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  1. Promo "La Premiere"
  2. Air France misplaced Luggage
  3. Air France honoured by Skytrax for its La Première lounge
  4. MiNi in the new galaxy of hand baggage fare - a few months later
  5. Broken A380 stuck at SFO
  6. La Premiere Lounge Access in Transit
  7. French domestic, A class: lounge access?
  8. A normal day on the ground at CDG airport
  9. Denied boarding , ESTA problem , Air France
  10. J class on the A332 - which rows have "blind" windows?
  11. First Time(Newbee) is premium economy worth price?
  12. Turnaround time: AF and EZE
  13. Gluten Free Menu SFO>CDG / J Class
  14. Changing a fully flex ticket
  15. New security measures on flights to the US at CDG [merged]
  16. selecting sets on delta code share flights with air france
  17. La Premiere cabin all to ourselves -- what are the chances?
  18. TGV air : how to upgrade train segment to 1st class
  19. LHR-CDG on AF with flat bed seats?
  20. Future scenarios for the short and medium haul networks
  21. AF 747 J best or worst seats
  22. First Time on Air France
  23. Confirmed: new Business seats also for A330 and A380!
  24. AF call center less expensive than internet prices
  25. Best CDG lounge for 4h layover with mixed ticket?
  26. Air France To Swap Business Seats for Coach in Summer
  27. How to distinguish MiNi fares on OTAs
  28. Upgrade in service, seats and lounges - Long, medium haul and domestic flights
  29. New Air France Long-Haul Business Class - Trip Reports & discussion
  30. Pilot for checking bags one day earlier on 6 flights from CDG to Africa
  31. AF tests NFC technology for boarding
  32. New rival to AF on CDG-EWR
  33. Question to the expert : combination of economy and business fares?
  34. Paris ATC strike announced 24-30 June
  35. A la Carte menu in Business?
  36. Fee, on top of no refund for cancelled leg?
  37. Denied fast lane at BRU on AF flight (operated by HOP)
  38. Air France Lounge ORD
  39. New website?
  40. Air France: technical fault is always exceptional
  41. Meet the Other Passengers?
  42. AF medium haul in Y: a few recent experiences
  43. CDG strike action on june 15
  44. CDG: how much time for passport control and baggage claim
  45. AF lounge contact numbers
  46. CDG 2E Business lounge closed for 2 months
  47. Has AF lost the Battle of London?
  48. AF survey for new Premium Economy Cabin & Seats
  49. reliable car service from CDG to central Paris
  50. No Assigned Seat in P 80 days out?
  51. AF introduces WEEK one-way fares on select destinations
  52. Silly questions re: AF business class
  53. How to add passport number to Air France booking
  54. AF codeshare with Winair for flights from SXM
  55. How do FlyBe work with AF?
  56. Paid + award ticket risks AF + DL
  57. 777 JFK>>CDG, April 2015 - What to Expect?
  58. AF Summer Promo in Business [HKG]
  59. Automatic checkin: Greuh!
  60. Updates new Y and W Long haul seats
  61. At boarding, prefilled membership coupons for passengers not yet Flying Blue members
  62. AF Business Class BOS-CDG?
  63. Reliability of A380
  64. Infant charges on AF at the airport - 10% of ticketed or current price?
  65. Cancelled Flight 83 Today
  66. Fight 83 gate
  67. AF Carry On
  68. AF-SFO Lounge
  69. Which lounge can I use at CDG? (AF - Business)
  70. Lie-flat business A380?
  71. Most beautiful airport approach award
  72. AF Lounge at SFO Moving
  73. Flew AF business class, but get no FB credit on partner ticket?
  74. AF 7 (A380) Cancelled Sunday & Monday
  75. Special meal not loaded : compensation?
  76. The CDG 2E Gate M Lounge (S4)
  77. What is the limit for AF marketing team?
  78. AF Carry on Policy
  79. AF La Premiere from SFO, lounge?
  80. JFK lounge closed for ten weeks starting May 2nd
  81. La Premiere 2014 Summer promo
  82. CDG Transfer, 1 Hour? WAW-YUL
  83. New "La Première Suite" will be revealed to the public on May 7th, 2014 [merged]
  84. J Class out of IAD to CDG
  85. Air France CDG-ATL 747-400 Delta Codeshare
  86. How ridiculous can the AF-Hop charade be?
  87. May 2014 strike by French pilot unions
  88. When will AF complete the installation of the new cabin on the 777s?
  89. minimum transfer time at CDG terminal 2F
  90. When do seats come under airport control normally?
  91. Access to the most favored seats in long-haul J
  92. How strict is AF for carry on?
  93. Air France vouchers
  94. BO in J
  95. Quick Question: Does a home printed BP reflect lounge or Acces 1 privilege?
  96. Seat Assignment Issue Air France 777
  97. Skipping a rail segment (CDG-ZYR)
  98. How to order special meals on AF intra-Europe?
  99. AF economy seat reservation - Premium only seats
  100. 777 New C-seats
  101. Opinion on CDG connection (2hrs, 2E-2E, separate tickets)
  102. AF Lounge Question
  103. Buy lounge access at CDG?
  104. AF in Europe - Downgrade from W to Y question
  106. CDG connection possible in 1h 20m?
  107. Can I skip a TGV leg if I pick up the tickets?
  108. AF unions complain to new French PM about unfair competition
  109. Seat Plus now also on short and medium haul
  110. Premium economy value for money?
  111. DTW-CDG-BUD with 1.25 hour layover in CDG
  112. Focus on South American market
  113. New à la carte menus for Fort de France, Pointe-à-Pitre and Cayenne flights
  114. What to expect AF biz ATL-CDG
  115. Delay compensation
  116. CDG 2D to 2E in 1hr
  117. AF Heathrow
  118. Premium Economy A class
  119. CDG-BEY (AF/ME) : what is the baggage allowance in Y
  120. AF long-haul Y IFE question
  121. Is it reasonable?
  122. Air France discount codes ex-Spain
  123. 1 hour for CDG 2C -> 2E?
  124. Questioning AF Customer Experience and Loyalty ...
  125. AF starts flying the 388 to SFO today.
  126. AF lounge will close at Tokyo Narita (NRT)
  127. NEW! "Travel by Air France" city guides
  128. Service Kuala Lumpur
  129. France is in the air... The new advertising campaign starting on April 2nd, 2014
  130. La Premiere Suite (partially) revealed? [merged]
  131. Onboard chef
  132. Print you own baggage labels at home
  133. AF Keeps Changing Our Seats
  134. AF Vouchers TDC useful for someone?
  135. Prix mini and FB Platinum
  136. Air France Press now available for all
  137. Best time to purchase J ticket to SFO (Sep departure)
  138. Who do U trust ? AF or EF?
  139. AF Delayed Baggage 6 Days +
  140. Air France Pre Departure
  141. Transit through Paris (CDG) with an expired US visa
  142. Toronto -> Paris dès 11011305$
  143. Inflight wifi?
  144. How easy is it to book a segment by segment award?
  145. Bag Interlining Question: QR to AF at DXB
  146. AF Cancel and Rebooking
  147. Wasn't HOP supposed to have attractive LCC-like fares?
  148. Air France 77W 3 Class 777-300ER J class configuration
  149. AMS-CDG-MIA 2F TO 2F at CDG? really that easy?
  150. Airline divorce and logo custody...
  151. Flight 84 vs. Flight 80
  152. AF to send A380 to HKG
  153. New long haul economy seat
  154. Is immigration different for transit vs. final destination arriving @ CDG?
  155. NEV 2 v 3 v 4
  156. 2nd of March 1969 : First Concorde flight
  157. Baggage allowance for FB Elite+ on HOP?
  158. Is online check-in 24 or 30 hours departing SFO
  159. How early can bags be dropped off at JFK T1
  160. Overview of last minute upgrades on Air France?
  161. AF: La Premiere
  162. Allergen Free Meal
  163. Air France Website
  164. A380 to HKG from MAY 27
  165. Some changes in departures terminals at CDG2 for the IATA summer season
  166. My first Air France Experience
  167. Improvements both in the air and on the ground
  168. Can any part of a mini fare be refunded?
  169. A330 vs 777-200 in J?
  170. Seniors charged more on Air France internal flights?
  171. Couple of questions about F class,lounges and quick turn around at TUN
  172. Worst & Behind in the making: AF Trip Report
  173. 60K/L on a 388: Still thought of as one of the best rows?
  174. What happened to AF 1600 CDG-MAD on Apr-8-2014?
  175. Connecting from 2E to 1 @ CDG
  176. JFK-SIN - long CDG connection - baggage check through to SIN ?
  177. Where are the Premium Economy on B747-400 CDG-GIG?
  178. Seated infant policy in long haul J
  179. AF to move all flights to LAX TBIT?
  180. Transfering flights in NCE T2: go through security?
  181. HDMI Port for Movies
  182. AF la Premiere: 22 destinations in april
  183. AF66 CDG-LAX on 23/2, full in Y?
  184. Advice how to proceed for some kind of compensation after 'horror' flight
  185. A340 Y Armrests Help
  186. Allocation of AF flights to areas in CDG
  187. AF La Premiere passengers will be able to make their connection with business jets
  188. AF Seat Selection - Skyteam Elite + on Award Ticket [DUB-CDG-SVO]
  189. Lounge access in Paris on a YYZ-LYS Flight
  190. Here it is... AF's new J seat
  191. BEA report on flight AF4721 near crash, nov. 2011
  192. CDG shower on connection
  193. AF Economy vs Premium
  194. One Ways AF to HKG
  195. When is SIN-CGK bookable?
  196. First class: new destinations
  197. AF charges £6400 for a runner to change her flights after she was trapped by blizzard
  198. CDG-FLR with AF mainline equipment in S14
  199. 747 soon back to Corsica ?
  200. Air France invoice / receipt ?
  201. Aero Mexico
  202. Petroleum card on CDG- priority lines allowed?
  203. CDG-TLV in Business. What to expect?
  204. Strikes in the French skies this week and next [merged]
  205. Upgrading from C to F
  206. CDG Express works officially launched this Thur
  207. AF007 On-time Performance
  208. What time do I need to arrive at 2F for a 7:15AM flight to ATH?
  209. What is wrong with my AF booking ?
  210. New AF Business Class details [not] revealed via Delta.com
  211. AF booking through online agents and upgrade
  212. Seat selection possible on a MiNi fare?
  213. What is the MCT at CDG?
  214. Air France in Economy. How bad can it be?
  215. Detaxe machines at CDG 2e
  216. Errr, where is the La Premiere lounge?
  217. CAUTION: road access to CDG and ORY blocked tomorrow (Jan 13)
  218. Any update on the a380 to Sao Paulo?
  219. Lounge in Terminal E - CDG
  220. AF 773er + 772 best economy seat ?
  221. Paris Airfare Rates
  222. Lounge at LAX-TBIT
  223. AF first timer flying BOS-CDG-FLR
  224. VIP on boarding pass
  225. Does AF release any O Class Seats closer to the date of departure?
  226. Website now displays date ranges for multi-destination!
  227. AF suicidal pricing
  228. AF 55 canx but reschedule under a different # [January 4th - merged]
  229. AF 777-300 business?
  230. New business seats?
  231. Charles De Gaulle Layover
  232. BOD Security Check
  233. AF overbook - what to expect?
  234. Horrible Air France experience. Need advice!
  235. 777-300 seating question
  236. Windy Christmas
  237. Winter trimming... (more route cuts)
  238. AF La Premiere
  239. AF Business class updates?
  240. AF Online Comment Submission
  241. LAX to FRA- 380 flight
  242. Yet another AF near stall
  243. Reg 261/2004 dispute with AF
  244. Booking class M and R?
  245. Air France Plane Searched in Caracas After Bomb Scare
  246. Which sparkling water in Long-haul J?
  247. Ups and Downs...
  248. Deadline for bag drop European flight
  249. AF relaunches Tokyo Haneda
  250. Air France seat selection