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  1. website/business that lets you exchange freq flier miles?
  2. Going on a tour, can I redeem the miles for the flights?
  3. advice re: miles in multi programs - which to maximize?
  4. For fee service for FF mile redemption??
  5. I'm new to this ! Help me use my miles!!
  6. Need to rent a car, which one offers the best Miles reward?
  7. Direct Entry to Virgin Silver Card
  8. Help: Want to do SFO-Europe-DEL would like to earn miles on AA or UAL
  9. Do any american freq flyer programs allow a free stopover on an intraeuropean flight?
  10. 24k Choice Points w/ Visa (3-4 free nights) - no annual fee
  11. Value of all outstanding airline bonus programs together
  12. putting together a redemption guide...?
  13. Please help with airline miles conversion!!!!
  14. Miles for Elliptical Equipment
  15. L.A. Times rates Award Availability-Do you agree?
  16. United Double Miles Award for Flights
  17. Up to 25 AA iDine miles/$1. Register TODAY.
  18. Best Credit Card for Me?
  19. Quick Q: Who's the FF miles "travel agent?"
  20. Upcoming Travel Trade Shows?
  21. What line of business are you in? why you get to travel so much? what is your positio
  22. Fire at Istanbul airport (cargo section)
  23. any reason to collect miles for hotel stays?
  24. Budget European Airlines - Partnerships?
  25. Maximize My Miles Opportunity - Wash DC
  26. Going to FIJI! Which Frequent Flyer Program?
  27. Work is leaving *A, which program should I join?
  28. Free ticket Business Class or buy it?
  29. Can donated miles to Red Cross be deducted on taxes?
  30. Sfo - Jfk
  31. Kenya, Emirates or Gulf Air - which one?
  32. World Cup Promotion
  33. Going to Australia
  34. Can anyone help find a cheap ticket AUS-to SFO,OAK Or SJC??
  35. BNA-->BOM
  36. Two tickets, double miles?
  37. My daughter needs a really cheap ticket
  38. Flying CO to DUB tonight...who do you think i should credit this to?
  39. Iceland - FF possible ??
  40. LHR - SFO Can I earn miles?
  41. Best FF for Boston
  42. Airline Miles vs. Hotel Points
  43. How to offer FF miles with purchase of goods for clients?
  44. Industry Awards?
  45. Miles for short-term safe investment?
  46. Best FF Program for WAS
  47. Miles for buying house?
  48. Question on redeeming miles (help!)
  49. 30-minute rule at DCA
  50. Interesting article on AOL
  51. Which Mastercard or Visa is most like the Starwood Amex?
  52. Den-bos/pvd
  53. 7000 miles (NW/DL/CO/UA/others) for Sprint/Nextel Customers
  54. earn "free" trips on the running dog...greyhound
  55. Keep using FF membership or not?
  56. Reward ticket question
  57. Why you should shred your boarding pass
  58. Newbie! Need advice for SLC-TLV
  59. lounge access in CDG and DBX?
  60. newbie--best way to upgrade on partner airlines?
  61. EWR to Bom on UA
  62. No More AA Platinum Challenge
  63. newbie, please help?
  64. Earning Air Miles With Tour Companies
  65. Are gas prices rewriting rules for picking credit cards?
  66. American Airlines coupons\codes
  67. LAX to TLV - help me pick airline business class
  68. Another question
  69. Beginner question: Can I get miles for other people's flights?
  70. Starwood Amex card
  71. Final Results of FT-Assisted Ebay Sales of Awards/Miles/Points
  72. US to Asia via Alaska?
  73. What airline would be the best out of Las Vegas?
  74. Checking Award Availability on Individual Airlines
  75. Should the Freddies methodology be changed?
  76. United EQM 150% for F,C,Y/B
  77. Any programs that count CC miles towards elite?
  78. Debit card rewards?
  79. Miles / vouchers for sale?
  80. Where to credit TACA-LACSA?
  81. Airline web site pet peeves?
  82. Miles for Refinance
  83. United or American from ORD to FRA?
  84. Best card for miles to any airline
  85. What is the most remote place you can get to with a mileage award?
  86. Sfo-nrt $521
  87. Best Credit Card for Collecting Miles
  88. Buying miles
  89. Path to Status?
  90. FF program cutbacks hurting loyalty; maybe media is catching on
  91. Any miles for mail order prescriptions?
  92. a plane about to depart w/ empty seats, do airlines want them filled with award pax?
  93. Flight capacity status
  94. Nw Lax-hnl 317rt Apr 27-30
  95. Some people just don't understand!
  96. Best Airline - SEA to PEK
  97. Maximizing FFM from US to Australia
  98. 100+ Ebay Auctions for Miles & Awards - Legit?
  99. ow and/or open jaw awards
  100. Hilton v. SPG v. Ritz v. Marriot nights?
  101. Strange KVS Display: SQ997 NRT-SIN 29 APR
  102. Quo vadis mileage redemption - Just inflation and fees?
  103. What is the CC that gives you 5% cash on groceries & gas? Quick response needed.
  104. Do any airline programs allow a one-way award ticket with a stopover?
  105. Bereavement Miles Redemption
  106. Generic point programs?
  107. A thread for Million Milers
  108. Future mileage accumulation: focus on US or foreign carriers?
  109. Thank You
  110. Should you shift your Delta miles? -CNN
  111. Retroactive Miles
  112. Best card for Tax payment
  113. question about boarding a flight from layover point
  114. SK/CO for EWR-ARN -- $50 more for full EQMs v. 25% EQMs
  115. Reduced mileage awards besides AA/Citi
  116. German Court Ruling - Employers own miles
  117. Free Travel Certificates
  118. Have all the sites to trade coupons or upgrades been closed.
  119. Any way to earn miles with a balance transfer?
  120. Help me decide: CO or AZ for the YYZ-LCA flights!
  121. Elite Status Expiration ?
  122. FFPs and E-Marketing to create competitive advantage in the era of E-Business ?
  123. Best Frequent Flyer Prorgram out of LA?
  124. mileage swap sites
  125. Which frequent flyer program should I use?
  126. What is the furthest you can go, for the LEAST amount of miles?
  127. Countrywide Mortgage
  128. How crazy about air miles are you?
  129. FF miles for charter flights?
  130. Best strategy for a non-profit?
  131. Best airline(s) out of NYC?
  132. Total Number of Awards Redeemed over the past 25 years
  133. Request for images of frequent flyer and airline club cards
  134. Is it worth maintaining two royalty programs (*wood and HH)?
  135. mbna worldpoints help
  136. Dispute puts agents 'in the middle'
  137. List of Reliable Commercial Services
  138. Redeeming miles to rent a car
  139. transfering miles
  140. ExpertFlyer Award Availability Alert
  141. Which one do you recommend?
  142. Real value of FF Miles in terms of a percentage
  143. How to get miles to use for customers
  144. IAD To LAX On Easter Break
  145. Airlines still generous with upgrades
  146. Airline / Hotel FF Awards vs. Ticket Buying Award Programs
  147. UA Business Credit Card with 20,000-mile bonus
  148. Reward Seat redemption
  149. Listing of 92 airlines banned by the EU
  150. Louge or club access included with Elite status?
  151. www.firstclassflyer.com/legitimate?
  152. MSP-DTW for $4.50 round trip
  153. OnePass to Millage Plus
  154. BA/UA - Profit/Loss - Maybe here's one reason ....
  155. Best FF program for my new situation
  156. How many affiliated credit cards do you have?
  157. Buying a pallet or truckload of Coke or cereal for points?
  158. Airlines lost record number of bags last year
  159. NYT on why FF loyalty is "loony"
  160. Which Credit Card should I choose?
  161. Fidelity Offers up to 25000 UAL miles for new account
  162. FF tags on your briefcase...do you?
  163. Earn miles with DirecTV subscription?
  164. Can we combine any or all and how?
  165. Attending The Freddies?
  166. Defecting from a CO hub to UA and *A
  167. Who subsidizes transfer bonuses?
  168. Free 200 WorldPerks Miles and 2200 Miles w/Flight
  169. Ads from airlines and hotels on flyertalk postings
  170. Mileage Plus (UAL) 20,000 business card bonus?
  171. Triple Miles w/Delta & Dollar Rent A Car
  172. Super Duper Mega Platinum Uber Loving Status
  173. Why arent Airlines giving at least Status miles on awards?
  174. Car Rental and Airline Match Thread?
  175. Are any airlines giving miles for signing up for an AMEX card?
  176. New To This
  177. Dividend Miles or Skymiles
  178. AwardGuard renewal time ...?
  179. USAirJuniper card for 15,000 miles now ,plus other things: any reason not to get it?
  180. Best airline for redeeming ff miles
  181. Would this be fraud?
  182. Buying points
  183. Best source?
  184. Do FFPs really cause increased air fares?
  185. Miles for Mortgages
  186. Uber-elite level?
  187. Changes to award levels
  188. SPG restrictions when redeeming airline miles
  189. Best FF Program Today
  190. came up short for silve elite and gold elite
  191. 2-1 Amex Platinum USA-NZ-AUS
  192. AA 4211 Mechanical, What to do?
  193. Master List: Retention bonuses from various credit cards?
  194. Guidance please: UA Visa card questions belongs to?
  195. Star Alliance mileage collector airline recommendations
  196. Doha, Qatar
  197. NOOB quick way to status...plus 5K Spirit bonus points...???
  198. 20000 * Miles for Language Lessons
  199. Miles or money???
  200. Yet another Noob's FFP question...
  201. best FF program for me
  202. Upgrade at Departure Gate?
  203. MY(all business class) JFK-STN r/t $750 allin March and April
  204. Obtaining points/miles, through transfers
  205. Rule of thumb: when use cash vs ff mileage credit card?
  206. Delta Miles-for-Merchandise
  207. Amex Blue vs. Double Mileage Cards
  208. Is it possible to transfer mileage from one airline to another?
  209. Amex Platinum Card (MR) and American Airlines
  210. Newbie Question . Obtain Miles?
  211. Would you be interested in earning miles this way?
  212. nyc-lhr, whats the best?
  213. Which to burn first-DL, NW, US Airways or United?
  214. hotel program for less-frequent travelers?
  215. June flights to CDG?
  216. Flying to SIN in October 06
  217. Canadain Offers?? Anything Out There??
  218. Buying a car with a credit card.
  219. What FF & CC Program from Scratch??
  220. 3rd party bill pay companies?
  221. AmEx Rewards Hullabaloo
  222. Down Under Award Seats
  223. paying taxes with cc.. which card will give me the most points?
  224. US Air to what
  225. Awards Ticket - NYC->China in August
  226. Newbie Q: Can I exchange Continental Miles for AA Miles?
  227. AA or BA for travel to LHR
  228. Any cheaptickets to Amsterdam in May?!?
  229. Miles donation: conniving scam?
  230. How would you make up a frequent flier program?
  231. Expedia special fare - beware!
  232. Tax Payment Bonus Thread
  233. Taxes on awards tix to international destinations?
  234. Site for "Fly Airline X, earn on Airlines A/B/C"?
  235. Maximize miles in best program?
  236. Moving from Seattle to Finland... which FF program? status matches?
  237. Getting miles credited for 1800FLOWERS if you didn't use the link?
  238. omaha steaks miles?
  239. Amex Membership Rewards
  240. Best way to see ALL avaliable seats, including available upgrades
  241. Flying from BOS ---> Tokyo in May --> Which airline should I take ?
  242. What am I missing?
  243. Proposal: A New Award Redemption Methodology For FFPs
  244. Free 2,500 AA Miles
  245. Use personal miles for business trip -- deductible?
  246. free frequent flying and programs listing
  247. Transfer at webflyer without ebay anything points?
  248. Looking back at websites -- "Wayback Machine"
  249. can someone explain miles and points to me
  250. Used Miles Converter, Now what?