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  1. OLCI for flight to USA, more than 30 hours before departure!
  2. Can you volunteer to get bumped? (for compensation)
  3. Feb. 28th : storm cancellations
  4. BOS-CDG Cancelled 2.27.10 Due to Labor Strike
  5. Air France Cabin Music
  6. AF Pilot Strike Feb 26 to March 1
  7. First Class on the A380 any better than on other AF birds?
  8. Can you walk from Terminal 2F to 2E?
  9. Business Ticket, Domestic Leg - Lounge?
  10. Fuming at geneva airport
  11. 1.3 billions euro loss for AF
  12. AF824 CDG-PNR A332 - Classes offered?
  13. cdg delays tues
  14. FCO CDG: meal in C on AZ or AF?
  15. MEA flight on AF codeshare. Do I get Miles?
  16. Manchester-Paris+Marseille
  17. Seat Reservations in Economy
  18. ATC strike from Feb 23rd to 27th
  19. complaint
  20. Why is flying to CDG so expensive?
  21. 2/17 AF7 JFK-CDG landing time?
  22. KLM Booking not showing up on Airfrance.com
  23. Conflicting info on AF seating
  24. LAX-CDG 12/15/10 and coming home 12/22/10
  25. AF Flights Booked Through Southall Travel
  26. AF back to Baghdad?
  27. Did I miss a big sale? More AF domestic sales on the horizon?
  28. Transatlantic Fare, outrageous!!!
  29. A-380 last row economy upper deck?
  30. AF or QR
  31. CDG Terminal 2E - VAT Refund
  32. Poor service SXM-CDG : My first FT complaint ;-)
  33. AF "reservation tool" still down
  34. CDG-TLV on A320
  35. Premium Voyageur to IAD an answer to Openskies ??
  36. BKK-CDG flight delay.Compensation due?
  37. LAX-CDG 2 different 777's used
  38. travellling to AMM on air france from lax- visa question
  39. Advanced Seat Assignments in J Possible Online?
  40. security measures for US-bound flights
  41. AF vs DL frequent traveller program
  42. What happens when the only daily inbound flight is canceled?
  43. Check-in online ex-BKK and get Fast Track pass
  44. Are "special meals" ever special?
  45. Taxes and fees charged on an award ticket
  46. Need to help Mom! Premium seating CDG-MIA
  47. AF 422 yesterday
  48. Will skipping a rail segment mess up an AF ticket?
  49. CDG going from 2E to 2D: Bus N1??
  50. AF A388 to NRT?
  51. How Do I Find Out About Equipment Routing to Check on Cause of Delay?
  52. Inventory for award tickets in Première (First) since the April '09 FB changes
  53. Air France lost bag, what to expect?
  54. You can now use your Amex/AF card to pay your Orange/SFR mobile bills
  55. Getting reimbursed: fully refundable ticket.
  56. Boarding music - Jan 16th BLR-CDG - not Telepopmusik, but a French bossa nova??
  57. premium voyageur-jfk-cdg
  58. CDG 2F -> 2E connection question
  59. Air France Lounge in Bangalore?
  60. Heathrow T4: Fast track for Elite Plus?
  61. CDG-LAX diverted!?
  62. Airlinair
  63. AF Jacket (ground staff?) for Sale
  64. low cost (and no miles) domestic flights from Nice?
  65. CDG Lounge invitation question
  66. Have you seen the AF logo?
  67. Entertainment System on A340-300
  68. [moved]ewr-cdg-bey
  69. Help to elderly at CDG?
  70. SLC to FRA: Qs about connecting in CDG
  71. Our Sweet Babu ....
  72. Urgent Question to all you airtravel experts
  73. Obese pax to pay almost for 2 seats on AF if they don't fit on one!
  74. 747-400 ATL-CDG in mid-March, updated (coach) seat layout?
  75. Economy CDG-SXM
  76. AF new Domestic seat
  77. New AF website
  78. What Is The Name of Air France Song?
  79. CDG / MIA
  80. ST Elite Plus Baggage Allowance on Intra-Europe AF Flights
  81. Now put on waiting list???
  82. AF New business class seats by the end of 2010?
  83. Expedia sells AZ coded AF operated flights without need to board in Italy
  84. Connection in CDG in 2:15 hours
  85. RER B : from Jan 10, 2010, late evening replacement bus service from CDG to Aulnay
  86. Best A380 eco seats?
  87. AF06 wiht the A380
  88. Seat assignments changed without notice
  89. With baby on AF?
  90. Same Day Upgrade at Ticket Counter
  91. Jan. 13-15 : delays at Paris airports due to snow and ATC strike
  92. AF hostess offers to let me stay at her home after flight cancellation
  93. Affaires from BHX
  94. Boarding Music Dec. 2009?
  95. DGAC announces trials of full body scanners at some French airports
  96. AF NRT CDG : A Thief onboard !
  97. Security LHR viz CDG
  98. CDG 2D Fast Track / Lounge
  99. Experience of oversold flight with infant reservation
  100. Business Class and Sky Team Elite Plus baggage allowance
  101. Just saw two A380s at CDG
  102. AF JFK-CDG Seat Failure
  103. Will my upcoming MH flights delay the expiration of my FB miles?
  104. Nostalgia :)
  105. CDG-JFK Coach oversold--any experineces with oversold AF flights
  106. CDG Connection and first AF Flight
  107. Which NEV (J) on HKG-CDG AF183 or AF185 this coming monday ?
  108. What happened to # 524 CDG-CAI yesterday?
  109. A380 TR CDG-JFK-CDG in P
  110. Two Options at CDG I Need to Choose From
  111. AF suspended pilot?
  112. How Air France goes out of its way to lose thousands of dollars in revenue
  113. New rules for AF flights non US bound?
  114. Delays on Flight 084 Again Huge. AF must get its act together
  115. access to CDG first class lounge on mixed itinerary?
  116. AF arrivals lounge & other options for an 8 hrs layover in CDG
  117. AF TATL flight schedule disruptions: new US security measures and other suspects
  118. AF Long-Haul Affaires Equipment Options
  119. New AF logo
  120. Electronic visa
  121. How does the A380 disembark?
  122. [AF] lost baggage and FB
  123. A380 to DXB by August 2010?
  124. Need advice... Baggage missing
  125. New destination for AF: Abu Dhabi
  126. CDG 2F Fast Track / Lounge
  127. Check In at SFO
  128. Stranded at CDG friday, 261/2004 claim any chance?
  129. Can't find Espace Aff baggage allowance on website please advise
  130. No more security checks in CDG2?
  131. Nice gesture from AF after delay
  132. award tix and baby tix
  133. AF 337 today?
  134. LAX - RAK; return TUN-LAX
  135. Connection in CDG
  136. DEL/BOM-SFO
  137. A380 Exit Row Assignments in Y
  138. AF 747 Types of DESK seating... Yes, DESK
  139. AF 279 Dec 17 diverted to LED (St Petersburg)
  140. Service improvement by AF that makes things worse (again)
  141. AF A380 grounded at JFK now 777, if it stays like this until sat will the seatmap cha
  142. Aberdeen : possible baggage handling strike during Christmas holidays
  143. December 17th : from 1 to 10cm of snow expected in Ile-de-France
  144. Flying from Paris to dubai
  145. Looking for experiences IAD-CDG on 777-200 business class
  146. Seat reservation disappeared from award booking
  147. Updated long-haul Affaires [and La Premiere] meal service [merged]
  148. Transiting CDG with 2 Cats in the hold.
  149. 2F to 2E CDG Biz, in an hour?
  150. AF adding second daily SFO-CDG flight?
  151. AF Lounge access at Singapore Changi Airport
  152. CDG help 2F2 to 2E how ?
  153. Cyrstal Ball Help: Time to buy a very specific AF ticket?
  154. Affaires Seat Selection on CIO 777-300
  155. "the Atlantic's most glamorous route"
  156. no access to AF resa on checkmytrip ?
  157. Air France refuses to honor ticket
  158. Does AF have a codeshare with the KLM flight to IKA
  159. Air France KLM will cut 27 routes this winter
  160. A330 Long Haul Row 19 Question
  161. 747 to SGN Seating upstairs?
  162. Legal CDG Connection Times
  163. AF 445 (Prev 447) calls Mayday due to severe turbulence
  164. When there will be a voyageur premium on the 772 that leaves JFK for CDG at 11pm ?
  165. A380 = Never On Time
  166. Meal options in AF economy?
  167. Ear phones provided on 777-200
  168. Observations and Notes from Flights in AF Y, Incl A380
  169. A380 returns to New York after technical problems w/ navigation system
  170. 777 Seat Question
  171. Air France will close its Montréal call centre
  172. Inflight Product Improvements to P & J Cabins
  173. Need advice ...
  174. Any AF A380 Experience ?
  175. A new French Flying Blue Amex Platinum card?
  176. Upper deck seating CDG-BKK family issue
  177. Qestions: MAD->CDG (10 hr layover)-> JFK on AF
  178. A340 IFE
  179. Registration flight AF690 Nov 23?
  180. A380 seats width on seta guru
  181. CDG tight connections
  182. Russia negotiating w/France over A380 overflights
  183. Best seat on AF A380 Paris To JFK in Voyageur (Y)
  184. CDG - SFO or LAX? A340 vs. 777
  185. Lounge Access for Traveling Companions?
  186. How do I find my aircraft ?
  187. How is Air France in terms of baggage ?
  188. CDG 2E Lounge
  189. Ouch! I didn't know it was *so* bad!
  190. *A flyer taking AF 777 C
  191. Booking classes help...
  192. Odd "Bug" in On-line Reservation Confirmation
  193. the new european travel concept - april 2010
  194. Lounge at CMN (Casablanca) ?
  195. l'Espace 127 is still alive!
  196. 24 hour layover in CDG -what happens to bag?
  197. Next airplane type with Premium Voyageur
  198. Problems claiming miles on Air France metal, Korean codeshare
  199. AF7629 (BOD-CDG) A319 - Seating?
  200. Double miles DUB-CDG in Nov
  201. Any thoughts why AF stopped loading award seats?
  202. AF9 JFK-CDG Seating
  203. Releasing AF 747 upstairs seats?
  204. Rumour: French President looking to fire CEO of AIR FRANCE
  205. AF service for platinum: excellent tonight!!! f
  206. Premium Voyageur seating, and upgrade opportunities
  207. Long trip and baggage allowance
  208. Shuttlebus from CdG to Orly?
  209. Is it only the Airfrance.ie web page or...
  210. got my exit row seat robbed
  211. AF Amex EQM's count towards 2010 requal?
  212. Things are improving: CDG rated only second worst airport in the world
  213. 1st class award with no status
  214. Cdg-lax 777 or cdg-sea-lax 330
  215. Air France: the end of "all inclusive" economy class
  216. Inflight service reductions
  217. Air France Luggage question
  218. My trip this Holiday Season: New Airline,Airport,Aircraft. BTV-JFK-CDG-BRE A380
  219. Premium Voyageur (long-haul Premium economy) Questions
  220. Loads into Delhi lately?
  221. what happen to business award to SEZ and MRU
  222. B772 - avod ?
  223. Flying Blue segment run UK/Europe
  224. Tight CDG Connection?
  225. How does PE book Bulkhead seats in Y ?
  226. Middle Row Seats (777-200) in Affaires/Business
  227. Hotel day rooms at/near CDG
  228. minimum connection cdg
  229. AF DTW-CDG Change?
  230. Compensation under EC 261/2004 for missing AF connection due to delay?
  231. Arrivals lounge at JFK for Affaires?
  232. Air France Edinburgh CDG onto Pisa
  233. blankets in coach across the pond?
  234. TLV-CDG
  235. Air France Visa card
  236. CDG-FLR
  237. Seat change on the internet
  238. AF 380 Interiors
  239. ID theft on an AF flight CDG-GVA
  240. JFK Lounge
  241. AF breakfast in Y, 2 h flight ?
  242. OT: AF Embraer Landings at MAN
  243. mvd -dub
  244. Passenger dies during "unbearable" conditions on AF CDG-SIN flight
  245. 9 seats abreast in Y on Airbus?
  246. Forum novice needs advice re airline ticket messup
  247. Gran Canaria to CDG via Madrid on AF (Air Europa metal)
  248. AF CDG-SIN kept on tarmac in 40 degree heat with no a/c: man dies
  249. CDG Virgin: From 2E to 2F with 5 hours to "kill'
  250. Issues with AirFrance website?