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  1. What is the best alliance to use for redemptions to DOH?
  2. Need Advise on planning on Tahiti Trip Summer 2013 or 2014
  3. Outrageously bad advice on redemptions from the WSJ
  4. Financial Times subscription with FF miles - Canada
  5. AA or United for award TUS/PHX open jaw FCO/VCE?
  6. Help using points/miles for NYC-Munich/Prague/Vienna trip in May
  7. AA bonus miles
  8. Going to Hong Kong
  9. Help booking flight from nyc-sju in march
  10. Redeem which miles first AA, CO, or BA?
  11. Best way to go JFK --> ARN in April?
  12. Beginner trying to develop a miles plan
  13. Whiteflash Jewelry--any FF affiliations?
  14. Make it a Sticky. "Best Use of each program points/miles.
  15. Complete noob in need of help planning trip
  16. What happened to the "Qx 201x Car Rental Promos" threads?
  17. Best business class redemption option from BOM-PHX ?
  18. Everyone: "churning", "which card next" & "general card ??" belong on the CCP forum
  19. LAX ---> ICN (yes, another SK thread) :)
  20. Hotel points - From other people's stay?
  21. Forget the Credit Cards offers ... What about Collecting FF Miles on Actual Flights?
  22. United Explorer Card New 60K Mileage Offer
  23. Goal: France trip next year w/Skymiles, HELP!
  24. Award booking help - flight to DR
  25. How to trade
  26. 2500 CAP1 miles for opening $500 Money Market acct.
  27. 500 DL Miles for your first survey
  28. Which credit card to get for YVR/SEL travel from Eastcoast US?
  29. Grocery Stores <-> Gas Stations
  30. Enough Miles to Get to Australia
  31. General Advise on planning on our European Trip next spring.
  32. Travel Newbie: How to Get Started with Miles/Points Programs?
  33. Best Hotel For My Points in Paris
  34. Summary of current credit card/airline 50,000 miles promotions with application
  35. Advice on getting to 200k UA miles
  36. Help with Award Ticket SEA to CPT
  37. One free ticket to Dominican Republic by end of March?
  38. AA 75k Offer rumors
  39. Advice Requested: RTW Mega Itenerary
  40. Iceland travel
  41. New Netflix Offer - 2500 AA miles
  42. Recommedation needed : UA miles or AA miles
  43. How to travel from SEA and STL to Puerto Rico?
  44. 40k Delta Skymiles Credit Card offer
  45. Who maintains a table/chart of point/mile values for a wide range of programs?
  46. United trades miles for gift cards.
  47. Using miles to travel to Iran?
  48. saved multi-city mileage searches?
  49. Looking for advice from the Mile Wizards! (US to Asia travel)
  50. Amex GC No Fee Code
  51. Rewards Program Reviews
  52. What should I be doing? Commuter RIC–BOS-RIC
  53. Airline partners in China?
  54. Using gift cards for flower purchases - do you still earn miles?
  55. Help with award flights to Australia
  56. Basic question: miles vs. paying for ticket
  57. Best offer for Hyatt points?
  58. Additional Card Holder
  59. Getting points/miles from 3rd party sites
  60. quick advice needed to maximize points..
  61. 50K cc bonus...then what??
  62. Any tips for booking award travel LAX-GCM and HNL-LAX? DL, UA, AA, BA
  63. Advice on my trip this year
  64. RE: using miles on other airlines for upgrades & award tickets
  65. Mileage Credit for Flights Obtained Through UR/MR?
  66. Going from NYC to PRG
  67. Rewards programs cheat sheet/infographic
  68. Free nights at Indian luxury hotels like Oberoi?
  69. Help me get to japan!
  70. Which card should I get / What's the best bonus offer available?
  71. 36 British Airways Avios Per Dollar Spent at Nordstrom (Expired)
  72. [Targeted] Citicard: Earn Bonus ThankYou® Points for Your Valentine's Day Purchases
  73. 20% bonus on CITI AA visa mailer (may be targeted)?
  74. Singapore A380 Suite JFK-Asia, how?.
  75. 1000 Southwest RR Points For TurboTax Online
  76. JFK (New York) to TLV (Israel). Got 2.5 mil AMEX Points. Who do I Fly?
  77. AA or Milage Plus for Upcoming BC Asian Trip?
  78. Can someone give me flyer miles like this?
  79. Advice on flight to HI
  80. KVS Tool
  81. Buying & Selling Miles?
  82. New York (JFK) to Hong Kong (HKG) to Bangkok (BKK) .... Please Help
  83. Best Reward Card for Spring Break in Mexico?
  84. [Targeted] 2 AMEX Offers - 75k PRG and 72.5k Delta Gold
  85. looking for advice on how to get my parents to Africa
  86. 500 Bonus Miles 1/31/12 Only - Delta SkyMiles Shopping
  87. Companion pass/ticket and sapphire Preferred 7% bonus
  88. Serve.com?
  89. How to compare value of hotel chain awards?
  90. Better to earn Delta SkyMiles or HHonors Points?
  91. ATL - SFO What card to use for FF?
  92. Fidelity, what to do?
  93. Help with best option from ATl to LIH
  94. easiest way to calculate miles?
  95. 250 SPG points signup before Feb 1
  96. New York (JFK) to New Orleans (MSY) advice
  97. Help with Waikiki / Oahu hotel stay with Points
  98. Need Help on return leg from BRU
  99. Best Card? - RoundTrip NY to Chicago Every Weekend
  100. First churn; Looking for hotel points in Japan/Taiwan
  101. Stop Blog Flog
  102. I have $10K to deposit
  103. Citi: Mileage is taxable! ...
  104. Which of these hotel options is best in Austin?
  105. Going to Europe from Philly
  106. What banks forfeit miles earned in the last billing cycle
  107. Help with my next churn
  108. Need mileage advice between United/BA/Virgin
  109. AMEX platinum vs Presidential Plus Card vs other CC accepted in UAE?
  110. New Star Alliance availability lookup site
  111. Need FT help on burning points for 2013 vacation
  112. Are travel blogs losing their creativity and going downhill?
  113. Bonus miles for enrollment?
  114. AMEX Business Gold Rewards (50K after $5K spending): should I apply?
  115. Best Card for Bussiness Owner? Must allow travel on multiple airlines.
  116. Tahiti / Bora Bora - Which Hotel program?
  117. Accurate Credit Score from Citi
  118. Is the Chase-Southwest Airlines card the right card for my situtation?
  119. Possibly targeted, 20% bump in AA miles visa CITI visa
  120. Advice on credit pulls with another Chase card
  121. Which hotel loyalty program?
  122. Need ~3K last minute miles to book flight (currently held)
  123. Bereavement
  124. Card Strategy Advice and Questions
  125. Points or Miles for Auto Insurance?
  126. Need Advice on My First Churn
  127. Name change - repeat cards?
  128. Points.com issue with AA miles.
  129. 75,000 AA miles, need trip ideas
  130. Want to upgrade to Australia...
  131. LAX-CPH, which airline
  132. Miles/points for donating to WWF
  133. Trouble with getting Hawaiian miles. Any suggestions?
  134. 2012 Personal Game Plan (Advice)
  135. [Targeted]Chase Sapphire 75,000
  136. Believe it is called an open jaw,but could be confused
  137. Any Way to Juice Up Points to Mile Transfers?
  138. Looking for most efficient use of miles for anniversary/birthday trip
  139. $5 million Business Charges
  140. Miles through Western Union Money Transfer
  141. Mileage Explorer card earns double miles on Gas/Groceries in January?
  142. Sept 2011 DEN to TPE
  143. Can I get Chase UR bonus points if CC is canceled?
  144. E-miles. Have you ever switched partners in it?
  145. Strategies for meeting bonus spending requirements
  146. Mileage plus explorer card question.
  147. Houston (IAH) to Montreal (YUL) this summer
  148. Help Wanted: Flying from NYC to Delhi (India)
  149. CX / AA which loyalty should i be using SFO to HKG
  150. Accumulating points as a consultant?
  151. Best Airline/Alliance for these circumstances?
  152. Best FF Program for me?
  153. Maximize miles - combine 2 award trips into 1 itinerary
  154. [No longer working]Free Air Miles
  155. Will it pour this year?
  156. Reward ticket from East Coast to Japan: Best business class?
  157. First Award Ticket Tips
  158. Program Advice
  159. Miles / New to the Forum
  160. Continental and United Bonus Miles?
  161. Delta May Buy American Airlines - What Happens to My Miles?
  162. How do i purchase air miles
  163. HHonors 24 hour sale - 2,500 bonus points + up to 33% off
  164. Would you use miles/points to buy in-flight food, IFE, internet?
  165. Flying to Puerto Rico (SJU) from JFK on April 7th 2012
  166. New job - likely to be flying often. Which FF scheme?
  167. Flight Tracker Pro vs FlightAware
  168. Cruise / CC / Miles
  169. AAdvantage Eshopping error - result in over 50k miles given
  170. BEWARE of FlyerTalk!! ;)
  171. Should I Redeem 100k miles or cash for Business Class Trip to Africa?
  172. Newbie! Help please! Southwest vs United
  173. Recommendations on a first class flight between nyc and paris
  174. In this game we play, what have you been kicked out of?
  175. Credit Cards from Chase
  176. Chase ---> Southwest Question
  177. help getting points/miles
  178. Newbie: BR home base, ARN frequently - what's the best program and CC?
  179. Newbie questions
  180. increase my potential
  181. Need help optimizing cash/miles use for PHL-OGG in Y with stopovers
  182. Quesitions about CC offers
  183. How to off load mistake rate hotel rooms?
  184. Please rate my newb 2012 points strategy
  185. HOA payment over $2,500. How can one get miles
  186. Help Getting to Asia
  187. Help Getting to New Zealand
  188. Capital One Bank Offer
  189. Adoption travel to China
  190. Cheaper award redemption costs for elites?
  191. hey guyz quick question
  192. Which Frequent Flyer Program?
  193. TD Ameritrade New Account Opening Bonuses-Airlines & Hotels
  194. a nice side perk to card churning / redbox
  195. Earn and Burn Year in review
  196. Has anyone tried this (get 3.6% back for minimum spend)
  197. strategy for a BKK/NRT trip
  198. Strategy help w/ SEA-DUB award flight
  199. Need Help with Rewards Card...please
  200. Pooling credit card bonus miles?
  201. Up to $3500 spend no fee @ Honda
  202. Something Doesn't Add Up
  203. Easiest Biz card to be approved
  204. Accure Miles in United or Ethiopian (Sheba)
  205. Charitable Donations for Miles
  206. what to do with 5 extra checked baggage when you stopover?
  207. The Highest RDM Mileage Balance You Have Ever Witnessed?
  208. AA Citi Executive Elite M/C Credit Transfer Problem
  209. Help with airfare
  210. Newbie need advice using miles for flights to HKG and BKK
  211. Best strategy for 2013 NZ trip?
  212. Help me meet my girlfriend in Japan
  213. A possible combination?
  214. web flyer gone?
  215. Newby churning credit cards for Wife and I
  216. Help Me Get To China To See Dad
  217. Best use of points for a leisure trip to New York in March
  218. Legal question regarding miles
  219. Flying to Europe in June, need help on card/points
  220. What happened to webflyer, and mileage calculation?
  221. Best Airline transfer partner for return econ tickets from India to USA
  222. Best hotel points bonus cards
  223. Best Card for amazon gift card purchases
  224. Best use of Points/Miles for Flight Redemption
  225. Flyer Talk and Hotel Loyalty Programs
  226. Completely confused. Any input?
  227. Ben Schlappig - miles/mattress running.
  228. LAX-Tahiti on Air Tahiti / AA miles
  229. What will be in your wallet in 2012?
  230. Seeking ideas to maximize 21 days of hotel stay
  231. reward points exchange programs?
  232. Newbie Question - College Student Travel
  233. First Post - First Churn - Total Newbie - Help?
  234. Friend travels, not interested in miles. But I am!
  235. Most points for gift card buying?
  236. Video Proof: Churn the AA Biz card INSTANTLY!
  237. Continental OnePass to AA Transfer Options
  238. Is 30 points / $1 spent on floral a good deal? or commonplace?
  239. Hotel Loyalty Programs: For you, is it about the points or the status?
  240. "Earn to fly" vs "fly to earn": the coming changes in travel loyalty programmes
  241. Best way to follow up on missing points/miles
  242. Holiday Gift Purchase Maximization
  243. 1,500 OnePass points for purchase with Gilt
  244. DL 55K Business Card
  245. Any reasonable award tickets left from Europe next summer?!
  246. What word best describes people from this community?
  247. Ideas for gifts from Tokyo
  248. Would you rather have the miles, or the money?
  249. Overstock.com 10pts/$ Chase UR today only (?)
  250. Delta Gold Amex, 45,000 miles for $3,000 in 3 months