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  1. CDG connection flight
  2. YUL-CDG-ARN question
  3. PE/EF amenities?
  4. CDG F2 AF lounge will close for renovation
  5. Adding infant to a rather complicated Award
  6. AF app not load EBP
  7. La Premiere ground services in DXB
  8. See the menu options
  9. 908 euros = £2516 GBP
  10. Only possible to upgrade ticket on the day?
  11. Exit Row Waist Size
  12. AF gates in Atlanta?
  13. Transiting CDG
  14. Anyone know why AF has a 12kg limit on carry on bags?
  15. What happens to old AF B747s
  16. CDG layover - can i move around 2E - 2D - 2C airside ?
  17. Car seat requirement
  18. Bassinet on J
  19. Refurbished C class (but only on certain days)
  20. New AF route : Oran (ORN) from July 27, 2016
  21. Air France rescheduling mess
  22. Travel to Spain from San Francisco
  23. Unable to save seat assignments in business class
  24. Air France to Madrid
  25. Air France A340 vs. B773er in Business Class
  26. AF website bookings with "strange" prices
  27. Scheduled on AF flight from ATL to CDG on June 11th (day strike supposed to start)
  28. Air France Pilots strike | No more AF for me
  29. New AF lounge planned in T2G?
  30. new "Product" dedicated to the best customers
  31. Tight Connection RIC - ATL - CDG
  32. ADP on strike : access to ORY airport very difficult
  33. AF flight but booked through partner... Changes
  34. Champagne offerred in La Premiere lounge ?
  35. CDG Logistics Question Connecting Flight
  36. Compensation e voucher
  37. Specifying AF Booking Class?
  38. AF990 - CDG JNB - 27th May 2016
  39. New AF Europe fare structure: a disaster?
  40. La Premiere Ground Experience at NCE
  41. French strikes, strikes, strikes
  42. When will AF finally allow seat selection for short and medium haul
  43. Newbie question
  44. Carry On, On E90
  45. change/increase in CDG security?
  46. Question about AF premium economy
  47. Orly airport [Connecting from Icelandair to Air France]
  48. Transcontinental Carry-On Weight Limit for PE/J/F
  49. Online check-in with AF ex LHR
  50. Air France Flybe Operated flight from Manchester
  51. Wifi on board 777-300 - AF010 - May 13th
  52. flight connection times ?
  53. MAN (Manchester Airport) Lounges
  54. SU out of 2C at CDG?
  55. Changes for Les Cars Air France from May 12, 2016
  56. European J class - do FAs usually recollect jackets?
  57. lounge access when traveling in Y+on AF
  58. AF discusses partnership with...SQ
  59. FYI Loo situation CDG 2F Gates 21-35
  60. 60 k & L on 380
  61. Senior Flex Rate on Air France - Prague to Paris
  62. Any noticeable difference in J seats/service in an A330 vs. A380?
  63. Ex-US East Coast First Class?
  64. Airbus 330-200 versus Boeing 777-300ER
  65. AF power outlet question
  66. OLCI opens 30 hours before first flight or connecting flight?
  67. Flight Early morning AMS --> OSL via CDG
  68. AF launches San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO)
  69. Long-haul business class sales from Paris
  70. AF P and J from the USA: Daniel Boulud meals
  71. Brief TR in Economy from a Newbie to AF
  72. Air France/KLM seating questions
  73. Europe business class sale
  74. Expedited Passport Control @ CDG?
  75. AF seeks to court younger flyers with 30% discount program
  76. Air France Lounge access for Premium Economy
  77. AF to equip A330 fleet with BEST cabin from end of 2017
  78. Business Meal Preferences
  79. AF FAs Ordered to Wear Headscarves
  80. New Business Class service protocol out of JFK
  81. AF Long-Haul J class: catering changes from May
  82. BOS F Class Gone?
  83. Amadeus fare not available on Air France/Hop
  84. Pets allowed in the CDG AF lounge?
  85. AF77 PPT LAX cancelled 27 March
  86. Orange WiFi onboard your next Air France flight AF1169‏
  87. Intl tranfer experience at CDG
  88. AF long-haul : no more newspapers at the gate
  89. Yotel cdg 2e-l
  90. Equipment in order of preference?
  91. Refused entry to the lounge at BKK
  92. New French ATC strike 20-21 March
  93. CDG-VIE return operated by AF but with OS flight number - how can I reclaim miles?
  94. Stand by for earlier and Carry On - Business Class
  95. Updated AF app
  96. SFO-CDG Bus Class/aircraft questions
  97. AF seatmap change on summer flight CDG LAX
  98. Air France Premium Economy seat question
  99. Change to award booking
  100. Air France Meal Question
  101. Orly Connection/Check-in Query
  102. Connecting Orly Ouest to Orly Sud
  103. NEW: Mini fare and seat selection on medium haul flight
  104. Club 2000
  105. First time business class advice?
  106. Woman smuggles 4-year old child onboard AF flight from IST
  107. Business Seat Selection (Europe) & BlueBiz
  108. DL ticketed, AF metal seat selection question on 772
  109. Elite Security at 2F
  110. Economy mini + flex tickets on same return flight
  111. premier economy for flyer miles?
  112. LAX-PPT-LAX Equipment and Service
  113. "Special Elite" award ticket type
  114. AF checkin TLV
  115. best way to modify a flight
  116. Air France [trip] Report SFO-CDG-TLV
  117. What Version of the 777-300ER?
  118. Shooting themselves in the foot...
  119. Interline AF to LA & Timings Terminal 1 to 8 [SCL]
  120. Air France European Economy Checked Baggage Dimensions
  121. Connecting flight cancelled - what next?
  122. 85 minutes connection in CDG, with tax refund
  123. Delayed baggage & missed delivery
  124. Flights to/from CDG: Preferred US airport
  125. Paid upgrade from Business to First
  126. When to book intra-EU on AF?
  127. Eu 261 - rebooked to an earlier flight?
  128. Historic flight details from 2009
  129. Economy Class Offerings
  130. AF Intra Europe PE
  131. Mvd-cdg paid upgrades at great prices
  132. Short Connection Help!
  133. LAX-PPT Biz class
  134. There's hope: new J seats on A380 in 2018, tender going out soon
  135. Questions on flying Air France
  136. Duty Free at CDG
  137. Flying Air France
  138. 50 minute connection at CDG - is this even possible?
  139. CDG-BLR-CDG on the A330 - J Seat
  140. AF A380 LAX-CDG Y seating question
  141. AF Exclusive Reception in Glasgow
  142. Flying new business class from lax and have a few questions
  143. Compensation for delayed baggage
  144. Child seating on jumpseat entire flight (AF442)
  145. AF medium-haul: On-line seat selection for Skyteam Elites
  146. Flight Changed from AF to Garuda
  147. A La Carte menu on La Premiere
  148. PPT LAX in Premium Economy
  149. Montevideo / Buenos Aires
  150. The 8:35 am CDG-JFK flight
  151. Mini Fares - Air France - Scandinavia to Amsterdam
  152. Access to AF JFK lounge denied
  153. Earn Miles on MiNi and Basic fares with Air France and HOP!
  154. HEL-CDG operated by Finnair, AF flight number, FF question
  155. CDG connection from 2E M gates to 2G after 2.00 pm
  156. AF IAH-CDG - Business Class
  157. Strike ATC [January 26th only] taxis [ongoing]
  158. Is it always this quiet at CDG?
  159. Strategy — empty J seat for lap infant?
  160. No January sale this year?
  161. Booked Business KLM/AF, passed onto low cost carrier
  162. 777-200ER Upgrade to Lie-Flat?
  163. Flying Blue to SkyMiles
  164. Premium Economy on A340
  165. Basic plus 250 miles on AF domestic flights
  166. AF in Glasgow
  167. Interlining bags between Air France and BA?
  168. (Yet another) New strategy for AF - "Plan A+"
  170. US Air Force missile found in cuba after being carried in an Air France flight
  171. Connection CDG
  172. CDG Connection Question
  173. Food options AF lounge CDG 2 E (K gates)
  174. Signification of the different FA uniforms
  175. A long shot - Help with some old MCOs
  176. Beware FlyingBlue Custumer Service
  177. Turcat, Concorde's first pilot passed away
  178. GBP 59 to upgrade NCL to CDG - worth it?
  179. frustration with AF booking engine
  180. Tehran
  181. Upgrade for the Mrs (right time, right class) and dine anytime on AF (?)
  182. 7 1/2 hr layover in CDG
  183. AF dropped Vietnam add-ons from BKK?
  184. Air France - YYZ to CDG cancelled. Staff disappears!
  185. Hop! Airlines 'Business' Class? (EDI to CDG)
  186. Menus JFK-CDG and CDG-TLV
  187. AF Platinum Elite- What is next?
  188. Searching on airfrance.com.au
  189. Did I just get a free long-haul Upgrade from Y to W on a NON-overbooked flight???
  190. TLS-CDG Best Seats
  191. New J deployed on 77W
  192. CDG-JFK vv. New La Premiere Substitution
  193. AF reduce CDG-JFK from 5 to 4 daily on 6 June
  194. AF great customer service...
  195. Was the J cabin full?
  196. Why so many FAs on this flight?
  197. AF selling "La Première" on the A340-300??
  198. AF Landing in Kenya
  199. BREAKING: Explosive [NOT] found on board AF flight
  200. TLV Check-in in J
  201. CDG to EZE in old 777 ?
  202. IAH-CDG removed La Premiere; Enhanced J class
  203. Beware: passport control booths in operation at CDG 2F (Schengen)
  204. Seating with Non-Elite Pax flying with Elite+ Pax on AF
  205. AF to return to GLA
  206. Air France Refund
  207. Semi-urgent: Compensation for dripping AC
  208. La Première Questions
  209. Can you arrange something special for a first time flyer?
  210. Miles Validity
  211. Paying to visit the La Premiere lounge at CDG on an award ticket
  212. Baggage allowance for AF/WX ?
  213. F Lounge and Class Minimum Connection Time
  214. J product SFO-CDG
  215. What % of JFK-CDG flights have new J?
  216. Promo "La Premiere" until December 18th
  217. AF Last 747 Farewell Flight
  218. Segment run: turnaround at FRA, HAM and DUS.
  219. Press: Air France to re-open ORY-JFK route
  220. Wine list (business) - November 2015
  221. Kuala Lumpur
  222. HOP! Service Survey [in French]
  223. AF to setup new hub in ABJ and expand hub at NBO
  224. check in additional luggage at stopover?
  225. AF128 makes an emergency landing in LED (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  226. Warning: Bad lines at CDG 2E (November 28, 2015)
  227. Air France Lounge HKG Showers questions
  228. Why no award tickets on CDG-SJU flights?
  229. Flybe business class
  230. AF A330 - Bulk head in C or other row?
  231. COP 21 in Paris : huge impacts on traffic from/to CDG/ORY
  232. Electronic devices must be charged flts to USA and Canada
  233. AF resumes BKO with major changes
  234. AF23 and AF17 From JFK to CDG Cancelled this Evening
  235. Can I skip the 1st train leg CDG to BRU with AF?
  236. 10 hours flight has only lunch?
  237. Economy seats will no longer be assigned for free before check-in
  238. 2 AF Flights diverted to for security reasons
  239. YVR-CDG J seats
  240. Daytime flights to and from Asia
  241. Bomb threat against AF flight AMS CDG
  242. Hope you are all ok
  243. 777-300ER (New) disembarkation "policy"
  244. What happened to F-HBLG?
  245. AF no longer provides track assistance at CDG railway station
  246. Outbound in Business, return in Eco - not possible?
  247. France to reinstate intra-Schengen border controls for one month
  248. Lounge Access?
  249. "Time to think option" on mobile app
  250. Link for AF New Business Class Planes/Flights?