NW Forums
  26. Proposal: Split UA into multiple child forums
  27. Is "Flyertalk Reviews" a failure?
  28. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: To allow static images in many forums
  29. Proposal: Staff travel/ID tickets
  30. TalkBoard Announcement: FlyerTalk Cares donation to Red Cross Australian Fire Relief
  31. Rename European Rail forum to British Isles & European Rail
  32. Class Action Lawsuit/Settlement Forum
  33. What is the TalkBoard and How are New Forums and Other Suggestions Considered?
  34. Proposal: Merge the Delta & NW Forums ASAP
  35. UPDATE: Motion Failed: Allow static images (except in omni)
  36. Has the TalkBoard developed guidelines for opening or closing forums?
  37. Proposal: Student Travel (under Special Interest Travel)
  38. Proposal: Airlines of Caribbean
  39. UPDATE: Motion Adopted: Close the Senior Travel Forum
  40. Topic for Consideration - Requirement to make thread titles descriptive
  41. What about a VIA Rail forum and its VIA Preference Reward Program ?
  42. Archived: Should there be a dating forum within FT? (v 1.0)
  43. proposal: break "airline programs" heading into four alliance-based headings
  44. What is replacing "Only Randy Petersen"?
  45. Motion Adopted: Vote Complete - Recommend Creation of European Rail Forum
  46. Mileage Run Deals as a sub-forum of MR Discussion?
  47. Time to close the Alitalia MilleMiglia forum?
  48. kokonutz elected TalkBoard Vice President/Secretary
  49. Proposal: ETIHAD Airlines forums
  50. european rail forum
  51. gleff re-elected TalkBoard President for 2008-2009
  52. Proposal: Allow members to remove their IDs and expunge all associated posts.
  53. 2008 TalkBoard Final Results....
  54. Time for the OMNI tribes to merge?
  55. Candidate Needs Access to Debate Forum Please
  56. Debate Forum Private?
  57. Questions for the B-I-G debate?
  58. Proposal: A more rigid posting procedure for Mileage Run Deals Forum
  59. Talkboard Application
  60. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: New TalkBoard Guidelines (Ver. 2)
  61. EU Fares section in Miles & Points
  62. TalkBoard members et al, would you take the pledge...?
  63. Thoughts on a "which airline for me?" type forum?
  64. New Proposal for TalkBoard Guidelines
  65. A TalkBoard Member Change/Please Welcome New TalkBoard Member berlinflyer
  66. TalkBoard Voting Records - 2007 term to present
  67. Suggestion for Forum Closure Process
  68. Motion Failed: New TalkBoard Guidelines
  69. PROPOSAL: Eliminate "Special Interest Travel" subsection of FT
  70. is the gaming forum officially dead? Randy?
  71. Proposal: Kill the Traveling with Pets forum
  72. Motion Failed: Restrict access to Mileage Run Deals to logged-in members
  73. Proposal - Off Topic Discussion Forum
  74. Proposal: Airport review
  75. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway: New TalkBoard Guidelines
  76. Motion Failed, Voting Complete: Travel Health & Fitness forum
  77. Proposal: close seniors forum
  78. Vote Complete: Motion Failed-Restrict access to Mileage Run Deals to logged-in users
  79. Clarification request: "other" programs?
  80. PROPOSAL: Add Forum category titled "Airports"
  81. Comments Welcome: New TalkBoard Guidelines
  82. Proposal: Add forum for Amex Centurion talk
  83. Removal of thread start date?
  84. Proposal: Add forum for, "Fitness on the go"
  85. Update on FlyerTalk Cares
  86. Motion failed: Eliminate FlyertalkCares: Our Member Efforts discussion
  87. Mission to the world (was: Timeframe for Randy to make a decision?)
  88. Treatment of "I upgraded a soldier" threads
  89. Request: Change National Car Rental Forum to National and Alamo Car Rental
  90. Comments welcome, voting underway: Rescind all previous FT Cares approvals
  91. Comments welcome, voting underway: Eliminate FlyertalkCares: Our Member Efforts
  92. Petition: Abolition of TalkBoard
  93. Polls in the TalkBoard Forum
  94. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: Rescind Mission to the World Charity Approval
  95. Petition: Allow posting of one own's website in their signature line
  96. Petition: Disallow any commercial or charitable solicitations by members
  97. Motion
  98. Online Petition: Request to the TalkBoard to rescind its recent action
  99. How about a forum for airline employee flyers?
  100. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: Charity request - Mission to the World
  101. What is TalkBoard doing?
  102. Comments welcome, voting underway: Charitable Request - Dreamflight
  103. Turkey?
  104. Proposal: New Forum for Hottest Deals
  105. IT's Time For TEXAS
  106. Proposal: Restrict Access to the Mileage Run Forum
  107. Proposal: Change name of the "Travel Photographay Forum" forum
  108. Voting Complete: Motion Passed - Charity Request - Kiva
  109. Ambassador proposal reboot
  110. Comments welcome, voting underway: Gaming Loyalty Program forum
  111. Suggestion: New Forum - FlyerTalk Freecycle
  112. Announcement: Delay of implementation of test forums supporting graphics
  113. Proposal: Some new wording for the Ambassador proposal
  114. Forum For Best Seats
  115. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: Creation of a Gaming Loyalty Program forum
  116. Proposal: New title for midrange posters.
  117. Voting Completed: Motion Failed - Flyertalk Ambassador Proposal
  118. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: Permit Test of Photos in 4 Forums
  119. Proposal: TalkBoard Members to review their manifestos against their delivery
  120. Proposal: make Mileage Run Discussions stand alone forum
  121. Forum Re-Engineering/Streamlining
  122. trafficker-forum
  123. Proposal: Allow Photos in Forums Besides Trip Reports and Travel Photography?
  124. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway - Rename TripRewards to Wyndham Rewards
  125. Proposal: New Forum - Solo Travellers
  126. Another modest proposal: Delete this 'discontinued' forum, unposted in 2+yrs
  127. TalkBoard Meeting Summary 25 April 2008
  128. Motion Passed: Publish TalkBoardDO Meeting Summary
  129. proposal: it's time for a TB ombudsman
  130. Motion Failed: Publish TalkBoardDO Agenda
  131. Forum for airlines of greater China
  132. Voting Completed: Motion Failed - Shutter Religious Travelers Forum
  133. Suggestion: rename TripRewards forum to Wyndham Rewards
  134. Town Hall Section
  135. Voting Completed - Motion Passed: Remove Flyertalk Reviews
  136. FT segmentation TB question
  137. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway: Travel with Pets
  138. so, can someone tell us what happened at the TB meeting?
  139. Forum Suggestion: Flyertalk Newbies
  140. proposed UK Competions forum
  141. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway - Charity - Medicin Sans Frontieres
  142. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway: Pan-Mass Challenge Charity
  143. Voting Completed: Motion Passed - Seniors Travel Forum
  144. Merger discussion woes suggestion
  145. a Seniors (only travel related) forum?
  146. Proposal- 'LOW FARE REQUEST' Forum
  147. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway - FlyertalkCares Guidelines
  148. Input Welcome for Talkboard Meeting
  149. Disney Hotel Forum
  150. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: Charity - Race for Life
  151. New forum idea...Nonrev travel forum
  152. Motion Passed - Create Virgin America Forum
  153. Proposal: Create a "Fare Gone" sub-forum.
  154. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: Make Hotel Deals a Standalone Forum
  155. Voting Complete - Motion Passed: Establish Qatar Forum
  156. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway - Establish Turkish Forum
  157. Proposal: Should There Be a Forum for Travel by Car?
  158. Poster Suggestion: Duty Free Forum?
  159. Recommendation: That TB establish a timeframe for for re-voting of issues
  160. Rethinking Virgin America forum vote
  161. The Post Count Issue Is Closed......
  162. Recommendation: Give all the Mileage Run SubForums Full Forum Status
  163. Voting Completed - Motion Passed: Approve Inveneo for FlyertalkCares
  164. Comments welcome, voting underway: FlyerTalk Care - Susan G Komen
  165. Temporary Sub Forum Creation to Deal With Merger Speculations & Implications?
  166. FT Reviews: A disgrace to the community - Your thoughts
  167. New Forum Request: Flyertalk Approved Charities
  168. Voting Completed - Motion Failed: Include OMNI posts in Post Counts
  169. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway: FlyerTalk Cares, American Cancer Society
  170. Discontinued programs: No posts in ANY forum in at least the last 100 days
  171. OMNI Post Counts
  172. Proposal: Own Forum fpr Qatar Airways (QR)
  173. why doesn't TB oversee search functionality?
  174. Suggest Spliting Amex MR UK & U.S. based
  175. New Smilies. (Just smilies and nothing else besides smilies.)
  176. Are there access restrictions to the TalkBoard Topics forum?
  177. Proposal: Should create new Spirit Air Plus Forums
  178. Proposal: Rename Middle East forum to include Near East and N. Africa
  179. (Voting Completed: Motion Passed) Choice Privileges Forum
  180. Adding ATA to the title of the Southwest Airlines forum
  181. Proposal : Split Other North American and South American into Two
  182. Consolidate AirTran, Finnair, Frontier, and/or Midwest Forums?
  183. (Voting Underway) Comments Welcome: Approve Irish Sri Lankan Orphanage Fund
  184. Airline Review Suggestion
  185. (Voting Completed: Motion Passed) Should Travel Photography be a full forum?
  186. Proposal : Set a policy and define quant. metrics for forum creation and dissolution.
  187. Choice Privileges forum?
  188. (Voting Completed - Motion Failed) Should VX Have a Forum?
  189. Spiff Re-elected TalkBoard Vice President
  190. gleff Elected TalkBoard President 2007-2008
  191. OMNI rules need to be updated
  192. Question: Why is "the World" Not Alphabetical?
  193. Proposal: "declassify" old TB discussions on guidelines changes
  194. Do we have a president yet?
  195. when/why did the TB presidential election timeframe change?
  196. FYI: TalkBoard Internal Elections in Progress
  197. the new sub-forums under Mileage Running are a bust
  198. Change RBP Icon Into Text-Based
  199. Proposal: Rename or change subheading of Flying Blue forum to include associates
  200. Proposal to new TB: pledge of ethics
  201. New Forum Suggestion: ATA Travel Awards
  202. Recent TalkBoard Election Results
  203. Missing candidate info? What did I do wrong?
  204. Talkboard Election results
  205. Comments welcome, voting underway: Should VX Have a Forum?
  206. Comments welcome, voting underway: Change Wyndham forum to TripRewards
  207. Comments welcome, voting underway: Should GlobalPass be Consolidated into ONSAFFP?
  208. Comments welcome, voting underway: Indian-based airlines forum
  209. Change to Travel Bidding Forum?
  210. Voting not open yet?
  211. Talkboard Election Voting
  212. Coupon Connection feedback system
  213. Proposal: Rename the "Wyndham ByRequest" Forum to "TripRewards"
  214. Talkboard Elections Debate Forum
  215. Is it time to close the Religious Travelers forum?
  216. Has anyone taken the TSO TEST for English and X-Ray?
  217. Sports Fans
  218. Proposal: Traveler Hall of Fame
  219. Mileage Run forum
  220. How About A Newbies Board?
  221. TalkBoard Elections
  222. Best forum for various miles/points credit card offers?
  223. Suggestion: Internet Brands Feedback Forum
  224. the word ..... should not be on the "no fly" list
  225. Should Latinpass/Globalpass forum be moved to discontinued programs?
  226. Does the TB interact with IB?
  227. Did I miss this year's TalkBoard Elections?
  228. Inappropriate Advertisements
  229. Proposal: New California Sub-Forum - San Diego
  230. Just an idea..(FARE GONE subforum for Mileage Run)
  231. IYHO, how has this Talkboard performed?
  232. Enough of the foot long ads at the top of each page.
  233. Proposal: New Forum for Airlines of India (incl Air India, Jet Airways, Kingfisher)
  234. Proposal: Allow posts in other languages
  235. TalkBoard elections
  236. Comments Welcome: Voting Underway - FlyertalkCares: Approve Russ21Atl's AIDS Walk
  237. Suggestion: Restrict access to S.P.A.M. forum
  238. Suggestion for "Enthusiasts" forum
  239. (Voting Completed: Motion Passed) Creation of a Travel Products Forum?
  240. Comments Welcome: Voting Underway - Table discussion of SPAM Forum
  241. Proposal: new non-travel-related *frequency program* forum under points and miles
  242. Comments Welcome: Voting Underway - Merge Varig into Other N/S America Forum
  243. Proposal : eShopping forum
  244. Comments Welcome: Voting Underway - FlyerTalkCares Procedures
  245. Proposal: Air Cargo Forum
  246. Clarification request - where do UL posts go?
  247. Comments Welcome: Voting Underway - Emergencies Forum
  248. Suggestion: "Young Travelers" forum?
  249. Proposal:General Hotel Forum
  250. Has the time come for a Fairmont forum?