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  1. American Airlines or United Airlines for a wheelchair user?
  2. Experience with sunflower lanyard in UK
  3. Wheelchair assistance question
  4. Travel to India!
  5. Access for Disabled Travelers Finally on Airlines’ Radar
  6. Delta will arrange a flight attendant with ASL (similar for BA)
  7. medical letter to justify pre-boarding for 'invisible' condition?
  8. Codeshare - which airline will I need to deal with?
  9. Aira Access for Blind, Low Vision, at JFK Terminal 4
  10. Wheelchair rental in Shanghai?
  11. Unpleasant experience with BA call centre
  12. Need to rant just a bit -- DTW screwup
  13. MIA - Miami Airport Instruction & Readiness Program for cognitive or developmental d
  14. International disabled motorist / handicap parking placard reciprocity
  15. Wheelchair transfer in LAX
  16. Post rotator cuff repair surgery
  17. Crelling Harness/Burnett Body Support on Virgin Atlantic
  18. Student looking for Insight to Airport Experiences
  19. Seating with BA
  20. Retrieval of Bags at JFK
  21. Requesting Prebaord with a Peanut Allergy on United
  22. Hotels near Colorado Springs with Rocker-Recliner
  23. suggestions for traveling with a walker and a cane
  24. CODE
  25. SXM / Sint Maarten International airport issues for PWD
  26. Is Special Assistance a requirement at BCN?
  27. Air travel with Autistic child, TSA screening a minor child?
  28. I'm a PD patient how many solution boxes are allowed in the plane
  30. Fear of no escape
  31. travel with a wheelchair
  32. Amputee solo travel
  33. Arranging for a wheelchair at AMS for arrival & departure
  34. Flying after a fracture
  35. Waiting for booked special assistance, no one came, plane left early, missed flight
  36. I have Cerebral Palsy and need to register my mobility scooter [with VY]
  37. Are loyalty programs really worth it
  38. Disability placard in South Africa and Namibia
  39. Immigration/customs assistance for hearing impaired passenger flying HU PVG-SEA
  40. For Disabled Travelers, Technology Helps Smooth the Way. But Not All of It.
  41. Broken Leg
  42. Travel gadget for diabetes type medicine
  43. Haven't flown in a while and need info on ticket classes
  44. Avianca at Bogota - Not recommended for disabled pax
  45. Can I use my TENS machine during my flight? (TUI / Thomson transat)
  46. Hire Disability Equipment from singapore
  47. Need a cane now, how does preboarding with United work?
  48. knee brace & ice pack
  49. Heathrow: Is the Hertz bus wheelchair accessible?
  50. Flying with IV Supplies
  51. Extorted by the wheelchair pusher at BKK
  52. Journalist left waiting for his wheelchair aircraft for over an hour
  53. Worthy of a DOT complaint? (Deaf pax AA reaccommodation fail)
  54. Additional Seat - LATAM - Medical Conditions/Extra Comfort
  55. Airlines who charge for wheelchair service in Asia (Air Asia, etc)
  56. Travel with blown knee
  57. Elderly Dad likely requires assistance at EWR
  58. Air India boots powerchair user
  59. How to be a good travel companion?
  60. Travelling with injured toe
  61. Flying the Unfriendly Skies
  62. Are there any transit apps that route only from/to accessible stations?
  63. Travel to UK with service dog
  64. International Airline Travel - GF Food Reliability
  65. Air Canada - free admittance to Lounge for Attendant?
  66. Emirates lounges
  67. The experience of traveling on a commercial aircraft with a wheelchair.
  68. looking for rental of mini van with hand controls
  69. AA disability customer service
  70. British Airways Failure to provide requested wheelchair
  71. Stavanger airport: handluggage checks on arrival (medication)
  72. PRM [Passenger with Reduced Mobility] in an aisle seat [4U]
  73. travel after surgery
  74. It's 2017, and disabled people are still crawling onto planes...
  75. Seizures - notify airline or no?
  76. Seat cushion
  77. Baggage Check Mobility Scooter?
  78. What Happens When You Order a Special Dietary Meal in Business Class?
  79. Arrival at Tegel with disabled person
  80. AA Website Special Assistance Request Not Getting Through
  81. Travelling with biological medication
  82. Need advice re: senior mom w/ wheelchair and park/fly @ DTW
  83. ResMed CPAP's built-in cellular modem, can it go into airplane mode?
  84. Wheelchair on a flight
  85. Missing ingredient list on Cathay menu
  86. Traveling with medical supplies--what are the rules?
  87. Need Suggestions:France for Wheelchair User
  88. Charged for disability assistance - Madrid, IB/BA
  89. How airline strikes affect disabled passengers
  90. SCL and LATAM with wheelchair?
  91. Qantas
  92. American Airlines checked my dignity at the gate
  93. Severe food allergy and International flights
  94. Questions about CPAP Machines and using it on flights
  95. Wheelchair attendant tipping etiquette
  96. Handicapped Travel
  97. Traveling with medical equipment
  98. Seeking beta testers for retrofit motorized wheelchairs
  99. which airlines/planes have larger bathrooms for 2?
  100. Flying w/ Electric Wheelchair and it's Large Battery?
  101. Mobile/Cell Phones
  102. Disability and short layover
  103. ALS travel to USA [Agency?]
  104. Best complete US-Europe Business Class experience for older, limited grandmother.
  105. Tipping Airport Wheelchair Assistants
  106. Flying with a Mobility Scooter
  107. Medical supplies on board
  108. Walker permitted on plane?
  109. Carrying Medicines [Inhalers into United States]
  110. Non direct flights with a mobility scooter
  111. Accessible Travel Survey - Need Input for New Resource
  112. First time flyer with Cerebral Palsy
  113. Need help pls
  114. Flying transatlantic with medical problems
  115. TSA precheck
  116. Info on IAD airport
  117. AA - is small bag of medical supplies your carry-on or a freebie extra?
  118. We need a revolt against the crackdown on CPAP use
  119. Jamaica Customs/Immigration with Special Needs Child
  120. Need Advice for Traveler (myself!) with severe Anxiety / Panic Attacks / Autism
  121. Wheelchair access to Venice gondolas
  122. Indianapolis International Airport
  123. Traveling with a handicapped person
  124. Adjacent passenger ask folks not to eat,,,,,would you oblige ?
  125. Companion seating for disabled
  126. make a living w/lawsuits over hotel pools non-ADA compliance
  127. Traveling with serious illness
  128. UAL required to invest $650,000 to improve services for disabled passengers.
  129. Air Carrier Access Act: DOT soliciting comments
  130. Travel as companion to person with Alzheimer's/ dementia
  131. Flying with a VENT
  132. Fares concessions
  133. My Mom can't take the stairs: CRJ-700 into a small regional airport.
  134. Oxygen on flights
  135. Recent Italy trip
  136. Luxury and accessible - mutually exclusive?
  137. Cane
  138. US DOT ruling on close captioning on airports with federal fundings/10k flights year
  139. Traveling with a disabled person [to and in Belfast, Northern Ireland]
  140. Help with a car rental when traveling
  141. Visual Impairment - travelling through Terminal 3 LHR
  142. Access to Mont Saint Michel
  143. Huston (IAH) wheelchair help
  144. Taxis in Singapore...
  145. Hertz online reservation system no longer offers hand control option (CORRECTED)
  146. DOT Addresses Service Animal Relief Areas and Level Boarding
  147. dissertation Interview - The influence of travel agencies
  148. peritoneal dialysis and air travel
  149. ADA new regulations concerning service animals
  150. Travelling with refrigerated medicine
  151. Travelling with a rollator
  152. carrying tablets and injection
  153. Wheelchair problems with Qatar Airways
  154. All ADA Rooms Are Not Created Equally
  155. Major USA Airport - ADA / Disability Resources
  156. best company to book through to guarantee a disabled access room
  157. When to report ADA non-compliance?
  158. Renting a wheelchair at destination
  159. What are the rules for medical carry-ons?
  160. "Inaccessible" travels/places?
  161. Travel with a patient with *severe* Parkinson's
  162. self-appointed handicap police
  163. Etihad airways failed to provide wheel chair to my disabled mom!
  164. Tip-Tip-Tip Your pusher and porter aka. skycap
  165. Flying with a power chair
  166. Flying as disabled person - you have my sympathy
  167. Wheelchair for the disabled person?
  168. Advice on Holidays for disabled and their carers
  169. AMTRAK ignores needs of people with disabilities (now what?)
  170. Closed Captioning on AA (or lack of)
  171. Airlines that can supply oxygen
  172. first time alone disabled
  173. United Disability Desk - Canceling Exit Row for O2 Concentrator
  174. PNE and Sciatica
  175. Need help to find lie-flat transportation, JAX->SJC due to back disability.
  176. Issue and concern
  177. Marriott “upgrades” me out of a wheelchair accessible room for a better view
  178. Family Member on Hemodialysis - which companies can arrange dialysis for tourists?
  179. Transporting medical supplies
  180. Hotel chains with recliners
  181. Destination Weddings charging fee to transport scooter
  182. Temporary Disabilit/Preboard denied
  183. Deaf / ASL-fluent / lipreading FTers: help transcribe CCTV video of TSA abuse?
  184. How does someone with severe Alzheimers travel?
  185. Transfer LHR to Stnasted--best way for handicap
  186. UK CAA tightens information rules for disabled passengers
  187. USA laws regarding service animals
  188. Miscellaneous observations while flying with a wheelchair
  189. Transporting a family member's service animal?
  190. App for visually impaired travelers at SFO
  191. Aged Father
  192. Guide to Air Travel: UK Equality and Human Rights Commission
  193. Advice needed
  194. Adaptive clothing designs for people with challenges
  195. Acessible room.... Isn't.
  196. BiPAP machine (carry-on or personal item)
  197. Is there any way to get assistance guys trained better?
  198. Left at gate in wheelchair
  199. Flying with a wheelchair - fee to check the chair?
  200. Designs for women with wheels
  201. Alternatives to crutches for 2 month disability?
  202. LX/WK Reservation with service dog 3 weeks pending !
  203. Mother traveling. Will need wheel chair assistance. Kolkata to JFK (New York).
  204. Seating assignment - UA
  205. Accessible Taxi from JFK
  206. Use of toilet in a B772
  207. Right handed driver
  208. Wheelchair help for a friend
  209. finally educated my elderly mother
  210. Travel with Meds that need refrig and syringes
  211. Ft Lauderdale airport
  212. Mobility scooter hire
  213. Travelling with a prosthetic leg and TSA
  214. Mobility Scooter failure while traveling.
  215. TENS unit will I be allowed to use it on a transatlantic flight?
  216. broken leg/moon boot questions
  217. Any Stutterers?
  218. First time flying with powerchair
  219. flying for people with disabilities
  220. United / ICTS @ LHR: Speech disorder = extra screening.
  221. Travelling with a CPAP (any incidents?)
  222. UK law: Montreal convention takes precedence over EU rights
  223. Cxld Flt brings attention to plight of disabled passengers
  224. Any wheelchair transport issues with UL or MH
  225. Injured on vacation - wheelchair for going home?
  226. Walker onboard aircraft
  227. Upgrade possibillity for a medical condition?
  228. Transcend CPAP - buy in Singapore (made there)
  229. Rental car AND rental scooter in Germany?
  230. Traveling and in center hemodialysis
  231. Tablet/tech suggestions
  232. Renting a car in Cairns and Brisbane Australia that has hand controls?
  233. Travability’s Response to: Issues Paper: Airline Two Wheelchair Policy
  234. EK and cpap
  235. a "reasonable accommodation" question
  236. Wheelchair clothes bone-chilling weather
  237. Question about traveling with elderly grandmother
  238. Paranoid about new wheelchair
  239. New ACAA regulations take effect in 2014
  240. Travel for disabled as a volunteer
  241. Car Rental when you have your own mobility scooter.
  242. Women with gate passes sitting in handicapped chairs
  243. Prosthetic leg and exit row?
  244. Heathrow Airport recreates departure day for a young man with autism
  245. Which airline
  246. Philadelphia Travel a Nightmare for Mobile-Chair!
  247. Wheelchair Assistance AMS
  248. Any ideas of how to strap a 4-wheeled walker (with fold down seat) to a wheel chair?
  249. How does wheelchair service work?
  250. Three part brace, what to expect?