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  1. Servair on sale
  2. New AF advertisment campaign
  3. AF374 Paris to Vancouver
  4. Lounge access fee for additional child guest ?
  5. CDG Question
  6. Nice Video: La Première cabin setup on AF B773
  7. Tight connection in CDG from Int'l to Intra-Europe.
  8. "Quick Change" trials on retrofitted B772 and B77W in April 2015
  9. BOD lounge closed
  10. End of codeshare JL/AF to NRT
  11. buy up offers?
  12. AF diverted to Manchester?
  13. Air France cancelled and rescheduled my flight
  14. Baggage allowance
  15. Best J seats in BEST cabin on 777-300
  16. Which seats for a couple?
  17. Connecting in CDG ( 105 minute )
  18. Video game competition for biz class upgrade
  19. Returning to CDG on Long Layover?
  20. La Navette: Could AF lose the battle
  21. Semi-OT: Referendum on the privatisation of NCE airport today and AF
  22. Another strike: refueling personnel at CDG today
  23. 2G lounge closed for (minor) renovation
  24. No Zip Code for US Address for Payment
  25. ORD - CDG AF 330-200 Business?
  26. AF3832. CDG- LOS Cancelled 17/02/15
  27. AF267 ICN-CDG lands in Ekaterinburg - Feb 15th 2015
  28. Upgrade at Check in
  29. Affaires Sale ex-Canada
  30. First Air France flights
  31. IAH -> CDG -> BLR Question
  32. AF77 PPT - CDG (with 2-hour re-fueling stop in LAX)...
  33. ADP strike Feb 12-13
  34. Connection at GRU AF to GOL (AF codeshare)
  35. Air France makes LOTS of money- according to this publication
  36. What is a good premium economy class?
  37. Air France Premium Economy Long Haul flight kit?
  38. New cuisine on international flights
  39. Luggage dropoff at CDG for winter holidays the day before the flight
  40. Citijet operating DUS flights?
  41. Air France A380 LAX to CDG Pre Departure Drink
  42. Quality Observer
  43. AF domectic flight past march 28th
  44. Managing the capacity of the P cabin
  45. Just booked my first reward flight
  46. Stade de France - The Radar's back!
  47. AF259 , January 28 - crazy story
  48. House No 95
  49. No seats in my class of service... Or any class of service
  50. Air France Vegetarian Meals in Business Class
  51. La Premiere - Promo ex France
  52. MiNi fares - the worst thing AF has ever invented
  53. AF long Haul "seat selection not available on this flight"
  54. AF Intra Europe Large Planes?
  55. Y seats at in the front of the cabin for a fee
  56. AF A380 Business class
  57. Air France's New First Class
  58. Air France iPhone app - Bravo
  59. LH PE vs AF PE
  60. AF 77W 383pax J Class
  61. AF A380 or DL 767
  62. 1/15 AF464 CDG-MRU emergency squawk, returned to CDG?
  63. CDG 2E: AF to KE
  64. Air France to shed 5,000 jobs (French press)
  65. End of CY operations and AF code-share
  66. Flight number change the day of departure?
  67. CDG 24 hr layover
  68. Long Layover at CDG T3; Place to Rest
  69. VS Upper Class compared to AF Business
  70. La Premiere for ivory (non-elite)
  71. using AF miles for infant ticket on DL
  72. How does Air France's Premium economy compare with Cathay's?
  73. Moving within Terminal 2E in CDG
  74. AF188 5 January
  75. La Premiere ex-LUX
  76. Air France lounges and contract lounges master thread
  77. Checked luggage and infants
  78. No more lounge for AF passengers at VIE?
  79. Carry on luggage Mali
  80. Mobile Phone Usage
  81. Difference between Economy premium seats?
  82. Air France Flat beds?
  83. La Premiere book
  84. transit via CDG with a stroller
  85. Booking seats with an infant
  86. La Premiere Lounge Access Question
  87. Monoprix at/near CDG
  88. Connecting in CDG advices
  89. Luggage Drop Off at Invalides for Christmas Travel (December 2014)
  90. 2008-2009 : When AF was considering taking over EasyJet
  91. 1h 10min: Legal connection at CDG?
  92. AF UU Codeshare
  93. Flight no longer offered--oversold?
  94. SNN Diversion (AF 733)
  95. Theft at AF CDG Terminal 2 Lounge
  96. Cancelling/Changing AF MiNi Fare Right After Booking?
  97. EU 261 on Air France
  98. SFO-CDG in J
  99. Need Help!
  100. Expired US Visa: Do I need ATV at Paris to catch hopping flight to India?
  101. Connection time in CDG - 1.5 hours too short?
  102. R class booking - can I use miles to upgrade?
  103. "La Premiere" promotion
  104. New lounge concept CDG 2F?
  105. 7 hour layover at CDG? what to do?
  106. Will AF match?
  107. AF Website Seat Selection
  108. Transit time in CDG (GVA -> CDG -> IAH)
  109. Invited in the cockpit by the captain for landing
  110. CDG connection time
  111. Check luggage to different destination than original ticket
  112. transfer at CDG - Advice please
  113. what to expect LHR-CDG-KIX business class and lounge?
  114. ça y est: AF officially announces HOP will do all non-hub flying from spring 2015
  115. 11/27, af11 y0?
  116. What to expect CDG CUN biz
  117. Seen this cool AF 744 Captain video?
  118. First AF flight - 747, A340 or 777?
  119. Non-Schengen section of 2F?
  120. Transition CDG 2F to 2E and 2F to 2E
  121. AF CDG-YVR info?
  122. Upgrade cost for Air France
  123. Air France's CDG à la carte options
  124. Nev2, 3 or 4?
  125. To be confirmed: Rebranding of "La Navette" flights in 2015
  126. Changing second leg of outbound trip on AF
  127. AF Premium Economy Lounge Access Rules
  128. Due to airport restrictions, flight AF006 has returned to Paris (NOV04)
  129. Et toi non plus tu n'as pas changeeee....
  130. Air France Launches Vancouver Service!
  131. Tight Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Transfer / Connection Terminal 1 to 2A
  132. upgrades from business to la premiere?
  133. AF to NKC - suspended?
  134. AF to discontinue Premium Economy on medium haul flights + other "improvements"
  135. Public transport strike, November 4
  136. Economy seating on AF CDG-CMN
  137. LAX-CDG business class on 777-200 in 2015 summer
  138. Can't select seats for non-full flight?
  139. Business Class on AF - LAX to CDG
  140. Upgrade button gone
  141. VN and Flying Blue
  142. Availability on AF090 OCT25
  143. AF flight delay peculiar
  144. Air france new business class - af 008/009
  145. Lab'line for the Future : Innovation piloted between TLS and ORY
  146. Air France premium economy.
  147. Aircraft swap, seats now in First
  148. AF "suspending" routes from TLS - for winter only or for good?
  149. Air France launches the most stupid idea of the year...
  150. AF gate checked bag lost, any hope of getting it back?
  151. Flying in Business - lounge access for guest?
  152. Yerevan in Business
  153. Asking NOT to check bag through to final destination ?
  154. Does AF not have Business class on some EU flights?
  155. AF flight from KLM website booking.
  156. Hop - qualifying flight?
  157. New AF Route
  158. RER to CDG Airport on strike this Thursday
  159. Paylounge at CDG terminal 2D?
  160. La Premiere seat selection
  161. Illinois man sues Air France after slipping in lav, breaking ankle, passing out
  162. Interesting seatmap on the CDG-ICN KE codeshare
  163. AF proudly serving INSTANT COFFEE in Biz (Affaires)
  164. Best seat on three-class B773
  165. AF vs United in business class SFO/CDG
  166. The day after the night before: how should AF regain passengers' trust post-strike?
  167. No more A380s [just the current 12]
  168. A388 vs. A388/L
  169. Need advice: Stuck in Europe due to Air France strike
  170. FIH to LHR (via CDG) baggage query
  171. And HOP! ?
  172. Done With AF
  173. CX award in F - HKG
  174. AF 006 Diverted to Halifax?
  175. uniformity of premium economy long haul hard product?
  176. Affaires/Z + Coach/MiNi
  177. Parking a bike at ORY ?
  178. AF380-800 - Best Economy seat for DL PM?
  179. AF 191
  180. Air France meals are they any good?
  181. Air France Meal on international flights Are they any good?
  182. AF Intra-Europe Business Class + Lounge Product
  183. What to expect from Premium Economy on COI (CDG-CUN)
  184. La Premiere outbound, Biz Class inbound?
  185. Exact same AF flights from U.S. to West Africa, but inversing doubles the cost
  186. check in baggage to end destination on multiple bookings
  187. Please Help! Baggage missing for 6 days!!! Last seen at CDG!
  188. Advice on Air France itinerary re planned pilot strike?
  189. Air France-KLM plan to "capture growth"
  190. Heathrow Lounge
  191. SkyCalamity @ ORY
  192. CDG Connections : Domestic to Transatlantic
  193. CDG-MSP on 340 in business. What to expect?
  194. Best use for 50,000 miles?
  195. Why does AF alwys get the luggage allowance wrong on its site?
  196. AF blocked seats
  197. New J on A380 ?
  198. AF cancelled my flight
  199. Air France: tussle between pilots and management on the future of Transavia
  200. AF Business class seats, I'd forgotten.....
  201. Codeshare flights with WM between SXM and SBH - luggage allowance?
  202. Discussion of social and political issues related to strikes in France
  203. Air France 747 UD row 65
  204. Flight cancelled AF445 December
  205. September 2014 Air France Pilot Strike? [merged]
  206. Flying Blue Jeune : Eternal Youth
  207. 1-hr connecting time in CDG, from DUB (CityJet) to DL to SEA - do-able?
  208. EU261 compensation advice
  209. The vagaries of CDG bagage handling
  210. Air+Rail Experience from CDG to Brussels Midi
  211. AF's latest attempt at anciliary income - err... the "assurance doudou"
  212. 777 New Cabins - Deployment Schedule
  213. Air France Crews Petition to Stop Flights to Ebola-Affected Countries
  214. The medium-haul network of Air France on the eve of a big bang
  215. AF to downsize CDG-FRA
  216. HND to CDG: New business class cabin
  217. Air France Mini fare - lounge access
  218. Will airlines take back premium econ seats given by mistake?
  219. AF Premium Economy catering long medium-haul flights
  220. AF/MK extended code share to Australia and South Africa
  221. A380 to Miami on december
  222. Maiden name in ESTA and ticket
  223. Need advice on connecting time and choosing seat for flight YUL-CDG-BCN
  224. Those beautiful maps...
  225. What to expect AF biz YKZ-CDG-YUL
  226. Interline baggage AF to UA?
  227. Flying Blue AND SkyMiles member?
  228. AF Premium Economy - Tarom Code Share, Which Cabin?
  229. AF Terminals
  230. Op Up to Premiere - lounge access?
  231. Purpose of priority boarding
  232. WiFi on Air France (Detroit to Paris)
  233. A380 Seat Plus for Free?
  234. AF email paid upgrade offers as a Delta FF
  235. Invalides - Baggage drop the day before for flights ex-CDG on August 1-2
  236. AF Long Haul Business - Quick Review + Thoughts From a Relative Noob
  237. ATL-CDG-NUE question
  238. VAT refund customs office at CDG 2E and 2F
  239. Simple Seven Step Process For AF Kinshasa Early Check In
  240. AF99 Meal service on late evening departure
  241. Can I upgrade to La Premiere?
  242. OLCI Issue + Passport expiry out by one day on booking
  243. CDG La Premiere lounge closed for renovation - Sep. 1st-18th
  244. AF suspends flights to TLV
  245. Seat Selection
  246. AF017
  247. AF [ground staff] strike on August 2nd
  248. Promo "La Premiere"
  249. Air France misplaced Luggage
  250. Air France honoured by Skytrax for its La Première lounge