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  1. Why or Will Airline Companies Devalue Miles?
  2. Miles Devaluation ?
  3. 2012 Hotel promos?
  4. Advice on a necessary 'buy and hold' strategy with points
  5. Where to get Marriott Points
  6. Shopping Portal - Miles/Points Rebate?
  7. Transfer points?
  8. Looking to speak with a travel/points pro
  9. Up to 50,000 TYPs for new Citibank Checking Account.
  10. Miles earned galore - now to be fired, perhaps jailed?
  11. New to this - a few quick questions
  12. Checking in and not staying
  13. Can you buy airline miles with gift cards from the same airline
  14. Need advice for family with triplets
  15. ORD - Australia....what should I know?
  16. Citi Mastercard offer: $500 for $3K spend
  17. Which card to use...
  18. Newbie here with need of program advice
  19. [Targeted] CapitalOne Promo: 50k points for Small Business Checking and MM Accounts
  20. No more free checking with Bank Direct
  21. Last Minute Mile Flight
  22. 40,000 ThankYouŽ Points for new Citigold checking
  23. How have miles/points and FT changed YOUR life?
  24. Seek help planing a trip SFO<->NKG
  25. Help a Newbie Please!
  26. Selling Miles/Points
  27. Pease help me use all these miles you've helped me earn.
  28. Points for new cell phone + contract?
  29. Post Promo Depression / Rant
  30. Which is worth more, Amex MR or Chase UR?
  31. Cathay asiamile @ .008 per mile? Would this work?
  32. Booking an Award flight for the first time: How did I do?
  33. Idea for these FT Award Polls: "Best" by Elite Tier
  34. Use mileage broker to shop for award availability?
  35. Double dip miles at American Cellars Wine Club?
  36. Doing a lot of international travel
  37. People needed for research - please help
  38. Advice for award travel in december
  39. BankDirect Monthly Service Fee from 2012 Jan
  40. [EXPIRED]SPG Amex 30K for both personal and business
  41. advice for snagging free business seats to Israel next November w/United or BA miles?
  42. People needed for research - please help
  43. Airline with best point system to travel overseas
  44. Small AAdvantage Deficit, Purchased/Gifted Miles Limit Reached
  45. Best CC for GC
  46. Miles for shares?
  47. 60,000 CO/Chase OnePass Plus Offer
  48. Think hotel, airline programs will get into Black Friday, Cyber Monday next year?
  49. Critical Diploma Thesis on Customer Loyalty Programs in the Airline Industry
  50. planning an international vacation
  51. Question on Hotel Elite Status
  52. Multiple new Radisson promotions
  53. Why don't Hotel Loyalty programs have graded earnings?
  54. Where to buy Target Gift Cards
  55. Paris for a Librarian
  56. Transferable pts/miles?
  57. Sutheest card still available?
  58. Airline Miles for Bank Balance?
  59. Where is the first topic for the Chase BA 100000 promo?
  60. Folks, please use the SEARCH function before starting a new thread
  61. EQM Via credit cards
  62. Earning Million Miler Status through CC churning?
  63. Best use of points?
  64. New job with significant domestic travel - which CC is best for me?
  65. Cashing out Miles for Gift Cards?
  66. General Fuel Surcharge on Award Tickets question
  67. Free Vacation Master Plan - Guide for Newbies
  68. Which frequent flyer programme should I join?
  69. Best Card/Program for Hotel Miles?
  70. Planning a trip for this summer (need help)
  71. Help Planning 2xRT in F To HNL (BA, AA, Chase, AMEX)
  72. Seeking source for Miles or Points for a New Home Construction Loan
  73. [Targeted]Citi 80,000 TYP
  74. 4,500 free club carslon points for new members+a free desert or almost a free burger
  75. New Rapd Rewards Shopping Mall
  76. Best Way to Earn 4,500 CO Qualified Miles?
  77. Need Help With Using Points
  78. [Targeted] 60,000 Bonus Miles Continental OnePass Plus
  79. Are you the Ultimate Frequent Flyer?
  80. Coins (Canada)
  81. [Targeted] 15,000 bonus miles with your US Airways
  82. 300,000 hilton honors pts -a plan for a big score
  83. New To Flying: Which Airline? (Delta vs United/CO vs. USAir vs. American)
  84. Need Help Deciding!! *A/DL for 2012 Program year (starting with no status)
  85. Delta Skymiles 1/2 Price
  86. How can I build status?
  87. The Cartera Comedy Club
  88. Australia/Europe: Which FFP? CX vs Emirates vs Phoenix?
  89. Newbie to the Skies
  90. Need help on what to do with Skymiles and FlyingBlue miles
  91. What Airline would you choose to build status?
  92. [Targeted?] Enjoy 10% Off Your Next (AA) Flight!
  93. best points program for me
  94. Best Frequent Flyer Program for Me??
  95. Advice on frequent DC-San Francisco flying?
  96. Miles or Cash? Europe>< Japan
  97. Reevaluating FF Program from DCA
  98. SWA New Credit Card Bonus Question
  99. Which frequent flier program would be the best?
  100. OnePass and MileagePlus Lifetime Miles
  101. Envaulted.com - Cashback based on credit card charges (Citi, Amex, Chase, etc.)
  102. Toe in the water
  103. Best FF mileage plan to subscribe to?
  104. No credit activity on credit report?
  105. Paying Oxford Health Insurance with a Credit Card
  106. resources for learning about frequent flyer programs, designing, financials
  107. Referral Bonus for Chase Sapphire?
  108. United or USAirways FF for NYC Shuttle
  109. Funding Forex account with CC for miles
  110. New sheep, sorry kettle, in badly need of guidance!
  111. DL 30K offer with $500 spend.
  112. Chase Sapphire Preferred can now transfer to UA at 1:1
  113. Advice for Business Spend
  114. Best ff program for our needs?
  115. Best card/program for JFK to Europe
  116. Calling all mileage junkies! (UK-Based only)
  117. UA and US and AS, oh my!
  118. AMEX GLD biz 75K (not targeted but expires Nov 3)
  119. Best FF Program for me?
  120. Online merchants that post to your credit card on the same day?
  121. when will we see a crazy Expedia promo
  122. 500,000 Points in a single churn
  123. Investment Firms - Points/Miles?
  124. What about a Biz MilesBuzz Forum?
  125. Best card for mom to gift miles to me
  126. Cheapest way to get Rio to NYC post new years
  127. Award trip for the parents- Summer 2012
  128. Best Frequent Flier Programme
  129. How to earn more miles..or points...buying tickets
  130. Best current AA/Citi Bonus?
  131. Using Miles with on Flight to China
  132. How do you actually find mileage runs?
  133. 90,000 Citibank Thank You Points
  134. Need BLOG feedback
  135. Question on Chase Sapphire - 50K
  136. The Little (Flyer) Shop of Horrors
  137. Need HELP booking LAX-HKG-DPS-NRT-LAX
  138. American AA vs Delta DL [Consolidated]
  139. Miles for international car rentals
  140. Survey Help Request from Auburn grad student
  141. Best Way to Sign up on FF program when using Delta and/or KLM?
  142. Combining inquiries from the same bank in one day?
  143. Best card for international travel?
  144. Who is offering mileage search toolbars?
  145. Could Use Some Help
  146. TD AMERITRADE DL 25 k miles for $50k
  147. Creating a NEW frequent flyer program for Latin American Low-cost. Help me design it!
  148. Advice Needed For Newbie
  149. Which airline to book for YVR to LIM?
  150. Too Big for Coach. Help
  151. Over the top Credit Card Customer Service
  152. Which Frequent Guest Loyalty Program Point is Depreciating the Fastest?
  153. [Targeted] 50K Chase Sapphire - No Fee
  154. Opposite to usual wisdom: have your points/miles ever appreciated in value?
  155. Recent event - An illegal procedure?
  156. Weekly Business Trip from SFO to MIA
  157. Use miles now, or save for the future?
  158. Off-season ff discounts
  159. Paying Taxes With Vanilla Visa
  160. How do you keep all this info collated
  161. Advice for best program redemption? Flying to Malaysia with a stopover in Hawaii.
  162. 100,000 Thank You Points - Targeted
  163. Getting Started in the Mile Game...
  164. don't hate me... simple question
  165. Question About Where to Consolidate Miles - Would Love your Help!
  166. Toyota Financial services -- paying with a CC?
  167. House Cleaning Services
  168. Speak your mind to Citibank, et al
  169. Dual threads in MileBuzz and another forum
  170. Recently approved to BUILD a house, so a question...
  171. Spafinder GC's permanently gone from FTD.com?
  172. GA Nat Gas - 10k Delta Skymiles
  173. 1200 miles for SkyMiles Shopping download
  174. A Newbie Question
  175. Has there been any electricity offer with bonus miles that was the cheapest?
  176. Which airline mile is depreciating the fastest?
  177. Flight Dilemma
  178. 2000/3500 SkyMiles via ShareBuilder + $5 app rebate trade
  179. Any way to get bonus miles for a new verizon wireless business account (20 lines)?
  180. Flight to/from Pakistan
  181. 10,000 Delta Skymiles for switching to GNG (GA residents)
  182. Need help in completing an award reservation from India to US
  183. Who owns your miles? Very interesting...
  184. You don't own ANY of your miles..... Did you know that???
  185. Claiming credit for airline and hotel miles/points online.
  186. How long before you stop hearing the UPS truck?
  187. Most miles for Utilities?
  188. Spending Miles??
  189. Which frequent flyer program to focus on?
  190. Flying Blue: 40% bonus when you purchase miles
  191. Orphan Miles/Programs?
  192. Buying iPhone 4s on Sprint- Miles
  193. Lands End Return at Sears for bank check?
  194. how do I redeem miles for international flights?
  195. Can I apply for Citi, Chase, and Amex cards at the same time?
  196. question from a newbie
  197. Some Whimsy to Pass the Day
  198. $20 pure silver coin is available for only $20
  199. How do 'Codeshares', 'metal' and 'operated by' - affect earned miles?
  200. Im only 2/3 to MM status! Does any airline reward folks w/only 500,000 lifetime miles
  201. Targeted Delta 50 % bonus
  202. JetBlue American Express - 20k signup bonus
  203. 1000 AA for listening to Bose
  204. OC United Flyer Looking for Best Mileage CC
  205. Best program for award travel originating in Europe
  206. Bose headphones purchases mileage bonus offers?
  207. Hotel cards/hotel awards
  208. Trying to decide which program.
  209. With great respect to all
  210. Help Deciding on Cards
  211. [Targeted?] USAir MC Holders - 15k bonus for $1,250 spend Oct-Dec (each month)
  212. Which plan is best for me?
  213. NEW SPG Amex Personal and Business - 25,000 bonus points for $5000
  214. An SWA Opportunity Knocks!
  215. Voluntarily Reducing Credit Limit
  216. Chase Freedom 25K
  217. Preparing for Churn Oct 5th
  218. Which airline has the most generous entry level FF status?
  219. US FF Programs Superior to EU Programs?
  220. Average FFMiles per person?
  221. Help maximize miles earnings at The Home Depot
  222. Least expensive award Asia - Europe (stop) - US
  223. Improved UA Explorer card offer
  224. Miles Solicitation
  225. Targeted: "New" .50 bonus miles on AAdvantage Sig Plat Visa till 11/30
  226. Best miles deal for mortgage or refinance?
  227. Rate My Churn!
  228. Timing to gain and transfer points?
  229. New 50K Chase and 50K Citi Offers
  230. Purchasing Status For Hotel Programs?
  231. 1,000 Southwest Airline Points for Chase Southwest Airline Card Holders
  232. Offers from Citibank to not cancel my card - what have you been offered
  233. Are there cards with 12 months 0% APR and Miles bonus?
  234. Financial questions...
  235. Use miles for economy ticket or pay economy and upgrade with miles?
  236. Hilton HHonors AMEX 50k pts after $750 spend, apply by 10/22
  237. New to FlyerTalk...seeking advice!
  238. Blue Nile website - Diamond ring for wife - which airlines/hotel gives me more miles?
  239. Having Trouble Getting AMEX MR Bonuses For New Gold/Plat
  240. Miles for legal services?
  241. Miles not Deducted?
  242. Could use a lil help with SFO->FRA->SFO
  243. Achieving spending requirements...
  244. Starting to collect miles...
  245. Advice on a European program
  246. transfer points from chase to AA
  247. Newbie Dumb Question (Maybe)
  248. Flyer Program (NYC-London)
  249. Confessions of a miles addict
  250. Which Hotel CC program is best someone who don't travel often