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  1. Lufthansa Miles & More - deceptive when it comes to US residents
  2. Finding business/FC awards for Europe
  3. Heading from Chicago to Cape Town - Star Alliance vs. OneWorld free ticket options
  4. FB or MM on L N classes? Flying AF CDG-ORD
  5. Has anyone ever used airline-awards.com?
  6. Chase Chg 4 OnePass Miles w/ C C purchase
  7. Help!!United airmiles and Delta skymiles
  8. Can you combine Continental OnePass Miles & United Mileage Plus Miles somehow?
  9. American vs United restrictions
  10. Best Program For Travel To Asia
  11. first time poster: has anyone used Points.com
  12. Status match
  13. US Carrier that gives miles for TATL flights on BA?
  14. My first time earning status the hard way
  15. WSJ article
  16. Which airline for frequent M.East trips to maximize miles?
  17. Cruise ship deposit as alternative to U.S. Mint coin technique
  18. New 2010 airlines/hotel offers/promos thread
  19. New mileage-earning opportunity for L.A. residents
  20. AMEX Rewards - 5K BA Conversion Bonus
  21. transfer co miles to UA?
  22. Estimated income tax payment via Official Payments . . . supporting documents?
  23. 3 Miles per Dollar for a Credit Card
  24. Have wife apply for cards as well?
  25. Cancel card after miles post--or wait 6+ months?
  26. 10 Million Miler -- Possible?
  27. Ideas for getting miles on cards
  28. Citi 50,000 AAdvantage offer
  29. Multiple Sharebuilder Accounts
  30. Promotions w/o CC
  31. Resource for selecting airline when focus airlines are not available?
  32. $763 -- India from New York City (Roundtrip)
  33. Netflix and FF
  34. West Coast to CLT - Airline Suggestions?
  35. Best hotel program for many 1-night stays
  36. AMEX PLAT Buy MR points .025 per with no limit
  37. BA miles redemption tax versus AA
  38. American Express Gift Checks - Any mile potential?
  39. Shop Onepass
  40. Buy Elite
  41. [EXPIRED] FTD: 1500 United Bonus Miles + 30 Miles/$
  42. Which FF Program? New travel patterns
  43. e-miles: Deposit, or wait for a promo?
  44. Skyteam Lounge question
  45. Which Credit Card Would You Use?
  46. using travel agent for miles deals
  47. Ebay-Paypal-Bing Mile Deal
  48. 500 easy miles from E-miles
  49. Starting from scratch in 2010
  50. Any Top Tier Elites w/o a Major Credit Card?
  51. Free Companion Ticket From Amex
  52. Student looking for a FF
  53. starwood card- airlines
  54. PBS Version of FF Documentary - Invitation to Join Debate
  55. Best 2010 airmiles deal for new cell service?
  56. Matching Airline Status between AA & UAL
  57. Comparisons for programs
  58. Starting the FF Game
  59. Skyteam or Star Alliance in NYC
  60. SEA-based flyer and CO Silver - should I switch?
  61. Canada to Africa - best way? I have Avion or BA points and Aeroplan
  62. ORD travels, AA or UA better program?
  63. Charity wants to receive donated miles
  64. I have a fear of flying, but I am enamored with points and miles
  65. (ORD/MSY/ATL) to Cambodia?
  66. Student - To Frequent Fly or Not to Frequent Fly?
  67. Looking for advice
  68. Torn between FF
  69. Burger King online- Send a greeting card with a $1 bill inside for only $1
  70. Frequent fliers could face higher tax
  71. IAD to JRO ?
  72. Why Don't FF Programs Hire FTers to Proofread Their Promos Before Releasing Them?
  73. How to choose Airline, Credit Card, etc.
  74. eMiles since DL/NW merger
  75. What is the best card to use for frequent miles?????
  76. Finally! 50% BA Executive Miles bonus with Diners Club rewards is back.
  77. Wow great site very intimidating
  78. ORD to Europe 10k SAS miles Today only
  79. starting out
  80. Does it really make sense for airline business models 2 be so linked to credit cards?
  81. Reliant or Energy Plus AA and UA offers (CT, MD, NJ, NY, PA and TX) [Consolidated]
  82. Which Airline to go for Elite status?
  83. Best miles for dining out program?
  84. Newbie here: Lots of air travel in near future. Help me save money and survive.
  85. 45 skymiles per dollar spent at FTD.com
  86. Best Million Mile Program
  87. An online tool that'll let me know when a particular class seat becomes available?
  88. Virgin Atlantic 65 000 miles - new promo
  89. Earning miles w/ a CC: Delta AMEX gold or Capital one platinum
  90. Need help with becoming a frequent flyer
  91. AA Exec Plat -- should I bail to Delta or Star?
  92. How do you know if it's worth using your miles or not?
  93. Have all Visa and MC foreign exchange fees increased by 1%
  94. catch 22 us airways ff question
  95. Conde Nast's The Perrin Post Q/A Winners: The FlyerTalk Challenge
  96. How to best get points to fly to Spain in 2010
  97. Which is better -- HH Gold or PC Platinum?
  98. U.S. Airways "Big Bonus" Miles Promotion - up to 250% bonus miles
  99. So how do you folks use miles?
  100. Best Non-AmEx Miles/Points Card?
  101. Elite couples - How do you split the points ?
  102. Miles Ethics Question
  103. CO/BD/UA question
  104. US Mint gift certificate question
  105. CA Trip using BA/AA miles
  106. Using family to earn bonus miles?
  107. Which Star Alliance airline should I put my miles on?
  108. I'm losing all status -- what to do?
  109. Senator Schumer wants a probe of mileage programs
  110. Interesting CNN Article on Mileage Millionaires
  111. If US Mint/credit card issue comes true,any ideas for using new cards for bonus miles
  112. How can airlines change booked flights?
  113. How to best use Avion points
  114. Bestfares.com 100k (BA) mileage offer legit?
  115. Late Payments=Forfeit Points (AMEX)
  116. Possible Workaround for the US mint issue
  117. Continental Onepass or BMI Diamond Club?
  118. Interesting redemption option
  119. is there a link to which programmes I can use for each airline?
  120. Using an Amex card to buy money orders
  121. Onepass and delta?
  122. Thank you for locking the coin thread
  123. Various Holiday Bonus Miles/Point shopping promos
  124. ER-140 or CRJ100?
  125. 40 United miles per $ spent at Hartwick and Grove wine merchants
  126. 10,000 SkyMiles for Fiji Water
  127. New to business traveling - question about combining miles
  128. Use another person's miles even if they never fly? (was: Do you ever have to fly?)
  129. Free Wifi for the holidays!!
  130. Do I convert to CO or Aeroplan? Or any other options? EXPERT ADVICE NEEDED.
  131. Business Owners
  132. United or Emirates
  133. 100 easy Continental Airlines bonus miles
  134. Free 80 Hawaiian Airlines miles, or maybe an $80 certificate.
  135. trying to go somewhere with my miles for Xmas
  136. Transfering aeroplan to Lufthansa Miles & MOre?
  137. 100K Delta credit card offer (maybe - please advise)
  138. 1.5k AA Miles Dining Bonus - You can use it even if you already have a account!
  139. Online shopping portal comparison sites [Consolidated]
  140. Exchange student looking for way home
  141. UK and US, why there's such a gap in how much you receive if you're extensively loyal
  142. No More Churing Citi TYN Cards?
  143. Anyone familiar w/ a MD DC9-30, which seat?
  144. Which FF Miles = Hotel Points?
  145. Hotel Program Allowing Points Booking for Someone Else?
  146. 27000 AA miles to US Air...any way to do it?
  147. Best Method to Accumulate AA & Delta Points
  148. Considering future relocation in FF program
  149. Advice on OnePass, AAdvantage, or another when originating at BDL
  150. Does anyone have any experience with Points.com?
  151. Do airlines give you the exact number of miles your flight have traveled?
  152. Zipcar - A company that bills on one card and refunds on another
  153. Citibank CC FF Miles Limits
  154. Most Prestigious FF Card/Level
  155. Wonder if he's a FT member....
  156. Expiration Chart from Todays Wall Street Journal
  157. upgrades on Continental using MP miles?
  158. can someone give me a quick history on the 500 mile minimum?
  159. Is Frugal Travel Guy offline?
  160. my first post, hope it is interesting to you guys
  161. Current By Discover
  162. car rental programs
  163. Running away from Delta - would you choose UA or AA in my case?
  164. Earn 1000 Continental Miles by paying your cable bill on CO Airlines World MasterCard
  165. How do I get Citi Aadvantage & Hhonors on the same profile?
  166. Bumping Question(Self service kiosks)
  167. FF Miles as cash onboard
  168. Get miles for a purchase, redeem miles, return purchase.. is this possible?
  169. New to this, Need some advice.. Please help.
  170. Accumulated US mint coin purchases by the FT community
  171. Advice for best hotel points program earning power
  172. Best Mileage Program for mid-tier (50K)
  173. If I buy a ticket, why do I have to be on the flight to get the miles?
  174. IPhone App That Allows Anyone To Accept Credit Cards
  175. Click Thru Sites
  176. Earn up to 10,000 bonus CONT OnePass miles.
  177. Would you go with Delta or UA FF promgram living near NYC airports
  179. Need tips on best communication to staff by the company corporate miles admin?
  180. Target CPM for a MR
  181. ASIA AIR MILES how do I find what flights they can get me?
  182. Minor Rant: Why do people want to use my points?
  183. US Airways Club Membership expanded
  184. Having miles cards from 2 different countries?
  185. How many miles a month do you get and from what sources?
  186. Should I switch from U.S. air to United?
  187. What's the Best US Gas Reward Program?
  188. quickest way to status
  189. Site to find out seat availability
  190. Time vs Miles
  191. [EXPIRED]250 Flexpoints for taking a quick 5-question quiz (Flexperks card)
  192. What is the best cost per a mile you have gotten?
  193. Do airlines allow mileage upgrades using someone else's miles?
  194. How do you trade miles?
  195. Comparison of Frequent Flyer Programs?
  196. Self-Service Travel Rewards??
  197. Help me spend my AA & SPG points in Tahiti
  198. Mileage Debit Card question
  199. Best *Low-Tier* Program
  200. 500 AAdvantage Miles from Liberty Mutual
  201. Attn: Former NW Worldperks/now Flexperks cardholders, easy 250 points
  202. Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Feb 16-19
  203. Newbie Question-What defines a purchase?
  204. The Anxiety of Frequent Flyer Miles
  205. Chase BUSINESS Checking 25k Promo - How do I open a Business Account W/O a Biz?
  206. Abbreviations are driving me crazy
  207. When will Chase offer miles for CA checking accounts?
  208. 100 Free Continental OnePass miles for learning about PetPass
  209. 500 easy Continental Airlines miles if you hold its credit or debit card
  210. Moving from CX/OW to *A?
  211. How does a first class elite upgrade work
  212. Air Tahiti Nui Paris/LAX
  213. Delta Suntrust debit card and money orders?
  214. Please help! FF MIles and Points.com
  215. How can you tell what the booking class is?
  216. Any other airline than UA for grad-bonus?
  217. Whats the best Netflix deal out here?
  218. Calculating Mileage Mall/E-Shopping Points and Promotions
  219. 25,000 OnePass miles for BUSINESS Checking. Is it Really Worth It?
  220. DL Silver or CO Gold?
  221. The "American or United" thread
  222. Elephant Car Wash Offers Customers Frequent Flyer Miles (SEA)
  223. Bose AA Promotion again - 500 miles without spending a penny
  224. What perks do airline industry employees get?
  225. The practicality of buying and returning stuff the the miles
  226. Free Car Rentals in exchange for Frequent Flyer Miles - Which Airlines?
  227. Which airlines allow awards to Asia via Europe?
  228. Frequent Flyer Fees
  229. Now the 30K AA Visa offers seem to be gone...
  230. lifetime status, help please
  231. E-Shopping Comparison tool
  232. united miles into american airlines miles
  233. Best Rewards Credit Card?
  234. 30K miles AA offers for Mastercards and Amex gone (not really)
  235. Trade mileage?
  236. Thank You Points Expiration Shortened
  237. Using points to buy plane ticket for someone
  238. Advice needed on best program for me please!
  239. Any of you ever just stopped caring about status & points?
  240. magazines
  241. What's your pet peeve?
  242. Forgive me FlyerTalkers for I have sinned....
  243. Best Mileage Redemption Bargains?
  244. 1,000 miles each for joining the American and Delta Airlilnes miles programs
  245. 500 easy Priority Club points.
  246. 25000 OnePass Miles from TD Ameritrade
  247. AA Miles to keep rolling from CitiBank
  248. How To Fulfill Chase Checking Promo Requirements?
  249. Has Anyone Been Able to Fund a Bank Account with an Amex?
  250. What do you guys think about this article?