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  1. Proposal for New Spirit Forum (merged threads)
  2. Is Talkboard willing to reconsider MR access (again)?
  3. Comments Welcome Voting Underway-Amend Talkboard Guidelines Voting Results Disclosure
  4. Discussion: TalkBoard motion pass/fail results reported in real-time? & related.
  5. Comments Welcome: Voting Underway-Create Group & Event Travel Planning Forum
  6. Question: Does Toronto really need it's own Sub-Forum?
  7. Aeroflot +++ forum
  8. Proposal: Sticky Thread in Europe Forum about the basics of planning a trip in Europe
  9. Counting OMNI P/R posts, where is the discussion and vote?
  10. Forum suggestion: generic Loyalty Program forum
  11. Proposal: Gulf Air Forum?
  12. Motion Passed: Non-counting of Posts in a Games Forum
  13. Motion Passed - Create a Games Forum under the Omni Category
  14. Should the TalkBoard votes be held in public?
  15. Who writes the Coupon Connection 'TOS?' They need some work.
  16. Your thoughts, please: 2 week voting period for TB motions
  17. Please help the TalkBoard describe a Games forum
  18. Travel Planners Forum
  19. Motion Passed - Create a Air Berlin Forum
  20. Motion Passed - Posts Count in All FT Forums
  21. Why can't I access OMNI?
  22. Air Berlin forum
  23. Hello Friends !
  24. How are Destination forums ordered?
  25. FT tech / brand
  26. Request for a Seattle Forum
  27. Proposal: Arizona Forum
  28. MEGAthreads - your thoughts?
  29. My thoughts for the 2012 Talkboard
  30. Happy Holidays to those who read & contribute to TB
  31. Gift disclosure and thank you
  32. Comments Welcome: Voting Underway - Create a Texas Forum
  33. The GATE - create a forum for the blog.
  34. How to de-marginalize the TB and create more opportunities for collaboration
  35. Request For A Texas Forum
  36. Motion Passed: Amend Talkboard Guidelines - Term Limits
  37. Talkboard is considering Term Limits - seeking your input
  38. Discussion: Technical corrections to TalkBoard Guidelines
  39. Our new Talkboard leaders for 2012
  40. Should there be a forum or threads or <insert your idea> for moderation feedback?
  41. My thanks to our outgoing board members
  42. Please Accept My Sincere Apology!
  43. I intend to run for President of the TalkBoard and I am going to tell you why.
  44. Should login be required for access to Mistake Fares?
  45. Proposal: Open a FT Community Director/SanDiego1K forum as successor to ORP forum
  46. 2011 Election Results
  47. Proposal/suggestion/question/debate: Should Travel News be eliminated/refocused?
  48. Motion Passed: Forum for Aegean Airlines (A3)
  49. Talkboard passes more motions than it fails
  50. Motion Passed: Forum for Etihad
  51. Proposal: Aegean Airlines Forum
  52. Proposal/request for comment: codifying policy for handle changes
  53. 2012 Talkboard elections
  54. Why commercial DO's are allowed to "advertise" here?
  55. Change CC TOS
  56. Motion Passed: Add SIXT Car Rental forum
  57. Do TB member get any undisclosed perks from IB or travel companies?
  58. Forum activity statistics
  59. Motion Passed: Forum for LAN
  60. Forum suggestion: LAN please (Again)
  61. I thought creating forums was Talk Board's purview
  62. Removal of police and other public official names from postings?
  63. Why I won't be standing for re-election to TalkBoard
  64. AutoSlash and Free Advertising on FlyerTalk
  65. Does TB have any influence over titles on FT?
  66. Suggesting change of OMNI/CC entry requirments!
  67. Suggestion: Creation of a Lounge Subforum in OMNI
  68. Motion Passed: "Amend TalkBoard Guidelines: Requirements for Motions to Pass"
  69. Motion Failed to Pass: Restore Post Count Credit for Omni
  70. Expectations of TB members communicating with members
  71. New Forum Suggestion: Aegean Airlines
  72. Re-organise of Airline Forums
  73. Motion Passed: Create Iberia Forum
  74. Suggestion: Optiontown.com forum
  75. General mileage/CC comparison questions
  76. Best Plane options from LA to NY?
  77. Help! S.p.a.m. Is no longer s.p.a.m.
  78. Proposal: Lounge/Off-Topic Threads Do Not Count Toward Post Count
  79. Forum for Philippine Airlines?
  80. Omni the new dumping ground for TS/S threads gone bad?
  81. Suggestion for locally oriented flyertalk forums
  82. Motion Passed: Create Virgin Australia Velocity Forum
  83. Suggestion: Allow post counts in Omni PR
  84. Motion Passed: Allow Images in Omni and Omni P/R
  85. Forum suggestion: Iberia Plus
  86. Suggestion: A Virgin Australia Velocity forum
  87. Suggestion: Addition to the Special Interest Travel Section
  88. Motion Passed: Public Notice Procedures
  89. Spamming of FT members on FB for self-promotion
  90. Proposed recommend to Amend TB Guidelines
  91. Motion Passed: Change Coupon Connection Access Requirements
  92. Referral links in signatures - clarification needed
  93. Suggestion: increased collaboration between the TB and the Mod Corps
  94. Post Padding
  95. FlyerTalk Do FAQ: Comments requested
  96. Proposal: Should a Commercial For-Profit Forum Be Created on FlyerTalk?
  97. Allowing images in OMNI?
  98. April Fools Thread
  99. Proposal: Rename Radisson goldpoints plus forum as Club Carlson
  100. Suggestion: Make CC stickies available for all
  101. Suggestion: Create an "Iberian Peninsula forum
  102. Is there an immigration-related section on FT?
  103. Do we really want non-English threads just for the sake of it?
  104. Proposed amendment to TB Guidelines: conflicts of interest
  105. What is a 'Do?' When does a 'Do' become a commercial venture?
  106. Proposed: Can we donates the money for Japan Relief?
  107. Motion Passed: Updated TalkBoard Guidelines - Filling Vacancies of Elected TalkBoard
  108. Motion Passed: Restrict Access to OMNI and OMNI/PR
  109. Is the TB looking at MilePoint?
  110. european rules regarding compensation
  111. nsx elected TalkBoard Vice-President/Secretary for remainder of the 2010-2011 TB term
  112. Has Internet Brands sold FlyerTalk?
  113. What will happen to ad-free FT?
  114. Proposal: Allow Talkboard members to moderate the Talkboard Topics forum
  115. Moderator selection: Forum Management
  116. Proposed: To do with away with the "Evangelist" and other titles!
  117. Proposed: Close Omni to members with <x (to-be-determined) period of time on FT
  118. nsx returns to Talkboard
  119. Motion Passed: Create Travel Health & Fitness forum
  120. UA_Flyer joins Talkboard
  121. Please welcome Spiff as our new Talkboard president
  122. Resignation
  123. Suggestion...Health Club Forum?
  124. Why is there no Men's travel forum?
  125. Where does one direct a complaint about moderation?
  126. Proposal: Abstain votes must include explanation
  127. Another way to resolve the "Abstain" conundrum
  128. Why doesn't USC sue Reggie Bush?
  129. Add TB terms in posters title
  130. TalkBoard member alumni association?
  131. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway: TalkBoard Officer Platforms and TEO
  132. 2011 Talkboard Chat Sessions?
  133. Suggestion - have an uptodate version of the guidelines available on the TB forum
  134. Motion Passed: Amend TalkBoard Guidelines, Winning TalkBoard Pres
  135. Discussion: Proposed clean-up of forum names
  136. One more thing: TB Term Limits
  137. uploading photos?? please help
  138. TB "Votes at a Glance": 2010-2006
  139. Motion Passed: addition of Brazil Forum
  140. Forum placement - guidelines?
  141. Voting Closed - Motion Failed: Abstentions Don't Count Against Passage of Motions
  142. Who are the current members of the Talkboard?
  143. Proposal: Brazil Forum
  144. Happy Holidays to those who read & contribute to TB
  145. 'Mega-threads' are out of control. What can the TB do to fix it?
  146. Proposed amend TB guidelines: TB members take leave of absence from moderator duty
  147. Proposal to ammend TB voting rules re: Participation
  148. Request: Have a "Southeast" Separate from "South" Forum
  149. Off-topic:TalkBoard
  150. Spiff elected TalkBoard Vice-President/Secretary for 2010-2011
  151. gleff re-elected TalkBoard President for 2010-2011
  152. 2010 TalkBoard Election Results
  153. Forum suggestion: Travel Security Newsstand
  154. BED BUG in THESE HOTELS sticky idea?
  155. New "FlyerTalk Host"?
  156. Motion Passed: Rename Flying Blue Forum (Vote #2)
  157. Request: Re-establish the Senior Travel Forum
  158. TB as a counterbalance to IB?
  159. "Products" forum?
  160. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway: Amend name of Flying Blue Forum
  161. Am I right in thinking there has not been a TB vote for 4 months?
  162. New Forum Requests: Brazil and LAN/TAM
  163. New Forum Idea: A marketplace forum
  164. 2010 Elections?
  165. KQ needs it's own Flying Blue sub-forum. Go Africa!
  166. Add Charter Operators forum?
  167. Rename the Hawaii-based Airlines Forum???
  168. Proposal for "Invite-Only" or "Restricted" area of forum
  169. Proposal: United/Continental should be merge the thread?
  170. New forum (?): Rights, responsibility and dispute resolution
  171. Appropriate posting? Donation for non-profit fund-raiser
  172. New Credit Card Sign-Up Offers- Forum
  173. Who replaces Radioman on TB?
  174. Vote Passed: Removal of Radioman from TalkBoard
  175. Discussion Thread: Talkboard Voting
  176. I demand an Adria forum
  177. Motion Failed: Access Restriction for Mileage Run Discussion forum
  178. Motion Passed: Rescind Recent Vote Restricting Access to "Mileage Run" Forum
  179. include hotel stays on itineraries?
  180. Forum suggestion: FlyBE Rewards 4 All
  181. What Would Be the Most Convenient Time for a Community Chat with the TalkBoard?
  182. Motion Passed: Combine Frontier and Midwest Forums
  183. Comments Welcome, Voting Underway: TalkBoard Statement on Criteria for Forum Changes
  184. Motion Passed: Mileage Run Access for Logged-in Members as Only Restriction
  185. Transcript of TalkBoard Chat from Saturday, May 29
  186. Is it appropriate to charge an administrative fee for FT events?
  187. Motion Passed: Ambassador Program Test - Flame-free thread
  188. Motion Passed: Sense of TalkBoard on Mileage Run forum content access restrictions
  189. TalkBoard Chat on Saturday, May 29 at 4PM EDT
  190. Adjusting bylaws to require TB members actually have to post in TB threads
  191. TalkBoard Meeting Summary April 23 2010
  192. Forum Consolidation: Frontier EarlyReturns & Midwest Miles
  193. How will FT handle the UA/CO merger?
  194. Motion Passed: Amend TalkBoard Guidelines - Technical Corrections
  195. Request for 2nd sub-forum in Mileage Run with criterias similar to Coupon Connection
  196. Eliminate Post Count for Travel Safety/Security
  197. Renaming forum from "Airline ABC's Mileage Program" to "Airline ABC"
  198. Soliciting feedback for upcoming TalkBoard meeting
  199. Forum Proposal: Design Hotels
  200. Forum suggestion: "Airlines of China"
  201. Easyjet / Ryanair forums?
  202. Forum Proposal: Only IB
  203. Motion Passed: Change Name of WestJet forum to WestJet Frequent Guest
  204. Request: Westjet Passenger Perks changed to WestJet Frequent Guest Program
  205. Forum Proposal: Eva Air Evergreen Club
  206. Forum Proposal: Speakers Corner
  207. Forum proposal: Air Astana Nomad Club
  208. What's going on with voting/notification periods?
  209. Motion Passed: Move LatinPass/GlobalPass to Discontinued Programs
  210. Forum restructuring proposal: rename Hotel Deals and add subforum
  211. Forum Proposal: "Good Deal" Premium Fares
  212. How about a Mileage-Range Topic ?
  213. LatinPass/GlobalPass forum - Move to Discontinued Programs?"
  214. Aeroflot Forum/путешественники Аэрофлота
  215. Motion Passed: Create Accor A-Club Forum
  216. Forum Proposal: Travel Emergency
  217. Request: Member list activated for all to see
  218. Motion Passed: Support for Haitian Relief
  219. Proposal: Sports Athletics & Olympics Games forums
  220. Should FlyerTalk have a "Cougar Travel" forum? (Cougars and cougar-ees speak out!)
  221. How can we better inform members that Coupon Connection runs are not allowed?
  222. lucky9876coins elected TalkBoard Vice President/Secretary
  223. gleff re-elected TalkBoard President for 2009-2010
  224. Proposal: Rename Religious Travelers to Kosher Food Forum
  225. Proposal: Phoenix seperate from West in Travel Forum
  226. Proposal: Have forum specific awards for posters
  227. Concerned about Trick It / Negotiate Thread
  228. Suggestion: Split Travel Safey/Security forum
  229. 2009 TalkBoard Election Results
  230. Talkboard voting page missing at least 1 candidate
  231. Proposal: South African Airways forums?
  232. Forum proposal: Olympics/International Sporting Events
  233. Proposal: send some indication a 'reported post' is received
  234. Creation of a formal Flyertalk Membership Program?
  235. Voting Complete: Motion Passed - Remove 'Latin' from 'Latin/Central America'
  236. Having Latin/Central America AND South America is redundant. How should we fix it?
  237. which forums allow images?
  238. Do I need a passport?
  239. Republic Air Forum?
  240. TalkBoard Elections 2009
  241. Request: MH Forum
  242. A question. Would you be interested in an online chat with some/all of TalkBoard?
  243. Proposal: Korean Travel Forum
  244. Motion Approved: Close the 'Itineraries: Details' forum
  245. Proposal: New Forum on Private Clubs
  246. Motion failed, voting complete: Create a LAN forum
  247. Suggestion: Notifications when posts are deleted
  248. Forum Proposal: Switzerland
  249. Welcome a new TalkBoard member ...
  250. Forum Proposal: Accor A-club