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  1. AF Cancelled CDG-SFO Tomorrow
  2. Air France Cancelled Flight tomorrow
  3. Security Check at CDG Transferring from BCN to US?
  4. What's your preferred La Premiere seat on A380
  5. Ability to see AF flight maps ?
  6. Connection time at CDG
  7. Lost baggage inventory/receipt?
  8. AF operated by WDL BAe146
  9. Does the transfer have to be included in the ticket
  10. Flying on Finnair metal (AF Y ticket and AF flight number)
  11. Questions for upcoming trip
  12. Questions from Air France semi-newbie
  13. Incident at Orly 18th March
  14. Flying on Bastille Day
  15. Air France Chicago to Paris
  16. AF App showing popups for travel companion?
  17. Airbus 380 Row 37
  18. CDG transfer: Any way to know which hall in Terminal 2E a flight departs from?
  19. Special Meals vs Regular Meal
  20. JFK - CDG La Premiere Seat/ Schedule Recommendation
  21. March 18th-20th - planned AF flight attendants strike
  22. CDG Arrivals
  23. Does AF oversell Premium Economy?
  24. Oh dear (suspected Hop pilots fraud)
  25. Air France New Business Class Seat Defective
  26. B787 on CDG-MXP
  27. AF LAX-PPT
  28. AF strike on March 7th?
  29. A380 la première on NYC route
  30. AF PE Downgraded
  31. upgrade premium economy to business
  32. AF217 and AF218
  33. First time in AF J, what to expect?
  34. Which Lounge in CDG
  35. AF Instant Paris Lounge at CDG
  36. Flying Premium Economy from JFK-CDG-JNB in April. What to Expect?
  37. AF SFO-CDG-SFO Y Questions
  38. OT: The ghost pilot flying over Paris in the 80's
  39. New AF amenity kits for F/J
  40. Paging Flyertalk's own Mr Love
  41. Seat reservation disappeared
  42. New to AF: premium economy questions
  43. Help: Air France won't give me a refund... [ticket purchased through Orbitz]
  44. opinion regarding AF complaint
  45. AF amenity kit SVO-CDG?
  46. Air France Lounge Day Pass at CDG
  47. Which La Premiere route?
  48. Air France "Boost" also with perimeter rule to please pilots
  49. Flying With Infant 77W
  50. Connection Paths 2E-M to 2F
  51. Flying Air France again
  52. AF launches Male (MLE), Maldives
  53. WX ends ORY-LCY
  54. AF- BOM-CDG-YYZ - Meals J Class
  55. AF Flying the 787 to Paris via LHR
  56. Connection 2E - 2F
  57. Seat selection on AF short-haul / medium-haul flights in Y
  58. Transfer time: Linate to Paris to Toronto
  59. Air France & FlyDubai cooperation
  60. AF Business is 1-2-1 or...?
  61. IAH-CDG in summer has F-class?
  62. Taking dog to Ireland
  63. Question on: Seat selection at check-in
  64. Flyertalk-er tour of CDG
  65. Air France Excess Baggage?
  66. CXN Question in CDG
  67. Bases Province limited return?
  68. Del-CDG-IAH transfer
  69. Seat change after Seat+ purchase
  70. CDG -6h connect/ J Class-AF/Questions on Baggage, Lounge, Auchan, and dining
  71. Printing boarding passes at BUD for AF code share flight
  72. Can you email your AF boarding pass to someone else?
  73. AF Changed my seat (and strange empty seat map in J)?
  74. SA to AF connection in Johannesburg?
  75. OLCI with Delta or Air France
  76. Which A380 La Premiere seat when traveling solo
  77. Any good Premiere fares on BEST routes?
  78. CDG 2E-2G Transit (Lounge Question)
  79. Air France gate-check fees?
  80. Incomplete booking, seats gone?
  81. What sort of food and service on CAI-CDG?
  82. Flight Paris - Ho Chi Minh
  83. Near collision above Gent Belgium
  84. CDG transfer from Terminal 2E to 2F
  85. Bad weather at CDG tonight
  86. Logo indicating updated cabin?
  87. Major Delay/Down Grade, Compensation?
  88. La collection AirFrance (promo for travel)
  89. Air France promo award booking class codes?
  90. AF 333 in Keflavik
  91. Comfort Plus equivalent?
  92. Lounges at CDG: New Qatar
  93. Air France Birmingham UK to Tehran - anyone done this?
  94. AF B787 Dreamliner inaugural flight AF789 CDG-CDG, southwest/Gascony France loop (pic
  95. AF Seat map accurate?
  96. Who will fly the special 787 flights?
  97. AF pre-flight dinner at JFK Lounge
  98. Old Habits...
  99. Booked flight with Miles, not showing in partners account?
  100. A380 Retrofit Timeline
  101. Booking on AF, proposed multi-city routing disallowed. Any advice to get around this?
  102. CDG : entering airside a different terminal than one's BP
  103. Air France - Missed last connection and return flights
  104. AF 777 Business Class - Best Seats for Couples
  105. Adding Checked Bag to reservation
  106. AF home-printed luggage tags - any experience?
  107. CDG walking and terminals question
  108. Seat choice A380
  109. Big mess for AF passengers at LAX
  110. Lost baggage and max compensation rates
  111. AF launches or re-launches RAK and OPO
  112. Air France cancellation/refund when major change in flights
  113. Terrifying experience: Smoke in the cabin on Air France flight
  114. What is this space in the 777-300 ER J cabin?
  115. EU261 compensation on a US layover
  116. Unpleasant experience checking in at CDG
  117. €35 for baggage transfer at CDG?
  118. AF lounge in CDG T2E
  119. Which departure gate zone in T2E for AF188 to Hong Kong
  120. Cancelled AF007 tonight out of JFK
  121. Motorway axis to CDG blocked this morning
  122. Paris Connecting Flight: ORY and CDG (3 hours available)
  123. Skypriority + Lounge on Economy Light Ticket?
  124. Sky Priority on Intra-Europe Economy Flex - Issues
  125. Air France upgrade issue & Elite+ handling,
  126. AF and baggage misconnection refund times?
  127. Best Lounge CDG
  128. "Please turn off all devices, due to autopilot landing'' Here we go again,.. or not?
  129. "La Première" lounge closed from Jan 24th to Feb 27th [updated]
  130. CDG connection: LAX-CDG-PRG (air france to czech airlines)...
  131. Advice on CDG connection - air France to Kenya air
  132. Car Service for La Premiere
  133. No row 13 on AF #66
  134. Aegean LCA-CDG / Air France CDG-MAN / Same Ticket in J
  135. business seat choice on the 777-ER
  136. Flight options question
  137. First Trip Report on Air France Boeing 787-9
  138. Review Video of Air France / Skyteam Lounge in IAD
  139. Bar in a380?
  140. Questions about DUB-CDG-ICN
  141. Constructive Criticism of La Premiere
  142. AF 787 : maiden flights on sale (January 7th/8th)
  143. Departure city selections on www.airfrance.us
  144. In Seat Video La P
  145. AF business class, operated by Hop! and Cityjet
  146. checked baggage during long layover in CDG
  147. "La Premiere Level Ground Experience"
  148. Pre-paid meals to come on AF domestic flights?
  149. AF J vs. Delta One
  150. ADP (Paris Airport management) invests in faster border controls
  151. Least Expensive Long Haul La Premiere Routing
  152. Which Lounge at CDG / Airside Upstairs?
  153. La Première menus - how often do they change?
  154. CDG T2E lounges
  155. sticky situation w baggage one-stop
  156. Af374 cgd-yvr
  157. CDG 2E Lounge for FB Silver
  158. AF connection in CDG on separate tickets
  159. Economy medium-haul seats: what about the A318?
  160. Air France Intercontinental
  161. AF announces new longhaul airline brand based @CDG
  162. 2E lounges - do I have to use the one at "my" pier?
  163. Which lounge at CDG
  164. Advice cancelling or modifying flight to Istanbul?
  165. Issue with AF customer service after cancelled flight - any advice ?
  166. CDG lounge - Clarins spa
  167. Double booking due to Air France site error
  168. Which AF lounge CDG
  169. Is premium economy on AF worth it
  170. Transatlantic Premium Economy fare class?
  171. Air France La Première... the best First Class product in the world
  172. Air France's Next US Destination
  173. Cancel a Mini domestic ticket
  174. Change Date Fee Discrepency between CSR and Me
  175. Best business class seats on 777-200 Air France
  176. Dubai Check In Time
  177. Error booking promo award?
  178. AF New J 772 12 rows?
  179. Restrooms in CDG 2G
  180. La Première week-end and last minute fares!
  181. Upgrading an economy award - possible or not ?
  182. Air France A340-300 cabin
  183. Birds in the lounge
  184. Available Lounge at CDG for Layover
  185. When does the seat map open
  186. Best PE seats on AF 773-ER?
  187. AF DXB-CMN return in First
  188. Upgrade problems on AirFrance webpage
  189. Flight delay
  190. Air France Upgrade Confusion
  191. How early can I arrive at the la premiere lounge ?
  192. AF B787-900 Dreamliner configuration revealed
  193. ATC Strike inbound, MR options if affected
  194. Service to Lissabon [Lisbon]
  195. La Premiere Connection Assistance/Escort at JFK?
  196. Flying La Premiere first time
  197. New strike for the end of the year?
  198. AF La Premiere lounge question
  199. LHR - CDG - HKG La Premiere
  200. CDG Connection Time
  201. Taxi time to CDG from 7e
  202. mouse on plane BKO TO CDG
  203. Connecting BES-CDG-EWR from AF to UA
  204. ORY hall 2 lounge has just reopened
  205. AF7 Always Cancelled...
  206. Standing by for earlier flight
  207. Business class seats on 777-300 ER (CDG-IAD)
  208. New AF bus route from YUL : Quebec city
  209. New BEST business main or mini cabin?
  210. MRS baggage issue
  211. New Business Class Seats
  212. AF A380 Premiere Seating
  213. new AF route in in Africa in 2017 : Accra
  214. Lounge access in CDG for longhaul J -> shorthaul Y connection [no status]
  215. Sky Priority: Security in Nice
  216. Downgraded from PE to Economy: Options?
  217. Less Than Stellar Experience SFO-CDG Post-Strike
  218. CDG-AMM in J -- seat question!
  219. Fares
  220. JFK Lounge
  221. Question about missing connecting flight
  222. AirFrance lounge access CDG t2e
  223. Prem Econ Within Europe - What to Expect?
  224. First class upgrade?
  225. JFK connection time (flying in from CDG to George Town GEO)
  226. Mini fares: utterly lost!
  227. Question: Historical AF flight delay data
  228. Schedule Change Question
  229. Lounge Access - Charles de Gaulle
  230. will AF allow a third free bag when booking business from LAX
  231. AF Marketed, KL Operated - who to call?
  232. NCE current security ?
  233. Really *****y Friday with AF
  234. Nice Attack
  235. Buying La Premiere Ground for CDG-YVR
  236. Connection time CDG between 2E and 2F
  237. TaggingPriority on bags is worthless
  238. First Time International Flyer: Booking Air France Premium Economy
  239. French FlyingBlue AmEx card for non-residents
  240. Great AF Service
  241. Front row seat in PE Air France?
  242. "Priority boarding" for FB Silver
  243. SNPNC strike 27 July
  244. Premium Economy: B77W vs. A343
  245. How AF has improved medium-haul C class
  246. Please Help! Lost in Air France Lounge
  247. Sheep at CDG?
  248. CDG connection flight
  249. YUL-CDG-ARN question
  250. PE/EF amenities?