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  1. NEV3 Progress
  2. AF 340-300 Seat 14G
  3. Strange tax on NSTAYFR2 fare
  4. fully paid (cheap) ticket, put on standby?
  5. No more Air Newzealand lounge at Lax for P passengers !
  6. 1 hour CDG Connect time
  7. Air France Concorde, a half-decade later
  8. FB Plat denied access to AF lounge in BCN
  9. How many check in bags allowed in F?
  10. JFK-CDG-BOM in F: what to expect?
  11. Rumors ? AF working on a new J/P product
  12. DXB-CDG 1AM flight in Espace Affaires
  13. Seat Availability Question
  14. Air France UK number (non 0870)
  15. Preferred Tempo Seats A320
  16. CDG-LAX AF vs. Delta
  17. JAL Lounge or AF Lounge at CDG T.2F?
  18. Will the plane change back
  19. CDG-MIA: when switching to 77W
  20. Oil price threatens Air France's results (source : La Tribune)
  21. Please explain my CDG lounge options J to Y.
  22. Air France unions call for May 22 strike
  23. CDG meeting question
  24. First class award for FB Gold
  25. US plays down prospects of deal with EU on control of airlines (source: AFP)
  26. French supreme administrative court accepts AF's claim against low cost fees in MRS
  27. BOS-CDG B747 c-class config
  28. BHX-CDG-BOM Advice
  29. LOUNGE: AF non elite (ivory) on AFFAIRES AWARD
  30. Seat allocations
  31. Code Share for USA domestic flights?
  32. AF recent upgrade experience
  33. CDG-CMN in Tempo Challenge: hot meal?
  34. Power outlet in l'espace premiere; 90W?
  35. do first passengers get escorted if on a connection at cdg ?
  36. Air France Terminal 2E...
  37. Checking in luggage only part of the way?
  38. Hertz 90th Birthday Offer
  39. Question re: AF carryon luggage allowance CDG-BOD
  40. 777-200 seats
  41. New 777-300 Configuration?
  42. What are my chances of making this 1 hour connection at CDG
  43. Carry on Baggage size question on Air France
  44. And this is how you deviate from course towards a mid-flight collision....
  45. fc to usa which destinations
  46. another CDG connection thread
  47. Quick question about seat assignments in Y inter-Europe flights....
  48. Arriving on AF into Dubai
  49. AF restarts non-stop service to PHC
  50. AirFrance.us -- Is this a booking for a trip with your family or your partner?
  51. ATL-LCY: Am I crazy to think this will work?
  52. How to check-in online for a Trip to London?
  53. AF B744 Upper Deck seats through Delta.com
  54. From terminal 2D to 2E
  55. Air France from LAX to LHR Limo Service
  56. Bkk-sgn
  57. Using AF/LH or Meridiana from CDG when our final destination is Sicily.
  58. Any info- transfer CDG 2F to 2E May 2008?
  59. Air France officially announces economy plus product
  60. Any thoughts on what happened to all the BIZ class CDG-FCO award tixs next April?
  61. Air France First Class questions
  62. AF First Questions
  63. Will AF pre-assign seats in Biz CDG to FCO?
  64. Will NEV1 be reconfigured to NEV3?
  65. Use of lounge in Lyon
  66. Flying Air France with Dog
  67. Air France 744 replacements
  68. TG to BA connection question (sorry)
  69. IAD-CDG: 330 or 777?
  70. AF184/183, CDG-HKG. What to expect, and to make the most of it?
  71. AF - Lounge Access
  72. AF contract lounge at DKR
  73. Customer Care Department
  74. AF Business class: A330, A340, 777-200 or 777-300
  75. Another "enough time for connection?" question
  76. Can I check in at a kiosk with an infant?
  77. Downgrading Compensation with AF+ Flight Cancellation advice
  78. The most well handled emergency landing ever
  79. AF mailing address?
  80. Best seat in 77W with 3-4-3 and/or 3-3-3 configuration?
  81. My first nearly on-time AF flight...
  82. Transfer time at CDG?
  83. Airlines' anger at BAA after British Airways postpones move (source: The Guardian)
  84. Flight AF188 to HKG
  85. fare IAFEXTRA?
  86. Newbie Connection ?s about CDG
  87. have the ATTN code changed recently?
  88. Forgive me....Another " Can I make this connection?" question
  89. AF new AVOD status. How many 777's?
  90. Short transfer time in CDG Terminals 2E/2F
  91. Meal in Business FCO-CDG?
  92. Negotiating prices JFK-CDG when buying 5 seats in J
  93. Air France -- connection at NCE question
  94. Getting exit row seat with connecting flight
  95. Yet Another Bad Experience With AF
  96. Air France
  97. in seat power in 777-300
  98. First Air France flight soon, 1 question!
  99. LHR-CDG-MAD: Is 1h:40min enough connection time?
  100. AF good value SIN-EDI?
  101. Is AF lounge better than AZ one in LHR T2?
  102. Is about an hour enough time to make a FCO-CDG-SEA connection at CDG?
  103. Cdg-fco
  104. Need Help For Af Out Of Nrt
  105. B747-400 Tempo; Extra leg room in main cabin vs. standard seat upstairs?
  106. CDG or ORY
  107. Chance of op-up tonight: BLR-->CDG?
  108. Air France ties deepen with flights: 'Open Skies': Delta partnership expands
  109. Frequence Plus Services is over...
  110. Which routes have First class
  111. For some Reason I got lucky
  112. CDG Question (Customs)
  113. What is CDG AF Lounge policy about guests?
  114. AF to AZ Connection At CDG
  115. Air France LHR-LAX which 777
  116. CDG-MEX B747 in-flight entertainment
  117. 10% off US => Greece, Italy, Spain
  118. AF Lounge at IAD
  119. SVO-CGD in AF Business?
  120. Transfer from T2 to Sofitel/Pullman
  121. Pay to access lounges
  122. 7 Hours in CDG
  123. Best Seats in Y in Airbus 332 (Specifically CDG<-->BLR)
  124. Luggage Allowance
  125. Some Air France Questions
  126. Any bets/insider info on possible cabin crew strikes as of April 1?
  127. Nicer Business Product
  128. Delta codeshare - full miles on discounted fare
  129. Upgrade to First
  130. AF Codeshare Miles Application & Delayed Baggage
  131. A380 - wow
  132. JFK to Italy in AF with DL/AZ ticket
  133. AF Capacity Change in Brazil (GRU/GIG)
  134. vouchers
  135. answers from AF management to some interesting topics (french only)
  136. 3 classes intra-Europe?
  137. Changing a non-refundable ticket
  138. Will AF Ever Fly to YVR?
  139. SFML denied by AF on CDG-DXB AF 530
  140. Change of AF service fees for domestic flights
  141. Paris - Seattle
  142. O/T Paris At Night
  143. What type of 744 to YYZ?
  144. New Air France Business Class 777-300 forward mini cabin
  145. French passort/ticket/ immigration question
  146. Flying Blue background music - which song?
  147. Airbus A380 Network
  148. CDG - FLR: need one way, can I book roundtrip?
  149. Fare Rules Discrepancy
  150. F-HPJA will be the 1st AF A380 - 1st photo
  151. AF booking engine: changing a booking class.
  152. arrivals lounge CDG (arr from JFK)
  153. Emergency (rerouting/irrops) advice CDG 2E to 2D in 90 minutes
  154. Meal service SEA-CDG & rt
  155. AF consolidator JFK-CDG-NDJ
  156. Air France SkySuites
  157. AF 442 delayed for 09h45m
  158. Best seat in L'Espace Premiere on a 77W?
  159. Cancellation of Non-refundable ticket & Rebooking; clever usuage of travel voucher?
  160. AF DTW-BOM, return
  161. The 7 challenges for Air France (source : L'Expansion magazine)
  162. Front part of domestic flights from CDG
  163. Check in chaos 2E
  164. Tight connect in CDG- advice?
  165. Security check at 2F CDG
  166. Short with pilots, Air France to let aircrafts on the ground (source : Le Figaro)
  167. what is it like
  168. AF has new Birds
  169. surviving CDG
  170. What are the best seats in Business on the 330-200 and Airbus 320?
  171. e-contact to customer service?
  172. AF ranked as a highly attractive company by French executives
  173. AF P seat in bed position: does the armrest go down?
  174. AF fare rise due to rebooking
  175. Paris CDG from 2C to 2E : please help
  176. Groupfare CDG-TNR but what about feeders to CDG?
  177. CDG terminal A lounge ?
  178. Check your flight schedules as of 31 March
  179. New fuel surcharge increase?
  180. "security" checks at gate in Houston. anyone saw this at other (US?) airports?
  181. Athens under the snow… makes AF customers service disappear
  182. Overnight at CDG - baggage through check? Advice please.
  183. how to reach terminal 2D from 2E in CDG paris
  184. Which terminal?
  185. AF lounge in MAN and European Business Class
  186. dumb question - lax to cdg
  187. Cash refund only at Milano Linate?
  188. AF doesn't reply to complaints letter - what next?
  189. Wi-fi access in AF lounges in France
  190. Dinner service on a 2h30 Tempo flight?
  191. Insecticide on AF169 SGN-CDG
  192. The priority luggage tag is a joke with AF
  193. The new AF downgrade policy for Platinum
  194. Child meals on AF in coach
  195. First trip on AF, EWR-CDG-TLV and back
  196. What to expect BOS-CDG-BCN
  197. Interline Baggage AF to VX at IAD?
  198. A340 seating and take-off sights
  199. Air France will upgrade comm systems of French E3-F AWACS
  200. Stupid CDG experience w/o bashing!
  201. Tokyo - CDG Premiere
  202. Air France in the movies ...
  203. How is AF P/J ex-LHR?
  204. AF Upgrade Inventory question
  205. New award booking class for elite members
  206. Travelling on an AF ticket, but being checked in by AA
  207. What gives more than 750 EQM ex-CDG ?
  208. US AF website problem
  209. Transfer 2F to 2E @ CDG - any tips?
  210. CDG 2E Boarding Pier
  211. placeholder
  212. Photography restrictions at CDG?
  213. F Award ticket; what is the ground service like?
  214. Suggestions for improvement to CDG operations
  215. Another "Can I make my AF connection?" thread
  216. Got a ticket number but AF-Site says my reservation is on hold..
  217. CDG : one of the five airports around the world that make travelling hell
  218. Online CKI - in which cases "confirmation" instead of actual boarding pass?
  219. AF - LHR to LAX
  220. AF : Cancellation of EUR99 intra-Europe fare: What can be refunded?
  221. premiere service
  222. Class of service on AF with whick booking class?
  223. Lax_cdg Af 777-300?
  224. AF 009 and 010
  225. NGO lounge and AF-JAL seat reservation
  226. AF strict regarding bag weight?
  227. A340-300 CDG - ATL New Biz Product?
  228. Bicycles at CDG
  229. Airside liquid availability at CDG?
  230. And you thought Tempo Challenge is a flexible fare ?
  231. Anyone book the LAX-LHR specials?
  232. Trying to Get to Lisbon from Paris
  233. No Fb Miles For Af Flt Operated By Qf
  234. AF276 economy class 31G
  235. Travel Agent forgot to enter my FB number
  236. LHR Terminal 2 - 4
  237. CDG : benchmarking operational & financial results with world's top 15 airports
  238. new ways to handle incidents and suggestions / AF launches e-claim
  239. Fare Mistake BLL TLS BLL!!!!
  240. AF 2008 Summer Schedule to JFK
  241. buying longchamp bags at CDG?
  242. Bad Experience with Air France
  243. purchase First Class sleepsuit
  244. AF: LAX - LHR $243 One way
  245. inexpensive gifts available at CDG with short connection time
  246. Air France and CDG
  247. Blast (or rather sonic boom) from the past
  248. Compensation for a 17-hour delay?
  249. Air France upgrades
  250. Seat Selection on AF188