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  1. trying to understand PL
  2. Help in booking on PL for Monterey
  3. Any air tickets bidding sites for Asia
  4. BetterBidding and Free Speech
  5. Priceline insisting hotel is in zone I request but it is not.
  6. eBay Anything Points and Priceline reservation > Confirmation from eBay
  7. eBay Hotel points help
  8. HELP Cheap flight need from Dallas to Austin One way
  9. Is BetterBidding Down? (Thursday 15 July P.M.)
  10. Only 500 Ebay points for a PL Hotel!?
  11. BFT's reputation
  12. Priceline "taxes" a random number?
  13. 1000 eBay Anything Points from Priceline Reservation
  14. Tips for bids/flights originating from non europe / u.s. locations
  15. Banned from biddingfortravel.com after posting winning Hyatt bid?
  16. Advice for Salt Lake City?
  17. Seen any CHEAP air JFK to Capetown??
  18. Parking fee at Marriott Crystal City
  19. Ebay Hotel Points
  20. Is Bellagio the only 5* in Vegas
  21. Hotwire Price Changes Depending Upon Browser?
  22. first time bidder needs help ! destinations SYD, CNS, HKG, DPS
  23. newest member of the banned club
  24. Suggest good hotel in victoria, BC
  25. Help please, on bidding
  26. Free rebids on Priceline hotels could they disappear?
  27. Change a name for a flight on priceline??
  28. Priceline result
  29. Anyone have Sheryl's email address?
  30. Banned from BFT for not using the A-B link
  31. Want to sell my Priceline reso, is it possible?
  32. No HHonors Points for Incidental Charges on PLN, etc. Stays
  33. Priceline Bonus money?
  34. Basic Help for NYC
  35. Priceline sends hotel surveys via email
  36. Problem getting eBay/Priceline credit
  37. I like BiddingForTravel
  38. First priceline stay!
  39. SFO Bidding Question
  40. LAX hotels
  41. priceline hotel bids for miami
  42. Is BFT down?
  43. Hotel upgrades w/Hotwire?
  44. Is This Against PL T & C
  45. Anyone seen this on Priceline?
  46. US priceline car hire from UK
  47. Banned from Biddingfortravel.com!
  48. PL with European billing address - still .co.uk only?
  49. First time on Priceline. Attempting bids on Hilton Union Sq in SFO .....any tips?
  50. Weird Sitch - Bidding help pls
  51. hotwire for milwaukee
  52. Does Sheryl use the AB link?
  53. Quito - Ecuador
  54. More Priceline transparency?
  55. Great Deal in Paris w/ Priceline
  56. 50 Most-Popular Destinations for Memorial Day 2004; Priceline Travel Survey
  57. Can you do a multi city car rental with Priceline?
  58. The risks of priceline have increased dramatically
  59. Priceline should cover resort fees
  60. Interesting Observation: Banned from BFT
  61. Reservations reward
  62. Hotwire Palm Springs
  63. Read this NOW (May 17th, 6 pm PDT)! Please.
  64. Accepted Priceline bids are going up!
  65. Anyone ever get a Hotwire refund?
  66. Priceline pointless in Europe?
  67. Advice for Paris hotels
  68. For you Monte Carlo regulars: MonacoAuction.com
  69. Banned from BFT: 1500 Ebay points
  70. How to Beat the BFT Ban
  71. New one on me -- I was told that you do get status perks at Marriotts on PLN!
  72. Priceline for Tokyo?
  73. Unable to access BFT website. Is it down?
  74. Charged an Occupancy Tax of $3.00 on top of PLN Bid. Appropriate?
  75. My post @ BFT about someone commercializing BFT information on EBAY removed by Sheryl
  76. How early to bid on Priceline?
  77. Largest On Line Travel Provider
  78. Hotwire changed my hotel
  79. 1570 AA Miles for Each Hotel Transaction via Priceline
  80. Please Post Freddie Awards Bids Here!
  81. Priceline.com Hotel bonuses $10/night max 5 nights
  82. One Click for Expedia, Travelocity, etc.
  83. Anyone have success "getting out" of a Priceline bid?
  84. First & Business Class International Fares
  85. Skyauction.com - great for last minute
  86. $100 an hour to surf travel booking site
  87. Can someone explain this?
  88. Experience with hotels.com?
  89. BFT shakeup?
  90. Booking by fare class
  91. site to book/check fares on mixed carrier flights
  92. Le Royal Meridian Hamburg, Germany 45+TAX 29Mar-02Apr
  93. Brussels Sheraton 4* $50 4/27-4/29
  94. New Years Eve Rooms @ Marriott Marquis $110
  95. Help needed - available seating chart!
  96. More Sleaze from BiddingForTravel
  97. Orbitz Credit Card Question?
  98. Best bet booking in NY (Long Island)
  99. Airfare: Orbitz, Travelocity, or Expedia... check them all with one click!
  100. Priceline clone for South America?
  101. If only travelocity could....
  102. New hotel rate searcher
  103. Orbitz: Why Can't I Buy Jan 2005 Plane Tix Yet?
  104. www.biddingfortravel.com down?
  105. cheap air ticket from PHL to HKG (or Gangzhong)
  106. Hotel booking in Hong kong
  107. Please HELP asap !
  108. Please HELP asap !
  109. HotelClub.net experience?
  110. Cheap Airfare from NYC(EWR,JFK or LGA) to MCO
  111. Amtrack discount codes
  112. Good Booking Source?
  113. Priceline Bidding in $10 Increments
  114. Expedia Question?
  115. Airline information on-line on the Internet
  116. Smartmoney article
  117. vipfares.com
  118. Priceline Car Rentals - Diners Club?
  119. Travel originating from Toronto, Canada
  120. Biztravel.com replacement
  121. UAL.com is in need of work
  122. Purchase Ticket Vouchers on EBAY?
  123. Orbitz: Sacramento 4* Downtown Sheraton, $16.10/night, 1/29-2/1
  124. Experiences buying tickets from Cheaptickets.com?
  125. Travel Web Site
  126. Expedia Issue
  127. U.S. hotels want to break travel Web site habit
  128. Yet another hotel chain "guarantee"
  129. luxury link & great deals?
  130. Consumer WebWatch--Jan 04 Consumer Reports, Opaque Travel Web Sites
  131. Fly to Europe, Asia or Latin America for a long weekend?
  132. Looking for affordable trip to Disney World
  133. Student Universe?
  134. new computer program for cheaper airfare?
  135. How has webflyer help you with FF info?
  136. Consumer Web Watcher Report: Online Booking
  137. Travelling to Ixtapa in June - trying to get 17 tickets
  138. Why can't I bid?
  139. Odd story about a 13-year-old and Priceline
  140. Priceline Hotel Non-Smoking guarantee?
  141. 15% of Frequent Hotel Guests Use PL
  142. cheap convertibles out of LAX
  143. www.discount-tickets.com
  144. Expedia Bait and Switch on Hotel Rates
  145. Credit card info for hotel reservations?
  146. US Airways Pulling Biz from Expedia
  147. Best website for date-range pricing?
  148. Attn journalists: story idea re BFT vs. BB
  149. retail fares at priceline
  150. Date Changes For Priceline Hotels For Frequent Guests
  151. PL bonus money ?
  152. Orbitz--Sorry No Flights Were Found
  153. biddingfortravel.com down?
  154. any website that shows real time avability in different classes
  155. pay less, get less?
  156. seeking comments on pitfalls of booking online
  157. Any Hotel Bonuses Available For 1Night Stays
  158. BCIS hassles for Malaysian ciitzens?
  159. Flat Tire Rule on AA with priceline tickets?
  160. Orbitz combines flight & hotel search
  161. Orbitz and Itasoftware: Recent trends
  162. Booking on Orbitz? - Tight connection times?
  163. Big Island Priceline question
  164. help with flight to AUSTRALIA
  165. Looking for a Canadian consolidator web site
  166. Priceline HK "Lucky Money" Promo
  167. Hotwire. Shhh. A way to figure out hotel
  168. non refundable ticket
  169. Fly NYC to Paris over Christmas--cheaply!
  170. More information about tour in China mainland:airticket,hotel,car ,food
  171. priceline from canada?
  172. Expedia bait and switch
  173. Bug in travelocity.com dreammaps?
  174. Orbitz bait & switch
  175. Deciphering Hotwice/Priceline/etc.
  176. Priceline 2 vs. 3 people?!
  177. Priceline/Japan
  178. experiences with car rental bids
  179. Alaska Air GEG-LIH weirdness: orbitz shows but won't book; AAir.com won't find...?
  180. Priceline problems
  181. Book through Priceline Hong Kong - buy four nights; pay for three
  182. PlanetFeedback's Priceline letters
  183. how to book travelocity fare info?
  184. Question About Priceline Hotels in a Given Zone
  185. Taxes on Tickets booked w/ Online Consolidators?
  186. Expedia.co.uk versus Expedia.com
  187. Travel Starting in Europe-Online Resources
  188. Copehagen 3 star $82.24
  189. I-flybynight
  190. International flights?
  191. Travelocity White Label Fares - Experiences?
  192. Choose your departure city, price range, and dates... we'll give you a destination.
  193. Another reason not to use Priceline hotels: Involuntarily walked in advance!!!
  194. Is there an global, online timetable?
  195. importance of high-speed cxns + wifi
  196. Question on Car Rental thru Priceline
  197. 1stair.net is scaring me
  198. Facts about Priceline.com
  199. Travelocity sent me two tee-shirts out of the blue...
  200. Will Dr Note get Priceline Refund?
  201. Cash back for travel
  202. Discrepancies between Galileo and Etour ?
  203. Priceline for car rentals.....never again!
  204. Any frequent PLers stop using PL recently?
  205. Avis and Hertz
  206. Bogus Orbitz "VIP Status"
  207. Hotwire fraud?
  208. Consolidator Fare vs. ITA Software fares
  209. Bidding strategy
  210. PL or similar in Europe?
  211. Orbitz Ranked #1 by Forbes
  212. www.bestfares.com
  213. Millenium Hilton NY 3* or 4* on Priceline?
  214. Does PL "upgrade" the star-level of bids ?
  215. Priceline.com Expands Travel Service
  216. New Priceline.com Airline Tickets Sale Offers Deep Discounts, Plus A Special Bonus
  217. Portland, Maine hotels
  218. another technique that worked for me...
  219. Booking through hotel webiste
  220. Confusion about Resorts & Free Re-bids-Las Vegas
  221. Priceline & Euro holders - Where to book ?
  222. SFO Airport hotels
  223. 1 way priceline car rentals?
  224. non-refundability may be a redeeming quality
  225. under 21
  226. U.S. convention-goers turning to Web for bookings
  227. Booking domestic and int'l separately & lowestfare vs onetravel
  228. Alliance Preference
  229. price of flight went down overnite?
  230. European priceline or whatever
  231. Orbitz got a facelift!
  232. Worse room because it's priceline?
  233. Orbitz no longer offering weekend web fares
  234. Question Regarding Bidding/Taxes/Service fees
  235. Bonus Money --- how can I get it?
  236. Priceline hotels in Bar Harbor, ME
  237. SFO-Orlando-SFO
  238. Travelocity handling of multiple city routing
  239. Puerto Vallarta Fare
  240. Orbitz Having Major Site Problems
  241. $20 Tip at Hotel Check-in!
  242. New Hotwire product: Weekender Package
  243. Priceline Rental Cars- Best Price Guarantee
  244. Priceline rental cars warning
  245. Hats off to the moderators of this topic & Randy
  246. Orbitz Glitch Booking for a Child
  247. Orbitz Raises Booking Fee to $6 Per Ticket
  248. Orbitz timeout forgets saved search
  249. Best sites to book youth/student travel
  250. Any websites dedicated to insider Hotwire info?