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  1. How early to arrive at CDG for seasoned traveler? Air France economy
  2. Joon-Sky Priority at BCN
  3. AF lounge PP access JFK T1
  4. INT. Leaving at layover
  5. New destination - Irkutsk, anyone?
  6. Purchasing LaPremiere/Premium Economy split r/t ticket
  7. What's wrong with the AF website?
  8. Does AF close all flights 20 mins before departure at CDG?
  9. Redeem lotus miles?
  10. Air France young fares and youth passes
  11. AF258 CDG-SGN 01NOV denied entering Russian airspace
  12. Ben Smith: Some insights on the future
  13. CDG - transfer from shengen to flight for US
  14. Why has AF 333 (CDG-BOS) been cancelled so much?
  15. A strange of "no show" at TXL
  16. CDG timing
  17. Premium ECO-cost of lounge access and Access No. 1 at CDG
  18. Mileage run / LHR
  19. Strange Booking Issue for ORY
  20. AF 777-300ER biz class conversion
  21. Fares difference AF/MU on AF website
  22. AF0010 cancelled -- compensation in P?
  23. Lounge Access CDG
  24. Air France Lounge IAD closure
  25. Low-carb option
  26. Where do departures and arrivals cross at CDG 2E Terminal M?
  27. All A350s will go to JOON
  28. Air France website maintenance?
  29. Interline baggage Air France to Swiss
  30. A330 new economy / premium economy seats ?
  31. CDG PARAFE E-gates for US Passport holders?
  32. A380 to Atlanta - Questions
  33. AF Caribbean 777W Atrocious
  34. Vegetarian meal in A
  35. Paid F fare ideas
  36. DXB-CMN La Premiere
  37. Reason for AF990 (CDG-JNB) cancellation?
  38. [Infographic] Air France J class retrofit program, WiFi and service vs OAL
  39. AF1775 OSL-CDG 02SEP by Joon
  40. Have New Parafe Facial Recognition Gates Speeded up Things at CDG Arrival/Departures?
  41. Another flight cancellation - which hotels at CDG
  42. AF 55 IAD>CDG>VCE 23% on time, average delay 44 minutes? Enough time?
  43. How many J lavatories on an AF 77W COI?
  44. Air France PAID Upgrade at Check-In
  45. Best seat Business 777-200
  46. Baggage Transfer between Air France & Iberia
  47. Air France CDG Baggage Debacle
  48. AF service in Y now inferior to DL's
  49. Experiences flying AF?
  50. La Premiere multi-seat pricing oddity?
  51. Joon
  52. Can I book a flight between two US cities via Air France
  53. Infants/Children in TransAtlantic Business Class
  54. Which would you pick - AF A380 or 777-300ER?
  55. Unpleasant experience: what to do? [merged]
  56. 77W - nice economy seats
  57. a bag to check-in while in transit in CDG
  58. Lounge Suggestions
  59. Air France Hop! - Embraer E-190
  60. 1 hour transfer at CDG, what if the flight is delayed?
  61. What is wrong with AF ops these days? Breakdown on all fronts...
  62. Air France Load
  63. 77W in COI config - NEV3 or NEV4?
  64. I forgot my hand baggage!
  65. LAX-PPT cancelled for tonight why? Next steps?
  66. La Premiere--what to expect
  67. Air France: Probability of Strike?
  68. Schedule change - Whose rules for free changes? AF? DL? Orbitz?
  69. La Première Seating
  70. 3.5 hours enough between CDG and ORY?
  71. Mandatory security staffing issue AF689 ATL-CDG on 6-19-18 EU261?
  72. AF Business class carry on luggage allowance
  73. CDG - priority pass question
  74. Any possible access to AF terminal E lounges when departing from terminal 2F ?
  75. Schedule change and partial refund of the ticket
  76. Air France PE vs Lufthansa PE
  77. The "dreaded" AF A380 biz seats - help choosing?
  78. AF 66 (A380) - Always Late?
  79. Air France ( CDG-SJO ) - Economy Plus / Seat Plus
  80. CDG-ABV-PHC is plagued by delays, cancellations, and frequent schedule changes
  81. Flight Cancelled - Had to fly out 24 hours later - Compensation
  82. CDG La Premiere Lounge - Guest Access Policy?
  83. AF.com (US) website problems
  84. Onboard celebrations?
  85. CDG T1 to 2D
  86. Air France subsidairy HOP!
  87. SXM flights moved to JOON
  88. Got a upgrade offer, and paid for it but why my checked in luggage didn't change
  89. EY codeshare Checkin (AF ticket)
  90. Flight "delayed" by mail, another pax didn't got any notification
  91. Air France private jet partner Wijet to enter administration
  92. Printing E-Mail Confirmation from AF Site
  93. No iPad use during taxiing?
  94. Flying AF009 on 787 from JFK to CDG in August - What to expect?
  95. AF ticket cancelled after website crash - third party booking
  96. USB power ports in seat arm rest on narrowbody fleet
  97. Flying to Malta
  98. Seats Reclining In Front of A320 Emergency Exits
  99. A320 v3 seat plus
  100. Downgrade AF PE to Delta C+
  101. Reasoning behind French border security checks
  102. The Joon Joke
  103. Arrival situation at 2E
  104. reassigned to Cello Aviation from Air France/Hop
  105. C catering from CDG to AMS, from AMS to GOA and back to CDG
  106. AF ORY-JFK or CDG-JFK
  107. flying AF F with 7 hour layover: advice needed
  108. Flight modification AF
  109. La Premiere ground service experience at CDG airport?
  110. La Premiere Fares
  111. VIE Austrian codeshare luggage allowance
  112. Redeeming Flyingblue Miles on JAL Flight
  113. flight AF 006 on Jun. 12 18
  114. Sky Priority on AF PE Tix with Delta C+ Domestic
  115. Typical compensation for non working screen in J SIN-CDG
  116. Lounges at CDG
  117. Best - A380-800 Business class seat
  118. Air France Music.
  119. luggage waiver on AF with Delta status
  120. Through-Check for separate award bookings
  121. New Discount pass in business
  122. Af check in time at CDG
  123. Af atl - ptp
  124. Head purser greets everyone in Air France business class, except me?
  125. Transfer at SXB
  126. "Ras le Bol" Air France
  127. What is going on with AF's Twitter service?
  128. 2 PC exceptions in Economy
  129. Redeem Flying Blue miles for Delta flights
  130. Domestic seat selection - Elite+
  131. PARAFE - Various Observations on Recent First Time Use
  132. Website password - is it just me?
  133. Checked baggage on Light fares and skyteam elite plus
  134. ATC Marseille strike 26-27 May
  135. AF flights with Delta miles
  136. Any way around this award booking problem?
  137. Wi-Fi on Air France A380
  138. National strike 22 May
  139. EU 261 for cancelled flight by earlier arrival
  140. CDG & MCT
  141. Still don't understand Duo Seat on Joon/Air France
  142. Can the Non-Elite Passenger in a PNR Check in First and Check the One Free Bag?
  143. AF- delta price difference for same flight
  144. Any Way of Avoiding the Hand Baggage Weight Check at CDG?
  145. AF Interline to Other Airlines
  146. Fare class at AF
  147. Snack service in longhaul business
  148. Change at CDG
  149. NCE-senior pass and changes on award
  150. Strike
  151. CDG 2E lounge
  152. Air France Cabins
  153. Combined AF/DL itinerary - no mobile BP?
  154. Air France strike and EU261 compensation
  155. AF 380 at DRS
  156. A330-200 premium bulkhead or not?
  157. Air France vs Lufthansa First Class
  158. Premium Economy, A777-200
  159. PVG in First
  160. Air France strike - rebook or wait?
  161. LAX - Transit for flight AF076 CDG - LAX - PPT
  162. FB Gold Third Party Lounge
  163. How to find DL PNR on AF.com
  164. Air France Never Again: Platinum line sucks
  165. Self-Transfer Advice
  166. AF coded EBC ticket operated by FlyBe, should I get a meal voucher?
  167. 50 Minute Connection at Nice Realistic?
  168. Where to check in unaccompanied minor at CDG 2E?
  169. AF might ground some of their 787 soon
  170. Premium Economy Lounge access
  171. Inputting Known Traveller #
  172. AF and Hop! start The Pass
  173. La Premiere Pajamas
  174. Different availability for award flights through different partners
  175. Return Flight Canceled. What are my compensation options ?
  176. Random date far in future not available in business? (Seattle - Paris)
  177. First time la premiere advice
  178. Risk of Award Ticket on Apr 17- Strike Day
  179. AF giving up on Linate Airport in Milan?
  180. Paid AF Lounge Access possible if not flying AF?
  181. Is this seat map correct?
  182. Long Stop-over TGV Air ticket redemption (XOP-CDG-EDI)?
  183. Anyone ever get complimentary upgrades?
  184. Where can I see booked travel class on AF website or mobile app?
  185. Joon to Seychelles
  186. AF vs Joon - business class
  187. Air France / Iberia Airline - how strict are they with oversize bagagge?
  188. AF 23 - La Premiere- Breakfast only?
  189. Award availability
  190. JFK-CDG Seating Issue
  191. Premium Economy breakfast Miami to CDG
  192. CMN - SFO; Biz class; seat layout confusion (AF 82)
  193. Air France Cancellation Claim
  194. AF strike June 23rd -> June 26th suspended, except for one union: SPAF
  195. Air France Premium Economy Boarding
  196. seat assignment on AF-operated flights marketed by other carriers
  197. AF Safety Video/ads: No more Glass Candy - Warm in the Winter ?
  198. When was NEV4 first installed?
  199. AF pricing question
  200. CDG Connecting Advice
  201. DEL>LHR - check in not allowed ?
  202. CDG 2F to 2D terminal 1hour connection is okay?
  203. AF advance seat selection in Europe?
  204. Long-Haul Seats Blocked at 72 Hours or so?
  205. SFO-CDG business pricing, flight change
  206. LAX-PPT PE seat question
  207. Air France - Wine/Alcohol Restriction
  208. SM to upgrade and 380 seating recs
  209. AF strike 23 March 2018
  210. Booking mixed cabins on Air France
  211. CDG terminal 2E chaos this morning!
  212. Luggage at CDG and long layover
  213. Delayed flight arrangements
  214. Air France 772 V4 cabin tour
  215. System remembered to upgrade me!
  216. AF090 CDG MIA returns to CDG for sick passenger - EU261 Guidance
  217. AF vs. TunisAir CDG/ORY - TUN
  218. AF and Transavia France expand codeshare
  219. JFK T1 Air France lounge
  220. Inflight Wi-fi
  221. AF adds limited time CDG-SAN (Nov 29 - Dec 4, 2018)
  222. SFO>CDG on AF, will I get lie-flat biz seats?
  223. AF (or Skyteam lounge) in CDG 2C terminal ?
  224. AF7 Aircraft Info
  225. What are "Group 3" countries in AF 's structure of the world?
  226. First rows of Economy in B777-300 ER with extra legroom?
  227. AF Strike on 22 February and HOP ! pilots strike
  228. How're AF in paying out for delays & cancellations?
  229. Departing HOP from ORY Terminal 4 - which lounge?
  230. New flagshiip AF lounge access at CDG 2E hall L from another hall (K or M)
  231. Trip report - AF6 in Business Class
  232. Seat Recommendation for 777W COI
  233. New AF seasonal routes (medium haul) - Summer 2018
  234. AF joins PreCheck
  235. Air France Salon Lounge Review At Paris Charles De Gaulle (CDG) Airport Terminal 2F (
  236. Flight 99 MiIA to CDG
  237. Possible/Practical to Get PARAFE When Arriving CDG and Use 9 Days Later to Exit?
  238. A380 Economy seat: which one to choose
  239. Miles credited to wrong FFP?!
  240. Do Check-in agents at CDG really not know US CBP rules?
  241. How To Select Seats On AF Codeshare Flights On SU, RO and J2 Flights
  242. Is AF secretly treating me nice ?
  243. Day of Departure Upgrade Question
  244. Refurbished CDG 2E Hall L AF Business Lounge
  245. Flight modification: payment has made but nothing has changed
  246. AF Premium economy of 773 versios 468 "carribean"
  247. Flight delayed - AF refuses EC261 compensation
  248. Long haul service between LHR and CDG?
  249. AF689 ATL-CDG Equipment OLD?!
  250. TGV Air now available in ORY (from ZFJ)