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  1. AF reopens CDG-BIQ
  2. AF HOP to end Paris-Strasbourg
  3. CDG on Christmas Day?
  4. Disappointed
  5. Upgrading from J to P?
  6. Seat Recommendation for new 777-300
  7. E-Vouchers Mystery
  8. AF990A (CDG-JNB) declares emergency 45 minutes after departure
  9. New Website look and feel
  10. Weighing carry-on baggage at CDG
  11. Smart & Beyond on Hop! for Air France flights?
  12. Puzzled over AF650 schedule
  13. Difficulty with information from AF in the US
  14. AF baggage "meltdown" due to broken sorter at CDG?
  15. Mixed Messages from AF
  16. Assistance Filing a Claim against Air France
  17. 777 Y seating question
  18. Air France’s email regarding violence towards official at union meeting
  19. CDG - MRU: AF or MK?
  20. AF interline agreement with BA / AA to check through my bags?
  21. Air France
  22. Which five long-haul routes are being cancelled?
  23. Air France ground staff on strike on October 5th
  24. AF650 CDG-CUN business class seat question
  25. RAD - Basic Programme
  26. La Première offer from France
  27. 77W Economy cabin
  28. Flights on different PNR
  29. AF asks crews to fly 100 hrs more per year
  30. AF Singapore/Indonesia "Paris along the way" 1N+limo offer
  31. 4 hour connection at CDG, Terminal 2E - lounge advice
  32. OLCI for my entire itinerary 30 hours prior?
  33. Premium Eco seating request
  34. My Carry on bag for flight o Air France is 22" Will I have a problem?
  35. How to track changes in an AF itinerary?
  36. 22" carry-on bag for international flights on AF
  37. Connecting from Terminal 3 to Terminal 2F at CDG
  38. ORY Lounges
  39. Physical Elite Card Required for AF Lounge Access?
  40. Compensations for Cancellations/Delays/Changes - EC 261/2004 MASTER THREAD for AF
  41. Air France offering night-before baggage dropoff
  42. CDG Connecting flights and luggage
  43. Question about level miles from a newbie
  44. Question regarding connecting flights at CDG
  45. Does AF stop selling Korean Air flights?
  46. What Would a Bland Meal Be Like?
  47. Air France Meal LAX to CDG
  48. Delayed baggage compensation
  49. Is it possible to upgrade from Business to La Premiere with cash?
  50. Transatlantic in J Advice please - AF v. AA
  51. Air France online booking fiasco
  52. Upgrade costs on AF
  53. Air France thinks about launching a long-haul low-cost
  54. 3 Sept: farmers blockade
  55. Where am I at CDG?
  56. La Premiere Hotline Shenanigans outside France
  57. AF Meet & Greet Connecting Service at CDG
  58. EC 261 compensation for delayed flight with rerouting
  59. Cannot add alitalia FF number to AF booking
  60. A380 - 2 outstanding deliveries
  61. AF Premium Economy seat question (leg rest vs foot rest)
  62. Minimum connection time between 2E hall M and 2F
  63. Confused by (EC) 261/2004
  64. Checked baggage allowance
  65. London to Shanghai via CDG 2E, can I make the connection in 1h05mins?
  66. Tips for flying Premium Economy
  67. Erroneously charged for second checked luggage - who to contact?
  68. Connecting CDG 2F to 2F on AF in 45 mins
  69. DYKWIA ?
  70. AF 777-330 New J Seat Selection
  71. AF FCO - CDG - DOH - Can I check my bag in Early?
  72. 777-200 vs. A380-800 in J
  73. Air France Airhostess debacle
  74. Carryon allowance
  75. Premiere La Premiere
  76. Where to meet arriving passengers at CDG 2E?
  77. af 008 cdg to nyc in la premiere
  78. Mini Fare - upgrading to add bags after purchase?
  79. Your reservation cannot be completed in this country,
  80. What hall for CDG-ATL?
  81. At what time does CKI counter at BOS open?
  82. Early check-in in SIN?
  83. LAX-CDG-AMS in business, a few questions please
  84. PM on DL should be Platinum on FB, right?
  85. Angle, general conditions of angle lie-flat on 777-2?
  86. Which Business seats when flying with partner?
  87. AF blocking aisle seats in medium haul J?
  88. First class lounge access at LAX
  89. Lunch time in La Premiere Lounge CDG
  90. Access to La Première Lounge in CDG [AF 008 CDG->NYC July 25th]
  91. Technical incident on Orlyval - Closed
  92. Paris to Lyon airport checkin or online
  93. SNCF starting a new welcome service at CDG
  94. Seat layout on AF 264 CDG-ICN
  95. Lost a backpack at CDG Terminal 2C
  96. Help requested: how to book a NON-Mini fare
  97. Hand luggage question
  98. Expect problems @CDG today Sunday July 19
  99. AF111 PVG-CDG loses metal door from landing geat
  100. Flying AF, Earn miles with AS but want ST Elite Plus benefit with CI
  101. Credit where due: AF's award ticket refund policy is tops
  102. Best La Première ground experience outside of CDG?
  103. Obtaining a second French passeport
  104. Air France 747-400 best business class seats with a dog?
  105. Seat selection on empty (?) leg?
  106. AF flight KUL-CDG delayed 24h because part of the crew was stuck in DPS
  107. Tight connection at CDG
  108. Rookie Mistake
  109. Increase in miles needed for Premiere Awards?
  110. Luggage question for Air France
  111. La Première 'Book the Cook'
  112. International Air France flight question
  113. Air France spam
  114. Most cost effective way to experience F
  115. YVR- CDG J class March 2016
  116. Vintage Air France video(s)
  117. Seat Assignments
  118. Air France HOP
  119. La Premiere award travel
  120. [Cancelled] Possible ATC strike - July 2nd-3rd
  121. Air France operated by Air Malta
  122. IAD-CDG: Flat bed?
  123. AF 777 J "Best" Seat Suggestion?
  124. IAD-CDG F seat suggestions
  125. AF PE seat
  126. AF - missed flight
  127. Air France voted "Most improved Airline in the World"
  128. SNPL union does not want Transavia pax to earn FB miles
  129. MSP to CDG
  130. www.afklm-newsaffaires.fr
  131. Non-Schengen to Non-Schengen at CDG (2E)
  132. CDG 2E lounge
  133. 16 Seat AF Business Class?
  134. AF opinions
  135. Air France sues SNPL pilots union for not complying with Transform agreement
  136. AF 777 with 2-3-2 in J
  137. IAD check in counter
  138. The Joys of AF IT
  139. AF La Première from Switzerland
  141. EC261/2004 Complaint and Compensation for AF Delays
  142. CDG Lounge Access on split bus/econ ticket?
  143. Booking "hidden city" flight on AF?
  144. AF's situation likely to be further dented at CDG
  145. AF953 near-miss with vulcano..
  146. AF 22 has F-15 escorts into JFK for chemical weapons threat 25 May
  147. 85 minute transit time at CDG, Paris
  148. AF Business summer promo to Europe
  149. AF - Booking Economy and then changing to PE
  150. HOP! Advanced Seat Selection
  151. The kind of flight experience which makes you like AF
  152. AF axes SVG, VGO, VRN and KUL from winter season 2015/2016
  153. 777-300ER Y Seating
  154. Skipping second half of round trip?
  155. CDG transfer, surprisingly strange
  156. Official now: AF closes the Bases de Province
  157. No AF sales adv in J
  158. FRA to CDG: AF vs LH?
  159. View AZ booking on AF acct/website
  160. UK web site $67 cheaper than US?
  161. Interesting: How are recycled the old cabins at AF
  162. Headphone on 777-200 J class - can connect to laptop?
  163. Premium Beverage Choices in Business Class
  164. PE or Biz cash upgrade worth it?
  165. AF's situation likely to be further dented at NCE and LYS
  166. AF TATL in Affaires: what do I need to bring?
  167. Flight Saint Martin
  168. AF self-service bar on board 772
  169. AIR FRANCE Carryon?
  170. Snack only for YVR-CDG?
  171. N. American routes where La Premiere is offered
  172. What happens to the old aircraft seats ?
  173. Hot meals in European business class for flights longer than two hours?
  174. SFO-CDG-EDI all on AF — immigration question
  175. Premium Economy WOW Deals from LHR
  176. La Première vintage Champagne
  177. Where has PE gone?
  178. Air France buses get competion from Easyjet
  179. AF 345/342 YUL-CDG downgraded to a 777??
  180. Is AF premium economy really that bad?
  181. AF flights from CDG 2E to LHR
  182. What I think of Air France!
  183. Be careful you don't get Air France
  184. La Première summer promo ex-CDG
  185. Boarding Pass scanner at security: do they detect one pax going through twice?
  186. Minimum connection time LHR > CDG > RBA
  187. OMG, La Premiere SFO-CDG-SFO $7,525!
  188. AF84 (CDG-SFO) A380 Business Seat
  189. Air France 747 best business class seats for two with dog
  190. AF "O" Fare - IAD-CDG-IAD
  191. Baggage drop at CDG the day before the flight for Easter holidays
  192. Longhaul Premium Economy and Lounges
  193. Can't stand Mini Fares....
  194. IAD-CDG-NAP Connection Time
  195. Delayed Baggage Expenses Advice
  196. CDG Long layover, Can I go to departure lounge then exit out to Paris?
  197. Has Air France introduced seat blocking for Elites?
  198. What is duo seat on air france?
  199. Class W for European leg of longhaul flight = 0 miles?
  200. 747 2 class service BOS-CDG and back
  201. Traveling with 2 toddlers - 3 PE or 4 economy seats?
  202. Absolutely horrendous customer support from AF
  203. Fun with AF IT
  204. Air France, Paris to Vancouver
  205. French ATC strikes April 8th & 9th
  206. Waiting for luggage an hour or more "perfectly normal"
  207. la premiere lounge CDG guest?
  208. Air France will open up restaurants [Published April 1st ... ]
  209. Advice for La Premiere flight
  210. LAX-CDG meals
  211. NRT-HND-CDG: 3 hour connection/transfer time?
  212. Immigration process at LAX for the flight AF076 CDG-LAX-PPT
  213. Advice for seat choice on AF 747 Affaires
  214. new La Premiere
  215. Anyone departing DELHI midnight April 11th? Lounge question
  216. Question from new AF flier
  217. CDG 1 hr connection between 2F/2F or 2E/2F.
  218. HOP-Air France launch today
  219. AF1900 Cancellations
  220. [Cancelled] French ATC Strike on 25-27 March ???
  221. book through AF or Delta?
  222. Paris 4-day layover - how do I check in for the second flight?
  223. Air France changed our flights.
  224. Nouvelles cabines moyen-courrier / New medium-haul cabins
  225. New AF Safety Video
  226. Getting on next flight after missing flight
  227. The end of the B744 in AF fleet is approaching...
  228. New Air France products for EU flights
  229. Tension between management and unions still high
  230. No Food on Santiago - Paris flight ?
  231. Stunning La Première offer
  232. JAL/AF codesharing agreements on PAR-TYO end on 29-03-2015
  233. AF Lounge at FRA
  234. ID Requirements for Schengen flights on AF
  235. How long from terminal 1 to terminal 2E after immigration, customs?
  236. Number of years to become Platinum Life
  237. Is anyone flying from CFE to CDG on 18 March??
  238. CDG 2G photos
  239. Servair on sale
  240. New AF advertisment campaign
  241. AF374 Paris to Vancouver
  242. Lounge access fee for additional child guest ?
  243. CDG Question
  244. Nice Video: La Première cabin setup on AF B773
  245. Tight connection in CDG from Int'l to Intra-Europe.
  246. "Quick Change" trials on retrofitted B772 and B77W in April 2015
  247. BOD lounge closed
  248. End of codeshare JL/AF to NRT
  249. buy up offers?
  250. AF diverted to Manchester?