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  1. PL chicago 2 rooms - July
  2. Site59 launches new tool for travelers living in different cities
  3. Sky Auction 2
  4. PL determined to shoot itself in the foot
  5. Northern Virginia
  6. Sky Auction
  7. 2 hotel rooms??
  8. Assistance Venice, Italy nice hotel in center
  9. My entire (huge, global) company was banned from BFT
  10. What happens to all the reviews PL customers fill out?
  11. PL Date Change for Rebid Question:
  12. 3 star hotel - Southbury, CT - on Priceline?
  13. PL 3* SFO Shereton- $42- 10-17 thru 21
  14. bought hotel on priceline, found better rate at hotel site...
  15. Bidding for LHR Hotel in Dec...still waiting for PL response
  16. Why use eBay link to PL?
  17. Hotwire fee may be $7.15 unless there is a fixed per stay fee by the taxing auth.
  18. Priceline for Canadians?
  19. What $$ fee EXACTLY does Priceline charge on each hotel booking these days?
  20. Incidentals at hilton on a PL stay....should I get HHpoints?
  21. I feel let down by Priceline
  22. London 4* Thistle Marble Arch for $85.00 for mid September '05
  23. Priceline New Orleans Fiasco
  24. No availability due to Peak season message...
  25. Priceline inventory -- will it increase in the next 6 weeks?
  26. DFW to MYR Christmas week-too late for a bargain?
  27. PL for car rentals
  28. Priceline Anaheim 3* bidding warning
  29. Banned by BFT for No Reason! Huh???
  30. Scored big with priceline....
  31. Priceline "Portals"
  32. Any auction sites for Europe
  33. over booking on all inclusive through Skyauction.com
  34. Experience w/ asaptickets.com?
  35. Will I get booted from Club Level?
  36. BFT Signal to Noise Ratio- real data direct from BFT
  37. Bidding First Class & Business Class Air
  38. Priceline:- free rebid rip off scam?
  39. Priceline bidding through schoolpop.com
  40. Successful PL bids for Boston Logon?
  41. current best business for flight in jan 06, cx,sq,mh,lh, others?
  42. Hotel had no record of reservation although Priceline charged me...
  43. Unable to bid through non-US site
  44. Priceline SFO/OAK airport rental car fees vary
  45. Consider possible extra charges when bidding!!
  46. Q about Marriott Bonus Bucks
  47. PL 4* Toronto downtown: Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel for $62 on 9/16-9/18
  48. Considering using THREE Hotwire coupons (Ent Book) on ONE trip...
  49. Have you 'won' a SOLD OUT hotel on Priceline?
  50. PL Marriott Vienna Aug.28-30
  51. Priceline users: ebay to discontinue ebay anything points
  52. Best use of Ebay points?
  53. Earn Amex Gift Cheques (up to $100) w/ PL Shop & Compare Hotels
  54. Date problems on eBay/PL
  55. Better Bidding Maps
  56. Priceline rental car types and locations
  57. Extending priceline.com rental car
  58. Betterbidding Site Suspended?
  59. Hotwire-Discounted Fares-Sold out?
  60. 1st time using PL -- SPG points?
  61. PL: Any way NOT to upgrade to next star level?
  62. Pricelined a DFW hotel - offered car at DAL?
  63. Travel Tools/Utilities
  64. La Jolla/ San Diego deals?
  65. Any recent experiences w/4* in Providence, RI?
  66. Car Rental for Dallas-August
  67. Help: need to find 4* in Houston downtown
  68. "Small chance" of being accepted?
  69. Credit card rebate for travel charges: Priceline included?
  70. Priceline HK Winning Bids Site - in Chinese?
  71. What is the cheapest 2.5 star hotel ever?
  72. PL bidding: car rental - how often?
  73. Mexico Car Rental
  74. If I could design a bidding site....
  75. Tokyo
  76. BFT is now being restored
  77. Vancouver, which area is the Marriott Pinnacle located
  78. Priceline conundrum
  79. Anybody not recieving anything points?
  80. Priceline for Brazil airfare?
  81. How much is the Priceline service fee?
  82. Bidding on a car rental & child seats
  83. BFT hacked and done with?
  84. PL Maximum Connext Time For International Flights
  85. BiddingforTravel Hotel Reviews - How?
  86. BFT working for others?
  87. Priceline Mem to Nas GREAT DEAL!!
  88. Alternate days: All Inclusive/Hotel Only
  89. Bid less than hotel receipt amount
  90. T-Mobile Banned from BFT?
  91. Ebates are back!
  92. Multiple Room Algorithm Question
  93. New York City Help!
  94. 2.5* Priceline & 3 Diamond AAA rating?
  95. Priceline, Hotwire to give out more info
  96. $30/35 in memphis
  97. $256 Hotwire 1 star, most expensive ever?
  98. Madrid or Barcelona PL bids?
  99. skyauction.com experiences?
  100. Cheap Fares From DEL - NYC
  101. The how to make the most of your PL bids thread (ebay anything points to asia miles)
  102. Priceline wont do a thing, BE CAREFUL IF YOU BID
  103. Get eBay Anything Points for Priceline (link)
  104. need priceline help
  105. here we go again - do PL packages get miles / points
  106. eBay Anything Points for Priceline.co.uk?
  107. PL Moving To Comparison Shopping
  108. Add'l Driver on PL Rental Car?
  109. PL US with foreign credit card
  110. 50 Rooms for one night at hotel of choice through Priceline!
  111. Boston PL Success?
  112. How do Priceline 4* hotels in London measure up against 4* in US?
  113. Best Bargain Priceline 5* Hotels in European Cities
  114. Priceline for Vegas
  115. How would you rate a hotel?
  116. Priceline for the Timid
  117. What Determines PL Tax/Fees? Is 30% Reasonable?
  118. Does PL or hotel pay the taxes?
  119. First Priceline Visit/Stay: SeaTac DT ( $45)...do I get miles?
  120. Priceline equivalent in New Zealand or Australia?
  121. Is this the way Priceline to say "you'll get an inferior room by booking with us"?
  122. Used Priceline and was successful
  123. Which PL zone in Washington
  124. From TAMPA to LAS VEGAS really cheap?
  125. 4* in Anchorage /Priceline Oddity
  126. Hotwire or Priceline for 3 guests
  127. How risky is it to bid one night at a time for a stay?
  128. anyone bid for hotel in lisbon or dublin lately
  129. What's going on with Hotwire?
  130. Advise for a Vancouver Hotel
  131. Hotel,Airlines points?
  132. Doubly Odd - I got stay credit for a PL stay, and I didn't show my card...
  133. Priceline: should I have been charged a tourist tax?
  134. Multi-city search bots?
  135. Charged to wrong credit card?
  136. Experience with Hotwire hotels near Heathrow?
  137. Hotel paid more than bid??
  138. Priceline for Narita Airport?
  139. New Promo for PL SIN
  140. Anyone got a Priceline stay at JW Marriott Phuket lately?
  141. Minimum Age?
  142. bidding for travel website mentioned on Komotv.com site
  143. Anyone bid in the BOS area recently on PL?
  144. Ebay Point - awarded by star level bidded instead of star level awarded on Priceline
  145. Hotwire.com Introduces Deeply Discounted Hotels in Europe
  146. Anyone a Priceline Expert?
  147. advise for Singapore hotels
  148. BFT takes on resort fees / upcharges
  149. Close relative missing in Tsunami, bought hotel room via PL...
  150. Orbitz Has Increased their Booking Fee Again
  151. Any way to NOT get the Westin in Las Vegas
  152. new to travel bidding
  153. Gatwick Hilton
  154. NYC - Tel Aviv with a stopover in Europe, where to buy tickets?
  155. Is PL trying to re-position/re-brand itself re discouint airfares etc? Seems so?
  156. 3* property in Phoenix this March
  157. The Muse Hotel NYC $175 on PL
  158. Napa 3* Embassy Suites HKD 474 2/8/05
  159. Paris Novotel Les Halles $129
  160. Alternative to BFT for priceline.co.uk users?
  161. Resort Fees added on to Priceline Reservation?
  162. Different Priceline.com & Priceline.com.hk Inventory?
  163. Hotwire..... Never Again!!!!
  164. Another free rebid question
  165. Hotwire has European Hotels
  166. hotel points on skyauction?
  167. Any extra charges at Tokyo Metropolitan Crowne Plaza Hotel?
  168. To Priceline or not to Priceline, that is the Question
  169. I know how much PL pays the hotel!
  170. Hotwire - is there a problem with site?
  171. Does Hampton participate in PL?
  172. Miles from AA w/PL ticket?
  173. two PL rooms = suite?
  174. No-Show is charged on priceline?
  175. 4* Priceline Washington Dulles/Fairfax
  176. PL taxes charges on multiple nights
  177. Would You Use PL More If They Offered A 50% Cancellation Option?
  178. Where in PL website do they talk about the $25 cancellation fee?
  179. Atlantic City Hotels
  180. Unwanted hotel night via PL
  181. Free re-bid question
  182. Overbid on priceline, who profits?
  183. rebate from pricelineHK
  184. PL not such a great deal anymore?
  185. Bidding from Canada
  186. help! bidding for 5 nights in w.hollywood ca
  187. Any success in challenging what Priceline calls a 3* hotel?
  188. PL for family of 5 in 2 rooms?
  189. Has there been a stealth fee increase on Priceline?
  190. PL: be careful about name on reservation
  191. Help with Hotel Changing Rate
  192. Getting a place in South Africa
  193. Missing EBay/Priceline points? Here is an email address for assistance.
  194. NY Times article about Priceline and biddingfortravel
  195. Help on Hong Kong Hotel?
  196. can i ask for your help?
  197. No More Hyatt Stay Credit for PLN/HOTWIRE STAYS
  198. Priceline.com AVIS rent-a-car and SEARS credit card!
  199. CAR Rentals - PHOENIX, AZ
  200. HELP using bidding 4 a ticket Toronto - Phoenix (retn
  201. Hotels.com rebates: $20-$100
  202. Priceline counting HI Kings Cross/Bloomsbury as London (City)
  203. Two family members on one p/l bid
  204. Any experience with sky auction?
  205. Hilton Oceanfront Resort, Hilton Head Review using Hotwire.
  206. Priceline for Istanbul
  207. Bidding For Flights Outside US
  208. Has Anyone used Priceline for KUL Hotels?
  209. A link for submitting Priceline bids
  210. Who flies nonstop from SEA to Washington DC?
  211. $61 Radisson, Saddle Brook, NJ 9/29-10/2 via Priceline
  212. hotwire toronto 4 star
  213. Car rental bidding...
  214. pointsplus renewal bonus
  215. Priceline contact
  216. Points plus bonus gone?
  217. San Jose 3 star 3 nights $33 a night
  218. SFO Hyatt $34 a night
  219. SNA Full size car Avis $20 day
  220. Currently On Ebay
  221. Priceline - NYC Hotels
  222. Newbie to Bidding
  223. "Bid has little chance of being successful"
  224. MSP - to Chicago on Priceline air??
  225. Priority Club Privileges for hotels booked thru PL
  226. cheap international travel
  227. Priceline and Hurricanes
  228. Orbitz touts new package system
  229. Priceline experience? Need advice. Thanks!
  230. ABQ Wyndham (at airport) for $60. Did I do good?
  231. This Forum's Future?
  232. HOTWIRE problem!
  233. Any success using express car rental services in conjunction with PL or HW ?
  234. Priceline hotels in St Lucia
  235. Anyone SUCCESSFUL in getting EBAY-Priceline points posted AFTER 30 DAYS no show?
  236. Priceline HELP!!!
  237. Holiday Inn M4 @ Heathrow airport
  238. Positive Priceline Refund Experience
  239. Ebay/Priceline problems
  240. Excelsior Hotel NYC $19 on quikbook.com
  241. Priceline - Ebay Anything Points Hotel Payout Ratio??
  242. Anyone successful in getting add'l room with Priceline?
  243. Possible to get a Courtyard or Res Inn in Seattle (weekday)??
  244. Help! Put wrong date in Priceline
  245. how does priceline work?
  246. How can an Aussie bid on Priceline?
  247. Premium cars $19.95 a day Canada
  248. Can someone break PCL/Ebay/Airline into steps?
  249. Does priceline track static IP addresses?
  250. Priceline eBay Anything Points Question