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  1. DEN/SFO on miles and points
  2. Maximize engagement ring purchase rewards
  3. best place for last minute F award redemptions
  4. Points vs. Buying a cheap ticket
  5. Are any airlines offering year end gift card or mileage purchase bonuses?
  6. What Airline Status Benefits Do You Value Most?
  7. Indianapolis (IND) Frequent Flyer Airline Partner Recommendations
  8. Tracking expenditures
  9. I bought amex prepaid "temp" cards on my CC...
  10. Hotel loyalty schemes
  11. Trip Summer 2013: NYC-PRG(-VIE-)MUC-NYC
  12. Points / Miles for Online Trading [$10k to invest]
  13. Issues buying GC at OD
  14. Q re buying Visa gift cards
  15. Are there still offers from Inside Flyer?
  16. Can someone earn points for me?
  17. Maximum Return on cash tickets ??
  18. Basic questions about when/how to book award trip
  19. Newbie with miles and a goal - what's my next step!
  20. Expert Advise needed mco-dub bru-mco w/ points
  21. am ex and visa pre-paid gift cards
  22. Thinking of picking up 2 Chase BA cards - is it worth it?
  23. When to redeem miles for first class?
  24. Earning miles with internet service sign-up?
  25. LAX - DXB this summer.
  26. FRA-BOS, January 3rd-5th, 2013. Help?!
  27. Free 500 AA miles for extremely brief survey
  28. 850 miles PER dollar spent at Verizonwireless.com using Barclays US mastercard
  29. 2 Award tickets to Jamaica from boston
  30. Award Wallet Accounts
  31. Best way for Jfk-icn nonstop award booking
  32. Need 8 more segments on United
  33. Best program for quick accumulation of hotel nights
  34. Last Minute Award Travel - Destination Unknown
  35. Where Do I Start?
  36. Help with two sets of int'l biz class award flights?
  37. Using $200 AX flt incidentals credit
  38. Are any airlines currently offering a free upgrade to intl F with full J purchase?
  39. 2 IRS payments per quarter loophole?
  40. Trying to figure out how to best optimize my programs
  41. Hoping to get some advice to get Elite Status
  42. Loyalty fraud
  43. Ticketbud for miles
  44. I just lost a loved one, what is the cheapest way to travel?
  45. best place to buy a cell phone at full price for referral click through miles?
  46. 500 AA points for facebook contest
  47. New low biz class fares on DL and AA?
  48. What alliance airlines to focus miles into
  49. Travel Noob. Advice please (best rewards programs long-term)
  50. 500 AAdvantage bonus Miles for Your Thoughts [EXPIRED]
  51. Award bookings etc for VIPs
  52. Which Star Alliance program allows one-way award with free stopover?
  53. Keeping mouth shut when someone else is talking about miles/point
  54. Question about "$X in first 3 months, $Y in next 3 months" offers
  55. Opening my mouth lands me in HOT water!!!
  56. Install the Air Miles Canada toolbar and get 75 bonus reward miles
  57. What? No Miles?? Wait... NO FLIGHTS!!!!
  58. need help or suggestion
  59. Best Program To Change To?
  60. Miles Strategy for LAX to Europe?
  61. Is this trip worth the points & miles?
  62. Strategy for awards to Australia
  63. Miles and More, Eurobonus or Finnair Plus
  64. What is the best current "business" CC bonus?
  65. ChargeSmart
  66. Is anyone else tired of credit card shilling?
  67. Hilton points vs SPG points
  68. SPG vs. Marriott (plat)
  69. bonus miles for signing up credit monitor service?
  70. Cyber Monday airfare deals?
  71. Chris Elliott: "Frequent flier programs are a scam"
  72. based in los angeles, best frequent flyer program?
  73. topcashback.com issues??
  74. Best status matches for AA EXP and SPG Plat?
  75. Suggestions for NYC-MAD?
  76. SPG or Hilton Award stay for Parents -Amenities?
  77. Subforum for Expat Americans and Non-US FTers
  78. Award availability over multiple alliances
  79. Points for child support
  80. Small Business Saturday is live
  81. How to pay bills by CC to anyone only accepts check/cash?
  82. Buy dollar coins at face value, no ship, with CC (limited time, capped)
  83. Creditkarma false alerts?
  84. Deal Killing Blogs: List deals which were pulled, and the blogs which published them.
  85. Help book award trip: Houston->Hongkong, Hongkong->Singpaore, Singapore-> Houston
  86. 35k Delta Gold
  87. Hilton Status & Sign Up Bonus-AmEx, Citi, or...?
  88. Best Coach from NA to LPA
  89. Hawaii & Europe in 2013?
  90. Quickest way to get 6000 pts?
  91. Best way to use points to go JFK->ICN
  92. Taking suggestions on the best programs
  93. [November 2012] Alaska Airlines Visa offer - $100 credit plus signup bonus?
  94. Efficient way to earn points buying a used car?
  95. Best way from JFK-Italy
  96. 2000 DL, UA, US miles for $28 donation to Save the Children at e-miles
  97. Boarding Area blogs down
  98. PDX Based: What can I do better in 2013?
  99. Moving to the Netherlands - what FF program should I use?
  100. Hot Promos: What is the effect on award flight availability?
  101. Using miles/points for business and claiming a writeoff?
  102. GCs, Prepaids, and Reloads: Rules for the Game
  103. Trip Planning Advice. (Miles PHL - Zurich/Venice)
  104. gift cards and cash advance fees
  105. Optimal Status Combination
  106. Getting Miles Now That Beans Have Run Out of Gas
  107. Office depot to stop vanilla reload cards tomorrow 11/11
  108. Starwood "Your24" Benefit Results
  109. Starwood "Your24" Benefit?
  110. 20 Airmiles for signing up (Canada only)
  111. Optimizing an NYC-South America-NYC trip (UA BusinessFirst vs. LAN Business?)
  112. Points.com Account Locked for Audit Purposes
  113. Is booking late smarter regarding miles?
  114. NYC to Dominican Republic cheapest way with miles
  115. First Class Travel to Africa
  116. Hilton Gift Cards... Eligible for miles
  117. YUL-TLV; Lowest fare or lowest Mileage Redemptions?
  118. Travel History and Status Match Success
  119. Tips for booking 4 people with miles?
  120. Best Quarterly Hotel Promo?
  121. SFO to TPE... Newbie seeking advice.
  122. Any good deals for EU citizens?
  123. 100 free Air Miles reward miles [Canada].
  124. Move emergency fund from money market to miles earning/high interest checking acct?
  125. Malaysia Airlines 50% off redemption
  126. BNE to CLE....rookie needs some tips
  127. Новые игры и приложения на android
  128. South of France hotels on points
  129. Earning points for Hurricane Sandy recovery donations
  130. Need help choosing an FFP, based in DUB
  131. Economist on Why Airlines Reward FF rather than $$
  132. Using Air Miles [Canada] when airline allocates no seats
  133. Mileageplus shopping and UR mall??
  134. Quick way to get 50k United points?
  135. Earn the most rewards for a Disney World stay in November?
  136. Convert Hotel Points to United miles earn Bonus (up to 30%)
  137. Help..need 2 reward tickets to Dubai next week
  138. WAS-ICN - JAL F/C or LH F - your thoughts ?
  139. J from SFO to Bali
  140. newbie trying to understand these programs
  141. Best FFP for Taca Flights?
  142. [Primer] Using Points for French Polynesia
  143. Miles on many programs, best use/transfer for honeymoon??
  144. Enough *A points for biz class PEK<->USA?
  145. How to properly use points from AMEX Gold PR and Chase Sapphire PR...towards 1 ticket
  146. What are the most sought after destinations based on point redemption?
  147. 3,500 UA miles with pitney bowes signup
  148. Have miles unexpectedly appeared in your account from time to time?
  149. Help for newbie traveling to SXM or LAS
  150. Best mileage/points potential for buying a > $1000 bed (and bed recommendations)
  151. Please advise on trip plans for points & miles
  152. Rise in Mileage Required for Redemption? [YUL-TLV]
  153. New to Mileage Runs, Upgrades, Credit Card Churning, etc.
  154. My story on trying to get a good deal...
  155. Houston to Dubai/Qatar : path for a free ticket
  156. Buy Miles On United And Get A Bonus
  157. Help me get my parents from NRT-SGN Dec 21
  158. Best way for NZers to earn points
  159. How to get to Cairns, Australia from Armidale, Australia
  160. Any way to get miles paying bills? (Lease, gas bill, etc)
  161. Help with Maldives trip
  162. *A or Skyteam? I'm based in Sofia, BG
  163. Mile programs with little / no change fees
  164. Which airline has the best mid-tier status?
  165. Good hotel redemptions in Greek islands?
  166. When to book awards?
  167. Open Jaws on Award Tix
  168. New Chase United Mileage Plus Explorer and Club Card offers (in branch)
  169. Best airline loyalty program to chase status in??
  170. who's going to mile up on united with me
  171. Honeymoon ideas? Late oct./early nov.
  172. Need help in planning trip in Dec 2012 [NYC BCN CDG NYC]
  173. Travel Hacking For Hong Kong
  174. Stopover Question (AA/UA)
  175. Which airline programs offer "soft landings"
  176. Icelandair free stopover
  177. 1000 DL, UA, US miles for $12 donation at e-miles
  178. Churning through Amazon.com
  179. SEA-ICN Biz Help
  180. Help finding best airline rewards in Portland, Or
  181. Next app: Sapphire Preferred or BA card
  182. 500 free Hilton points on Facebook [two offers?]
  183. Best FF card for flying From JFK to Sao Paulo Brazil then to Foz do Iguaca?
  184. south america on miles during Dec holidays
  185. Best FF Program when flying LGA to LAX every week?
  186. Suggestions on DEN-TYO in April 2013
  187. SFO to HKG - Singapore or Cathay Pacific?
  188. Which sites still offer points & miles for gift card purchases?
  189. Tax on no-shows?
  190. bargain deals thread?
  191. A comparision of Qantas, Lan and Alaska
  192. need help for traveling to Australia and New Zealand
  193. EK vs who? Credit EK miles where?
  194. Help Planning LAX to Guam, American Samoa, and Hawaii - Same Trip
  195. Economist subscription for miles in the UK
  196. Repeated trips between 2 US cities - best use of mileage programs.
  197. List of Programs that Allow Miles/Points to be Shared
  198. Help finding flight awards - one way or open jaw?
  199. 50k Marriott + free night Chase card
  200. Targeted Chase Air Tran card. 32 A+ plus credits
  201. Annual Lounge Memberships other than NA?
  202. United vs. AA vs. Delta, 21 days rule
  203. South America/Central routing help
  204. best way to buy lowes gift card
  205. Lanpass 40k Bonus Miles CC
  206. Award travel advice needed - LAX to Vietnam
  207. help me get to Curacao
  208. Corporate Travel Programs
  209. New 50-60K HH Amex offers - till 10/31/12
  210. Looking for help: NYC CDG FCO NYC?
  211. Trying to get a first class honeymoon upgrade
  212. What Are Your Top Frequent Flier Award Redemption Pet Peeves? The 2012 Edition
  213. Which points to get hotel in French Polynesia?
  214. advice on 1st churn with travel destination and date in mind
  215. 3 months in Taipei, how to maximize hotel stays
  216. MSNBC link to best FF offers of the week
  217. The greatest thing you ever bought with your miles
  218. Where to go?
  219. 1000 PC points for watching Video
  220. NV residents get CC spending with new phone app sports bets
  221. Can miles from frequent flyer programs from the same alliance be combined?
  222. Free 500 Hilton HHonor Points - Facebook
  223. Top Loyalty Program This Week--Purchase Frequent Flier Miles
  224. Best Hotel Program for Low-End Redemptions
  225. Travelling to Spain next summer...
  226. Need to choose an airline, Delta or US Air
  227. Help booking one way ticket to Singapore with layovers
  228. Need some ideas for planning my wedding anniversary [NYC MAD DEL NYC]
  229. credit card with no international fees
  230. How Do Airlines Know Your Credit Card Perks?
  231. Best Alliance for Award Trip [RDU OTP]
  232. Connecting time in NRT
  233. List of Reward Program Transfer Rules
  234. how to book flights to HKG, BKK and back to ORD?
  235. Cruise on miles/points
  236. Applied for CSP, sent regular Sapphire
  237. Question: Best use of miles & points for SFO - SGN
  238. Paying Student Loans off with a credit card
  239. SPG or Amex MR points from card spending?
  240. Dulles to Paris and Prague. Which flight would you take? [AF vs BA]
  241. let's focus on using credit/debt card to pay property tax.
  242. Getting to Iceland with miles...?
  243. Shall I credit my miles to Star alliance or One World?
  244. Hilton vs Marriott top tier
  245. Pls help with UA or AA Awards [HNL HKG XMN HNL]
  246. Award booking help [LAX NRT AMS LAX]
  247. Assistance with Honeymoon Award Tickets [TPA BCN/LON TPA]
  248. Moving to Europe- what program to choose?
  249. What would US Airways / AA Merger mean?
  250. What do you want from your rewards program?