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  1. Flying with a 16mo and a 4yo
  2. First or business with Infant
  3. 5 year old - alternative to DVD
  4. Flying alone with infant on lap - window or aisle?
  5. To preboard or not ?
  6. flying business with children, any advantages?
  7. Portable DVD players / battery life / long-haul flights / toddlers
  8. Toddlers - shorter flights or fewer flights
  9. Going through security with baby
  10. Flying to Hawaii
  11. Dad allowed to take mom and children to the gate?
  12. Question about car seat and stroller please..
  13. Does a carseat count as carryon?
  14. Nursing mother needs to pump @ DTW - suggestions?
  15. Adoption of kids - Name on air tickets Question
  16. Didn't buy seat for 2 year old...
  17. Air New Zealand and car seats
  18. KLM & Kids -- what's your take?
  19. ever had trouble with car seat checked in as baggage?
  20. Travelling alone in a 16 hour flight with 18 month old baby
  21. can you upgrade a child ticket on united with a systemwide upgrade?
  22. how often are you required to change a childs passport?
  23. 6 hr. time change with 4 & 7 yr. olds
  24. changing terminals in less time
  25. missing flight
  26. If you upgrade, can you bring your infant for free?
  27. Wife (permanent resident) traveling with infant (US citizen)
  28. Family escorting our toddler - documentation?
  29. Question regarding special child meals
  30. 10 month old in a taxi in NYC
  31. Any experience with Hotel Babysitter?
  32. Stressed and worried, travelling to India alone with 2 kids...
  33. For those who have traveled with infants?
  34. New York Child Friendly Hotels
  35. Does Triumph 5 carseat fit on plane?
  36. Toddler and newborn in business class..worth it?
  37. Travel with toddler in business class..worth it?
  38. Old World Kids Attractions/Amusement Pks.
  39. The BA Britax seats
  40. Tips for traveling with 11 month old
  41. Child-friendly hotel in Singapore?
  42. Any experience with Sit n' Stroll product? On AA, UA, EI especially?
  43. Maui in December, family fun with 3 and 7 year old boys
  44. Booking infant travel online
  45. Babies and Regional Jets?
  46. An afternoon in London with young children
  47. Beaches Turks and Caicos
  48. Child Assaulted on Delta Flight
  49. Best & Worst Airlines for Travel with Children
  50. Traveling with a teen
  51. Experiences with medical meals for a child?
  52. Extended European Vacation w/ Children
  53. Traveling with 18 month old on SWA.. need advice on seat.
  54. Best European cities for a 4-5 Y.O ?
  55. websites
  56. Phuket vs Moorea with 2 small children
  57. Two weeks in Seattle/Vancouver/islands - where to stay, eat, rent a car, etc.?
  58. Traveling US to Europe with 10 month old
  59. Pre-boarding for children. How old?
  60. Sticky For this Forum
  61. Baby B'Air Flight Vest for Lap Child
  62. Airlines that do not offer the pre-boarding of kids/infants
  63. AA 'kid friendly'?
  64. Malaysia Airlines Experiences with Chlidren (Toddlers)
  65. Strollers available in airports?
  66. Which seats for an Asia- US flight?
  67. travel w/ family in London--hotel or flat?
  68. Flying or driving with a 2.5 month old and other Qs
  69. Will I have a problem crossing US/Canada border with DD?
  70. Travelling with infant daughter
  71. Need advise re dealing with time change with infant
  72. --A big thrill for a kid in FC--
  73. Do infants always travel free in lap
  74. Which car seat and stroller to buy?
  75. HELP!Flying Frankfurt-Boston with two 6 yr. olds.
  76. Gulf Air's SkyNanny service
  77. Infant fares to Caribbean
  78. lufthansa and carseat
  79. Changing Tables in Toilets
  80. travelling Germany to US-- bassinet, customs etc
  81. q's (bassinets, carry on luggage, etc.)
  82. How old for my niece to be OK traveling?
  83. Daylight flight - North America to Europe?
  84. To Car Seat or Not To Car Seat, That is the Question...[Merged Threads]
  85. An English family in NYC : Give and take
  86. Unaccompanied Minor SEA-BUR
  87. European City Suggestion?
  88. Long flight entertainment tips needed
  89. renting only car seat
  90. Infant in cab / limo
  91. Mileage accrual on Infant tickets?
  92. LAX & Kids - How to spend 5 hours?
  93. Great Barrier Reef with child
  94. Novotel Les Halles, Paris -- any experience?
  95. any tips on flights to Maui from SFO?
  96. Caribbean with 5 kids
  97. What is the craziest trip you have taken?
  98. Tokyo Hotel with Children
  99. Need Hotel BKK - Apr 25 & 26th
  100. Does Cathay Pacific have issues with infants/children sitting in car seats inflight?
  101. Warning - Do Not Fly Alitalia With Small Children
  102. Singapore Airlines offers new meal-booking service for kids
  103. Is there an ideal car seat for the frequent (baby) traveler
  104. Looking for sit-n-stroll feedback
  105. JFK to Seoul, Korean Airlines, In Seat Power in Economy Class???
  106. Children in Cockpit?
  107. flattened/elongated coin souvenier machines in Paris
  108. Traveling with small dog
  109. Travelling in 1 week on UA. Specific questions re: in-flight requirements.
  110. Brand new parent looking for travel tips with new baby
  111. Where to take 7 kids in Asia?
  112. Early April Holiday
  113. Hilton Head - Spring Break 2004
  114. Dry Air and Infant
  115. Infants and Ear Planes - any experience?
  116. Our daughter's first flight in her own seat
  117. Infant in First Class?
  118. First Flight for 3 Month Old
  119. Flying with 11 month old
  120. Sit n Stroll vs small seat
  121. The Travel With Children - Jet Lag Concerns Thread [Combined Threads]
  122. Smoke Free Restaurants World Listings
  123. airport lounge with child
  124. Rental cars and car seats
  125. Thanksgiving Aftermath
  126. Hotels with kids clubs for 3,4 &6yr olds
  127. Where'd my status go?
  128. Ride-On Carry-On Toddler Carrier
  129. Car seat on the plane for 4 yr old
  130. Where will the baby's miles go?
  131. Checking carseat if traveling without kids?
  132. Traveling with Double Stroller?
  133. Child (not infant) Airfare HIGHER???
  134. Flying AA LAX-LHR with a 4 y.o and 1 y.o Anyone with kid experience on AA int'l?
  135. Most Kid Friendly Carrier?
  136. Diaper Changes
  137. Stroller handling?
  138. Why lapchild can't be constrained?
  139. Traveling with Baby
  140. White noise CD
  141. Solo Dad with baby: JFK-LHR
  142. seasonality of child fares
  143. Big Sale at Disney Store - Kids Rolling Luggage $6.99 reg. $29.99
  144. www.jetsetbabies.com
  145. Does a 20-month-old HAVE to sit in a carseat?
  146. Destinations w/evening supervised teen clubs
  147. Toddler He!!
  148. losing one's best buddy -a stuffed animal
  149. Child Aviation Restraint - Car Seat Replacement for Toddlers
  150. Ideas for entertaing kids at museums
  151. California Adventure?
  152. FRA is Child Friendly
  153. Questions - Flying with 3 month old
  154. ABC Primetime Preview Weekend
  155. What are child-friendly attractions/activities (besides swimming) in Palm Beach Fl,?
  156. Vacation Spot to Bring 1 year old
  157. Airport Shuttles and Infant Seats
  158. Transportation from FRA to NUE
  159. Are you Traveling !!
  160. Children Flying Alone
  161. Playareas in Airports
  162. 8 Year Old Unaccompanied CDG-MIA
  163. Important Travel Lessons to Teach Your Children
  164. Travel with infant before/after 2 yr b-day
  165. portable crib
  166. stroller cum backpack
  167. 2 Adults + 2 Toddler & Infant on 757?
  168. Children for half price?
  169. traveling with a 22 mths old
  170. Traveling International with a 1 year old.
  171. Child sleeping on Floor
  172. kids & flying: is jet-lag bad?
  173. traveling with Mom-disabled in France and Spain
  174. car seats on SAS?
  175. diaper bag
  176. Child Care options London?
  177. Birth Certificates-Domestic Travel (US)
  178. Britax Roundabout -- Does it fit in Delta Coach?
  179. Car Seat Rules for Spain
  180. Hong Kong Disneyland
  181. Children in FC?
  182. Generation X? Huh?
  183. Will a car seat fit in a business class seat?
  184. update on our travels with the wee little ones
  185. Hotels in Europe with child
  186. Your child will be safer in your lap
  187. Parents in FC; Children in coach [Merged Threads]
  188. Caution with rubber dart gun: child killed
  189. When you travel without your children - Consent for Medical Treatment form
  190. The Travel With Children - Single Parent Travelling With Child(ren) Thread [Merged]
  191. Booking Children's Fare
  192. Tips to keep a 2 year old occupied in flight?
  193. Pre-Departure Child "Burn-Out"
  194. Travel Immunizations for kids
  195. My child has out grown her Sit and stroll, need a travel friendly booster seat
  196. Success in blocking the middle seat
  197. Thank You FT!
  198. UK Trip Report
  199. Children/Infant Passports [Merged Threads]
  200. Disney World?
  201. Will my 3 yr. old survive East Coast to Down Under?
  202. FF Accounts for Children
  203. First post ... cool