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  1. My husband doesn't care about points
  2. Can I get 80,000 AAdvantage Points like this...
  3. Citibank Personal Banker Jeff S.
  4. Anything replicate old travelocity dream maps?
  5. DL: 1000 Miles for Booking on delta.com
  6. CPH-DOH-BKK-USM-BKK-DOH-CPH Possible upgrade
  7. noobie to the Frequent Flyer World
  8. New UA policy?
  9. Well another freebie from Citibank bites the dust
  10. Combining Reward Points From Different CCs
  11. Why no reduced mileage awards if booking 3-days in advance?
  12. 3500 Skymiles for Sharebuilder / ING account
  13. Liberty Mutual 500 miles Quote?????
  14. Anyone receive the 5,000 Delta Miles for MLK donation?
  15. 1000 DL Miles and 1-4"x6" Photo for $1.94
  16. EXplaining to Kettle: "Why Don't You Use Miles?"
  17. FF Advice Please - New to FT and MR
  18. Capital One® VentureSM Rewards Credit Card vs. Starwood
  19. Is there a 'best' FF program/airline?
  20. 400 free and easy Priority Club points
  21. Best mileage program for Business-Class to Europe?
  22. Matching from status to status, with multiple airlines
  23. FlexPerks VS Delta Skymiles help
  24. Who has Q2 most generous upcoming promotion?
  25. (paypal)funds transfer for miles
  26. Is this possible? Fastest Miles?
  27. What airline upgrades its highest level elites on intrnational routes?
  28. Getting more than 1.2 cents per mile without premium classes
  29. FF program--REALLY confused, things got complicated--need advice
  30. US Airways Double Preferred Qualifying on select Flights to Europe with US Mastercard
  31. Best Awards Currently Available
  32. AA Advantage/Citibank promotion -- where is it??!!
  33. Up In the Air: The Sequel, or how to...
  34. Reward scenario
  35. British Air Visa Cardholders - 135,000 miles (or more) for $300 +free ship & cards
  36. Advice Request: How to compare upgrade chance or cancellation risk.
  37. New Sign Up Bonuses
  38. Need Advice Pls: Seattle to E. Europe
  39. "OT": Homeless Computer Exec Living off Hotel & Travel Rewards
  40. Airmiles to BA airmiles
  41. New Skymiles AmEx referral bonus
  42. Buy $5K/mo AMEX TCs online with no purchase fee
  43. Capital One Rewards Checking vs Capital One Venture Card
  44. How to get the most miles for my LAX to Boston trip?
  45. Best Program for this situation
  46. Best Middle East FF program?
  47. Hotel Stay Advice needed - San Diego - Please Help?
  48. Another Flexperks Quiz - 250 Points
  49. New Aviation Blog- AviationLover
  50. Best CC/Airline Program flying to Asia?
  51. Moving to Europe - Which Card to Get?
  52. Best partner airline for Rewards Network Dining?
  53. Hotel Program Advice -- just starting out, and have 10+ days in HNL next week
  54. Which is a better reward? $150 or 25,000 Continental OnePass Miles?
  55. Best current cellphone plans w/airmiles?
  56. New to flyertalk - need DL advice
  57. Help, I'm a newbie and I need some new credit cards.
  58. The car rental FF miles surcharge thread.
  59. mile usage strategy
  60. New frequent flyer looking for advice
  61. Behavioral Economics and the Price of Miles
  62. New to mile rewards.. Need some advise
  63. Possible to load a prepaid MC or Visa with an AmEx card?
  64. Best Visa Business Card?
  65. All miled up and nowhere to go...
  66. Newb with questions on FF programs
  67. AA/BA FF miles strategies for non-freq fliers for NBO flights -what am I missing?
  68. advice on where to stopover in asia
  69. New Policy at UNITED Mileage Plus
  70. Hotel average room rate & occupuancy level
  71. 2010 Continental "Free Miles" Offers (most require CC)
  72. MSP-CDG-(NTE) advice? Smart Airline/Program/Route Choice?
  73. UA Mileage Plus or BA Executive Club ??
  74. Does U offer more Saver miles closer to takeoff?
  75. Best Star Alliance Reward Chart for US-Asia/Europe?
  76. New to FF Usage and can use some guidance
  77. Continental one pass 100 free miles
  78. question about how FF program with SPG card works
  79. Whats the "right" alliance & airline for me
  80. Best credit card to earn Krisflyer miles?
  81. What's your main card for spending?
  82. Mileage award tix "cost" elites more than GMs
  83. Miles+Cash Awards
  84. Want to switch alliances but can't find good alternative to DL
  85. Best Hotel Program for One Night Stays in Same Area
  86. Milking the credit card deals
  87. Everybody do the FF miles shuffle!
  88. Alternatives to Delta?
  89. Best business airline card from Bank Of America
  90. KLM Mileage Question
  91. [Link expired]Continental CC 50,000 + no annual fee
  92. Best Airlines for Compassionate Fares & Travel
  93. United FF number on Swiss?
  94. Last minute Hawaii - too many/not enough choices!
  95. Newbie Question on Miles
  96. Ok folks, who should I get airline status with?
  97. new member, looking for some help/feedback/suggestions
  98. Sky Team vs. Star Alliance
  99. I don't understand this FFP malarky - please help
  100. New to Flyertalk. Please help.
  101. 25,000 American Airlines Miles via Fidelity
  102. are there any other checking promotion?
  103. What airline would you consider the stingiest in allocating award seats?
  104. What to do w/Mexicana frequenta miles?
  105. Advice on FF miles from Seattle
  106. miles cards
  107. Best all around card 02/21/10
  108. Chase United Plus Visa - 30,000 bonus miles
  109. 707 UA MP Miles needed for 3rd Party
  110. Points/miles for insurance quote
  111. Did you get the up to 25,000 CO miles email offer with fee waived...
  112. Starwood Math
  113. what card should I get? buying a $25,000 car?
  114. Hertz UA 2500 miles booking bonus
  115. Best Credit Card Canada $30000/year spending
  116. Pick a CC for me!
  117. Best credit card for elite status
  118. Poll - What will be the next big promo?
  119. Newbie needs help - $$ or miles
  120. Massive FF/Life overhaul - I need your help! (NYC>Bali)
  121. How Fast Are Miles Added to your Account [Credit Card]
  122. Best Leveraging Option for Status Match?
  123. Best Hotel Program for Suites and Club Access on Award Stays
  124. What Mortgage companies accept CC payments
  125. At what ticket price is airline loyalty no longer worth it?
  126. LAX-LHR-CDG-LAX any suggestions for using miles?
  127. Which airline has the best milage program?
  128. Questions regarding Chase continental CC
  129. Earn points/miles on healthcare + get FSA cash
  130. Need strategy for collecting miles to get to NZ in J as an award
  131. Acquiring Miles in Different Countries with CC
  132. 100% bonus on Dividend Mileage purchase
  133. Churning Credit Cards? Also - ideas for a college student?
  134. Can you explain FF programs to me like I'm an infant
  135. Getting miles by returning things on different CC
  136. Newbie needs help selecting a FF program
  137. Newbie needs help using miles
  138. Any redemptions include taxes+fees?
  139. Cell Phone Service
  140. My Money my Miles?
  141. Mileage Cards for those with young credit
  142. Can I get insurance for a miles trip?
  143. Which Credit Card for flying blue
  144. Newbie - Help please
  145. AOL compares, doesn't rank, 10 FF programs. Gives props to Freddies, "Oscars of..."
  146. Free Miles Opportunities with Thanks Again via Facebook
  147. What can I do with IcelandAir miles?
  148. Least miles/$$$ SCE-BNE with SFO stopover
  149. Which mileage programme, BRU is home
  150. Poll on Delta Skymiles
  151. DC or UA
  152. Q1 2010 Car Rental Bonus Promos Here! (please contribute)
  153. My Summary of 2009 Continental “Free Miles” Offers
  154. Airtran to US Air?
  155. 35000 miles on Continental Chase World Mastercard.
  156. Revenue based elite programs and CO/UA harmonization; New CO mileage base level?
  157. 15000 Aeroplan Miles For Aeroplan World Mastercard ( U.S.A. Residents Only )
  158. Safeway to end miles program
  159. Use of miles/points of a decedent
  160. Received a Credit Card You Didn't Apply For?
  161. Using one airlines miles to upgrade on another airline?
  162. Delta 100% bonus miles
  163. 8,000 miles for "service rendered"
  164. Where do I put my miles and status?
  165. Which FFp best for travel from India?
  166. Moving to Japan, need a frequent flyer program recommendation
  167. Secondary Hotel Loyalty Program
  168. gleff's top total mileage programs from Feb 2010 Conde Nast Traveler
  169. Another loooong "which carrier's loyalty program" thread
  170. Air Miles Reward Miles
  171. Great Travel Site Blog
  172. Seattle based non-business traveller seeking advice
  173. Help me think like a flyertalker: upcoming trip dilemma
  174. How do you value a C or F redemption?
  175. How to maximize points & miles accumulated this year?
  176. Use refundable travel deposits to meet spend?
  177. POINTS.com exchange
  178. Flyer Programs: AF/KLM vs BA vs Delta
  179. What to do after I get my TK gold?
  180. Credit card advice - for applying to the BA Visa 100k
  181. What Can FF Programs Do For Me?
  182. British Airways vs Lufthansa Frequent Flyer programs and overall quality
  183. Claim missing miles on more than one FFP?
  184. Newbie Help: DL vs. CO for domestic upgrades from EWR
  185. Miles or points for any kind for bill pay? Or useful only for reaching spend?
  186. How does MileageManager compare to ExpertFlyer wrt mileage award seat alerts?
  187. New and need advise
  188. Bottom Line on BA
  189. Best program, weekly flyer and flights to Dubai and Europe...
  190. 5000 Delta Miles for $100 Donation
  191. 500 Free FlexPoints (US Bank FlexPerks Visa)
  192. Miles (various airlines) for Red Cross donation
  193. Miles/points for Haiti donations master thread
  194. Requesting advice- Which Airline program is best
  195. CNN Business Traveller - Mileage Millionaires
  196. Is there a missing mile amount that's too small for you to dispute?
  197. flyhub.com
  198. upgrade coupons
  199. United Airlines Entrapped Us Ti Pay A Ticket And Not Provide Services
  200. Anyone flown in or out of a U.S. airport recently?
  201. Why collect non flying miles?
  202. Cancel BA and use AA or Vice Verse??
  203. Looking to earn miles, points whatever ...
  204. Skymiles Marketplace Hotels vs Mileage Plus Hotel and Car awards
  205. Online casino taking US credit cards FF miles anyone????
  206. 25K FF miles on Frontier for Colorado flights
  207. 1,000 free CO miles for e-mail opt-in
  208. UA United 2009 Elite Choice End of Year Rewards
  209. Amtrak-Choice-UA Points Transfer Help
  210. Ba credit card deal, get 100,000 miles
  211. Fast!!!!!!! Ba 100,000 miles working again - new link
  212. airport lounge news
  213. Is ITA down now for you guys as well?
  214. How long should I wait before reapplying?
  215. Choosing a plan - new to the game
  216. Addiction
  217. Which OW FF to sign up - CX, BA or AA ? Upcoming flight BRU-LHR-IAH in I end Jan 2010
  218. Which frequent flyer program to choose?
  219. only ONE CO 25k offer per customer?
  220. More valuable - 4,000 Flexible EQMs or 15,000 Membership Reward points?
  221. 1800flowers.com AA ~70 miles/$
  222. At what point is a purchase for miles "worth it"
  223. Trip to India
  224. FIRST Credit Card!
  225. Ethics of hoarding points for free?
  226. TD Ameritrade offer
  227. funding brokerage account with CC
  228. Buying Coins/Money with MasterCard
  229. Best Airline Program?
  230. Any one received their challenger upgrade for United Premier
  231. Adding frequent flyer number after initial reservation
  232. Amex-CO-Amtrak-Choice-AA Points Transfer Help
  233. Which *A airline program to switch to from Delta?
  234. Consolidate or No?
  235. how may alliances are there??
  236. Best way for F Flight Europe/Asia
  237. L.a. To paris
  238. I was wondering...
  239. Best FF program for NON top tier (given all kinds of recent changes)
  240. CC Frequent flyer status upgrade without flying? Just spending $$?
  241. Could someone really fly 9.5 million miles in about 25 years?
  242. 35K Continental CC Promo
  243. Best CC for points/cash?
  244. What is the best credit card program for EQM miles?
  245. Which airline is best on points?
  246. Kitchen Remodel = Credit Card Charges. Should I Go With Discover Escape or Starwood?
  247. Best Star Alliance programme from the UK
  248. Which airline is best for Orange County (SNA)/NY?
  249. miles, segments, or another way they calculate status?
  250. Help build up FF status