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  1. [No lounge access in 2F when departing from 2D] Lounge 2F and coronavirus
  2. Student Dissertation. Help!
  3. Refunds and Waivers: Asia vs. Northern Italy Destination
  4. Covid-19 and tracing
  5. Unable to choose Standard fare when booking multiple destinations
  6. Coronavirus in Italy - upcoming ex-Italy flight
  7. A380 at MIA - Upper Deck Jet Bridge?
  8. Hop! Strike on Monday Feb 24th 2020
  9. NTE end of services to and from ORY on june 1st
  10. EU 261 claim refused: wing damage from foreign object impact
  11. AF cutting flights to HKG
  12. Offload bags at CDG when stopping over
  13. GVA lounge closed from 01 March to summer
  14. major increase price increase in 12 hrs
  15. AF A320 in MIA?????
  16. Row 1 legroom on an AF 320-200 sharklets
  17. AF boards SkyPriority and general boarding at same time
  18. CDG lounge access during connection?
  19. Storm Ciara in UK on 09 Feb 2020 - Possible AF cancellations to/from LHR?
  20. Bugs on Airfrance.com and iOS apps - it's getting ridiculous
  21. Loads to Asia ?
  22. International Layover in CDG
  23. Potential Rerouting
  24. Air France Business SJO-ZRH old seats
  25. Kulusuk and Ilulissat?
  26. Paid J, Checking box measuring 169cm
  27. CDG 2D lounge : Guest access fee refunded by AF/FB.
  28. Air France aircraft config code
  29. Is 777-300ER Business worth it?
  30. Check in / go through security at 2E for a flight leaving from 2G?
  31. New SFO-CDG nonstop: Meal timing?
  32. YVR-CDG-YVR New or Old Business Class...
  33. How are the AF Hand Baggage Weight Police at CDG Not in Violation of DOT Rules?
  34. Involuntary rebooking
  35. AF new cabins for leisure destinations
  36. AF TUN-CDG-LHR economy booked in F class
  37. B773ER J Bassinet
  38. Veggie options while Flying Business Class
  39. Question - Reason J not required to use retina scanners?
  40. AF Android app repeated failed login issues
  41. Arggggg Air France Web Site!!!!
  42. ABZ direct turnaround on HOP!
  43. Air France customer service contact
  44. Payment problem on award
  45. B772/77W Y Class Cabin
  46. CDG Lounge Access
  47. CDG dowdy
  48. How early you can drop off your luggage?
  49. Upgraded to business on CDG-SFO but don't know why - ??
  50. Do strollers 'really' need to be bagged on AF?
  51. AF673 777 MSP-CDG Seat Question
  52. AF 777-200 and 787 Business Seat Footwells
  53. Best option for CDG lounge
  54. What time does AF desk open in DBX?
  55. AF J - Service Ó la franšaise program??
  56. AF Orders 10 Additional A350s
  57. 1 hr connection in CDG
  58. Got an email from "Travel Document"
  59. Is there a difference between AF 019 and AF 007 Business Class?
  60. Duty Free with long connection in Paris
  61. Meals in J GVA-CDG
  62. Menus in J - AF11/JFK-CDG on 12/8
  63. Air France Flybe summer code share
  64. Can't purchase checked baggage online
  65. Third SFO flight from 4th May: AF 86/87
  66. Athens - Time needed to Transfer from Air France to Sky Express?
  67. CDG - Priority Pass Access
  68. CDG strike impact?
  69. 'Time to Think' Option broken?
  70. Unable to see La Premiere award availability
  71. Delayed and damaged luggage - Great customer service
  72. A380 PE side-bin question
  73. A350 J product review
  74. Row 15 or row 30 better on AF 787s?
  75. Why are 30A/K (exit window) seats on 787 not premium?
  76. CDG changing terminals w/ wheelchair - how long?
  77. Air France check-in times at CDG
  78. Same plane turnaround TUN
  79. When to buy business class ticket on AF LAX to CDG in Sept/Oct
  80. Air France ticket policy
  81. Business class on domestic flights [as of February 4th]
  82. SEA-CAI: AF or Lufthansa Business
  83. Air France routes change of aircraft
  84. Problem with AF app on iPhone
  85. CDG 2F > 2E-M: security?
  86. Recent experience taking skis on Air France?
  87. Booking class availability: where is the bug, at AF or elsewhere?
  88. Premium Economy itinerary with short haul A320
  89. Departing Dubai on Air France
  90. Didn't want to gate check a bag, forced to board last
  91. AF old business class seats 777-300er
  92. How/where to claim EU 261?
  93. Additional border control: Permanent?
  94. Meeting or Lounge Facillities at JFK Terminal 1
  95. EU 261 compensation: AF denies claim, citing Brazilian law. Ignores EU law. Advice??
  96. Booking a multi-destination itinerary in regular economy vs. light
  97. Air France refuse to rebook after codeshare flight cancelled
  98. Older AF 777-300 Business
  99. connecting between flights within the GVA French sector
  100. 777 maintenance
  101. AF retrofitted A330 Premium Economy
  102. Air France CDG Airport - 9 Hours 50 min Connection Time !!!!
  103. AF Business bespoke meals - Am I going mad?
  104. Ground Services in La Premiere LHR-SIN via CDG
  105. Has AF recently changed the max dimensions of hand luggage?? (Compare w Transavia)
  106. Flying Blue cuts La Premiere Rewards access for Silver members, increases prices
  107. What expect La Premiere MEM-CDG-WAW
  108. [AF] Business Class Product not on Par with DL and UA
  109. AF now advertises departing gate area (2E) in advance?
  110. Hand luggage checks at CDG
  111. AF medium-haul - Seating map - New seat category?
  112. Air France to offset emissions from domestic flights by 2020
  113. nwmgc flies with a different airline [AF]
  114. AF 76 LAX-PPT - Meal service?
  115. CDG: Most Convenient Hotel to La Premiere Check In
  116. arrival lounge at CDG-2E
  117. CDG 2E Security Explanation
  118. CDG Gate Information NEVER POSTED
  119. 10Hr Layover at CDG on Christmas Day
  120. Where to transfer AX points for most benefit?
  121. Oh dear - No flights to / from RNS in March
  122. La Premier Help Line: What can they do
  123. New partnership AF & Blablabus
  124. AF11 Equipment Change
  125. No On-Line Check-In for PEK
  126. La Premiere ?
  127. AF moving to new satellite at PVG
  128. Best Economy Seats Air France A380 [merged]
  129. Connecting at CDG from YVR to CPT
  130. AF confirms bid for Aigle Azur
  131. Air France discount pass + Skypriority
  132. Baggage consistently delayed to the US
  133. AF430 Sep 6th diverted?
  134. Af570 & af567 on-board meal
  135. Air France upgrade to business class, baggage
  136. What chances of getting ticket return date changed.
  137. AF Website Issue
  138. Special requests on flight
  140. La Premiere Dinner (777) Menus Out of LAX
  141. Online check in time for connecting Flights
  142. Paid Upgrade Business (Affaires) to First (La Premiere)?
  143. Does AF interline to AS?
  144. 777 New first Class
  145. AF A350 familarisation flights
  146. AF69 business class meal timing (LAX -> CDG 6:25PM dep)
  147. Why was AF65 diverted to KEF today?
  148. AF4091 and AF4095 flight numbers: why?
  149. Abusing Lounge
  150. Infant Bassinet
  151. Early baggage drop-off at CDG
  152. Link two itineraries
  153. How can I select higher booking class during online booking?
  154. AF business seating help on Boeing 777
  155. AF metal Medium-haul - USB sockets deactivated for security reason
  156. Air France Delay Claim
  157. Af 377 dtw-cdg 7-aug-2019
  158. AF Discount Pass
  159. Will Air France interline luggage to Finnair?
  160. CDG Businsess Lounge Access Rules
  161. AF Premium Economy meals ex-Dubai
  162. Lisbon / LIS Lounge Access for Blue and Gold Business Class
  163. Flight cancelled
  164. Problem purchasing a la carte meal on AF-operated, DL-ticketed flight
  165. Air France ordering Airbus 220's and phasing out 380's [merged]
  166. Israeli Class Action
  167. Air France denied my E261 claim... Before accepting it through AIrHelp !
  168. Item left on Air France plane CDG-ORD
  169. Air France flight cancellation
  170. AF has changed my seat selection
  171. CDG connection 2E to 2F with one hour?
  172. No seat selection on domestic AF flight?
  173. AF new inter-europe business product
  174. AF flights showing Sold Out on Delta site
  175. What is the "Miles+Points first flight bonus" extra XPs I see in my account ??
  176. Schedule "Change" And Seat Mismatch
  177. Lounge access denied due to time limitation
  178. Re-pricing info from Plat line: this sounds wrong...
  179. 1 hour connection to IST?
  180. La Cave Air France
  181. meal select without seafood
  182. Enforcement of hand baggage restrictions by AF
  183. Not an AF question, but a CDG question about connecting
  184. Releasing F inventory
  185. SCL-CDG 777-300 vs 787 in business?
  186. Outdated AF 777-300er cabin - Photos & Experience
  187. AF flight delay and EU Regulation No 261/2004 compensation
  188. Checked in using the app, but no boarding pass
  189. How to tell which hall my flight will depart?
  190. NYC ORY : time needed to exit after landing
  191. Meals on Air France business
  192. Nice Domestic Flight [TLS -> CDG]
  193. ORY - very short connection
  194. Paid for seat option, but then re-seated on board - reimbursement ?
  195. New AF app: In the Air
  196. AF CDG-MAD: Upgraded seat to C, can I now check in free bag?
  197. AF website won't save SkyMiles number
  198. What status are you ?
  199. CDG Yotel Question
  200. A way to book intra Europe business class?
  201. Air France Washington State Office
  202. AF A330-200 Seats
  203. The more busy day of the year for AF.
  204. Meal Service direction in J
  205. AF premium economy Vs Delta Premium select
  206. AF Boarding priority/zone/process
  207. Ipad pro on AF 1280 - 1st Paris- London AIR FRANCE
  208. 777-300ER row 15 no window?
  209. AF pricing system on same day flight
  210. AF A380 upper deck disembarkation - LAX
  211. Business class seats AF 787s
  212. Premium Economy Vs Exit Row in A330-200
  213. AF7714- Booked Z class but only Economy Available
  214. Advanced booking for Paris-Corsica not available after Mar 2020
  215. Free Economy Seat Selection- no status
  216. Weird issue with AF website
  217. Long-haul check-in in CDG 2F
  218. CDG Admiral's Club Access from 2E
  219. Priority check...out in French store?
  220. SWING: new alternative to overbooking?
  221. AF in 2019: A350/B777 COI config, WiFi status, matress topper in J, ORY/IAD Lounges
  222. "99" on luggage.
  223. question on 2F in CDG
  224. AF Codeshare question
  225. AF to reduce domestic capacity by 15%, cut 465 jobs
  226. AF Lounge Access with another FFP registered
  227. The future of the 787 at AF
  228. 1 Hr 55 mins enough time for CDG connection
  229. Whereabouts of F-GLZJ and AF596
  230. Switching to an earlier connecting flight at CDG
  231. AF Lounge Guest Question
  232. AF Promo duo in PE
  233. "Priority check-in" for Silver pax
  234. CDG-FCO Questions
  235. Arrival Lounge CDG off DL flight?
  236. Seat loads
  237. AF0112/117 aircraft change from december ?
  238. AF22 in La Premiere
  239. Champagne cocktails from Lancaster Hotel in C
  240. Best Couples J Seats 787-9
  241. Denied Boarding due to Oversold/Standby KBP-CDG
  242. OLCI issues in Paris to head to USA (Green card). Is Pre-Check KTN causing issues?
  243. French pilot strike, 6-11 May?
  244. ORK discontinued?
  245. CDG to PVG
  246. Flight Load SFO-CDG
  247. Strange 777-300er Config
  248. Changing destination of AF ticket
  249. A330 retrofit
  250. Seeking advice/reassurances about bag transfer in CDG