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  1. Fishy business on AF Flying Blue accounts
  2. SEA to CDG in Affaires
  3. AF's move from T2 to T4 at LHR - SkyTeam lounge
  4. ATH/CDG/LAX - September 11
  5. Air France Asks Delta to Help Assess Safety Practices
  6. connecting in CDG from 2E to 2G
  7. Prime classic versus Prime Promo? How do you tell?
  8. AF A380 seating
  9. AF417 scheduled to depart Buenos Aires 07/09 but cancelled
  10. LHR VS to AF connection time?
  11. AF losing more money
  12. Lowest fare with flexible conditions (Affaires)?
  13. I like the AF Homepage
  14. Seat assignments dissappear
  15. Rumour: no more Business Class on Air France European network
  16. AF Vs DL in J
  17. Equip change CDG-JFK
  18. Elite+ on French domestic flights.
  19. Poor "available" seats on CDG-ICN Oct 17th
  20. CDG Access No 1 - Gold card not yet received
  21. Waitlist with O open ?
  22. Empty flight to SIN?
  23. Visa card - Air France
  24. Online check-in Problem
  25. CDG - LHR Increase from 7 to 9 Daily in W09/10 with ATR42
  26. Business/First Lounge at PEK?
  27. From bbc - "india intercepts air france plane"
  28. Problems with online check-in from HEL to CDG with AF?
  29. AF seem to have sorted their ground ops- great CDG connection!
  30. Which seats should I chose?
  31. lounge in PHL for AF biz
  32. DUB lounges? Entry requirements
  33. Did you know ?, Air France allows you to choose between different tickets categories:
  34. AF Lounge at LAX
  35. af062-af065 cdg-lax-cdg seats suggestions
  36. More catering misery- no Perrier on longhaul!
  37. Seat Suggestions
  38. AF - On board service - BHX-CDG-BCN in Y
  39. Controlled bomb blast at CDG today Sunday 16th of August 09
  40. Exceptional treatment during an AF flight
  41. Why were we seated in Eco Plus?
  42. Dogs from Canada to France
  43. AF/CityJet London-Nice
  44. Advantages for FB Platinum on CDG MRU / operated by AF, code MK
  45. First time @ CDG - Connection time okay?
  46. Air France CDG-DTW
  47. Does buying two tickets for one person give you two bags for free
  48. Air France.com USA site completely messed up!
  49. AF Phone numbers
  50. OT: Buying flowers at CDG
  51. Help with West Africa trip
  52. Manchester Airport Fast track for AF
  53. Connection at Montreal
  54. AF Premiere vs. Korean Air First Class
  55. CDG-LHR on time or tends to be late?
  56. AF Regional
  57. No more First to YUL for spring and summer 2010 ?
  58. 'Manage my reservation' mystery
  59. Lounge access when connecting in CDG from LHR in J
  60. Luggage Assistance - Brussels-Midi to CDG
  61. Flight boarded,safety demo done,engines started up....and then flight cancelled
  62. If I miss my CDG connection, do I have any options?
  63. AF Flight cancelled, am I eligible for compensation?
  64. Boarding pass CPH-CDG-EWR. Will I get my CDG-EWR boarding pass at CPH check-in?
  65. Air France "incident" in Congo
  66. Air France still getting a lot right
  67. Changing ticket to an earlier flight
  68. Help please!!
  69. Does AF charge baggage fee?
  70. 'Seattle Retention xx/xx/2010'
  71. Another incident with pitot tubes?
  72. Seat selection on AF
  73. Issued Voyageur instead of Business
  74. closure of AF lounge in BCN
  75. Safety on AF operated flights?
  76. Remembering the crash of Concorde, 9 yrs ago today
  77. Flights to Mauritius
  78. "Boarding pass for return within 24 hrs" question
  79. One plane less?
  80. 10 Months?
  81. An A340 performing AF321 BOS-CDG returned to BOS: engine on fire
  82. Meals-Affaires TATL
  83. Advice Needed - First Flight on AF
  84. AF018 Flight Status Tracker on FlightView.com - Accurate?
  85. CLARINS Spa at CDG lounge
  86. Transfer from CDG 2-E to 2-D
  87. Upgrade to First ?
  88. Using La Premiere lounge on arrival in Paris
  89. Taking an Earlier Air France Flight
  90. Af 747cio cdg-mru
  91. CDG Terminal 3 / 2E Connection Time
  92. AF or IB to BOG in J?
  93. Famous Escalators in CDG
  94. Connecting in Paris CDG
  95. Purchasing Upgrades Question TATL
  96. Are Fridays in Business Class Usually Full YYZ-CDG?
  97. Air France Lounge at LAX
  98. Reservation system not working?
  99. Connect at CDG or go to ORY ?
  100. ORY-LDE cancelled, compensation
  101. The HOTTEST Air France Pilot
  102. MIA-CDG
  103. Location of Lounge in Houston??
  104. AF5005 on July 13th
  105. Terminal 2G - some questions
  106. Connecting from TLV-FCO-CDG
  107. AF Booking Class
  108. "New" AF web page - No FB link
  109. inflight catering CDG-ATL - what to expect
  110. special meals - AF (CDG-ATL)
  111. AF A380 inaugural: JFK it is, November 09!
  112. Air France and the Plaza Athénée (ten days with Air France)
  113. Huge price difference in C/Z
  114. help - complaint
  115. FCO-CDG Flight
  116. AF / KLM long haul travel class
  117. Flying C, Standby okay?
  118. Air France Business, CDG, Etc.
  119. Paris CDG connecting flight
  120. AF "L'espace Affaires" Trip Report IAD-CDG-NCL and Return
  121. Europe to Pacific 2 Awards
  122. What's up with airfrance.ie
  123. Air France employees scam with employee tickets
  124. Air France A380 - Destinations?
  125. You too can do CDG-LIN for 1100€ in the back of the bus...
  126. Need for security checks when connecting in CDG ?
  127. AF to SQ connection lounge?
  128. Connection at CDG Paris from Edinburgh
  129. Air France and flybaboo - which miles?
  130. Seat Selection + Transferring at CDG
  131. Lounges near CDG2-TGV
  132. couple of reservations questions
  133. Does AF give you something if you elect to get bumped
  134. Arriving Biz CDG 2E at 8:35AM, leaving for LIS from 2D at 1:15 PM ...extra time?
  135. AF-internal report criticizes "negligence" among cockpit crew (French only)
  136. Premium Voyageur vs. Economy Elite Awards
  137. Air France study - off topic [closed]
  138. Air France is conducting a study in order to further improve their service
  139. 75 Minutes in CDG enough?
  140. Phony pics of AF 447 interior during break up.
  141. Air france pilot arrogance for you...
  142. Advice needed seats and vegetarian in Affaire/Business
  143. Paris Connections . CDG->ORY
  144. Any incremental benefit for SkyTeam Elite Plus flying AF Business?
  145. DTW-CDG Airbus Service Business Class
  146. F-GZNE
  147. Air France - Feeling blue ?
  148. AF to take over LAX T2 lounge
  149. New service items in Affaires... what else is coming?
  150. Baggage Allowance: CDG-Brest?
  151. CDG Lounge access: AF/Finnair Codesharing
  152. Upper deck on 744 without FF status?
  153. new J seats HKG-CDG ?
  154. AF gone MAD: An incredibly sad state of catering Affaires
  155. One day pass for the Air France Lounge at Charles de Gaulle?
  156. JFK Arrival Lounge?
  157. Needs help ASAP.
  158. Pets in J
  159. Common to have no full beverage service in TATL flight?
  160. Air France Business in Tel Aviv
  161. Why I won't fly with Air France (nothing to do with crash)
  162. Lost luggage statistics with AF on direct flights?
  163. Flying Blue Silver Status from BOS...fly with Delta to EZE
  164. Poll: Would you book Air France
  165. Connections at Paris CDG (from ZRH on CityJet to USA on AF/DL)
  166. Air France-PVG to CDG
  167. 747-400 YYZ to CDG
  168. Paris - Charles de Gaulle Connection
  169. Really really freaky coincidence about the missing AF flight...
  170. Back to Back Tickets on Air France?
  171. AF 777-300 diverts to MSP
  172. 77W from HKG
  173. CNN Reporting: AF447 GIG-->CDG "Off Radar"....
  174. AF flight from Rio missing [merged]
  175. Irish CityJet Cabin Crew (mixed bag of experiences)!
  176. shuttle DXB-Abu Dhabi?
  177. Oops they did it again
  178. FB miles with flowers ?
  179. AF plans major flight number shuffle for the next 12 months (28MAY09)
  180. 777-300 Affaires food/Seats JNB-CDG - report.
  181. Does 747-400 (non-CIO) have seat 4F?
  182. Possibilty of switching AF flights at the airport?
  183. Future of First class
  184. 14 Hours at CDG
  185. AF 31 IAH-CDG Service
  186. French ATC strike: May 26
  187. AF offering discount Affairs online. Is it just me or is this new?
  188. Air France is specifically taking care of their Elite plus customers
  189. Alone in F!
  190. New threat of strike by French pilots
  191. Does AF block seats in C on medium haul flights for pre-assign?
  192. Terminal 2D: Is there a lounge for departing passengers in C?
  193. Best 744 coach seats
  194. SFO-CDG-VCE BIZ Class - AF
  195. Affaires JFK-CDG
  196. Is Air France as bad as their phone reps? Whats best way to get seat assignments?
  197. AF 777-200
  198. Ticket denied by Air France/Travel Agent
  199. Does AF online-checkin allow same day intercont RT BP ?
  200. AF Affairs Service IST-CDG - is this normal?
  201. Online checkin for FB (air france)
  202. Stand-By for Earlier Flight
  203. 50 Indian AF pax stranded 28 hours in CDG due to irrops [merged]
  204. Air France Or Northwest
  205. All flights to JNB to become overnight flights
  206. FB and Limos
  207. CDG layover--65 minutes enough time?
  208. Benefits of Skyteam Elite members for AF flights
  209. NYC-MAN Biz class: AF 777 vs. CO 757 Direct
  210. Good news: "one stop security" to be introduced in France
  211. AF to CX at CDG [Transfer Questions]--HELP!
  212. Is this CDG connection realistic? AF says so......
  213. Special biz fares from DXB on AF!!!
  214. Air France experts, seat advice? (also open seats)
  215. AF What to expect onboard CDG-MXP
  216. Meeting point at CDG
  217. CDG-ATL 772 in coach, how is service?
  218. AF: Any compensation for flight schedule change?
  219. For those willing to calculate % of gold and plat...
  220. Bassinet on domestic shuttle
  221. Meal Service AF9
  222. Special request coach meals
  223. 2G at CDG
  224. Childs menu in Business?
  225. A new FB card
  226. Does AF still hand out Christian Lacroix pijama in Premiere?
  227. Airbus 330-200/300 How happy are you with 1E/1F?
  228. Need Help-Transferring at CDG
  229. CDG to ORY transfer
  230. Extra Legroom Seating
  231. Air France Boeing 747
  232. AF to Cambodia
  233. Uk telephone booking number??
  234. Free Paris Stopover
  235. Website problems
  236. seat assignment help--AF flight booked with NW flight number
  237. need help regarding terminal 2e charles de gaulle
  238. which 747 layout
  239. My colleague has been disembarked at check in counter!
  240. Refund of AF ticket - question
  241. SFO-CDG: 1A or 2B on 744
  242. Question: Flught from Stuttgart to Paris (Economy Class)
  243. Catering strike tonight at CDG
  244. AF long-haul PREMIUM VOYAGEUR introduction date
  245. Air France First Class service on the ground vs in the air
  246. Upgraded Jfk to Cdg
  247. Affaires JFK-CDG/SIN-CDG
  248. AF Interline Agreement
  249. Dinner on late flight?
  250. Who wants to pay for Premiere