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  1. 777 - does angled lie flat still exist ?
  2. AF pricing, not so dynamic
  3. La Premiere Lounge - Spa Booking
  4. Transfer ORY-CDG 3h15 for a flight to PVG
  5. Rumor of partnership between AF and EZ for AZ
  6. Refurbishment of the lounge near gates F41-F56
  7. Master thread : AF new and cancelled routes
  8. "mistaken" EU compensation?
  9. Do I need to take the train from Brussels?
  10. AF O class on European Flights
  11. A passenger in the cockpit during takeoff and landing
  12. Would you consider this a 'hidden-city' issue for AF?
  13. Pattern to AF La Première aircraft?
  14. AF Schedule Change Question
  15. Air France pilots threaten with strike on 11 January over "safety concerns"
  16. PAX vs customer
  17. LAX-CDG A la carte meals.
  18. Air France changed my codeshare flight?
  19. Down Under
  20. AF deployment ultra business on board service
  21. Best 777-300 Business Class seats
  22. A380 vs A330 Premium Economy
  23. AF: Mixed cabin booking
  24. AF La Premiere from IAH
  25. Flight canceled, new flight number - same day - why?
  26. AF Biz Class
  27. cabin load AF 406 on 20 dec 17
  28. How to get OS locator code on OS-operated, but AF-ticketed itin
  29. Passenger "vaping" and using his phone Short haul yesterday
  30. Clarins spa closed on Wednesdays?!
  31. La Premiere - KL to AF in CDG - Ground transportation?
  32. AF announces one-way ICN-LYS charter service on FEB 26
  33. AF CDG - IAD Dec 9 delay and weak pilot communication
  34. Here's a fun one: Schedule change mis-applied as cancellation
  35. CAI - CDG - Zero'd out fare buckets for early January
  36. AF launches Taipei (TPE)-Taiwan
  37. La Premiere SFO Lounge access
  38. Traveling through CDG with new passport after stolen passport
  39. LX; Hard to beat
  40. Connections to SNCF
  41. Dakar : new airport (DSS) opens on Dec 7, 2017
  42. Why is service so much better to Japan than Korea ?
  43. Upgrading with Miles / Crediting to other FFP
  44. IAG Competition goes LCC at ORY
  45. Children's meals in J
  46. Bucket List Trip in - 1 month today - SAN-YYZ-CDG-BOM-CDG-YYZ-SAN
  47. CDG 2D lounge acces with guest
  48. Air France Upgrade to Business Class at Check-In
  49. Compensation for faulty tray in Y?
  50. Meals in J - short haul
  51. Easy Question for CDG Airport
  52. AF Flights canceled due to industrial action.
  53. Air France Long Haul Economy service vs Delta
  54. Discounted F AF fares? (777)
  55. AF CDG-LAS is only one-off
  56. AF or MU to PVG?
  57. New AF app feature: My travels in numbers
  58. AF discrimination based on PoS
  59. Air France - CDG to Toronto - Trip from Hell!
  60. Again strike at CDG on 16.11. or what??
  61. Need help picking seat on AF 772 V2
  62. AF NCE-JFK (one off’s)
  63. 12+ Hrs Transit at CDG.. Wanna Sleep..(Airside Only)
  64. CDG T2E Arrivals Meeting Point Needed Inside Frontier
  65. Any News about AF Strike [in PPT] Nov 10, 2017?
  66. Web Booking
  67. Change to Delta itinerary?
  68. CDG-HND in P/F: AF or JL?
  69. BOS-CDG Route: Old or New J?
  70. Help: where to go at CDG to retrieve lost baggage?
  71. La Première lounge CDG P -> J connection
  72. Least expensive F class Europe-Asia on AF
  73. Three times the same flight number on one RT
  74. My brother got lost his bags for 4 days
  75. Flight switched to Joon
  76. Air France S18 Long-haul service changes
  77. 26 october DELAYS
  78. Upgrade informations at CDG
  79. Cabin Baggage Size in J
  80. AF Premium Economy cabin upgrade status
  81. Downgraded from F to C because of a technical problem. What to expect ?
  82. AF/Security checking electronic devices for charge etc?
  83. CDG 2E folklore on Sunday mornings
  84. Connecting in CDG on separate tickets
  85. Best Coach Seats on AF A332s?
  86. Police Called to Meet Plane
  87. Same-day change rules for AF
  88. AF considering new options for the CDG 2F lounges
  89. ADP Aerobus
  90. Atlas Global codeshare IST->CDG, STE+ benefits?
  91. Languages spoken by AF crews
  92. AF 787 operating CDG LYS
  93. AF has switched my YYZ-CDG flight from 772 to A343
  94. Air France business class
  95. Why does AF bus passengers to the plane at CDG
  96. Lounge invitation in app
  97. AF fares in O class
  98. new JV between AF and VN
  99. CDG-DUB planeside baggage check?
  100. Public sector strike in France on October 10th - some AF cancellations
  101. AF operating margins compared to competitors
  102. Is La Premiere becoming less exclusive?
  103. Combining tickets / checking luggage
  104. CDG transit from EU to US flight
  105. NTE airside transit
  106. I was on Air France Flight 66 2 days ago
  107. AF GVA security
  108. $5400 RT La Premiere good deal
  109. Effect of the A380 incident on AF schedule?
  110. 11 Hour connection in CDG La Première
  111. AF 66 makes emergency landing in Goose Bay
  112. Air France on Twitter
  113. Air France - Business Class from SFO to VCE?
  114. Does AF block out bulkhead seats?
  115. can I sneak check in my luggage for free?
  116. Any rumors about AF doing another Star Wars flight package?
  117. Yet Another CDG Connection Question
  118. CDG-AMS-SOU, 45 mins connection time enough?
  119. Air France 380 Flight Cancellations
  120. How do I know which 777-200ER business configuration I will be in?
  121. Booking 2 separate AF tickets for one journey: Will AF help if inbound is late?
  122. Going between terminals at CDG w/o boarding pass
  123. HELP!!!! UAL ruining my wife's birthday!
  124. Complimentary Upgrade to La Premiere
  125. CDG Terminal 2E Concourse M
  126. Air France charging less than the initial price
  127. Check in to AF flight booked through Delta
  128. Aircraft used by AF to fly CDG-FOR?
  129. Selecting seats
  130. Lounges during CDG layover?
  131. Strike on September 12 - AF offers free rebooking etc.
  132. CDG transfer time
  133. Air France Paris-Papeete via Los Angeles route
  134. Upgrade with FB miles on codeshare flights
  135. 787 Premium Economy
  136. French government may sell (part of) its stakes in AFKL and Paris airports
  137. Flying ATL-CDG-CMN (Casablanca) on DL & AF
  138. "Your feedback can no longer be taken account for this flight" - ??
  139. ATL-PTP on A320 in Business Class, what to expect?
  140. Meeting travel partner in 2E at CDG
  141. MRU: COI or not?
  142. La Première with an Infant
  143. Luggage Armageddon at CDG
  144. La Premiere Services in Geneva?
  145. Did AF stop MVD-EZE route?
  146. Stay airside between CDG 2F & 2D
  147. email address for Air France ?
  148. Short connection in CDG on award ticket
  149. Lost item on AF flight - Any experiences getting it back?
  150. Can you put my mind at rest?
  151. Overnight transfers
  152. IntraEurope + Transfer
  153. AF LYS-CDG on 789 anyone get op-up
  154. Air France/Finnair codeshare flight mileage question
  155. New strikes announced by Air France personnel due to Joon
  156. Concerned about AF connection
  157. My Facebook comment to AF for the Flyertak community...
  158. Air France Load Check Request
  159. Fully flexible fare - beware 'linked segments'
  160. A330 J Seat Recommendation for 4 Passengers
  161. CDG Terminal 2F?
  162. WiFi on AF A380
  163. which seat in J on af009
  164. Does AF mobile boarding pass require cell service or just internet access?
  165. How fast will flight fill up after 30 hour advance check in
  166. updated information about new J seats deployments and other information
  167. Does AF limit the number of times a passenger can be upgraded?
  168. Air France Premium Economy vs Economy with small children
  169. Major capacity cuts to BOS?
  170. Best AIR FRANCE lounge in CDG 2E?
  171. Air France - In CDG how early can you check luggage?
  172. How to pick seats from France to Mumbai
  173. Procedure for lost items in CDG lounge ?
  174. CDG how much time from 2F to 2E?
  175. Best Y seat in A380
  176. Air France A330-200 New Business Class?
  177. Is there an up to date of routes with La Première?
  178. Connecting time in CDG coming from Houston, TX
  179. Traveling during the summer is really a pain, even for pax with status...
  180. Question about AF La Premiere arrival services in London
  181. LAX-CDG-NCE:Immigration at CDG?
  182. Economy Class meals AF 84 CDG SFO
  183. Stopover in CDG
  184. CDG: connecting in 1 hour?
  185. AF and CX interline?
  186. AF to commence Atlanta to Pointe à Pitre flights using A320 aircraft
  187. Limited strike of AF ground staff at CDG - AF expects no impact
  188. AF After show policy on AF Medium Haul Flights
  189. Looking at a DL to AF connection in ATL
  190. What will be JOON's first [last] routes?
  191. Equipment swap to JFK?
  192. Help with Unaccompanied Minor ticket
  193. Boost project name revealed: JOON
  194. Business Class Food
  195. AF Award Economy Booking into DL Basic
  196. To be confirmed: Paid upgrades now trigger upper class mileage earning
  197. Yotelair CDG 2E-L added to Priority Pass network
  198. Green light for new AF subsidiary "Boost"
  199. Delay to AF165 rebooked but booking incorrect
  200. Is there a chance that AF finally send widebodies to TLV?
  201. Why does AF send their 787s to CAI and YUL?
  202. can anyone please help
  203. AF 374 CDG-YVR diverted to PIK, all pax flown back to CDG with another aircraft
  204. First time flyer on AF - Questions on 2E / Halls and Gate Numbers
  205. CDG 2F to 2E transfer...long passport control lines?
  206. Row 37A Airbus 380
  207. HOP pilots strike 13-18 July
  208. Connecting at CDG
  209. Same flight numbers as in 1998 AF 83/84
  210. Do Flights frequently change from BEST to not-BEST?
  211. DoD Upgrades on AF
  212. La Premiere service SFO?
  213. Can Air France be seeling tickets for a soon to be cancelled route?
  214. Wasted A Chase Rewards Points Transfer
  215. TSA Pre SFO
  216. AF/KL ticket desk has closed for good @ ZRH
  217. $22 Service Fee for Fully Refundable Ticket?
  218. removing one pax from a domestic ticket
  219. CDG 2F evacuated "to comply with security rules"
  220. La Premiére lounge CDG - worth it in the morning?
  221. A380 Departures from 2E - M Gates Only?
  222. Cocktails to be served in La Premiere
  223. AF 083 Delay 6/26/2017
  224. OLCI for MAD-CDG-SIN
  225. Premium Eco - A380 vs 777
  226. The Club 2000 Mile
  227. Thread for seats availability?
  228. Airport Transit in Paris with expired visa
  229. Does LX stock AF codeshare accrue miles with FB?
  230. Blocked seats for JV partners on AF metal - when do they get released?
  231. Access Air France CDG lounge before taking the train?
  232. Ticket validation at BUD for Air France flight
  233. Air France La Premiere Lounge JFK
  234. New economy on the high-density 777-300?
  235. Booking SEAT for Infant
  236. What are the "Sky Priority" stickers on buses at CDG for?
  237. AF Flights from Bogota to CDG and back
  238. Three class from the US to CDG with new Biz cabin
  239. Old business class
  240. Mistake fare gets cancelled after being confirmed with AF
  241. Lunch layover (3½h at CDG)
  242. Air France Facebook Photo Looks Kinda Menacing
  243. Domestic, change seat assigned after check in
  244. AF sub-fleet for domestic flights - all NEO seats?
  245. Wi-Fi On Board
  246. Future business class seats in a350s and a330s
  247. Boarding Passes
  248. AF Lost Luggage handling at ATH
  249. 1h 45 min connection in CDG
  250. checking luggage to final destination - two tickets