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  1. Delta + UA or AA - Best Partner?
  2. Question about Airlines Miles Valuation
  3. CitiBusiness® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard®!*
  4. Explorica - Any way eke out miles/points on tour fees?
  5. When CC points, Hilton points, Wymdham points expire & how to extend?
  6. United vs US Air for South Asia Award
  7. collect Korean Air miles on Delta - right choice?
  8. Need assistance booking award - confused
  9. Is this a good reward redemption?
  10. Is "Inside Flyer" still maintained?
  11. Why most customers are ready to switch hotel loyalty programs
  12. Priority Club link
  13. Some free HHonors Points... maybe
  14. Can X -> Y -> Z -> X be done within 25k miles?
  15. SPG Points [transfer to which airline for] for EZE to MDZ?
  16. Assistance w/ Complex Award Booking
  17. MilesBuzz! Encouragement for Newbies from... A Newbie
  18. Advice needed for FF rookie trying to go to the Philippines in January
  19. Newbie looking to refocus mileage earning!
  20. How to get to Million [Lifetime Status] Miles
  21. Hotels
  22. Frequent Flyer to Europe -- UA Gold not doing it for me
  23. Are there "Black Friday" promos I should be waiting for??
  24. buy united miles with 40%
  25. NYT: Secret E-Scores Chart Consumers’ Buying Power
  26. Is boardingarea.com down
  27. Advice needed - AA vs UA
  28. one way car rental awards?
  29. HELP! Any solid product from Japan to HNL?
  30. FREE : 250 AA MILES FOR JOINING eRewards
  31. AKL Based Newbie looking for options
  32. [Suspended?] 20% Bonus on Purchasing/Gifting Icelandair Saga Club Points/Miles
  33. requesting assistance with trips to/in asia (EWR, HKG, TPE, BKK, REP, KIX)
  34. Noob Question: Best way to use miles or points for hotels
  35. Differences in rewards (by airline, by hotel, by car rental)
  36. Free 1000 Avios for creating BD account
  37. Best way to maximize points for 1 week car rental in Hawaii?
  38. Barnes and Noble and Miles
  39. Help me get to where I need to go! [MCO - OGG]
  40. Buying Apple and getting points [includes hardware and iTunes]
  41. Interested but overwhelmed: Cards for Free International Flight [ATL/CLT to DUB]
  42. [TARGETED] American Express Open Business Gold with 75,000 points after $5,000 spend
  43. Which miles to use for Hawaii inter-island flights?
  44. Any banks that give miles? (other than BankDirect)
  45. Net Worth and Award Miles
  46. AMEX SPG-30k bonus ($600+)
  47. Low cost award next weekend (Aug 17 to 19)
  48. Help booking DXB-AMS-DXB
  49. help -best way to book these 2 award international trips
  50. Definition of classes - Y, J, etc
  51. Gym membership for points or miles?
  52. Newbie looking for some Strategy ideas
  53. Buying miles... worth it?
  54. AA/AS/BA Quandry
  55. Best First Class Award from LAX to SGN (Vietnam)
  56. Targeted: Citi AAdvantage Amazon & Back to School Promo
  57. Anyone want to help a rookie?
  58. Optimizing miles on 2013 trips
  59. 30K for SPG personal and business.
  60. Where would you go?
  61. Best way to go NYC-Japan 2013
  62. [EXPIRED] Earn up to 30,000 Starpoints [App must be APPROVED by 9.4.2012]
  63. Looking at different awards
  64. tax free weekend. FAR runs?
  65. Best option for Oktoberfest?
  66. Newbie question: Best FFP for SFO for FREE FLIGHTS
  67. Want to fly from anywhere in China to SFO in First or Business in the coming 3 months
  68. Which FF program best for simple RT booking?
  69. Programs to earn bonus miles on every day spending?
  70. LAX to TLV... Best option?
  71. Convert Skymiles into FlexPoints
  72. Honeymoon planning! Advice? SBA to Greece.
  73. AF/ KLM FB miles: 165000 award miles for 408€ purchase??
  74. maximize upcoming hotel stays for points
  75. Award Finder
  76. Newbie in a Predicament
  77. Where to take my wife for her birthday?
  78. flying emirates, linking ot Jetairways account - question
  79. Are your friends/family into flying/miles?
  80. Any TATL F Upgrade Promos Currently Available?
  81. Need Help with my Award travel JFK-LHR-BOM-JFK
  82. Planning ahead, need your help please. Thank You!
  83. need help from the experts please
  84. Traveling beyond your means on miles and points
  85. Best Reward program for regular SFO -> LON
  86. Help with PHL-FLL please:)
  87. I'm new here. How do I get into the miles game?
  88. Award travel in peak season
  89. Babu joins the MilesBuzz! moderation team
  90. Airport only has AA and Delta flights... while US or UA miles work?
  91. Just another strategy thread...
  92. Using points for lower end hotels
  93. Targeted 35,000 AA miles for new Citibank AA Business card
  94. Am I missing something here? 60 Ultimate Rewards pts/dollar?
  95. Which hotel program allow you to reserve suites with points?
  96. AA or UA to Ireland?
  97. Another Miles Strategy Thread....
  98. Best FF Miles For Each Region
  99. LAX-CCU: best use of miles/points (need advice)
  100. Which airlines/routes offer two-person private suites, and how do I book with miles?
  101. AA or WN within CA?
  102. Building Frequent-Flier Miles [USA>NORWAY initially]
  103. PetRx Delta 40 points per dollar!
  104. Using points for Antarctica cruise?
  105. Looking for Frequent Flyer Advice
  106. Get thee to CDG
  107. Do we have a database of historical high signup offers?
  108. Ideas on how to fast-track to top-tier elite
  109. Potential way to buy US miles cheap.
  110. First Class Dying as FTers are only takers
  111. Booking an award ticket from SFO to IDA
  112. $33 and 4 miles for First Class to Hong Kong on United
  113. What type of miles/points to work on next?
  114. Putting in your FF# for someone else's flights
  115. Miles transfer
  116. AA & UA Mile Redemption to Brazil
  117. ROI on Frequent Flier Programs?
  118. Newbie Question
  119. Looking for coach award ticket BOS>BZN, miles on multiple carriers available
  120. Flat rate = 600 miles for $1 spend [T-Mobile USA]?
  121. 1,000 United miles from shopping portal, requires Mileage Plus card
  122. Airline Elite Status Overrated?
  123. ORD to CDG in May/June in F or J
  124. Best option for China domestic award
  125. United or Delta as supplemental FF program
  126. Currently OW but thinking about change. See my flights can you advise whats best?
  127. Selling Miles at PriceMyRewards.com?
  128. Which Hotels Can You Get Status From Points
  129. RTW or 2-3 open jaw tix
  130. How Do Frequent Flyer Programs and Alliances work?
  131. FREE 1,000 United Miles via Thanks Again Visa Offers
  132. NYC-EZE for Christmas 2012 - open jaws?
  133. Lifetime status by airline -- attempted summary
  134. Best use of miles LAX to SIN
  135. Which is better hotel option with points?
  136. RIC to EZE in January or March 2013
  137. Positioning to RGN re KE F jumbo
  138. Asia travel optimization with OW preference
  139. Looking for ideas to help get to Maui [from DEN]
  140. (HELP) FAI-HNL(stopover)-SYD-FAI or just FAI-SYD-FAI
  141. Help in choosing a rental car co with the most attractive points progr
  142. Need help on optimizing miles usage on AAdvantage and MileagePlus
  143. Best frequent flier program for flying into Haneda, Japan?
  144. Possible to acquire points for check transaction?
  145. Bos-lhr-pek/pvg-lax
  146. JFK - SFO (stopover) - LIM - JFK
  147. how to figure out what points are worth
  148. Why do airlines not give out more complimentary upgrades?
  149. Why do many people value hotel points (e.g. SPG) over airline miles (e.g. UA MP)?
  150. Travel to China
  151. Need help with award travel New York - IST
  152. New travel job, which hotels and airlines to use
  153. Booking strategy for LAX-CDG/AMS-LAX in June 2013
  154. Are Bloggers Ruining Flyertalk??? - Take 2
  155. Need Help Traveling from BWI to LAS
  156. ATL to ACC Aug/Sep 2012
  157. The Results Are In: Frequent Flyer Program Award Redemption Satisfaction Survey
  158. RTW alternatives??
  159. status change midstay do I get the bonus points?
  160. How to maximize hotel & car points for upcoming work trip to Denver/Englewood?
  161. Which FF allows you to "owe" miles?
  162. asia travel plans, how to start?
  163. "Creative" Routing to OZ/NZ/PPT from US
  164. Honeymoon in the Maldives
  165. new business traveler, looking for optimal freq flyer program
  166. How to rent a CONVERTIBLE and PAY with miles?
  167. Planning award tix to SE Asia
  168. Europe Help - Hotels & Intra-Flights
  169. Amex bus gold 75k points after 10k spend no fee first year
  170. Join me in welcoming saacman5033 as a new MB moderator!
  171. Mileage Addiction-Is There A Cure???
  172. Car Rental in Europe Help!
  173. Should I switch from UA to US Air for future miles?
  174. Any FF programs allow stopovers on 1-way awards?
  175. Miles for purchasing Life Insurance?
  176. Need help SYD-NYC for a new guy [18 June 2012]
  177. LA vs TA vs AV
  178. Best Emergency - OMG I need a room Hotel Points? [Same day redemption]
  179. Flying Newb Needs Help Getting From NYC to Sydney
  180. Need Help w/FF Strategy
  181. Search The Web and Earn Miles
  182. New and need hotel and flight advice [DFW-JAX/SAV]
  183. If You had to Choose 1 Mileage Program for life?
  184. [Revived] Giant Supermarket - $40 for $50 Gift Cards - [1 per household, officially]
  185. Award flights CVG to Italy
  186. Booking 1 way econ Brisbane to Bangkok
  187. Reciprocity?
  188. Need Advice Using Points/Miles SFO to HKG
  189. Using Points/Miles to Get To Norway
  190. Should I redeem C for someone who is flying for last time?
  191. Best program for PIT home base?
  192. How to setup a 'mileage bank' for people to contribute?
  193. Best Way from NYC to Southeast Asia Using Miles
  194. Should I Redeem C For Someone Who Is Travelling By Plane For Their First Time
  195. Best way to travel to France on points
  196. Advice and/or Tips [ORD-LUN, economy]
  197. Which miles to use? [ATH-NYC, Business, August 2012]
  198. Million Miles saved, can't find award tix [NYC-BCN/PSA-NYC, 6/28 - 7/8/2012].
  199. Honeymoon Help w Miles [Hurricane-free beach, October 2012]....
  200. Huge unannounced devalution of Flying Blue miles last night!
  201. Award options for intra-Peru?
  202. EWR/JFK/PHL-TLV nonstop questions/problems
  203. Up to 40,000 ThankYou Points for new Citigold Checking Account
  204. [Visa cards only] Register for MileagePlus mobile offers and get 500 UA miles
  205. RSW to OGG
  206. Newbie needs CX Tickets. Which prog to get Miles from?
  207. Has a mileage promotion won you over?
  208. Input requested for honeymoon plans
  209. Balance Sheet Value
  210. Which airline to choose on a business class flight: BOM - IAD
  211. 60K Thank You Premier Card
  212. Remember the Goldpoints and Qantas Mile bonanza's?
  213. 2013 Asian Travel plan
  214. Does it matter which airline in an alliance?
  215. Miles strategy for SAN, SFO, HNL trip in summer 2013
  216. What "aspirational" awards have you booked for the upcoming 355 days?
  217. Hallo --- which alliance to fly with?
  218. Time share presentations for miles/free travel?
  219. Programs to Join with No Intent to Fly or Stay
  220. My 2013 travel: how to maximize my miles
  221. Which Award Travel is Best... SAN to ATL roundtrip..9/20-24/2012?
  222. Your Best Open Jaw / Stop Over Mile Redemption.
  223. Best hotel programs for large groups
  224. Help with 8 person travel plans!
  225. Chase UR now transfer 1:1 to Ritz Carlton
  226. Best hotel redemption using airline miles?
  227. [Currently just a rumor]70000 Point Sapphire
  228. Double miles help
  229. Trip to Morocco or Turkey
  230. Minting the luggage cart at FRA
  231. Southeast Asia Trip
  232. Whats the best F redemption IST - DTW - AMS?
  233. Help me get from Boston to Italy
  234. Frequent Flyer Program Award Redemption Satisfaction Survey [to 11 June 2012]
  235. Best Airlines for Redeeming Miles
  236. Need to spend $4400 + 90000 miles + GPU for Business class is not a good value IMO
  237. PDX based flyer; which FF program should I concentrate on
  238. Switchfly Reward Seat Availability Survey
  239. Help planning multiple stops from Asia to LAX - noob!
  240. Need help! SFO to Bangkok Feb 2013
  241. Southwest 50K offer Dead?
  242. How to improve tomorrow's FFPs?
  243. Help needed in planning a Euro Trip - April 2013
  244. Best Points To Accumulate?
  245. Help with Avios points!!!
  246. New Fairmont Chase card
  247. europe summer 2013
  248. Getting miles for auto insurance? help!
  249. Feasible effort?
  250. Award booking help SFO-ATH