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  1. One Ways AF to HKG
  2. When is SIN-CGK bookable?
  3. First class: new destinations
  4. AF charges £6400 for a runner to change her flights after she was trapped by blizzard
  5. CDG-FLR with AF mainline equipment in S14
  6. 747 soon back to Corsica ?
  7. Air France invoice / receipt ?
  8. Aero Mexico
  9. Petroleum card on CDG- priority lines allowed?
  10. CDG-TLV in Business. What to expect?
  11. Strikes in the French skies this week and next [merged]
  12. Upgrading from C to F
  13. CDG Express works officially launched this Thur
  14. AF007 On-time Performance
  15. What time do I need to arrive at 2F for a 7:15AM flight to ATH?
  16. What is wrong with my AF booking ?
  17. New AF Business Class details [not] revealed via Delta.com
  18. AF booking through online agents and upgrade
  19. Seat selection possible on a MiNi fare?
  20. What is the MCT at CDG?
  21. Air France in Economy. How bad can it be?
  22. Detaxe machines at CDG 2e
  23. Errr, where is the La Premiere lounge?
  24. CAUTION: road access to CDG and ORY blocked tomorrow (Jan 13)
  25. Any update on the a380 to Sao Paulo?
  26. Lounge in Terminal E - CDG
  27. AF 773er + 772 best economy seat ?
  28. Paris Airfare Rates
  29. Lounge at LAX-TBIT
  30. AF first timer flying BOS-CDG-FLR
  31. VIP on boarding pass
  32. Does AF release any O Class Seats closer to the date of departure?
  33. Website now displays date ranges for multi-destination!
  34. AF suicidal pricing
  35. AF 55 canx but reschedule under a different # [January 4th - merged]
  36. AF 777-300 business?
  37. New business seats?
  38. Charles De Gaulle Layover
  39. BOD Security Check
  40. AF overbook - what to expect?
  41. Horrible Air France experience. Need advice!
  42. 777-300 seating question
  43. Windy Christmas
  44. Winter trimming... (more route cuts)
  45. AF La Premiere
  46. AF Business class updates?
  47. AF Online Comment Submission
  48. LAX to FRA- 380 flight
  49. Yet another AF near stall
  50. Reg 261/2004 dispute with AF
  51. Booking class M and R?
  52. Air France Plane Searched in Caracas After Bomb Scare
  53. Which sparkling water in Long-haul J?
  54. Ups and Downs...
  55. Deadline for bag drop European flight
  56. AF relaunches Tokyo Haneda
  57. Air France seat selection
  58. Should I buy a Paid Upgrade from Bus to First?
  59. AF Lounge with showers on a 2G departure
  60. Great AF customer service after KL flight cancelled
  61. Interline with BA
  62. New prices for Abonnes on AF
  63. AF lounges - business vs gold
  64. RER B traffic to CDG interrupted until at least 5:00 PM on December 2nd
  65. Upgrading from Premium Economy to Affaires
  66. Help with AF fare rules: add-ons
  67. HOP! plane quarantined in Toulouse
  68. Air France 747 upper deck emergency row
  69. New service for those travelling in F from AMS
  70. Af 065 a 380 lax
  71. Am I crazy for even thinking about taking AF F over KE F?
  72. AF overbooked flights - How pax are ranked
  73. airfrance.fr and airfrance.es : different prices!
  74. HOP
  75. A passenger peed on a woman on an AF flight
  76. Lounge for longhaul arrival in Orly
  77. AF Flight attendant did not correct the cockpit door open
  78. AF Award + Revenue ticket booked through
  79. CDG Connection time
  80. Flying AF 380 tonight - seat question
  81. A380 Economy Class
  82. Air France Schedule Change?
  83. Seat Advice
  84. CDG MCT and Baggage
  85. CDG Passport Control
  86. AF443 Rio-Paris: Another Incident
  87. AF332 Seat 1K
  88. Lawyer to enforce AF passenger rights in France or Ireland?
  89. Venting frustration: when will we finally get a working AF website?
  90. Good job, AF
  91. Global Entry and AF
  92. No seat selection available despite confirmed AF upgrade.
  93. The CDG security lunatics strike again...
  94. Any Update on FA Strike Nov 20/24?
  95. Air France lounge access in Casablanca?
  96. "Time to think" option
  97. AF check-in problem
  98. Seat 91L A380
  99. AF to DXB
  100. Managed to book a plus seat on KLM website, will I still be charged?
  101. Nightmare in Paris
  102. Watching radar box: AF342 CDG-YUL seems to be returning to CDG, whats up?
  103. 777 vs. 380 business
  104. Air France: Advance Seat Selection
  105. Quick question about AF's P Class
  106. 1h layover MAD - CDG - JNB - Can do?
  107. Discrimination really ? This cannot happen.. [merged]
  108. AF seat selection: really?
  109. Miles ticket - Do I have the same rights?
  110. is return flight cancellable & refundable ?
  111. More U2 competition in AF's frontyard...
  112. Return flight not taken, taxes not refunded
  113. AF 85 SFO -> CDG not flying 6/12/2014?
  114. AF007 A388 - 2E,F vs. 3E,F
  115. Bringing guests to the lounge?
  116. What 2E arrival Terminal for this flight ?
  117. Plan To Use AF Rules To Cheaply Check 3 or 4 Bags
  118. Op-up intra-Europe AF
  119. On Hold?
  120. 24 hour rule for bookings with AF?
  121. Cityjet posts losses of EUR208.9 Million
  122. Good old competitively priced AF...
  123. Emergency landing of ORY-NCE flight after failure of two of the hydraulic systems
  124. ORY -> CDG, 4:45h
  125. New to Air France - Stopover in Paris
  126. 60A on AF 747
  127. "Last seats booked by other customers" - but offering exactly those seats??
  128. CDG-BOM AF/218 -- returning to CDG?
  129. AF beware: U2's charm offensive continues (or so I think!)...
  130. Any experience with WeCab shared taxi service from ORY or CDG?
  131. A380 missing windows
  132. Another new route: Brasilia
  133. Flight quasi-full or AF blocking seats ?
  134. Diabetic meal on AF Y? How to order?
  135. Passenger deplaned from CityJet flight
  136. AF returns to JKT
  137. Happy birthday Air France!
  138. Short layover and 'check in restriction' with Air France
  139. MAD - Bad customer management at check-in
  140. ORY - Impossible to drop off luggage 2.5 hours before flight
  141. AF's new personnel cuts lottery
  142. Transferring at CDG with different tickets
  143. French justice vs Ryanair ! Good news for Air France?!
  144. compensationfor 9hr delay?
  145. Relaxing spa treatments by Clarins at CDG
  146. New Voyageur and Premium Voyageur Seats
  147. Upgrade from Economy to PE with a Q class ticket
  148. Premium Economy vs. Regular Economy on 777?
  149. More than a ton of cocaine seized on an AF flight
  150. Request from forum member chrissxb
  151. Welldone AF for enforcing SP check-in
  152. lounge access with Premier economie?
  153. Parafe and Photo on Air France Website
  154. Freetown
  155. Sear 88G on A380?
  156. Hindu Meal (HNML) on Air France Business Class?
  157. Trip report CDG - LAX on Air France first class "La Première"
  158. scoring extra legroom seats
  159. AF just got its 9th A380
  160. Air France unions are looking ahead to the future....
  161. Booked Flight, Won't Let Me Select Seats
  162. Strike announced for September 10 (Air France, SNCF, RATP, air traffic control)
  163. About Blue-biz and FB for France residents
  164. 3Class 777-300: Row 1 ( Bulkhead Biz): Left or Right side?
  165. Why do Air France pilots always announce 'Dernière Virage' (final turn)?
  166. Help with Delayed Baggage
  167. Allergan Free Meals?
  168. Is this a good price for J on AF ?
  169. Cancelled Flight - Who to Go After
  170. Transferring CDG Orly checked luggage
  171. CDG Connection between terminals 2F and 2E and visa versa
  172. Two unions at HOP call for a strike starting 2 September
  173. Bunch of random AF questions
  174. Domestic lounge YUL?
  175. Experience on DOMESTIC AF, HOP, EZ
  176. When can you buy exit aisle seats - immediately after purchasing online?
  177. Well done AF and ADP with la rentrée
  178. Air France new monthly magazines are now available on line
  179. Guest Cost for 2F AF Lounge?
  180. Amex af gold now brings hertz gold five star status
  181. What seat did I just book?
  182. Is priority boarding back?
  183. Air France 3510 aborts landing at SXM
  184. AF 773 NEV seats
  185. Air France shop at CDG?
  186. Witness of inappropriate behavior by AF staff ... what to do?
  187. "another" "where to sit" post.... (A330 / 747 & E190)
  188. connecting in CDG (or choose LIS / GRU instead?)
  189. AF22 Returning to CDG 8/19
  190. The vagaries of automatic checkin
  191. Free airfrance bus CDG-Orly for FB platinum?
  192. upgrade offer child but not mother
  193. Cityjet "CitySaver" fares converted to MiNi
  194. AF Luggage didn't arrive
  195. 777-200 Bus. Class Bulkhead Help?
  196. Tahiti with miles, worth trying?
  197. Best Seat In Business Class - Boeing 777 200er
  198. Problems checking in online with AF
  199. AF - July C cabin experience (CDG-IAD) B772 & A380
  200. Anyone know why AF83 was CXled today?
  201. AF intraEU: class between business and coach?
  202. Mini fares/checked bag
  203. Paid AF lounges access for all pax in August 2013
  204. lost laptop at CDG - any help?
  205. Misconnect at JFK - practical experience?
  206. Montreal Air France-KLM lounge: almost no food
  207. AF 5* Service at CDG?
  208. New Lounge at CDG TGV Station?
  209. Online Check-in question?
  210. Does A380 Have Power Ports In Economy (Y)?
  211. Concorde Flight History
  212. AF "Le Club" line not dealing with tickets issued abroad?
  213. A380 Upper Deck Economy Y Seating
  214. AF sends e-mails to customer warning of crowded airports
  215. Why no big planes on shorthaul?
  216. TGV-Air check-in at XYD (Lyon Part-Dieu)
  217. Additional flight CDG-LHR for the 2013 winter season
  218. Baggage allowance now displayed on AF website
  219. A380 for 46k miles or 777 for 31k for J
  220. Row 1 on a 777-300ER: Yes or No?
  221. No seat belt during flight/inop chair.
  222. Overnight connection: bag checked through?
  223. Questions on AZ connect to AF, T3 to T1 [at FCO]
  224. Nice one: could do my seat assignment at less than 48hrs before departure
  225. American Express & Status Miles
  226. Air France 7746: One minute connection [BSL-MLH]?
  227. J class on A343 - "blind" window seats?
  228. AF Upgrade but OLCI not working?
  229. good wine stores at CDG 2E ?
  230. A380 from 2F ???
  231. AF TATL Business Class Meals
  232. A340-300 & B777-300ER business advice
  233. What is the fare class for Premium Economy?
  234. AF/AY codeshares HEL-CDG after 29-Mar-2014?
  235. Enjoy your Movie as soon as you board
  236. Are there still mainline flights from Orly Hall 1
  237. AF Europe Business Class Meals?
  238. Air France-KLM: Alexandre de Juniac's major projects
  239. Changes in AF and Aircalin code shares?
  240. AF and KL Frequency increase to BKK
  241. 2 Hour Schengen to US @ CDG?
  242. AF83 flights
  243. Kids on the flight deck?
  244. Mini fares and Platinum status
  245. Selecting seat for AF flight operated by KE?
  246. New company names for Brit Air, Regional and Airlinair
  247. Arrivals Lounge for 2E CDG
  248. BOD lounge opening hours
  249. June 25th: announcement of the new P and J long-haul seats
  250. APIS for departures from the UK